25 Cup Match Cricket Classic Facts

July 29, 2011

In the late 1880’s it was a common practice to hold a cricket match during the Emancipation Day celebrations. The informal game grew into the official Cup Match Classic that we know today. Below follows 25 facts about the Classic:

  • The first formal game was played on June 12,1902 and St. George’s won by 7 wickets
  • The first draw was in 1907
  • The last four years [2010/2009/2009/2007] ended in in a draw
  • The first year the match was played at St. George’s Cricket Club was 1921
  • The last time Somerset won was in 2002, when they won by 6 wickets
  • First Game at the Somerset Cricket Club venue was in 1949
  • The 2009 MVP was Janeiro Tucker from Somerset, 2010 was Deunte Darrell also from Somerset.
  • Fans were not charged admission until the mid 1920s, This year it was $20, $15 in advance online.
  • The Games First Duck: William Bassett of Somerset in 1902
  • Youngest players: Tre Govia for St. George’s in 2008, and Joshua Gilbert for Somerset  in 2009 – both aged 15.
  • Longest Cup Match Career: Alec Steede 1922 – 1951
  • Most Successful Captain: St. George’s Calvin Symonds won eight and drew one (1961 – 1969)
  • Best Bowling Performance: Clarence Parfitt claimed 9-47 in 1976
  • Wicket on the First Ball: In the 1953 Cup Match Kenneth Smith from St. George’s had Wilfred Wilson caught by Calvin Symonds
  • Six on the First Ball: In the 2002 Cup Match Glenn Blakeney from St. George’s hit Corey Hill up against the Somerset Cricket Club
  • Most Centuries: Clay Smith St. George’s has scored 3 centuries
  • Biggest Win: In 1926 St. George’s Won by an Innings and 65 runs
  • Narrowest Win: Somerset won by 10 runs in 1924
  • Lowest Score: Somerset scored 24 runs in 1902
  • Most Consecutive Wins: 6 from both Somerset (1914 – 1919) and  St. George’s (1964 – 1969)
  • Longest Reign as Cup Holders: 19 Years St. George’s (1960 – 1979)
  • Highest Individual Score: 186 Runs – Janeiro Tucker
  • Janeiro Tucker also has the 10th highest individual score with 126
  • Most wickets: 115 from Clarence Parfitt for St. George’s [1965-1981] 115
  • Most Catches: 25 from Charlie Marshall from St. George’s (1980-2009)

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  1. terry says:

    You missed one Bernews….


    Who whore the most pink/peach coloured clothes either at a match or whilst overseas during the period last Thursday/Friday pirior too on on Emancipation Day.

    Call us now…1-800-Sarah-Ice

  2. terry says:

    Mispelling re “whore”. Thats why I like to talk in person. Speling plays no part has lahong az yoo hurd vat eye sayed……………………..

  3. freeupdeherb says:

    2011 MVP was Deunte Darrell???

    • bernews says:

      Eek, thanks, we mis-transcribed the years, fixed. No, in 2010…he was only 17, one of the youngest to ever win..