“All Dressed Up” Shelly Hamill Spring Collection

March 29, 2011

Tile mosaic artist Shelly A. Hamill will be highlighting her Spring Collection of “All Dressed Up” at Regali Boutique at Tucker’s Point Hotel & Spa on Friday, April 8th from 6 – 8 p.m.


As a child, her maternal grandmother, also an artist, guided Ms Hamill’s artistic eye and talent. Encouraged to seek inspiration in the extraordinary as well as the mundane, she honed her skills in Ft. Worth Texas under her grandmother’s loving tutelage.

As a flight attendant traveling the world, Ms Hamill used the diversity of cultures as fodder for her art. Upon marrying, Ms Hamill settled in Bermuda where she owned Bermuda Weddings and Special Events.


“My challenge is to create something that is feminine and flirty, with softness and drape like fabric, using ceramic, glass and stone,” she says. “I work to create flow and gracefulness. My hope is that the viewer is willing to touch the pieces, experience the rigidity of them, and appreciate seeing something in an entirely new way.  To me, each sculpture is a confluence of pieces representing the unique history we each have.  The pieces and experiences of our lives come together to create something altogether different in each of us, not dissimilar to the way pieces of fabric come together to create a quilt,” Ms Hamill adds.


When creating a mosaic sculpture, Ms Hamill begins by creating a dress design. She breaks down her design to recreate it in an armature of wire mesh and concrete using a six-step process. Tiles, stones, glass, mirrors and beads are then applied using concrete as adhesive and grouted permanently in place. Finally, a layer of concrete is applied to the neck and armholes, completing the look.

“I love seeing beautiful fragments from different places come together to create something whole, new and amazing that will last for centuries,” explains Ms Hamill.

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