CellOne Offering 24/7 Customer Care

August 9, 2011

CellOne has opened up their customer care to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers will now be able to inquire about billing, make rate plan changes, troubleshoot problems, or make bill payments whenever it suits them best.

“We understand that it’s hard for our customers to call in or get to our stores for help within normal business hours,” said Frank Amaral, CellOne’s Chief Operating Officer. “Now that we offer 24/7 customer care, our clients can be more flexible and talk to agents whenever their schedules permit.”

This move comes after many changes and launches in 2011 for CellOne, including a 4G network launch, merger with M3 Wireless, a new innovative flagship store opening, brand changes, and more.

CellOne Customer Care can now be reached at 700.7000 or 611 from any CellOne phone – any time of the day, any day of the week.

When asked where would the calls be answered, a spokesperson said, “With our ownership structure we are supported by resources as part of the Atlantic Tele-Network group. Customer Care reps located in Little Rock, Arkansas in the US will be supporting our Bermuda clients after hours. Bermuda customer care reps will still be active in full capacity during regular business hours.”

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  1. MinorMatters says:

    they need to do something – you can wait up to 12 hours in the store alone. Wanted to switch when cellular one and M3 merged but after wasting an hour each on two attempts, gave up went to Digicel where I was served promptly and efficiently.

  2. mixitup says:

    Where is the call center going to be located? In Timbuktoo?

  3. Dockyard says:

    24 hour service. Now if only I could get 24 hours worth of signal!!!!!!
    Dropped calls. no network connection etc.,seen them all. Free nights = 7pm – 7am. For me that =’s Free of any signal and so I will be calling whenever I get a signal to save $$$$$$$. Maybe I should try a competitor?

  4. joe says:

    I went in twice and tried for some service. Rude, demeaning, untrained woman was unhelpful on each occasion. I closed my account (bought phones, paid be credit card, etc etc) after….15 years or so. To hell with them, and this person should not be employed. I even sent an email to customer service. Never heard a word…nor did I expect to. Another poorly run Bermuda company that gets by because Bermudians are just to stupid to expect better service.

  5. GlobalCitizen says:

    Definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully their HR will train each call center employee .. I guess this will open up some jobs!
    If Bermudians apply that is….. if not they might have to out source it to India!
    I think as a whole Bermuda lacks customer service! From the Banks to retail stores to cell phone companies. There is no accountability on the customer service reps side and the company does not care if they provide bad service… very unfortunate that as consumers we allow this to happen they take our money and we give it to them despite of being rude etc!

  6. GlobalCitizen says:

    Ps: Bernews i dislike my auto pic.. i am a woman! Not a South Asian man lol…