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October 10, 2022

[Opinion column written by Chris Famous]

To divide and rule is their only plan, their only plan” – Jah Cure

The continued attempts by those that do not support the Progressive Labour Party [PLP] to dictate how our party runs our internal affairs are both laughable, and more importantly, something to be conscious of.

One has to ask themselves why those who never have anything good to say about the PLP are suddenly so interested in our internal business?

Democracy in action

Our party constitution was soundly built in 1963 and has evolved with the times. Likewise, our internal elections have always been open and transparent. During this process, members say precisely what is on their minds at both branch and conference levels.

Yet, somehow some have attempted to paint a picture that portrays something completely different.

So, for clarity, here is how our membership and internal election process works.

  • 1. Anyone can sign up to become a member of the PLP; it takes less than 10 minutes and costs only $25
  • 2. Each financial member becomes a member of the branch in the constituency in which they reside.
  • 3. Each branch elects delegates according to the number of financial members they have. Every 20 current members equate to one delegate.
  • 4. Delegates from each of the 36 branches then attend the ADC and cast their votes accordingly.
  • 5. As with all other democratic elections, whoever gets the highest number of votes, is now a member of the Party Executive.

Relatively simple, yes? Not sure why others are attempting to cloud the process.

This year we have added additional levels of democracy with a series of debates between those vying for Party Leader and Deputy leader.

The questions were formulated and submitted by members and delegates from around the country. The debates are open for all members and delegates to attend in person. From there they can see all candidates in action.

Double standards

In stark contrast, the OBA has not had a public leadership contest since they ushered in Craig Cannonier in 2011. Or was it when they returned him in 2020?

I can’t quite remember.

Yet, this never makes it to anyone’s news items. Double standards much?

Furthermore, it is most telling when known OBA and FDM supporters/members are picking up phones, sending WhatsApps and emails, all in an effort to attempt to lobby PLP members regarding internal issues. If they are so interested in our party, they can just join the PLP and have a say in how the party moves forward.

Alas, we know that will not happen, as their concerns are not really altruistic.

- Chris Famous

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  1. Guy Carri says:

    Question: The delegates who cast their vote, do they cast the majority vote of their branch or THEIR OWN vote?

    Ps. Your own party is airing your party business…including the leader of it all. Don’t be upset everyone else is pointing at the many, wide and deep cracks.

  2. Vortex says:

    I don’t usually get what Chris Famous says, but this is mostly fair.

    An odd choice to quote convicted rapist and attempted murderer Jah Cure though, currently in jail in Holland.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Nah, it’s the usual bollocks and he gives himself away in his last sentence.

      The issue, as always, is that the PLP experiment in governance has failed. A bit fat failure. And of course, because Bermudians vote, largely, based on their “team” or race, the PLP will continue to have a parliamentary majority. Stupid, I know, that’s how it is….so naturally, the rest of us who have no voice, are interested in the sordid goings on within a group who lack the vision, clarity, skill and wit to fix Bermuda

    • sandgrownan says:

      “On 1 October 2021 Jah was arrested in Amsterdam after having stabbed a music promoter in the stomach. On 22 March 2022 he was found guilty, and sentenced to 6 years in prison.”

      Sounds like a super guy.

  3. Youkidding? says:

    1. Anyone can sign up to become a member of the PLP; it takes less than 10 minutes and costs only $25.

    So, you have to pay, to have a say…very Democratic, of you….no thanks!

    • White Santa says:

      I wonder why know one is trying to be a member of the obaubp……….

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        Because there is no such party, but don’t let facts get in the way of the big lie.

      • Tucker says:

        it’s “no one”

        …and the answer is in your post. LMFAO

      • James says:

        Because it’s a white party! Now go help them change the name again.

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          What party is a “white” party? And what party changed its name please?

          • Roc says:

            Interesting that everyone knows both parties are divided by race accept you. It’s ok you’ll learn this next election when the Old Boys Ashes circus gets defeated again .

  4. Ben Curry says:

    Q: One has to ask themselves why those who never have anything good to say about the PLP are suddenly so interested in our internal business?

    A: Marc Bean had the answer – because the people are anxious. Anxious about their future.

  5. Tucker says:

    One really has to ask themselves, why would a political party not care about all of their constituents?

    • Tucker2 says:

      One really has to ask themselves, why a political party continues to front puppets

  6. watching says:

    Its unfortunate that so many non PLP members now want to offer comment on the Party’s process for selecting a leader. They never cared when any of the other leaders were chosen. Now all of a sudden they are screaming foul over the process. In the Westminster system, the Party determines their leader. That leader in turn generally becomes Premier. If non PLP supporters want a different method then they should canvass within their own parties, be they OBA or FDM and select a leader, and then win an election. And for the PLP supporters who are also along this same track, they can internally advocate for change and let democracy prevail. But this trying to ruin the party and cast a negative light on the process is painful to watch. I am really disappointed in Dickinson and Ming and their teams who have orchestrated this. It is really unfortunate. They have intentionally tried to derail the Burt leadership. What has he exactly done wrong? And how will they correct course? They both had cabinet positions under him. Both were part of the governance of Bermuda. Something smells fishy about all this but at the end of the day I firmly believe Burt is best for Bermuda and will win handily next week.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Because Bermudians overwhelmingly vote against their own self interest, the rest of us who have no effective voice absolutely care how and who the degenerates pick as party leader.

      What has Burt done wrong? He’s done nothing, achieved nothing. That’s what he’s done wrong. He’s kicked the debt and immigration can down the road. He’s allowed the religious nutjobs to discriminate, he’s given our money away to conmen.

      Most of all, he’s presided over further decline with folded arms indifference for 5 years. No ideas, no clue. Nothing.

    • Comfortably numb says:

      ‘What has he exactly done wrong?’ Not enough space to detail all his missteps but how about the $800,000 of OUR money to a con man in Atlanta? How about cavorting, maskless, at a cocktail party at the St Regis while locking down the rest of the population? How about continuing the TA form well past its useful due date when the rest of the world, and our tourism competition, had long since abandoned control? How about continuing to fly first class, stay in opulent hotels and splurge thousands of OUR money on limousines while our debt remains in the billions? How about championing bit coin and fintech when the shadowy figures behind these ventures are cut from the same cloth as his friend in Atlanta? I could go on but I think, ‘ Clearly Not Watching’, you get the picture.

  7. Comfortably numb says:

    An ‘internal’ election can never be ‘open and transparent’, your statement is oxymoronic. No doubt the election is behind closed doors and not open to the public nor the press: hardly ‘open and transparent’.

  8. Ringmaster says:

    “To divide and rule is their only plan, their only plan”.

    Sums up the PLP to a T, so didn’t waste time to read what was the point of the rest of the op-ed.

  9. Kitchen sink says:

    Umum um umum.

  10. Typical says:

    First of all Mr Famous… Why do you always assume just like your muppet leader Burt that all these comments are from the opposition??? Just stop for a moment and consider this .. not all those ( like me ) who voted for the plp party in the pass doesn’t support you now. Some of us ARE NOT green leprechauns you know. We vote our conscious so Please stop playing politics. You the plp know doubt play the same silly game when your the opposition..
    And why should I pay to be a member??
    What benefits are there accept for the ability to vote privately??? Membership only means blind support for your party no matter how screwed up the leadership becomes. I for one hope like hell that Burt looses. Time this party has a more responsible leader so he can shake up back benchers like you that only kiss a$$!