Cervio Cox Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison

May 27, 2010

cervio coxAfter being found guilty of charges stemming from a broad daylight triple shooting on Court Street in 2009, Cervio Cox was sentenced to 7 years in prison this afternoon [May 27], although it was not alleged he was the actual shooter.

He was found guilty yesterday in Supreme Court of wounding three men with intent to do them grievous bodily harm on May 23, 2009. Mr Cox was originally charged with seven offences, but was cleared of some charges including the conspiracy to murder charge.

During the trial prosecutors alleged that the shooting was connected to a gang war between 42nd and Parkside, and that the shootings were retribution for shootings which occurred in the 42nd gang area the day before of Mikey Adams [injured] and Kenwandee “Wheels” Robinson [fatal].

It wasn’t alleged that Mr Cox did the shooting himself, but that he was either the getaway driver or lent his car to the perpetrators. He remains the only person to have been charged in the incident to date.

The shooting victims were 16-year-old J’Dun Thompson [who was alleged to be the target] and Raymond Burgess Sr and his son Raymond Burgess Jr, who were said to not targeted, but hit in the crossfire. All three men recovered from their injuries.

The court made a distinction in sentencing saying that J’Dun Thompson was alleged to be a Parkside Gang associate and that the two Burgesses were innocent victims. Mr Cox received 6 years for the wounding of J’Dun, and 7 years for each wounding count of the Burgess father and son. The sentences are to run concurrently, and Mr Cox’s time spent incarcerated will be taken into account. The maximum sentence available on each charge was 10 years.

Speaking to the court prior to his sentencing, Mr Cox mentioned accepting responsibility, and said that those involved in violence need to put the guns down, and that forgiveness is the way forward. He said when he finishes his incarceration he hopes to get back to his “A-game”. Both the prosecution and the defense mentioned that Mr Cox had no previous criminal record, and had good work habits.

Defending Mr Cox was Queen’s Counsel [QC] Jerome Lynch with Liz Christopher, while Robert Welling and Larissa Burgess prosecuted the case. The sentencing was carried out by Puisne Judge Carlisle Greaves. with a heavy police presence in and around the court. The scene was calm throughout the proceedings, and post.
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The seven woman/five man jury deliberated for over five hours before returning the verdict yesterday afternoon. Cervio Cox, of Clarendon Road, Smith’s Parish, is 26 years old.

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