Erskine Phillips Jailed For 12 Years

January 20, 2012

34-year-old Erskine Phillips was sentenced to 12 years in prison yesterday [Jan.19], after pleading guilty to offences involving breaking into a home last year while armed with a numbers of items including a stun gun, duct tape, condoms and a bladed weapon.

The charges relate to an incident which occurred on 20 June 2011. Mr Phillips broke into his neighbour’s home on Middletown Lane at approximately 3.45am in the morning, however the female occupant’s boyfriend fought Mr Phillips off.

Mr Phillips sustained  injuries during the struggle, and was subsequently treated in hospital.  Justice Carlisle Greaves said the defendant was “dangerous man” who committed a “serious, serious offence,” and also said he should be enrolled in programmes while incarcerated. Mr Phillips showed no emotion as the sentence was handed down.

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  1. Tommy Chong says:

    Hope someone uses duct tape & no condoms on this guy while he’s in prison.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Actually I take that back use duct tape & condoms on this guy. Wouldn’t want a prisoner doing a service to Bermuda to catch something.

      • Think About It says:

        I second that! What a f*cking weirdo. He’s lucky the boyfriend didn’t make him a quadriplegic, because I sure as hell would have.

        • Buzz Cutz says:

          Yeah, and then unfortunately the boyfriend would have been in big trouble. As it was, they arrested the guy for doing the right thing in protecting his girlfriend and her children. In Bermuda, we’re allowed to only use ‘reasonable’ force in stopping someone-with the Police deciding their idea of reasonable. I take it that they initially thought bashing this guy’s head against a wall was too much, but it’s a good thing he did because if not this guy could have gotten away.

          In the U.S. and other places they’re allowed to use ‘deadly’ force in protecting their person or property. If this had happened in the U.S. and the homeowner had a weapon, his brains would have been on the wall instead of just his blood. I’m not condoning that nor do I think we should have the right to use deadly force in Bermuda, but these punks would think twice about going into someone’s home if they knew the homeowner had the right to take them out permanently. One should feel safe in one’s home, especially when sleeping at night-not have to worry about being duct-taped, raped and even killed! He’s traumatized that poor woman.

          I have one of the best weapons ever-a 90 lb. German Shephard. He’s my equivalent of deadly force because if he sinks his teeth into any thug who’d dare break into my house, I feel very sorry for them because it will be all over. Dogs are better protection than any weapon-even a gun-because humans have a built-in fear of being chewed up. A criminal would take their chances breaking into a house even knowing the homeowner has a weapon, but they’d think twice if they knew there was a Rottweiler in there and that is a fact. Want to protect your family-get yourself a big, brave dog,treat him well and nobody will dare touch you…I sleep VERY well at night!!!

          • Think About It says:

            Yeah, I know that we can only use reasonable force, but like @Tommy Chong said, I too would take the jail time for protecting my family. And I’m sure there is not one potential juror out there that would sentence a man or woman for protecting themselves or their loved ones. I also believe that we should have the right to use deadly force. If you come into my house, I have no choice but to think that you mean to harm me and my family, and therefore I should be able to take your life if required. Just like the girl who blew that guys head off that broke into her house not to long ago.

            I would also like to get a dog, but the problem is, not all landlords allow them (including mine) so that wont help my situation.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          That would be nice since he wouldn’t be able to sneak in houses in a wheelchair. Sad thing is these guys can press charges on the victim if they get injured. Makes me wonder who the courts are protecting. We need laws that allow citizens to protect themselves. Still, it doesn’t matter to me I’ll take the prison time for protecting my family. First part of their body through the door is getting chopped by my machete. Officer: “Sir, we’ll have to take finger prints & see if we can find a match.” Me: “No need officer I have his hand right here.”

  2. My two cents says:

    While I think this sentence was fair. What does it say when a man gets ten years for attempted murder versus this? People should be outraged at the disparities in our justice system.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      IMO attempted rape is far worse then attempted murder. This is why rape victims usually try to commit suicide after the assault. The pain of death is shorter than the physical & emotional pain of being raped. He should’ve gotten 20 to life.

      • The Hell!! says:

        I know it’s your opinion, but I don’t think attempted rape is worse than attempted murder, or that rape is worse than murder. Death is the worse thing that can happen to a person. When anything else happens, there is always that hope of healing physically or mentally…death is permanent-no healing can come after that. I also think it’s inaccurate to say that rape victims ‘usually’ attempt suicide. I’m not trying to downplay rape, and victims definitely have lingering problems, but most do not try and kill themselves afterwards. Again, a rape victim can get some kind of healing but dead is dead and can’t be healed.

        As for this guy, I agree that if you looked up weirdo in the dictionary you’d find this guy’s picture underneath it. What a creep, it’s scary knowing we have these sociopathic people walking around Bermuda just waiting to pounce…very, very scary.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          I appreciate your view but it still doesn’t sway my opinion. Attempted rape & rape to me are still the same because the idea was there & the only reason it becomes attempted is because someone stopped it. There is many types of murder & only one type of rape unless we consider statutory rape but that is a whole other topic especially if the accused is the boyfriend & is only a year or two older than the girl. Murder can be a crime of passion, an altercation gone wrong & so on & so forth. Rape always a vial act of gaining supremacy over the victim & taking something sacred from them. I once watched a documentary about women & men raped by warlords in Africa. Every one of them expressed the same feeling of wanting to die professionals explained how this feeling is normal & only counseling could help them through it. There was one victim in the documentary who had a child from her rapist & expressed feelings of hate towards the child & even broke his arm once. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel a rape victim is better off dead but I do feel the act of rape or conceived act of rape is worse than any act of murder. I also feel a rapist should always get a way harsher sentence than a murderer because rape is never something that just happened.

  3. Buzz Cutz says:

    That should be German Shepherd-my bad…

  4. White Christ says:

    Execute premeditated murderers, rapists, and child molesters.

  5. Notorious says:

    What a freak! He even looks like a weirdo! I’m glad the boyfriend bashed his head in. I was reading a story not long ago in the States were a woman was home alone with her infant baby when two men tried to break in her house, well the first one who got through her door was blasted by her shotgun and died, the other one ran off. This idiot should feel lucky.

    • Claudio says:

      Exactly what a weirdo looks like?

      • Notorious says:

        A weirdo looks like him. You can’t read? He must be related to you. Sorry if you took offense! LOL!

      • Tommy Chong says:

        This statement is true someone with psychotic tendencies can be any size, weight, or colour. It is dangerous to to generalize on this because one may let their guard down at the wrong time because of misconceptions.

        • Notorious says:

          Um I was joking with my second comment hence the (LOL) since Claudio was trying to be a smartass. I think he looks like a creeper, my opinion. Creepy looking people come in all sizes, weights and colors, yes I know that. Thanks for the helpful tip.

          • Tommy Chong says:

            No Problem, I figured you were joking but just incase you really thought you could judge a book by its cover I thought I’d let you know.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      I’ve posted the link to the story your mentioning above if anyones interested in reading. Kudos to the girl for her quick thinking & bravery.

  6. Victor says:

    Seems to me that many, many comments on Bernews are extreme – is this becoming a site for Fox News type cranks to vent?

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Bernews serves up the news the same as all the other news sites. I go to this site over the others because the information is publish more accurately & timely. I also use the blog more than the others because layout & functionality is a lot more user friendly. As for extreme comments these are generated from extreme news topics which generate extreme public opinion no spin required.

  7. Tadser says:

    This is my brother, and i dont know what really happened. I know he has been a victim many times to many of these guys who he may have retalliated on. I sure hope that he didnt harm the wrong persons in this act. I am still clueless as to what really happended and I want to know all the facts for this matter. I am against murder, rape, and all sorts of voilence, but I hope that people will stop provoking people. He is a married man for the past 9 years, i wonder where was his legal wife in all this? May the almighty God that lives forever, judge these issues by this divine and just judgements. Altough he hurt me many time as a child growing up with him. God bless you all.