Bermuda’s Submission: UK White Paper

January 5, 2012

The Government has released Bermuda’s submission for the 2012 White Paper on Overseas Territories that will set out the UK Government’s approach to the Overseas Territories

The Government of Bermuda said the most important areas of cooperation with the UK are: national security, immigration matters, legislation and international treaties/representation.

The submission proposed a number of things including; providing Bermuda with direct engagement to the UK Parliament; transfer of prisoners to UK prisons; access to external sources of capital from UK funding agencies for private sector developers; offering further training for civil servants, soldiers and engineers; providing assistance with new policing strategies to combat crime

“It would be beneficial to Bermuda if the UK were to engage in helping to promote us as a business domicile as well as a tourist destination,” said the submission. “Assistance with negotiating airlift toBermuda would also help in opening up competition within airlines that service.”

The submission also said the Government is considering the establishment of an international shipwreck exploration industry to generate a new revenue stream for Bermuda, and questioned if “Bermuda became independent, would the UK undertake not to revoke British passports held by Bermudians?”

The full 10-page report is below, click ‘Fullscreen’ for greater clarity:

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  1. Mad Dawg says:

    So I guess the PLP has given up on Independance. Good.

    • PLP Till Death says:

      OBA Troll, though you may like to take that from this submission, you should know that the PLP has been and will always be for independence.

      I know it may serve your political purposes to inject that into the conversation, just like the OBA has managed, somehow, to inject race into the discussion.

      Bermudian people, like last time won’t be fooled, no matter what you call yourselves.

      • sandgrownan says:

        They’ve been fooled since 1998.

      • Bullseye says:

        That was a very hostile reply to a simple statement.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        You should calm down, PLP Till Death.

        If the PLP is for independance, why is it asking for all this free help from the UK? It’s inconsistent with a desire to become independant from the UK. That’s why I made the post.

        By the way, to my knowledge I don’t think I’ve ever met an OBA member, so I don’t see how I can be an “OBA troll”. I’m just a Bermudian with an opinion. Apparently you PLP Trolls would prefer I didn’t express it. Not surprising.

        And you’re blaming the OBA for ‘injecting race into the conversation’? Hilarious. Does the name Rolfe Commissiong mean anything to you?

  2. Tibicen bermudiana says:

    Many thanks for posting this online!!

  3. bongobongo says:

    can you consider an alternative PDF viewer than Scribd? I cannot download the document without subscribing…

    • Ryan says:

      You don’t have to have a Scribd account to download files. You can also login with Facebook or Twitter.

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    This from a bunch of people who could not run a lemonade stand.

  5. all clogged up says:

    Demands or Requests….doesn’t matter. I don’t see how it could happen under our current ‘dependant’ status. A very clear (and sorry) attempt to force the home office to suggest independance as the only alternative. I don’t support party politics anymore, for obvious reasons, the latest being the above statement by Drifter, which I can’t counter ;-(

  6. Bullseye says:

    I would not expect any favors after the BRown debacle with the uigurs. That was a major embarrassment for the British. The same people applauding and patting Ewart on the back then are still in power now.
    Too bad for prisoner transfer would be very nice. $80,000 a year it is costing here is crazy and it’s too comfy by all accounts, and the major criminals maintain an influence from within.

  7. Wondering says:

    Who the heck wrote this response – seems to me the PLP needs to re-read this and apply their comments to their Role in Bermuda’s demise… paleeezee

  8. What next says:

    This makes me laugh…. You want to be indipendant and free from the crown that you hate so much, so much so that most Bermudians will not even stand for the national Anthem, but in the same breath you are worried about weather or not your British Passports will be revoked. What a joke !!

    And if you don’t like the United Kingdom, don’t attend royal weddings or accept being knighted by the queen to become a Dame or a Sir!!!!

    Some bermudians stand for nothing, therefore they fall for anything.

    PLP : Please Leave Parliment

  9. The road to hell says:

    Yet another one-way-street view from the Bermuda Government.

    Constant criticism of the British Government when it suits your politics, then requests for more integration, training for ministers (really – you’re finally admitting you need help in a letter to the UK Government?) better fiscal integration (another admission of how badly the BDA Economy has been mis-managed) and then you want Bermuda to be represented in the EU? Really?

    You still want your knighthoods though, right? The Queen’s Jubilee year in 2012 and no Royal Visit? Why would you care if you can’t stand it so much? Your delegation shuffled over to the UK first class on BA for the Royal Wedding though in 2011 – who paid for that?

    Bermudians are free to roam and work with a British Passport all over UK and EU, but this is not reciprocated to UK people wishing to work in Bermuda. How is that right?

    Bermuda has problems that will keep tourists and workers away – deal with why there is rampant drug, gun and knife crime that goes almost unchallenged. Why should the UK Government house BDA prisoners because it is cheaper when they are off island? What – at the UK’s cost?

    Play on a level playing field BEFORE asking for help. Bermudians and its government need to finally realise there is a huge world out there and that the global financial meltdown has affected every country – move on!

    You really need to have accountability at the top of government instead of the current attitude where they are all untouchable for their actions. Have you seen the budget deficit? It’s like simple home economics – don’t spend more than you earn. Pity the BDA Government can’t see this, especially the very person in charge of your finances over the last decade…..control your costs and bring in austerity measures. Everyone else has had to do this on the planet…..

    I have a journalist friend on the island who once told me that he felt he couldn’t speak out and report what he actually felt at Budget time in case his work permit wasn’t renewed. Is that what happens in the civilised world?

    Come on Bermuda – you are truly blessed by living in Paradise. Don’t hide behind the facts here – you are allowing yourselves to be flushed down the pan. If you read and understand the letter, you’ll see it.