E-Ready: Bermuda Ranks In Top 25 Worldwide

July 7, 2010

In the latest Economist Digital Economy Rankings, formerly known as the E-Readiness Rankings, Bermuda remains in the top 25 countries in the world. Bermuda ranked 22nd this year, down from 21st last year and received a score of 7.47 (out of 10) a reduction of .24 points from 2009.

Minister of Energy, Telecommunications and E Commerce Michael Scott said: “I’m pleased to report that Bermuda has maintained our ranking in the top 25 countries in the world for maximising the use of ICT for economic and social benefits. We were also, by far, the smallest country in the top 25. The Department of E-Commerce continues to promote the use of Information Communication Technology every day, everywhere by everyone and which helps us to continue to feature in the top countries in an increasingly digital world. ”

Given the changing technology landscape, as in previous years, the criteria used to assess the rankings have been altered so that comparisons between this year and previous years becomes difficult.

Since 2000, the EIU has published an annual technology benchmarking study ranking of the world’s largest economies using a model developed in co-operation with IBM Institute for Business Value.

The full report is below, click ‘fullscreen’ for greater clarity:

Previously, a country’s ‘E-readiness’ was derived as a measure of its E-business environment, a collection of factors that indicate how amenable a market is to Internet-based opportunities. As the benchmark enters its second decade of existence, the ‘Digital Economy rankings’ considers that the 70 ranked countries have achieved a state of e-readiness and are making use of the rich applications and services that are available, also assessing how individuals and businesses consume digital goods and services.

The data used in the rankings were sourced from the EIU, Pyramid Research, the World Bank, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs E-participation index from the UN E-government survey 2008 and others. The Department of E-Commerce was also required to make a submission to the EIU.

The study is divided into 6 categories, assessing 39 indicators and 82 subindicators. Out of the 6 categories, Bermuda ranked in the top 15 in 4, which were: Connectivity, Business Environment, Legal Environment, and Government Policy and Vision.

Minister Scott said Bermuda must continue to embrace ICT to ensure we do not fall behind our peers and competitors and pointed to the report conclusion which states in part: “Innovative digital practices and applications are arguably being conceived and put in practice in the emerging world faster than in the developed world. Simply put, there are no alternatives but to become “more digital” with whatever assets are available.”

Bermuda was also recognized by another international ICT organization in May, the World Information Technology Services Alliance (WITSA), who presented the Ministry with an award for assisting in the development of the ICT industry.

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