Video: M3 Wireless Merges With CellularOne

May 3, 2011

[Updated with video] Ending the speculation that has been swirling, this morning [May 3] it has been confirmed that M3 Wireless has merged with CellularOne.

CellularOne is an operating subsidiary of US company Atlantic Tele-Network, while M3 Wireless is part of the KeyTech Group of companies. Both companies are unofficially reported to have called staff members in, and made the announcement a few minutes ago this morning.

M3 CellularOne Merge May 3 2011_wm

The new company will keep the existing CellularOne management team and operate under the CellularOne brand. As the two companies execute the merger, customers will see the transition to the single CellularOne brand. There will be no changes to customers’ phone numbers as a result of the merger – every customer will keep their current number.

“We are creating a stronger and more capable single wireless company out of two very complementary businesses,” said Kurt Eve, CEO of ATN’s Bermuda operations.

“We are confident that, as we grow our service and products, more and more customers will see the great value of the new CellularOne. We are going to use our combined strengths in the marketplace to deliver new products, greater coverage, better service and more options for our customers.”

“In looking at each other and the marketplace, we recognized that we could be in a more competitive position and deliver greater value for our customers as a combined business,” commented Sheila Lines, CEO of M3 Wireless.

“Together, we intend to leverage our respective competitive strengths to deliver more reliable island-wide coverage and a broader range of wireless plans and devices to our customers.”

A spokesperson said, “There will be no service disruptions and the new company will honor existing agreements, service plans and pricing. The new company will ensure customers of both companies receive the high level of service they have come to expect.”

Paul Bowersock, ATN’s President of International Operations commented, “This merger will increase our competitive position in Bermuda, and lead to lower market risk for ATN. At the same time, it will allow for more efficient use of capital and ensure funding for investment in new technologies and other products and services in a market we already know. The new CellularOne will be focused on investing in the best service and products for our customers in Bermuda.”

With the newly announced merger, Bermuda now effectively has two cellular providers; M3/CellularOne and Digicel, although there are rumours that one of the local internet service providers is looking to possibly expand into the cellular business in the future.

Update 10:52am: According to a statement just released by Key Tech, “The new CellularOne will be more than 50% owned by Bermudian shareholders, with KeyTech Limited, the parent company of M3 Wireless, and Atlantic Tele-Network, the parent company of CellularOne, together owning about 80% of the new company. For KeyTech, the change means it will no longer actively manage a wireless business, but it does not represent an exit from the wireless business. KeyTech views the merger as a way to enhance its competitive position in the wireless marketplace.”

The statement also says they “are very sensitive to employment concerns and announced that there will be no significant job cuts as part of the merger. The companies have taken steps to ensure that nearly every current employee will be retained in their current job or offered a new position.”

Update 10:55am: There will be a press conference this afternoon, so we will bring you additional details after that.

Update 11:30am: Digicel Bermuda has responded with CEO Wayne Caines, commenting, “Our commitment to customers is three-fold: best value, best service and best network. As always, we will continue to do all we can to ensure that our customers are the focus and benefactors of our efforts, which is the reason that more than 50% of residents, including most corporate customers, choose Digicel as their preferred cellular service provider. We work hard for our customers and are always innovating with their needs in mind.”

“We’ve tested our network against both CellularOne and M3 Wireless. Despite CellularOne branding their network 4G, it is still built on the same HSPA+ technology that our 3G+ network uses. In fact, the true performance of a network is based on its fine tuning, as demonstrated by the fact that our 3G+ network has tested to be faster that than CellularOne’s 4G network. It doesn’t matter what you call your network, customers simply care about its reliability and performance and this is where our network exceeds both other carriers.”

Update 12:15pm: According to a statement issues by Key Tech: customers will see the transition to the single CellularOne brand, there will be no service disruptions and the new CellularOne will honor existing agreements, service plans and pricing, and there will be no changes to customers’ phone numbers, every customer will keep their current number.

Update 1:05pm: Live video of press conference below:

Update 1:20pm: Live stream over, 15 minute replay available below:

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  1. N/A says:

    Hopefully this will improve M3′s service. I’m not gonna hold my breathe though…

    • Big Ears says:

      Amen to that. Liked their customer service but their network outside of Hamilton leaved a bit to be desired.

    • Carmen says:

      Ha ha! Totally agree…I’m not holding my breath either!

  2. Nemo says:

    I have no complaints about Cellular One so I hope this dosen’t mess there service up!!! I tell everyone They are the Best!

  3. Pussy cat says:

    Digicel still rules. The two companies that are combining do not equal one company compared to Digicel. Time will tell as long as they become mote service, customer driven.

    • Nemo says:

      Do you live here DIGICEL????? u r the 1st person I have ever heard say that.

    • BDA says:

      Which island are you on??? Digicel has HORRIBLE customer service and even worse signal.

      • Sheriff says:

        Yeah Pussy Cat! Where are you living & What are you talking about !!? I fully agree with Nemo & BDA!

      • Act Like You Know says:

        Lmao i agree on that one BDA for real digicel is trash.

      • Boss Lady says:

        I dunno what island Pussy Cat is on either… More like Fantasy Island! lol.. Digicel is CRAP!

        • HIP HIP says:

          Lookie, Lookie! All the merged employees have come out to gang up on Digicel. Be careful you don’t lose your job! lol

          • Nemo says:

            First of I don’t work for any of them & secondly what a crapy thing to say in this economy. People are only expressing there opnion about a service that they are PAYING for. I am sure you would be the first to complain if whatever we have all experinced had happened to you.

            • HIP HIP says:

              Absolutely, I do complain. I get it sorted and move on. If it isn’t to my liking, I switch providers. I wouldn’t vent in the aftermath. I find that most people don’t speak up enough anyway when it counts…

            • Chill says:

              So many employees leave Digicel and go to work for CellOne or M3. The same for all the companies. So the customer service you are receiving at one store can’t be all that different if the employees are all playing musical chairs at all the companies.

            • Real Thang says:

              LOL Thank you all for the GREAT laughs! I have tried and tested all three service providers and find it quite strange that for a small island that barely pushes 22 square miles, service SUCKS all around. Sort it out!!!

          • Boss Lady says:

            HIP HIP… Seriously? Do you REALLY think that all these complaints come from merged employees? (laughing) If you ask me… YOU pprobably work there!


            • HIP HIP says:

              Not all of them. Just those few of you piggy backing each other. :D

      • Miriam says:

        I had been a customer, even before they were Digicel and I left them, after their horrible service with me. I can vouch that they seem they don’t care about the customers!

        • but no says:

          That doesn’t say anything. If they weren’t Digicel yet you can’t speak for what was. 5 years have passed… Come on now.

        • Shawty says:

          Horrible service is everywhere cant get the best of both worlds. And no one cares is you can vouch or not because you cant conclude that they dont care about the customers just because u had a bad experience. Because I love Digicel even tho they are not perfect. Just sayennn………

    • not impressed says:

      Digicel calls always drop I have had plenty of complaints

  4. Aquarius says:

    but I don’t want to be a cellular one customer! if I did I wouldn’t have gone with M3! grrrr

    • Logic76 says:

      One of the few who actually wants M3′s service!

  5. Mmmmmmmmm………….Wasn’t it just last week both companies denied any such merger?? Trust them?? Hell no!! Digicel rules…they may not be perfect but they are honest!!

    • Think about it says:

      Digicel doesn’t rule. I remember they had a particular promotion for a sale and there were hidden stipulations that they didn’t advertise, that only they knew about. I went to get my phone and the girl behind the counter turned her computer to show me an email from her boss stating the real rules of the sale.

      Anyway, CellularOne is a great provider and I think this merger will be a good thing. Look out Digicel.

      • Honestly says:


        • A little confused says:

          I received the activation/discounted price from Digicel on their last promotion and to my knowledge they are not the most expensive carrier on monthly prices. Even my mom got a phone during some Valentines promotion or whatever. I don’t get why some people are mislead to believe they don’t do anything for existing customers. I ask a lot of questions so I am pretty clear on what I get monthly etc… Maybe any customer on any carrier should ask before they start their erroneous spiel

          • Mr. Reality says:

            I agree! I have been in the Digicel store to pay my bill and i hear and see how customers act. The reality is that most consumers in Bermuda have Champagne taste and Pepsi pockets. What that translates to is (Scenario) that people see there is a promotion that Digicel has launched and ASS-U-ME that because they see $99 price tag and a picture of a BlackBerry Torch they are being miss led. They are always guide lines and stipulations to any sale at any company but the average consumer can not comprehend that. Most people who have something negative to say are usually the have-nots and are the ones they can’t or just refuse to pay their bills. My point is that consumers will always have something to say and Digicel can’t be that bad of a company if the competitors have to merge to give the people of Bermuda a better offering, WTF! Digicel clearly does that on their own if they are still the market leader. Don’t be blinded by the media and ignorant talk. Respect “A Little Confused”

            • Rob says:

              No. No. No. The real let down is that customers that have been with digicel from day one are treated just like new customers. No difference. I have been with Digicel from day one now and I have to buy all my phones from Celluloco. whenever MY SERVICE PROVIDER DIGICEL brings in a new phone they have no interest in offering them to me or their existing customers, they just try to market them with a new account. I am a regular customer so I guess I have to pay a regular price! When you sign a contract it should also state, THIS IS THE LAST PHONE WE ARE GOING TO OFFER YOU.

    • Big Ears says:

      They didn’t confirm or deny anything. They simply stated in both cases that they couldn’t confirm or deny speculative statements about the merger. That is standard operating practice when a company is not yet at liberty to discuss internal matters.

      Besides which, in over 10 years of owning a cellphone in Bermuda I would observe that service, customer service, roaming and coverage have varied greatly over the years with the different companies. In my opinion, AT&T/Cingular (pre-digicel) was the best we ever had and Digicel dropped the ball that had been carefully carried by its’ predecessors when they took over the assets of Cingular.

  6. samm says:

    I agree with you Aquarius i don’t want to be a cellular one customer either but i don’t mind the cellular one service though. cellular on is to expensive phones and all

  7. digismell says:

    Digicel is trash!! Honest my butt… I’ve always had problems with digicel, from my bill phone right down to my sons prepaid phone!! We’ve switched over to M3 wireless and I haven’t had ANY problems what so ever! As far as I’m concerned digicel is doin a lot of undercover bs…and I’m not the only one that thinks that….

    • Hubba Whaa?! says:

      I’ve been with all three carriers and so far Digicel has provided the best service in my opinion. Even when I did have a question it was sorted right away. I can’t speak on your situation however I think if you are going to comment speak for yourself and don’t make general statements without some sort of elaboration. Just sayin… :S

      • Nemo says:

        I have been with all 3 carriers too as a matter of fact before Digicel was even called that then they mereged. I started with Cellone when they used to have a phone called the brick. I have tried them all SO I think I can speak LOUD & clear DIGICEL WAS THE WORST SERVICE I have ever had & the most expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Hubba Whaa?! says:

          Just a thought.. how can you say you have been with Digicel but you were on the network before they became Digicel. That means you were never with Digicel. Plenty of changes have happened in the past what 5-6 years or whatever…
          Go on the website and compare prices. Do research buddy because they are not the most expensive. Also if that’s your opinion then fine however from a person who has also tried all three, I have gotten the best service from Digicel. My opinion and I am entitled to one…

          • Nemo says:

            I was with Digicel thank you very much or I would not have made the statement!!!

  8. Winnie says:

    Man I thought I had seen the last of Cellular One, now if you come with the same crappy service, for sure as soon as my contract is up i’m goooneeeeeeee. This merger is bad for consumers (less Competition), plus they will cut staff for sure, and thats the last thing we want.

    • Just a thought says:

      How can they hold you to a contract? Your contract is with one provider, not the merged company. The article states that they will honor the existing contracts. Sure if you want to keep yours. I’m pretty sure you can’t legally be held to one though. Hmmmm…

  9. Pitts bay says:

    no real surprise here.
    Bermuda is to small to keep secretes.
    Wait for the announcement about the job lay-offs!!

    • Oh no! says:

      That is terrible to consider. In this day and age people need their jobs. On another note…I wonder if I have to change my M3 cell number….

      • #### says:

        Bermuda was always too small to supportthree Cell companies, I think this is a good thing … (Rumor has it that NorthNock has applied for a cell service license)

        I have always been impressed with M3 on the Corporate side (far better than Digicel).

        From what I understand the 3#’s will be portable to the “new” Cell one.

        • BDA says:

          OH i hope north rock will bring out something new……as long as i have almost island wide signal and good customer service i will switch, even if i have to pay more!

  10. B Real says:

    Cut to the chase. As an M3 customer, what happens to my phone number? Do i have to give it up for a 7 #?

    Also, do I need a new SIM card?

    Tell me now please!

    • crazy says:

      No you don’t have to give up your M3 number and no you do not need a new sim card

  11. Sticks-n-Stones says:

    Do two negatives always make a positive?? This may disprove that theory. Poor experience with both!!

    • Let_Us_Pray says:

      And Digicel is no better. No matter what, cell service in Bermuda shall continue to suck!!

  12. stop the BS says:

    you lot that say you do not want to be a cellular One make me laugh. I guess you like crap service!

    • Sheesh says:

      Sheesh… Someone seems overly invested. Employee perhaps??

  13. easy says:

    Digicel has network issues, M3 has crap coverage and Cellular one is expensive – but the best coverage/service.

    • MikSIm says:


    • Big Ears says:

      You hit it on the head there! Really does Bermuda need 3 cell phone companies for 70,000ish (we’ll know when the census is finally done) people? Probably not. The infrastructure is expensive, the networks have to overlap, and our terrain necessitates the building of many cell sites to service a high density population (just think – more towers coming to a neighbourhood near you!).

    • So Sad says:

      I couldn’t agree more all three providers have issues.

  14. hopeful says:

    I hope they will get a decent prepaid blackberry service now! I feel cellularone is the best provider they just lack some of the products Digicel offers like prepaid blackberry.

  15. LOVEBECCA! says:

    cellular one has the best and fastest service by far!! the internet on smartphones far exceeds digicel and m3… digicel never has service and always failures during peak times!! Digicel has been the cheapest and offers the best corporate rates thats the only reason anyone uses them!!

    • Gasp says:

      Wow you sure know alot. You have used internet, various smartpones and had the chance to test on and off peak times for both providers? My My My… suspect!

      • Eyes Wide Open says:

        Right…sounds like a Cell-1 cheerleader to me! LOL

    • Geo Love says:

      Speak for yourself. I don’t use Digicel because they are the cheapest. I use them because I get the best service with the most products. And nobody knows a blackberry like Digicel. They are a young innovative company and are constantly making changes. I have been with them since AT&T and even as an exisiting customer have been able to participate in sales. I am not suggesting they are perfect but I was with other providers before and now am quite happy where I am.

      Do not make blanket statements you can not support. Speak only for yourself. I didn’t elect you to speak for me.

  16. Boss Lady says:

    GOOD! Very pleased to see the merge. Let’s face it, Digicel is a beast and they need the merge to become more powerful to compete.

    I’m with Digicel and I think they’re CRAP! Dropped calls, network is busy when trying to make calls… 3G… Let’s not even start with that crappy service!

    Oh wait, how bout that customer service?? How many times have digicel customers stood in line almost an entire lunch hour waiting… or the Jamaican customer service person that can’t even help you???

    Digicel treats you like some people’s boyfriends… All sweet in the beginning, nicing you up with the new promotions and phones. Then as soon as you are on contract with them, they don’t know you anymore. No more specials for you, even if you have been a loyal customer. They “TALK” a good game but Digicel customers KNOW!!

    Let me find out I can take my cell numbers with me… and um OUT!!!

    • lol says:

      Girl you need to not give it up so easily.. lol

      • Just a thought says:

        I find it interesting that everyone knows how to type on a computer but still can’t come up with more intelligent words to desrcibe the services other than ‘trash’ and crap’.

        • Hubba Whaa?! says:

          I thought the same thing. Seems like everyone is using the same terminology with no rationale. Weird to say the least.

          • Boss Lady says:

            Hubba Whaa?!… yeah exactly Whaaa??? You’re a follower, go lay down somewhere!

            • Hubba Whaa?! says:

              Awww, look it you’re so clever! Oh I am sorry…didn’t I read you having cheerleading tryouts somewhere at the top of the page? You are really invested in this from what I have read. I believe someone accused you of working for one of these carriers. I must say after this little outburst I’d have to agree. Go to work…I am sure they don’t pay you to be on Bernews. Or do they…

          • Idiot Detector says:

            Cellular Providers announce new technical terms CRAP and TRASH. CRAP and TRASH have now merged to become one crappy trashy entity!

        • Sheriff says:

          Really “Just a thought”? When you could have said “Wondering” instead of ‘Hmmmm’. Very petty, while I am at it-USE A COMMA !

        • Boss Lady says:

          Just a thought… I can’t believe you can’t THINK of a more intelligent comment than the onliner, CRAP sentence you just posted!

          I am posting about MY personal ongoing experience with Digicel, if you are happy with CRAP service, then skip along.

          • Just a thought says:

            Sheriff, I have better place for a comma in mind. My position remains the same.

            Boss Lady, I do not receive ‘CRAP service’ as you so eloquently put it. I have a tendency to get great customer service wherever I go. I find that my attitude is reflected in the people I deal with. Just as I have now upset you, you are reflecting those emotions back to me.

            • Boss Lady says:

              Just a thought… Oh you REALLY think you upset me?? LMAO You are but a few lil’ words on a website. Stop patting yourself on the back, ya not that important.

              You can’t speak to MY experiences. I am voicing MY personal experiences with Digicel within an UNFORMAL format. The words I choose are my own.

              To enlighten you further, I am one that makes FORMAL complaints to which I have gotten ‘some’ results. However, I don’t feel one shouldn’t have to continuously complain about bad service. A service I pay for! How many complaints does a company need to get before you decide to raise your level of service??

              If you are happy with your service at Digicel, good for you. I didn’t yank your chain to start with! YOU POSTED ON MY COMMENT, not the other way around.

              PS. Just because you used the word “eloquently” doesn’t make you any smarter… Just a word to make other people THINK your are!

              • Just a thought says:

                I think your comments are quite hilarious. Obviously I am important enough for you to respond to. Is obviously a big word too because I didn’t know eloquently was? I’m flattered you noticed. You are right though, using big words doesn’t make me any smarter than you. Knowledge and intellect does. Either you are upset or you are just having problems typing correctly. Calm down, take a valium and then try writing something that doesn’t make you sound like a high school dropout.

                • Just a thought says:

                  And please explain just what UNFORMAL means? Is that a word you use so people THINK you’re not that smart?

    • Oy Vey says:

      I think your coverage might depend on the phone you have. I went to the movies with my friends a couple weeks ago and my friends with Cell One and M3 didn’t have any bars at all. My friend sitting next to me who’s with Digicel but has an old 2G Curve had like 1 or 2 bars. My Torch (I’m also with Digicel) had 4 bars!!

      I dunno about standing in line. Aside from getting a new phone, I never go into the shop… You can do most things online these days.

    • Sandy says:

      Boss Lady – I completely agree with you. Jamaican customer service person that can’t even help you. Better yet, how digicel treats it’s customers like some people boyfriends do… LMAO!!

  17. crazy says:

    One thing I notice is that Bermudians do not like change. M3 customer will keep their cell phone numbers. At the end of the day CellularOne has the best service all round. Digicel customers services sucks and they are grumpy and all up in everyone’s busy. At the end of the day this is a good merge for both company’s.

    • B Real says:

      Crazy: how do you know that phone numbers wont have to change? How do you know SIM cards wont haveto be switched with C1 sim cards??? Dont spread information that you are not sure about!

      • bernews says:

        The official statement released said, “There will be no changes to customers’ phone numbers as a result of the merger – every customer will keep their current number.”

      • crazy says:

        I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t know!! At this time Numbers and sim cards are staying the same.

  18. Not Dopey says:

    I wonder if M3 are unionised. Cell1 just told all thier staff that they will, open back up their Burnaby Street Store on Wednsday and that they will not take on any new staff. So that Means the M3 Staff will lose thier jobs ? What will happen to the customer Care ? Cellone have customer care in BDA with plans on outsourcing it to Colorado in July (the 5pm-8:00 am). So how will Bermuda cope with all the money and jobs that might be lost as a result of the merger. Look, this merger will be awful for us all.

    They will not need two technical teams… so guess what, there might be jobs loses there too. We always get caught up in the silly phone crap (sorry) but look at the real impact.

    • Chill says:

      I totally agree with you. The statement said “no significant job cuts ” and “nearly every current employee will be retained”. In my opinion this cleary states that some people will be loosing their jobs. It’s so funny how adding the words ‘significant’ and ‘nearly’ totally changes the face of these comments.

  19. Terry says:

    BWAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… to read this stuff.

    Bitch, moan and groan. I don’t even have a cell phone. Why pay the money when everyone that bumps into you has one.

    “Hey..can you call the hospital I need an ambulance”……F&^%$ you dude….get your own phone….um beezee…jingus…….

    • Idiot Detector says:

      Yep you’ve been pegged. Your statement is totally contradictory. You need an ambulance alright but probably not to the KEMH.

      • Terry says:

        Ok Idiot…just call sumbuddy……As for contradictory how can that be. Everyone has one except me, fact. Oh thats right, your one of the ones that will just walk by or take a photo with your cell phone and put it on facebook.

        Anyway, I can’t wait for EB Wireless to get into the market. Plus, when ZEB breaks ground on their new complex….oh crap….I let the BLT out of the bag………

        • Idiot Detector says:

          Have you been drinking Terry? If you are trying to make sense you are having a very difficult time.

          • Terry says:

            Oh come on dude. Just send me an email, you have it. As for me making sense, I always do. You just don’t know the tactics of counter pre. Probabley never heard of it. If you have anything else to say too me or about me please direct them to my PR Officer Sandgrownan.

            Bartender….another wiskey and rye….and please move this ‘smoketray’

    • ahh ha! says:

      A rapper and an economic parasite… nice…

  20. Whistling frog says:

    Gosh, I hope the service gets better with M3 wireless, I’m tired of all the dropped calls and no signal bull-crap… If it weren’t for me having a business I would have been switched over to Cellular one a long time ago…

    • Truth hurts says:

      Have no fear they did it for you!

  21. Oy Vey says:

    Hopefully this will improve M3′s coverage… I haven’t used Cellular One before, but I definitely switched from M3 because the coverage was terrible. Forget about using it in my house! Or half the other places I went. I have to say, I have had no complaints since I switched to Digicel. So merger or not, I’m staying right where I am!!!

    • Digicel Fan says:

      I’m with you on that Oy Vey! Digicel for life! 24 hour customer service, great selection of devices and promotions and best of all, Digicel has proven to be most the convenient even for my sister who is a prepaid customer. Top up anytime and anywhere! True Digicel customer!

      • BDA says:

        @Oy Vey….What parish are you in? I am in St. Georges and I have no signal in my house at all. I literally have to go outside to make a call. I know I should not drive and talk on my cell, but when I do, between St. Georges and hamilton my cell drops out at least 3 times.

  22. Terry says:

    Then don’t use it BDA. My Lord, if the calls are that important, stay home and use a land line. Either that…take a bus or the ferry or use GP1. Hell, it’s sitting around doing nothing….lets see…Royal Veddin, Wancoovar, Jamaica, London…..

  23. Sandy says:

    Digicel sucks. Dropped calls, network is busy when trying to make calls. I keep receiving text messages every month stating that payment cannot not be secured on my card, but I no longer have them deducting from my card as I prefer to make payments online…. so why I am getting text messages that do not apply to me??? I’m also tired of receiving the digicel contest text messages, which I’ve asked them to stop sending me – yet I’m still receiving them :/ But does digicel send out a text message to it’s customers letting us know that they are experiencing issues and that i cannot send/receive calls or text messages… NOPE!

    Their customer service is a joke. I’ve called their call center not only to wait forever to be connected to an agent, but when an agent answers he/she then hangs up on me… And it has happened more than 3 times!!

    I’ll be making the switch once my contract is over.

  24. VTMRaynor says:

    Looking @ all thses comments and small complaints….no 1 has mentioned roaming outside of Bermuda with C1 or M3….guess it’s too early to tell. I know from friends that tried with C1 they couldnt access their voicemails @ one time or another(things may have improved). I am a M3 customer(well ‘was’ after reading this…lol), but dont use roaming features….too expensive….OMG!!!

    • shay says:

      Ppl can check their voice mail while they are away. They just have to dail their cell phone number.

  25. m3 loyalist says:

    I don’t mind the switch, but do hope that the corporate officer Heather Gillis will be going to Cell 1, if not I will be switching to Digicel.

  26. Dallas says:

    Digicel’s service leaves much to be desired. I’m with M3 and just got their $47/month plan including 100 minutes and IM service (BBM). I’m happy with the price and service after being a customer for 2 years. I’m just wondering what this merger will mean going forward since M3 is the only carrier that sells phones unlocked.

  27. bda girl says:

    ha ha – Heather is the reason we all stayed with M3

  28. Truth says:

    Truth is..compared to the overseas ones, all the cell phone companies here are trash..if it isn’t poor service or low signal, it’s the ridiculous prices they charge for the actual phones! For instance, the Blackberry Storm here was about $550.00 (WITH contract) , while I saw them in the U.S. for under $200! I understand they pay duty and all of that, but surely they don’t need to be charging almost 3 times the amount the phone would cost in the US. It’s not like we have 30 phone companies where they can’t find customers. Let’s face it- The companies we have here are monopolies.

    • Exercise Your Options says:

      FYI- you can purchase unblocked phones, including Blackberry’s, on and get a reasonably priced device without the hassel of US contracts and Bda prices.

      • James S says:

        Just so you know, a friend of mine works at RIM. They just introduced employee pricing for the first time, a bb torch costs employees $360.

  29. me1 says:

    Heather is the reason we all stayed with M3

  30. Terry says:

    My neighbor has a ‘PLP M4′ says she can’t get through. Her husband has a ‘UBP C1′.

    Their 9 year old uses a ‘OBA LL 1′……………

  31. W.T.F.??? says:

    Bermuda has the most expensive cell charges in the world.
    (call it getting ripped off!!).

    Wonder how long before Cell 1 tries to force you ti give up your sim card???

    • Terry says:

      What the hell is a “sim card”…….you see……

    • Nemo says:

      You can have a sim card with cell one if you choose or a phone that does both thats what I have CDMA & GSM wicked great service even in an elevator!

  32. shay says:

    I hope you all saw the NEWS tonight and understand what was said!! Cause some of you alls comment you need to be slap!! #imjustsaying. Bermudians just don’t like change!! Get out ya small mind and look at the BIG picture PEOPLE!!

  33. Not Dopey says:

    The expect us to believe that Cellularone (the new entity) will be 55% Bermuda owned ? What a “crock”! Cellularone are owned by ATN (Atlantic Tele Network) they are an american owned company that call the shots and pull the strings. The notion that this is a local company is a Joke… Just because they have fooled the Regulators.. does not mean they can fool us…. Cellularone is Foreign owned…..

    Bottom line !

  34. keet davidson says:

    This is hilarious. How does 2 crap networks combine to make a new one?
    CellOne is foreign owned and yet the company is being called a ‘local firm’.
    The management teams should consider a career in stand up comedy…

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