Bus Cancellations: Monday, April 25

April 25, 2011

The daily list of bus cancellations for today [Apr.25] is out, with five afternoon routes cancelled for today. The cancellations are being done with an aim for the Department of Public Transportation to conserve funds and stay within their allocated budget for the year, which has been reduced from the previous year.

bus cancellations apr 25 2011

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  1. Organic Bermudian says:


    • sigh says:

      this has nothing to do with salaries. this is people calling in sick. even if the salaries are cut, you will likely be faced with same problem.

  2. Sarah says:

    thanks for posting, bernews.

  3. Puzzled says:

    How on earth can the PTB have rolling bus cancellations?! Has no one thought to make permanent adjustments to the current schedule and publish it; as was done with the ferry schedule? What sense does it make for them to send an announcement saying that a bus, that a person could possibly be at the bus stop waiting for, has been cancelled?

    Obviously the people responsible for these moronic daily cancellations has never had to depend on public transportation to get them where they have to go. This is complete idiocy in its finest form. Great job! :-\

  4. crazytalk says:

    Here is the problem. All credit to Vexed Bermoothes for finding this out.

    Bus driver sick pay entitlement:
    3m-4yrs: 5 weeks full pay
    4-8yrs: 6 weeks full pay
    8-12 yrs: 8 weeks full pay
    12-16 yrs: 12 weeks full pay
    16+ yrs: 14 weeks full pay.
    Plus (and this is almost beyond belief) they can CARRY FORWARD 100 days of unused sick leave to the following year.

    Obviously, something is seriously wrong. With this ridiculous system it’s a wonder there are ever any buses on the street, frankly.

    • Puzzled says:

      How does one get, or even need 4 months of sick leave? Maternity leave, that’s understandable. Accumulating vacation days I can even see, but there should be a cap on that. But sick leave? No company in the private sector would survive if they gave their employees that much paid sick leave.

      Sigh, once again, common sense does not prevail.

    • 813grad says:

      RIDICULOUS!!! in the private sector these days you are lucky to even get 14 days vacation, let alone 100 days CARRY OVER sick leave!!! absolutely disgusting. this sort of thing needs to change so that society doesnt carry on this feeling of entitlement because im bermudian….. absolute BS.

  5. busrider says:

    That’s my bus gone for tonight. Thanks for posting this. I asked PTB to add me to their mailing list but nothing arrived!!

    • Not shocked at all says:

      They are delivering it by hand – it’s on the bus. Good luck…

  6. sandgrownan says:

    hey Laverne…where are you….come and tell us how this is an achievement…hey laverne where are you…….?

  7. 32n64w says:

    You can thank the BIU’s current and past leadership (including the existing Deputy Premier!) for these unrealistic, unreasonable and unsustainable benefits.