Alleged Burglar Hospitalized After Break-In

June 20, 2011

[Updated] A 33-year-old man is hospitalized after he gained entry into a home in the Middle Town area and was confronted by a male occupant early this morning [June 20]. As of 5:30pm this evening he is listed in stable condition in the ICU.

A Police spokesman said, “Around 3:45am on Monday, police attended a reported burglary at a Middle Town Lane, Pembroke residence.”

“Details about what occurred are unclear at this time; however it appears that an unknown intruder gained entry into the home and was confronted by a male occupant.”

“The intruder, a 33 year old man, sustained serious injuries and was taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for treatment where he is listed in critical condition. The occupants were not injured. Inquiries into this incident are underway.”

Update: Very reliable sources have indicated that the alleged burglar was carrying some form of a stun gun. In addition, it appears the alleged burglar may have sustained the serious injuries as while he was attempting to run away from the occupant he tried to jump over a wall and tripped, knocking himself unconscious. We are hoping to receive official clarification on the incident later today.

Update #2: As of 10:30am today [June 21] the individual is listed as “critical but stable in the Intensive Care Unit.”

Update #3: Bernews has received very reliable information that indicates the home occupant in Police custody. When asked for clarification, the Police said they have no comment at this time.

Update #4: We unofficially understand the home occupant was released from custody this afternoon, after being detained yesterday morning.

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    • Old School says:

      Well done! I guess i am one of those sick ones that long for the old days. The days when I did not have to reinforce my doors to take a swim at the beach. Anyone still wonder why we never had to lock our windows and doors in de old days? Because if we came home and someone was there that had no business being there, you and your neighbors took care of it. We do not need to keep blaming the police for not being there. Yes they have their issues they need to work out. But they can’t be everywhere all the time. It’s time for us Bermudians to standup what is right and bring back our country and stop trying to pass off the buck for our non-action.

      • Shorta ranks says:

        I agree

      • FYI-- Just A Thought says:

        “Very reliable sources have indicated that the alleged burglar was carrying some form of a stun gun. In addition, it appears the alleged burglar may have sustained the serious injuries as while he was attempting to run away from the occupant he tried to jump over a wall and tripped, knocking himself unconscious.”

        NOW THAT IS NEWS…. LOL CLassic

      • Dude says:


        But looking back on my life, I simply didn’t have to lock my house or car doors because there wasn’t much worth stealing back then that you didn’t need a flat bed truck to transport*~

        Now with iPods, flat screens, computers in every room, we have all kind of expensive gifts and gadgets that make a stroll through someone’s house worth the risk to shady types*~

        You could have the good ole days again if you’de like… just get rid of all your modern gadgets and there would be nothing in your house to worry about going missing except maybe a rum cake cooling in the window and a glass of lemonade missing from the fridge*~

        • Old School says:

          Not Entirely Accurate. Many people kept cash in the house on weekends. We had to withdraw all the money we needed for the weekend as the banks closed early on Fridays and there were not ATMS. There are also jewelry and I have a few antique gold air looms that have been in my family for generations. Only the rich had vaults so they were left hidden in the house.

  2. vampy says:

    Good, its about time people started taking back whats theirs. i dont feel sorry for the would be robber, if he were in the some parts of the states the homeowner has the right to shoot him.

    • Shorta ranks says:

      Police are swamped so we have to do our part. enter my house and expect to get a good thrashing. They are found guilty and get a fine and you never get compensated for the damage or stolen goods. They get out, find the Lord and start preaching to us and telling us how bad a childhood they had. No way . No way. Spank them NOW in school and at home and thrash them if they enter your house.

  3. Au Contraire says:

    Unfortunately we all now have to pay a share of his medical bills because the homeowner didn’t finish the job.

    • Spikes says:

      Serve him right. The nerve of him entering somebody’s private home. I bet he wouldn’t do it again.

      • Miss Agree says:

        lmao – you got that right – no he wouldn’t do it again

    • LaPersh says:

      You all need to put ya self in this man’s position imagine ya self waking up to a masked
      Men standing over you the lady an her kids are terrified to go back into there home witch
      They just occupied 2weeks ago please don’t judge the home owner you were not there to hear
      Her terrifying cries for help. Pp know the full story before you start on victom

      • check it out says:

        um…@LaPersh….i think u misread..well..everything. they aren’t condeming the home owner. they’re PRAISING him.

  4. Cherie says:

    Good for that occupant!! I know that if someone broke in to my home, they would also be leaving in “serious condition” if I caught them. Maybe these thugs would think twice if more people defended their homes like this.

    • Miss Agree says:

      The occupant spent (according to the newspaper) two days in jail. He had to be questioned I know, but I can’t imagine charges being laid. I don’t even want to think about it

  5. Hang up and call again says:

    All I can say is I hope that this doesn’t escalate in the future. The next question is how will the law deal with this guy: will he get a reduced/suspended sentence for “hardship” or will the owners now be liable to pay some/all of his bills (not that they should have to)? Wait and see when it gets to court…

  6. Unah says:

    Eeerrrr so irritated! Get the story right BDA police.. Tazer, Duck Tape etc….u no the details

  7. Just an idea says:

    Well done! Protect your home

  8. Terry says:

    33 years old….damn UBP….

  9. strong says:


    • Emeka47 says:

      you gotta be kidding!!! When he decided to be a criminal all bets are OFF!!!

    • Scott says:

      so what was the occupant to do while this guy ran through his house? sit and wait for the police?? perhaps offer the guy a beer until the cops showed up?

      Breaching the security of a home is an offense against the occupant as can very well be met with a defensive response.

      you dont know what that person is there for..petty theft, violence, etc… and you shouldnt just sit and ask politely. The walls of the house are a threshold that once crossed, the game changes.

      it sucks he was pushed to steal, but at the end of the day he made a choice.

      • LaPersh says:

        Hi Scott this men by the looks broke in to do more then still an he has a good job
        With W&E with a teaser duck tape knife condoms mask an a few other sickly items
        Believe me he was hopping the young lady was home alone

        • Scott says:

          …oh god…. well good thing.. and if true then he deserved the beating even more..

    • Notorious says:

      Oh hush! In some parts of the world they’d chop his hands off. I don’t give care how beat down he was. No one forced him to enter a home that wasn’t his, without permission with intentions of stealing. Per the story.

      • Think about it says:

        I agree. This fool got everything that he deserved and more (hopefully) and anyone who sympathizes with him deserves a beating too. How can you possibly feel sorry for the guy? He knew what he was doing was wrong, he knew there would be consequences if he got caught, and guess what? HE GOT CAUGHT!

      • Miss Agree says:

        Some parts of the world would have chopped something else off too when they saw the condoms, not just his hands.

    • Uncle Nick says:

      First of all why are you writing in caps – it’s annoying.

      Secondly – change your name cause you’re not strong you are “Soft” (referring to your comments)

      Thirdly – people have the right to protect life and property. Assuming this alleged burglar came into your home to take something no matter what the outcome. You have the right to defend yourself.

      Finally – Maybe you should attend church since you feel so much sympathy for this individual. Or would Jesus even cast stones at him?

      • Miss Agree says:

        No Uncle Nick – you have to remember that this guy is caught. I have no sympathy towards him so please don’t get me wrong, but be glad he wasn’t killed for the homeowner’s sake because he would be up for murder. Well lord knows how the soft justice system will deal with the intruder. But look at it from my angle and believe me I do feel the intruder got what he deserved.

    • True dat says:

      ya got jokes!! Let somebody come into my home wee hours in the morning and see what happens!!! sorry can’t feel sorry for this dude… umjustsaying

    • me myself and I says:

      @ STRONG R U FREAKING SERIOUS???? Hell no his family should have kept his ass at their house let him break into theirs, I’m sorry as a victim myself I feel no remorse for this worthless piece of crap, This will teach him not to invade someone personal space, Hopefully you never wake up in the middle of the night while someone is breaking into your house, SMDH, He must be related to you that’s the only logical answer to your assinine response

    • Regimental says:

      Who cares ones less useless individual in Bermuda, heaven forbid I confront a burglar looking overlooking my babies crib, I got plenty of yard for a burial

    • PEPPER says:

      STRONG …you are the sick one, you and this burgular need some serious help.

    • Irritated says:

      Strong, are u effin crazy!!!! What did you expect the victim to do. Stay there and allow this fool to kill, all the household members. You are so quick to run your mouth talking your BS but you dont know the full story!!! The victim in the household is a close family member of mine. What the police are neglecting to tell, is that the intruder had a taser gun and other items. He was entering that house with some serious criminal intent. Im positive he was not just going there to only rob them. The victim was tased numerous times, trying to fight the intruder off and sustained injuries as well. So before you run your stupid mouth, know all the facts! I would rather the intruder be laying up in hospital then to get the phonecall that my family member is dead. He defended his household and, plain and simple. The intruder got all that he deserves!!!! There were innocent children in that house, who are now afraid to sleep in their own home! You are crazy to be defending that fool.

    • Powerman says:

      “DOGGY DOG WORLD” You idoit

      • KMHBermuda says:

        I believe the correct expression is ‘dog eat dog world’….just my two cents.

    • Dwain Smith says:

      You are right, because had he broken into my home in Florida the coroner would have been carting him away in a body bag. He deserved everything he got, and more.

    • super strong says:

      strong you sound so stupid is not even you see the times were living in, you have to defend yourself and 9 out of 10 when people break into houses their armed therefore you have to quickly immobilize them. Obviously you think the Cosby Show or the Partridge family represents Today’s society!

    • Weak says:

      @ Strong: you are absolutely right. The homeowner, upon discovering the burglar, should have him a guided tour to show the culprit where the good stuff was kept. Then he should have offered his phone so the culprit could call his loving family, who supports this form of enterprise, and let them know where he is at dark-thirty in the AM. Lord knows they were up all night worrying if the culprit family member was safe n sound. Then they could sit down at the table so the homeowner could show the culprit the Comandment where it says ‘Thou shall steal’. Then we could call the police for an escort out of Parkside territory so he wouldn’t get shot. Of course, let’s not forget this is all the PLP’s fault.
      Now that I’ve finished being a sarcastic donkey, I trust you see how ridiculous doing things your way is. What do you really expect when B&E when someone’s is likely to be home. Ffor all we know, he was probably intending to rape or kill.

    • Eye Opener says:

      Firstly so you don’t go saying the wrong thing, the saying is DOG-EAT-DOG-WORLD, u quoting Snoop Dogg! But you are crazy, maybe u have never had anything stolen from you before, he gave up all rights to fairness when intruded into someone elses property, had he not, he would not be in the predicament he’s in! He deserved every single blow he took, bone that broke and drop of blood lost! Maybe, just, maybe this will encourage him to become a more productive and law abiding citizen. I feel no remorse for him or his family because it is their lack of guidance and correction that allowed him to stray into someone else’s property “uninvited”! It’s very simple, “Cause and Effect”… If you don’t want to do the time, in ICU, Prison or 6 feet under, DON’T do the crime, Learn to love and respect others and the life in and around oneself and their will be “LESS” chance of unjust prosecution!!! More Power to that home Occupant, I just hope the occupant isn’t trumatized by the person they had to become in such an unexpected instant! If you love your family members, make sure they know the difference between right and wrong because RIGHT IS RIGHT AND WRONG IS WRONG…

    • Ook then says:

      Really, caps locks? That’s how you win ‘em over? Doggy dog world? You do know that the phrase is “Dog eat dog world” right? If he passes away, > charges of self defense. Well done sparky.

    • United says:

      Look, the guy was minding his business IN HIS OWN HOME. The guy that broke in was the wrong one. If I was the home owner I’d quickly get the case of amnesia. No officer I don’t remember a thing. No officer I have never seen this man before. The police should also work with the homeowner so that if this happens to anyone else the crooks don’t get the idea of doing the same and then sue for pain and suffering.

    • FYI-- Just A Thought says:

      “Very reliable sources have indicated that the alleged burglar was carrying some form of a stun gun. In addition, it appears the alleged burglar may have sustained the serious injuries as while he was attempting to run away from the occupant he tried to jump over a wall and tripped, knocking himself unconscious.”

      Read the update… Looks like he caused his own damages…

    • andre says:

      Have ever had your home broken into? Asked someone who has and you may change your tone. No Pity!!!!

    • whoyafoolin says:

      I take it you have never had your house broken into! If an intruder is brazen enough to enter a private residence in the wee hours of the morning while the occupants are inside, then that intruder should also be prepared for licks if he alarms the occupants and causes them to react.

    • Evie says:

      Oh right!! Just let the burglar beat you and your wife and children. It’s okay, the law will deal with him. Don’t hit him, that’s not right.

  10. half truths says:

    personally i think the bad guy tripped over the curb trying to get away, no fault of the home owner…and as for the hospital bill, keep a tab and let him work it off by garnishing his wages and if he has no job…loan him out to the public since they paid the bill i am sure there are lots of odd jobs people can find for him to earn some money. …

  11. Cricket Bat (Original) says:

    This is fantastic news!!! Break inside my place and you’ll be carried out and given a ride in an ambulance for free!!! I may even move you closer to your maker! You have been warned.

  12. Emeka47 says:

    The home owner is likely to end up in court,duh!!! I think the criminal has the “rights” which is so wrong. When is the law going to change in regards to these types of incidents. A person has a right to protect what is inside or outside their home, including their families and property. Supposed the culprit had attacked his family and got away with the theft. I say, do what you can, ’cause anyone comes through my window and I catch them, they’ll have their legs and hands broken! Nuff said!

  13. Mark Anderson says:

    To bad, the homeowner should have had a dog and let the dog finish him completly!!! You cannot take a dog to court. Anyway “”CONGRADULATIONS HOMEOWNER”" MAJOR POINTS FOR YOU!!!!! Lets hope now the police doesnt press charges on you, you know how backwards our law is!!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!!

    • PEPPER says:

      I also applaud the home owner for beating the you know out of the burgular…well done ,you are a hero to many of the home owners in Bermuda .

  14. US Observer says:

    Strong – Are you serious??? This man (a stranger) entered into another person’s home without their permission. The person who beat him has every right to defend himself/herself and protect whomever else is in the home and his/her personal belongings. What if he does pass away? I don’t think the law will protect the dead at that point. In my opinion, the intruder has no rights when breaking and entering. He obviously wasn’t thinking about this family.

    What did you expect to happen – Negotiate? In the US, he would not have made it out the same way he came in, well on a stretcher but hey, he’s still alive. He should be counting his blessings and be the example of what not to do.

  15. US Observer says:

    Just a side note: The police are there to “protect and serve” correct? What if the police are not there while this person is coming through your door or window. In my opinion, the same applys to the public…protect yourself and serve your country. And while the intruder is laying on the ground and can’t move you “read him his rights”…

  16. shawn says:

    all i can say is 1 mistake.the homeowner should have waited (not continued beating) until he expired that way -no his word against mine. also i know a few peace officers and the basic theory is MAKE SURE THE GUY STAYS IN THE HOUSE. weather he dead or alive keep him makes your unreasonable force more justified. and dont try 2 cover anything up ,tell erryting u did.

  17. WHY NOT says:

    Kudos to this guy! it called protecting what is your!

  18. Dump 'm overboard says:

    awww , the poor little guy was probably a victim of the economic downturn and was looking for food … must have been starving ..never done it before ..ever

    Seriously , this warmed my heart . Where are all the fools with their ‘ya dont know whathca all talkin about ..haters weren’t there .. blah blah ?’

    I would have taken him out for a boat ride afterwards with a concrete block tied to his ankle.

    As someone who’s suffered many B and E’s, good for you anonymous home owner !

    • LaPersh says:

      Dump’M you are so right this man lived right next door to the real victims
      an had a good job
      Working for W&E how could some pp really make the perp the victom

  19. Emeka47 says:

    one more thought – maybe the man’s house has been targeted so many times b4 if not by this person, then maybe by others. We all get tired of being attacked, then we react!

  20. Get Real says:

    Hey, A man’s home is his castle! Break in or even walk in an open door and you forfeit all rights as far as I am concerned. I did something similar many years ago with an intruder in my house, although all he suffered was a broken arm. There was not even a hint from the attending police officers that I did anything wrong.
    To anyone considering B&E as a career, you lose your rights when you enter someone else’s house!

  21. itsme says:

    ** BERNEWS **
    Is there anyway to get stats on the race of people committing crimes?
    There are a lot of small minded people who assume that black males are responsible and when the police show up, its the 1st words they utter.
    Yet, i know that a few indian looking people and some very very light skinned have been committing crimes.
    But i guess we will never know from the other news organization, because when one of theor own commits a crime, they usually end up in a section of the paper that no-one reads.
    It seems the only very very light skinned people who commit crimes are the ones visiting, bringing in medical ganja and those carrying firearms.

    • bernews says:

      There is no way to even begin to accurately compile the racial demographics of people committing crimes….as many crimes its unclear who committed it.

      As we know we have quite a few unsolved murders, let alone all the burglaries, drug crimes etc that people are getting away with.

      There are however statistics available on persons arrested, which aren’t the best guideline to go by, as its arrests – not convictions – but it is the best we have. Stats are provided by race, gender, nationality, age etc.

      They can be found on the link below, on about page 19 of the report.

    • Think about it says:


      The guy was black, get over it. Idian and light skinned(still black) isn’t white or Portuguese. I know you want to be able to say that they commit these crimes too, but they don’t. It doesn’t happen. If anything whites money is passed down and Portuguese work hard for it. I’ve never once seen a Portuguese or white man sitting on a wall, fighting or acting the fool in public. Don’t beleive me? Drive through ANY bad area in Bermuda and count how many you see.

      It’s not racism if it’s true.

  22. No way! says:

    If you break into my house for any reason (to rape my wife, kidnap my children, steal my personal belongings that I WORK for) know this: you will be carried out in a body bag. Plain and simple.

  23. Really WTH says:

    I have some sympathy for the would be robber, but I am leaning more towards the man who protected his home. The robbers are getting too bold and if it were my home I would have probably done the same thing. These robbers and would be robbers need to be taught a lesson.

  24. LaPersh says:

    Strong you are the sick one , let some one break in ya home
    An tazer you as many time as the male victom was tazerd an tell
    Me you won’t do everything you can to protect your dame home
    There were kids in the house you fool
    An yes this is what BDA has
    Come to when a men gets lucked up in jail for protecting
    His home let’s talk about that !!!!!

    • peaches 223 says:

      For real!!! The lesser of the two evils was the culprit getting hurt. Why would someone be armed with the weapons and peraphernalia this guy was armed with . . . unless they aimed to RAPE and KILL!!!!! Do you feel it would it have been better if the family (woman and kids included) were now fighting for their lives or, worse yet, in the morgue? “Strong”, think about that before you make foolish judgements.

      • peaches 223 says:

        Oh – and the protector of his home is presently LOCKED UP!!!!!

        • Emeka47 says:

          No Way!!! Locked – For what??? The man was in his house. Something is wrong with the Bermuda Laws. A person bringing bullets into our country is set FREE and this home owner is in Jail ! I want to serve on the jury – NOT GUILTY!!

        • Sharon says:

          No way! they are wrong for that! Can’t protect yourself or property in England either! SMDH makes no sense! I say hide the evidence or don’t call the cops!

    • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

      If he was tazered a few times,how was he able to beat the alleged intruder?

      We do not know all the details, however it is a natural response for a person to defend his territory, similar to the law of the jungle!

      • peaches223 says:

        It’s called fight or flight . . . survival of the fittest . . . a miracle . . . adrenaline rush . . . whatever you wanna call it! But, thank God for the strength that he had in order to fight EVEN WHILE BEING TAZERED OVER AND OVER AGAIN BY THE SICKO!!! Otherwise, the outcome could’ve easily been: “A FAMILY MURDERED IN THE WEE HOURS OF HEROES DAY”. Tell me, which outcome do you prefer?
        By The Way, these were on the intruder’s checklist:
        Tazer gun – check
        Duct tape – check
        CONDOMS – check
        gloves – check
        mask – check

        If you ask me, he the was the real hero that early morning.

  25. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    Every now and than a RAT gets caught .Let this be a lesson to the rest of the RATS lurking about DAY and NIGHT , waiting for folks to go to work or are asleep . All of you lock poppers and window seal hoppers beware ,cause everyones tired right now .

  26. About Time says:

    Looks like someone got the “Loyal Hill Treatment” …bwahahaha.

    These criminals didn’t learn their lesson. Looks like residents are finally taking a stand. No one’s playing anymore!

  27. Bermette says:

    Every man/woman has the right to protect their home by any means necessary. Good for you occupant. This will teach that bastard a lesson. @Strong, you need your head examined for speaking that rubbish, that intruder got what he deserved, if he makes it out of ICU he needs to be thrown right n prison.

  28. YES MATE! says:

    Big up the anonymous homeowner! Just in time for National Heroes Day!
    Every job has its hazards, contruction workers could fall off of the building, office workers risk nasty paper cuts and career B and E artists have to deal with the constant threat of a good bussass!

  29. Your humble servant says:

    I bet this criminal picks a new career! Who cares if we the public have to pay for his medical bills…we’d end up evetually paying for his incarseration, or rehab and defense anyway. At least he has a lasting memory of what will happen if he tries that again. We’ll done home owner!

  30. Don`t feel Sorry says:

    Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To much of this crap…

  31. Family Member says:

    @ STRONG: You said a beating like that was not neccesary and want to call us wrong for commenting and agreeing. You are a the sick person. WTH would you do, if someone broke into your home to rob, or harm you and your family? I know for a fact your not going to just lay there, call the police and pray that they get there before the intruder harms you. Its a natural instinct to protect your family at all cost and this is what the victim did. I do not see any wrong in beating that intruder. What the police are failing to report is the intruder entered that home with a tazer gun and a few other items. That intruder entered that home with intent to harm. The victim who happens to be a family member of mine was tazed numerous times by the intruder as he was trying to fight him off and protect his family and was also injured in the process. There were helpless children in that home. I dont even want to imagine what could have happened had one of the kids discovered the intruder first. No one knows the intruders intentions, but I feel strongly that he was not just going there to rob, considering the items he had on him at the time. Im glad it turned out that the intruder got a good beating, rather then getting a phone call that my family member was in hospital or dead. Call me sick, but I would have did the same thing. You can not judge someone for protecting their life and their home. The only sadness I see in this situation is that the victim, is now sitting in jail for this mess. That right there is pure BS! The police need to be giving the victim praises for catching a criminal and preventing him from violating another home rather then trying to charge him with some BS. What if the intruder had gotten away? He could have tried another breakin, it could have been YOUR home or someone close to you.

  32. Get Real says:

    If the homeowner is actually locked up and if he gets prosecuted, the only good thing that will come of it is that in future situations the homeowners will probably hide evidence or dump the perp somewhere. I can’t see anything really positive coming from charging a man while defending his home. Hopefully public outrage will play a part in ensuring that people can have the right to defend their home and family.
    If the homeowner went too far, I can understand that as, he might have been half asleep and rudely woken and forced to act, adrenalin pumping and self defense mode kicking in …. how can anyone tell him when enough is enough.
    Mr Attorney General – this warrants a review of the laws to ensure that a man (or woman) can protect their family and property without the offender having more rights than the defender. Total BS.

  33. Bermudian. says:

    Congratulations to you Fella, Job well done.

  34. Liars says:

    a firestorm of illiterate, ignorant, arrogant banter l see this morning. Firstly, the illiterate need to learn how to spell. Secondly, the ignorant need to learn how to write. Finally, the arrogant need to join the PLP(in this case the homeowner) because the judges just do what the boss tells them to do….while their sipping $500 bottles of wine at Port O Call.

    The judges are to blame for all the inconsistancies in Bermuda today. They get confused when they have had over two bottles and misinterpate their Lords of the minute, thus confusing there ability to render proper judgements in a consistant way.

    I say we need foreign jury systems, that way we can put a few of these judges on trail for the three previously quoted texts.

    Furthermore, l know that if this guy came into my house and l found him leaning over my bed or dresser; it would be a bloody mess in my house and l want to know who will clean up the bloody mess? Me? You? The minister of National Security? I don’t know but l know this….nextime drag the guy to the end of the street and leave him there at the stopsign bleeding with a few broken bones.
    Somebody will call the man and make sure you don’t kill him because you would want him to think about this decision he has made for sometime.

    Also, to the simpathisers………get real. There are jobs in Bermuda. They are lots of jobs in Bermuda….Guys like this are too good to wash dishes because his family ansestery were from Africa and africans are too good to do whatever it takes to provide for their families so they resort to violence and theft.

    But fortuanatly this is not Sierra Leon(?) because if it were, ALL of these little bad boys would be dead and we would all be prisoners to Ignorance, arrogance and illiteracy!

    • FYI-Just A Thought says:

      Whilst I may agree with some of your sentiments I think in the heat of the moment you may have neglected to use spell check yourself (unless you intentionally meant to deceive readers). See your own errors:

      *inconsistancies* = inconsistencies just a note
      *simpathisers* = sympathizers
      *misinterprate* = misinterpret
      *consistant* = consistent
      *judgements* = judgments
      *ansestery* = ancestry
      *fortuanatly* = fortunately
      *they are jobs* = there are jobs

      Just a few notes to consider.

  35. Von Man Von Wote says:

    We woodn’t be got any of these probblems if we were independent. Ve cud ron tings oursells.

  36. Free Thinker says:

    March on parliament to get a “Stand your ground in your home law” venting on Bernews will not change this stupid law, that says, you can be imprisoned if you use too much force to confront an intruder. If there was ever a deterrent to home invasion, this would be it.

    Only when they know that, they can be killed on the spot for invading someone’s home, will they take heed. If this home owner is really locked up, I saw we all march on parliament to demand this law be changed.

  37. White Christ says:

    The guy’s not imprisoned ya’ll take it easy, it’s just due process. You wouldn’t want a murderer dragging someone to their home to kill them by pretending they are a burglar would you? Once it is ascertained that this was in fact a burglary or at least a statement is taken the homeowner should be released. If it was a burglary I have NO sympathy for the burglar. He got way less than he deserves. What if he dies??? Exactly!… What?! Absolutely Nothing! Good riddance!

    • peaches223 says:

      Who’s the fool who cannot ascertain that this was not a murderer dragging someone in the home to kill them? The INTRUDER was still wearing his crime paraphernalia when the ambulance came for him . . . intruder gloves and all.

      What a slap in the victim’s face: He has been rudely awakened, has had to risk life and limb to save himself and other occupants of the household, has been tazered numerous times, has been injured in the process, himself . . . and now he gets to rest in a cold uncomfortable cell . . . where family members’ questions about his well-being are not answered. WOULD YOU TAKE IT THAT EASY??!!

      • White Christ says:

        No, I wouldn’t, and honestly I wish I could agree with you but you don’t know how the paraphernilia got on the ‘intruder’. I’d beat the hell out of an intruder and personally he got less than he deserved in my opinion. I’m not saying I don’t believe it was a break-in, I’m just saying that we have to allow the police to investigate that’s all, otherwise framing a victim as an ‘intruder’ would become a perfect way for a murderer to get away with murder. Do you claim that police should just walk away and eat doughnuts everytime an ‘intruder’ is beaten to near death in a home? Use your brain and do take it easy.

        • FYI-Just A Thought says:

          Murder, Burglary or whatever. The fact remains that he entered into a home WITHOUT PERMISSION and was caught. That’s the first charge. Whether it was on him or not.

          Then secondly, he was ARMED!!! It is an offense to carry any unlawful weapon such as tasers, guns and EVEN knives unless work related. Unless the intruder is a plumber or carpenter operating a 24-hour service call he certainly has a lot to answer for.

  38. SWEETBLACK says:

    i say well done to the homeowner for what he did. i am not condoling violence but everyone has the right to protect themselves. if the robber has falling on hard times that is his business but he doesn’t have the right to break into someone’s home. he deserved what he got.

  39. SWEETBLACK says:

    foe everything that people do there are choices. that man chose to break into a home that is not his if he beat up that is his problem. he made his choice now he has to deal with would you feel if you are sleep in your bed and someone broke into your home? nowadays you never know what these robbers are carrying. enough is enough. two people i hate in life liers and thiefs

  40. g mon says:

    Yes they got him locked up for protecting his family n home. And on top of that the burglar had duck tape and a taser with him. If this man get any type of criminal charges brought before him i think that would be the biggest
    Case of local injustice in a long time. I think its ridiculous that he has already had 2 spend any time lock up at all even if its just 2 or 3 days at a police station.

  41. SWEETBLACK says:

    its obvious from reading all the comments that this robber had more intentions than just robbing the home. so he really deserves what he got. like someone said if this was another country he could have been killed and the home owner would have been justified in what he did to the man. he hoping that no one was home and he got a shocking surprise. every man has the right to protect his home at all cost. peopple think about it your home in your bed sound asleep and you are awoken by someone whoe you do not know and does not live there. there is always never time to talk about it. you just react

  42. GPS says:

    You never get justice for when someone breaks into your home…so I say beat him until he forgets about taking another drug to support what ever habbit he the thief may have……sorry to encourage violence but our soft court system makes us think like this.

  43. two sides says:

    ok people you comments about everything tell me something why would a man that has two jobs don’t smoke or drink lives in his own home paid for long time ago by the way need to break in someones home . think about that

    • Think about it says:

      They said that he had condoms and other stuff with him too. Ever think he was there to rape or harm the female members of the house? Next time you think about it…

    • check it says:

      hey may have all those things going for him on the outside, yes, but there may be some psychological issues at hand. either way this is a clear msg to anyone looking to break into any one else’s house in the future.

    • GPS says:

      To steel back his Liverpool jersey?

      • Think about it says:

        Why are you hating on Liverpool so much? Do you forget that Barca handed your arses to you? Lol. All the Man U babies on the island cried simultaneously LOL

    • Thinking says:

      @Two sides. I’m sorry maybe I missed the part that said he dit drink or smoke. Not saying that it can’t be true I just don’t recall reading that. But anyway the fact that someone holds two jobs, doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, yada yada yada would not stop them from KILLING another person. If you read carefully you would notice that the intruder went to do more than just rob these ppl. So idk if u are a relative or friend of this intruder and personally I don’t give a damn because anyone that goes to another persons home and gains entry WITHOUT permission of the occupants/owners…with the intentions that this intruder had then they deserve this same beating. So maybe you are the one that needs to do some thinking

    • Scott says:

      i dont understand the point you are making?? or if your penname relates to what you are saying??

      are you implying there is some justified reason for entering someone’s house uninvited? or that he never actually entered the house uninvited at all?

    • Notorious says:

      “TWO SIDES” is clearly a family member! Hey look out for your criminal relatives face in an RG paper near you real soon! What does not smoking or drinking have to do with him trying to break into a home to rape someone? I see stupidity runs in the family.

      • FYI-Just A Thought says:

        @ TWO SIDES

        It just means that the perp was of sound mind and body and HAD A FULL CLEAR CONCIOUS of what he intended to do. Beyond a REASONABLE DOUBT HE WENT THERE TO HARM SOMEONE!!!

        No insanity claim there, nor any sympathy!

  44. Don't Enter My Home says:

    If someone breaks into my home while I am there I would surely feel no way about breaking their kneecaps and THEN calling police. I got a nice piece of aluminum pipe that I keep besides my bed for such an occasion.

  45. Scott says:

    can we get an update on the homeowner? is he still in a cell or has he been released?

    • bernews says:

      Been trying to get official word on that since last night…hopefully we get it soon….

    • Family Member says:

      The “homeowner” is my brother and unfortunately he is still in a cell awaiting his release.

      • bernews says:

        Officials said they do not have a comment at this time, but we have confirmed as you said – he is definitely in custody.

        Sorry to be pushy, but if anyone close to the situation is able to give us a call to clarify things, our number is 331-5987

      • Michael says:

        what d hell!! he is hero of the week to most of us!

    • Thinking says:

      At the moment he is still in a jail cell

  46. oh crumbs says:

    so wait…y is the homeowner is custody again? i’m confused. he was defending his property…man this country is backwards.

  47. i agree! says:

    All this tells the public is not to call the police. Beat his backside till he hasn’t got one left and leave him there!

    Cause we now see what calling the police gets you! Victims end up in jail! What type of nonsense?!! 0_o

  48. Real Talk says:

    Sounds like he got exactly what he had coming to him. A royal beat down. I shudder at the thought of what the newspaper headlines would have been (given the other items he reportedly had on him) had he not received the a$$ whooping he seemingly deserved.

  49. FYI-Just A Thought says:

    @Bernews: this is totally unrelated with regard to this topic. However, as a matter of interest, and I know how overwhelmed journalism/reporting can be, but as a suggestion do you think it is possible to have an area whereby the most popular/well-liked/positive/intellectual quote is selected and posted for a day, week or month?

    Despite, the fact that this is an open platform, I find that sometimes people digress from the original topic and views can be skewed. Please do not post this before reading. Just a thought. Cheers.

    • bernews says:

      Its an excellent idea, one we have thought about. Hold up is we need a way for everyone to determine the ‘best/most popular’, and the last attempt we made to install a voting/like system for comments everyone totally hated, so we need to figure out a better way to do it technically. Working on this…

      • FYI-Just A Thought says:


        How about categories:


        All to be vetted by Bernews since Bernews has to pre-approve which comments should be posted.

        SIDE NOTE- Pictures: when viewing pictures is it possible to create an online album or using a photo viewer to click pictures instead of opening one up before moving onto the next. Just a small suggestion.

        • bernews says:

          The gallery thing we are working on, in the meantime we are trying to add the slideshow above the photos to at least have that available. Categories are a good idea, just need the technical way to be able to have people vote.

          • FYI-Just A Thought says:


            Pick perhaps 1 or 2 quotes for each category. Post them under each heading and then allow the viewer to vote. After 24 – 48 hours of publishing a story (pending there are no further updates) close the article and then post.


            Once comments cease with each article pick a comment and label it using one of the categories. Each article could focus on a particular category(ies). Do I get commission? LOL

  50. Oscar Dippel says:

    Unquestionably believe that which you said. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the net the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get irked while people think about worries that they just don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Cheers Oscar Dippel