Column: ‘They Are The Taxpayers Of Tomorrow’

February 8, 2020

Dwayne Robinson Bermuda Feb 14 2019[Opinion column written by OBA Senator Dwayne Robinson]

We are heading into the budget period and I am certain we will hear about a lot of new initiatives from the Government, but I would like to take this opportunity to state what I hope to see.

The PLP can dismiss the Opposition’s concerns as doom and gloom, but what about concerns from non-political sources?

Real estate property slumped in the second half of 2019 according to an industry newsletter and a leading retail stakeholder said it appeared that Government was not prepared to budge over relief for the sector.

While all this back and forth is going on, the thing I have yet to see at the forefront of any discussion is: how will we get young and working age Bermudians to stay in Bermuda? How will we get young people to return?

Many have left or are positioning themselves to leave – I am constantly bumping into old friends from school, peers, and colleagues who are preparing to go.

Far to often I receive “How are you?” messages from friends I haven’t seen in a while, only to find they have started a better life for themselves elsewhere.

Qualified, creative, and/or highly educated under 30-year old’s, gone just like that.

Those of us who remain struggle to live on our own, struggle to pay for education, struggle to start our businesses, and struggle to support our families. How will this Government improve life for them?

Who will pay to sustain a unified health system, all these Government social initiatives and this immense debt if my peers continue to leave?

I am fully aware that everyone is struggling, but the reason I have prioritised the under 30’s is because they are the taxpayers of tomorrow. Without them everything halts. Yet there isn’t nearly enough emphasis on keeping them on-Island.

The PLP had $800,000 to loan to Savvy Entertainment, I wonder what the Bermudian team behind Wednesday Night Vibes could have achieved with a fraction of that or the team behind Bermemes?

We had $1.2 million to give to wealthy Ewart Brown. What could the young team at BermyEats Café & Catering have done with a fraction of that? The money could have been spread among many young innovative entrepreneurs, keeping them in Bermuda.

There are young Bermudians who are pioneering new age businesses, who could be employing other Bermudians, who have yet to get a single hand up.

It’s time we invested creating a framework for our artist and creatives to build an industry for themselves. It is very possible in the digital age to be able to operate overseas or receive profit worldwide off your craft while living in Bermuda.

Fostering creativity and innovation would show marked improvement in our tourism product and our reach overseas.

I urge this Government to show real commitment to the future of our island – the youth – in this Budget. If they do not, there will be not be enough people left in Bermuda to pick up all the bills.

- Dwayne Robinson


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  1. Dude says:


    Could OBA and or Dwayne Robinson gather and provide information on the various avenues for receiving grants and other financial support from government along with the correct procedures for applying?

    Could Robinson arrange for this information to be provided through live sessions, websites, articles, youtube etc.

    There is much that an opposition party could do at little real costs to benefit the country while not currently in power that would at some bite to their bark.

    Continue to challenge the sitting Government, but consider leading by example…


    All grants and subsidised expenditure are examples of what the French economist Bastiat of what is not seen and what is not seen.

    What is seen in the expenditure and the beneficiaries – what is not seen is the jobs that are not created – they cannot be seen because they do not exist – because of the funds that are wasted on grants to such organisations as Savvy Entertainment.

    Everyone is worse off – except Savvy Entertainment and the politicians who can claim that they are generous benefactors of enhanced economic activity.

    Voters see Savvy Entertainment – they do not see the jobs that are not created or are destroyed by wasted public spending.

    This is a confidence trick by unscrupulous politicians. But they get away with time after time, and in country after country. The people who suffer are taxpayers, and of course, those whose prosperity is undermined.

  3. PANGAEA says:

    I have been involved for many years in all facets of Bermuda Real Estate and housing imaginable, you name it ,I have been there and done that, I have seen it all, from the hole in the ground to the key in the door for hundreds of Families.

    Bermuda unique architecture has stood the test if time and all that nature throws at it and always will.

    “A mans home is his castle”. Do not let any body tell, you otherwise.

    When people jump up and adversely make comments about the very foundation that got us here in the first place then questions need to asked and answers need to be put on the table.

    There are more people per capita in Bermuda who own Real Estate than any other people on the planet.

    Bermuda Real estate is Bermuda’s Gold Mine or Diamond mine if you will.

    You may ask why Gold and Diamonds are so valuable as compared to our homes It all boils down to shortage of land to build on, bearing in mind the Bermuda to remain beautiful we need to retain open spaces to retain the balance.

    Our home and buildings are that one commodity that we as Bermudians can claim to have value which will never go down in value where some people down play that for their own gain ,There are tricks in every trade.

    VALUE is undenighable VALUE for those who have it and those who are looking forwarded to that special day. Financiers are doing every thing possible to help Bermudians achieve their ultimate goal

    Bermuda Realestate are the diamonds in our crown regardless of location in this Beautiful island of ours .

    Look around you at the thousands of homes around the island, they all look like new. Bermudians , with pride take great care of their homes and building even in time of adversity.

    Why ! in order to hold and maintain VALUE many older home and buildings have been given a new lease on life and all it take is a pot of paint , you know the rest.

    While I am on the subject of VALUE only you know the biggest commitment and lasting investment of your lifetime you will ever make, only you know the sacrifice you have made to make it all possible.

    legal Fees: Bank fees: Interest rates:Agents Commission and Taxes are the straws which breaks the Camels back.Every body’s got their fingers in the stew.

    With respect to Value here is how others see VALUE.

    Real Estate VALUE is not a mater of opinion. Respecting the fact there is a difference between a Wedding dress and blue
    jeans, However some of our building have short comings with a view to reducing over cost of construction.

    In the Eyes of………. The fire department : The Insurance company : The divorce lawyer : the Real Estate Agent : The Banker : The Buyer: The building Contractor and many others you ask any 10 of them to quote VALUE and you will get ten different answers.

    It seams like they don’t know how to assess VALUE , or do they ? may be only with a view to manipulate the out come.

    Just compare our beautiful island with any other country on the planet , if Bermuda is not paradise ,I don’t know what is , because none can compare.

    On the subject to comparison some in the Real- Estate business calculate Value using past sales of other building in the area. that system only works when the all the building are the same .

    The height Bermuda Roof is one area where there is the greatest difference in measurable VALUE may occur, fitting and fixtures can make a difference.

    We all have a choice in life . The harder you work and save today may be the greatest decision you will ever make.

  4. PANGAEA says:

    Is all that we do is complain ?

  5. watching says:

    what is the use of writing such a negative and pessimistic article?