Column: Have Young People On Committee

June 8, 2020

[Opinion column written by OBA Senator Dwayne Robinson]

Bermuda is in unprecedented times. Our economy and wellness are being tested in entirely new ways. The Government is sailing in uncharted waters and has made repeated calls for new and innovative ideas.

We saw a Covid-19 Economic Advisory Committee formed by the Minister of Finance, which is “charged with delivering bold ideas that will shape Bermuda’s future”. Yet, ironically, the committee is lacking official representation from those who represent the future – who have new and bold ideas.

We have seen young people graduating with their degrees, stepping up in the workforce, doing their part to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, taking over social activism, and starting business ventures. Why were none of our stellar under-30s included on the committee that will be advising the Finance Minister on the future of our economy?

I am in no way attempting to discredit the members who were selected, but I believe the committee would be enhanced by the addition of qualified under 30-year-old Bermudians.

I am grateful that the Premier and Government have been open to suggestions from young people, but I believe it’s time to take things one step further and put young Bermudians in official positions where they can be actively involved in helping to craft not only the future of Bermuda, but their future.

We are constantly pushing for our young people to get involved, but what openings are we creating? Unprecedented times call for unprecedented decisions, it is probably too late to place young people on this committee, but I ask the Premier and Finance Minister to at least form a sub-committee of young folks so they can have their say in an official capacity. I would also have liked to have seen young people represented on the Living Wage committee.

The economy will require huge changes and the Island must innovate in order to survive. We have the opportunity to update our tourism product and introduce new industries.

So, what better time to bring in young Bermudians to help craft the future they are set to inherit? It is time we start preparing our leaders of tomorrow, who we will need to steer us into the future.

I asked about this in Senate during a recent Motion to Adjourn and hearing no response, I have followed up with this article.

- Dwayne Robinson


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  1. Darrel says:

    Qualified people give up on these committees when the unqualified administration involved overrule their professional advice and proposals.

  2. WTF says:

    Young people can be on Committees once they earn their stripes! The problem with our Government is it is being run by younger inexperienced people Who frankly don’t have the scars needed to govern effectively!