6-Foot Bermuda Kites Fly At Miami University

April 25, 2011

camb apr 25 2011The big kites were all the talk this past weekend, and not just in Bermuda thanks to a Bermudian college student and kite maker who shared some of our traditions overseas.

21-year-old Michiko Campbell [pictured] attracted quite a bit of attention after building – and flying – two 6 foot Bermuda style kites at his Miami school.

Mr Campbell – a culinary arts student and athlete at Johnson & Wales University in Miami, Florida -has enjoyed making kites since he was a young boy.

This was his first year away from home for Good Friday, so he decided to still keep the Bermudian traditions going. Mr Campbell not only made the two 6ft kites, he also put together a Bermuda style Good Friday event complete with soca music, football and more.

The two Bermuda kites were said to fascinate some of the American students, who took turns holding a kite while it was flying overhead. Mr Campbell was complimented on his kite making skills, or as a few of them called it “his architectural and design skills.”

It wasn’t just the students who got a taste of Bermudian culture, as even the Dean of the University attended the event. Clearly impressed by Mr Campbell’s kite, school officials at Johnson and Wales University asked him to make another 6ft kite with little flags of different countries on it for their upcoming ‘World Day.’

Mr Campbell’s two six foot kites are pictured below, click to enlarge

bermuda kite apr 25 2011 2—–bermuda kite apr 25 2011

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  1. student/teacher says:

    I love to see post about young black males who are doing positive things.Keep up the excellent work Mr.Campbell! I look forward to you contributing to Bermuda after university!

    • Wens says:

      ditto! well done Mr. Campbell

    • Cherie says:

      I’m not sure why it’s relevant that he is black. I’m happy to see ANY of our BDA youth representing the island in such a positive way. Kudos Mr. Campbell.

    • Michiko Campbell says:

      thank you

  2. Organic Bermudian says:

    Beautiful!! I love seeing Bermudians at their best!! Well done Mr. Campbell!!

  3. Sherelle says:

    Never fails to amaze me. So creative and always doing positive things. Well done Chiko!

    • Michiko Campbell says:

      watttttttt u thought baby. u know I got skill when it come to things like this. thank you

  4. Alicia B says:

    Excellent kite making skills Mr. Campbell. Great job! Proud to be a Bermudian – Love it!

  5. Truth says:

    It just does my heart good to hear and see a young black Bermudian doing something different. Be a force for positive change Mr. Campbell.

    All the best to you.

  6. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Yes mate…making Miami hum a little louder^^

  7. Well done Michiko bie, keep spreading the Onion Juice. Great job.

  8. Hornet for life !!! says:

    Well done Campbell !!!!!! Putting your island on the map for real !!! Keep it up and study hard mate !!!

  9. SMDH LOL says:

    Well done Mr.Campbell excellent work. Glad to see a young bermudian holding on to his family/Bermudian tradition. Good Job young man!!!

  10. Calvinio says:

    Well done Michiko!!! If you have time make sure you fly a brown and gold kite for the Hornets! Great to read something positive when it comes to YBM!

  11. Aunt Carol says:

    Well done, Chiko. Knowing you, I’m sure you made them hotcross buns and fishcakes too!! What a wonderful way to show off your homeland and celebrate your heritage at the same time. Continue to make us all proud. Love you!!

    • Michiko Campbell says:

      thank youu aunt carol.
      you know i had fish cakes and hotcross buns lol.
      Everyone really liked it trust me.
      they want me do it again.
      love u 2

      • UGH! says:

        Well said Aunt Carol!

      • JWU Mom says:

        Nice article! Keep up the good work! Glad to know that you are introducing and keeping the Bermudian culture alive at JWU. My son will be attending there in September. Hopefully he get a chance to meet you.

  12. Original says:

    My son great job. I have heard all day from people in Bermuda of what you have done. You have made us all proud of you. Be proud of yourself.

    • Michiko Campbell says:

      thanks dad. we going have to get more paper sticks and string when i come back. got to make more.

  13. Just Curious says:

    AND you all thought …………………


    Have a thoughtful day!

  14. Michiko Campbell says:

    thank you to everyone

    • Lottie Williams -Mrs says:

      Keep up the good work i know they love your cooking
      Love you Aunt Lottie.

  15. UGH! says:

    Thats GREAT! Continue to represent, and good luck with the rest of the school year.

  16. Relevancy says:

    This is a great story…imagine if Tourism gave kite sticks to college students to fly at every university during Good Friday…what a way to market Bermuda!!!

  17. Bigus says:

    Nice to see we still have people who exemplify who and what we as Bermudians represent, out going personable people proud to share of ourselves and our heritage. Well done Mr Cambell you are a credit to your family and your country.

  18. Mama Rita says:

    Great job Chicko! It’s heart-warming to see you’re continuing to express you and Machai’s love of kite making and all that comes with the holiday and sharing it all with new friends. You make us all very proud sweetie!! Continue to shine!!! Love You!

  19. Makes sense! says:

    Hey Cheeks “uncle that s… Taste well ! Lol looking forward to seeing you in May
    Great job ! Well done

  20. Chef says:

    Well done ! Michiko ,regards from all at the Club
    Good luck with the rest of your college term,

  21. Positivity says:

    This is the type of news we need to hear about the youth of Bermuda! Outstanding Job!