Four Charged In Court: Armed Home Invasion

April 10, 2012

Four people – including one female – were charged in Magistrates Court yesterday [Apr.9] in connection with an armed burglary last week in Devonshire.

Jasmin Smith, Terrence Christopher, Shayne James and Dwayne Brangman [all aged 18 to 21 years old] were charged with offences related to the armed home invasion of a Devonshire home on April 2, 2012.

The group was alleged to have used a machete and imitation firearm to commit the offence, and to have stolen a number of items valued at over $3,000. The defendants were remanded into custody.

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  1. markus says:

    good work police!

  2. Just One says:

    I want to see faces… the public needs to know who these folks are. No, they haven’t been convicted yet, but still there’s enough evidence to charge them, and where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire!

    • I want to see the fifth ones face, and if they show the four include the fifth one too!!! So Just One you wnt to see the faces, yes lets see the faces

  3. at last says:

    If convicted, 25 years in a working US prison, with no option for early release. Bermuda can save money by paying the US prison system, instead of paying $80K per year. Show no mercy

    • Bermuda Is Another World... says:

      Beautiful idea – these little b@st@rds need more than a paid vacation at Westgate, that’s for sure.

    • andre says:


  4. Can't Take It Anymore says:


  5. For the People says:

    Im with Just One. FACES!! Anybody who has been charged with a violent crime or ANY crime should be photographed and put in a readily available database of mugshots. We deserve to know who these people are and what they look like. Enough of the media peeking around the corner of supreme court to catch a “glimpse” of these characters!!! If there is enough evidence to show your face in court to answer a charge, your picture should be public knowledge. Come on BPS update your booking process and create a tab on your webpage for current offenders. I would even give my time and knowledge free of charge to create such a database… its such a simple process and could cost as little as $1000 and a slight change in the booking procedures. God knows why its taken this long. And while your at it… Bermuda NEEDS a sex offender registry, another $250 worth of software and another tab on your webpage… its not rocket science!!

  6. Truth is killin' me... says:

    People need to know on a small island like this who the criminals are. Someone knocking on Grannies door one day asking to paint the roof could be the one she noticed on a criminal poster. You may save a Granny from being raped or brutalized. JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. MAO6 says:

    Smh! Should have been my house their faces would have made the news alright in the obituary pages. These kids need to be taught a lesson that 10 yrs Tue, Apr 10, 2012 boy will probably have issues for a while after what they have done. Give them maximum time if convicted

  8. amen says:

    Well these little “alleged” criminals could one day be a Rolfe Commissiong or Charles Richardson. Second chances remember?

  9. rummy says:

    Can’t happen until the law is changed.

    Plus, everyone knows whom they are but afraid to mention it.

    The names are there for view. Ask your neighbor whom they are.

    Oh thats right…………………….


  10. Tommy Chong says:

    My hunch seemed to be wrong about who the female was involved in this. Even though my guess was not right my point behind it of being too lenient on violent offenders the first time around makes them feel no way about committing a second offense. This is as apparent as a lump from a bottle smashed over the head.

  11. BDAGIRL says:

    Just a bunch of good for nothing humans. And I bet Mommy and Daddy will pay for the best lawyers. Or we will give them legal aid and we pay for their lawyers.

  12. Amazed says:

    I am hopeful that a message will be sent to anyone considering this type of behavior that it will not be tolerated. as for the lawyer asking for them to not be housed at Westgate – since they think they are grown enough to act this way then Westgate is the correct place for them.

  13. whatever says:

    I hope that there is absolutely no leniency whatsoever shown towards these individuals if they are found guilty.

  14. Mbaya Avunaye says:

    I would love to see those convicted of a crime wearing a poster stating the crime. Eg. “I ROBBED AN OLD LADY.”, “I AM A CHILD MOLESTER.”

  15. amen says:

    Well these little “alleged” criminals could one day be a Rolfe Commissiong or Charles Richardson. Second chances remember?

  16. Well the 5th one, where’s he too,not caught yet, oh yea thats right its ya boys lil cousin

  17. sunshine says:

    I think police and Bernews net work using the comments because they don’t enter my comments.
    I want to see the ringleaders face. He is the FIFTH person. What, his related to the cop so its insufficient evidence. Ask the four about the fifth, in fact just show his face Lol