Kevin Warner: Must Serve 35 Years In Prison

July 26, 2011

Kevin Andre Warner was today [July 26] sentenced to life in prison, with a stipulation he must remain jailed for 35 years before being eligible for parole.

The 21-year-old Kevin Warner will be eligible for parole in 2046 when he is 56 years old. At the present estimate of $80,000 per year for each prisoner, incarcerating Mr Warner will cost the taxpayer approximately $2.8 million.

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At 1am on May 28th 2010, 24-year-old Dekimo “Purple” Martin was hit by multiple gunshots at his residence of #8 Peacock Crescent, Sandy’s Parish. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at around 1:45am that morning.

Mr Warner turned himself in shortly after the murder, and was subsequently arrested. On June 1, 2010 he was charged with murder, and possession of a firearm with the intent to commit an indictable offense.

The murder trial started in Supreme Court on May 9th. During the trial the jury heard that Mr Warner and Mr Martin were friends, and had spent time together during the day and later that night the two men were outside talking. Various witnesses were called who testified that Mr Warner had been with the victim just prior to the time he was shot.

In addition, the jury heard that the Police found bullet casings and a driver’s license belonging to Mr Warner at the scene. They also heard from a witness who testified that Mr Warner bathed with bleach and vinegar the evening after Mr Martin was killed.

As a teenager Mr Warner was charged with being involved in the 2008 murder of 18-year-old college student Kellon Hill who was stabbed to death in the Elbow Beach area. The judge dismissed the case against Mr Warner, and three other teenagers, after the judge ruled they had no case to answer.

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  1. sunshine li says:


  2. bermy love says:


  3. yout says:


  4. outkasted says:

    YAY! :D

  5. Cheeshums says:

    Ok well done to the justice systems got 2 murderers jailed for life. Now we as a people need to find another 5.8 million to pay for them. A 10 foot length of rope at S.A.L cost $12.75. Do the math.

    • blackbeard de pirate says:

      i still dont understand why gov can’t ship them off to the UK, they used to ship prisoners here why can’t we return the favour. They can be dropped off on the lawn of Buckingham Palace.

    • United says:

      How about a shooting squad at $0.28cents per bullet?

      • Toni says:

        In China the State pays for nothing of an execution. They bill the family of the criminal for the bullet.

      • PEPPER says:

        wow 28 cents a bullet…now we are talking !!!!we sure can do more with less with this method…

      • history repeated says:

        FREE BULLETS…why not use the bullets and guns the BPS has collected so far this year? Can you see the irony in that? live by the gun and die by the same gun…

    • I knew it says:

      I as a loyal Bermudian will even pledge to pay the $12.75 and save the people of Bermuda that expense also.

  6. sandgrownan says:


  7. had enough says:

    Good job …. now find the rest….he was a menace to society and the neighbour

  8. PEPPER says:

    Cheeshums, I think you are absolutely right,I will buy the rope, think of the money that the Premier would save “do more with less”

  9. Act Like You Know says:

    Very nice, job well done by the court system and the bermuda police. See you in 35years ya old man, they should put him out there with ball and chain tied to his ankles and make him bust up jail rocks in this hot sun.

  10. Frieza says:


  11. Truth be Told says:

    I think it would be a good idea for whoever is not using their time wisely (ex taking lessons or taking part in rehab programs to better themselves) to be mad to spend their day on a beach shovelling sand from one end to the other while in prison. No TV, gym or any kind of fun activity. If they are going to waste our money we should waste their time.

  12. B, a Lady says:

    Yes, you are all right, but he is probably in prison right now logging on to see what we are all saying about him. Let us stop giving these losers so much attention. It just makes them keep going. Complete silence about him and anyone else who cannot behave, and that includes politicians and certain senators! Let start ignoring idiocy. Instead, let us hold up, and encourage the young people who are doing well, the politicians who stand for what is right and the parents who PARENT every single day.

  13. unsettled says:

    As happy as I am with the verdict , this will never heal the pain of my friends, the Martin family. May you eventually find peace .

    Still , I was very disturbed by the prosecution and the Magistrate’s description of the defendant as a talented manipulator .
    Is it only me that has noticed this trend amongst a lsrge number of our ‘youth’ ?
    For the most part they’re illiterate but very talented at manipulating .Many that I have seen could be ‘world class’.

    Furthermore , I feel most uncomfortable that it remains a ‘mystery’ as to why this boy murdered his friend ..

  14. Cut Cost says:

    If government is trying to cut spending they should really open the original West Gate back up and ship their butts over there. I would think that 35 years would seem a lot longer to this guy if it were to have a spot for him. Imagine all the money government and we as a people will save.

    I don’t think it should cost me money to put some low life up for that amount per year. That is more than what most good people that work hard make. Give that money back to the schools and let poor decisions lead to PUNISHMENT.

    Bermuda Recognize

  15. Original (Original) says:

    I’m thinking his rectum will have to stretch a little.

  16. it is what it is says:

    All well and good that he has been sentenced..but again at the expense of WE the tax payers…it cost roughly $80,000 per year to house these prisoners..$80 grand times 35 years including cost of living increses is a hell of a chunk of change..surely there must be an alternative….

  17. No Truth in Advertising says:

    2.8 million is a lot of money. 80k a year, I have to work hard all year to make that kind of money, and this guy gets to do nothing all year and gets 80k in benefits. It’s not fair. This delinquent is a real burden to our little island. Whoever is responsible for this delinquent should pay if not cull him.

  18. You got me says:

    WHY everytime one of these prisoners gets locked up the news keeps making a huge point to outline the cost of their incarceration….are we now complaining that we spend to much on the prisons?

    I mean to protect life, isn’t that priceless?

  19. WHATEVER says:

    Just waiting for Antonio Meyesr to be sentence now,there waiting on his laywer for what, the lawyer lost the case now he needs to be sentence. Lets see how much this Parkside a$$ whole gets,I hope he gets life to,all those bullets he bump in Kumi Haford. RIP KUMI gone but not forgotten bra.

  20. True dat says:

    No need for all that expense!!
    crust of bread glass of water and 35 years of hard free labor dat it!!!

  21. True dat says:

    and what about Myers??? Still no sentence yet????

  22. Free Thinker (Original) says:

    I too agree that these thugs should be executed instead of us having to foot the bill but more importantly, we could have invested about $15,000 a year starting at the preschool level, to fill the void left by delinquent parenting.

    The cost to incarcerate him plus the legal expenses, could have educated about ten of them and out of ten, we would create productive citizens out of at least eight or so. Had this been done forty years ago, we would be in better shape as a community.

    If it was done thirteen years ago, the third generation of would be criminals, would be on their way to productivity and as such, would not be getting ready to replace the ones that are being locked up now. So brace yourselves for the third wave.

    Unfortunately we like every other jurisdiction lack the forward thinking and political will, to take meaningful and proactive measures, that would prevent this from happening in the first place. We tend to find it easier to wait until we have a crisis on our hands, then put an expensive band-aid over it, then pat ourselves on the back about what a good job we are doing.

    Unfortunately like most other jurisdictions, we will continue on this same course and put most of the emphasis on the back end, not realizing that this have failed miserably everywhere else that have used this approach.

    I can tell you from experience, living in a place where I have witness the evolution of violence over a two decade period. Where the only approach was to “root out the criminals” where the Cops would kill and ask questions after. This have never detoured any of them from carrying guns and committing crimes. Why? because the circumstances that created the first generation of criminals, remained in place and have multiplied because the criminals also have children of their own and so on and so forth.

    I know it’s easy to want to blood let and just kill them off, but trust me, killing someone has never deterred the next person from killing. Capital punishment sole benefit, is to kill he murderer and in the process, if done quickly, saves the tax payers a tonne of money. which is fine, but don’t think for one minute, that it will deter others from killing. The only persons that are deterred, are the people that are least likely to kill.

    But, well done BPS and the Courts for doing your part and that’s all we can ask of you and that’s what you are paid to do. No Politicians, step up to the plate and attack this from the front end, something you are being paid to do and you are failing mensurable at doing.

  23. F%ck u kevin hope u rot in hell 4ever. Hope ya childrens childrens children rot in hell u punk coward sissy transvestite :@:@:@:@:@ rip purp my realist n%gga

  24. sunshine li says:

    btw this is justice for Kelan Hill’s murder….2 down, 2 to go…..and they will!

    • The mon says:

      I feel you on that you can run but you can’t hide I guess these two can play house together till the other one comes.

  25. Dunno says:

    ahahahhahahha have fun gettin bufu’d for the next 35 years ya peice of S%&t!!!!!!!!

    • Dunno says:

      wait i forgot…i before e except after C…PIECE*

  26. Whatever says:

    Why did he get less time than Cox, they both were charged and convicted for premeditated murder! They all should be given natural life sentences!