Second Man Charged: Friday’s Armed Burglary

March 19, 2014

A second man was charged in Magistrates Court this morning [Mar 19] in relation to the armed burglary last Friday at a Hamilton Parish residence.

Umdae Woolridge, 24, was charged with trespassing in a house on North Shore Road in Hamilton Parish on 14th March 2014, stealing two cellphones, and doing so whilst in possession of a firearm.

As the charges can only be heard in the Supreme Court, he did not have to enter a plea. He was remanded into custody by Senior Magistrates Archie Warner.

He is the second man to be charged in connection with this incident, with 23 year old Taariq Clarke already remanded into custody following his appearance in Court yesterday.

A previous police statement said that one of the suspects managed to shoot himself during this incident.

[Note: There are very specific rules about commenting on court stories that are not yet completed, and as such many are not permitted. If you are not familiar with the rules, please see the guidelines here.].

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  1. Did itB4 Others says:

    Dumber is charged!

  2. ... says:

    waste mon… get ya broke a$$ off the streets…

  3. a quick Google search show he has “Character”!

  4. Bermuda Man says:

    been a loser!

  5. Hmmm says:

    Perhaps the Parents and Grandparents of these youngsters should be forced to stand on a STAGE of SHAME in front of CITY HALL, their photos and addresses made public. We need to go as far as we need to go to ensure that the moral message gets in and that the pain of what they did is felt.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Life is about CHOICES. Children can be raised in the most positive way…good homes….good moral background….parental involvement….rules…regulations etc. and they can still go astray…..I work with teens and I have seen those (from so called “good homes”) reign havoc in school so I take issue with placing the blame (in SOME cases)on the parents…..It all boils down to CHOICES…..

    • thats the point says:

      This guy is almost 25 years old, he is a grown man. How long should his parents have to be held responsible for his foolishness? That ship has long sailed.

      • Hmmm says:

        Guidance and open door from a parent ends only when that parent dies. Just because a son or daughter becomes an adult doesn’t mean that they are suddenly wise and know everything. It is a less active parent position but vitally important.

        • thats the point says:

          Your right, a parent is a parent til the day that child dies. But that does not mean they should be held accountable for all the actions of that child until the day that child dies. At 25 years old that “child” is old enough to choose to receive and act upon that parental guidance or to completely ignore it and go about their own path, and the parent should not be held responsible for that.

        • Hurricane says:

          @ Hmmmmm your remark about the parents & grandparents is ridiculous. How adults turn out is not necessarily the fault of parenting. I’ve seen good children come from bad parents and bad children from good. Get a grip with reality! You have me SMH and saying Hmmmmmmmm

      • Boo says:

        More than likely still living with his Mommy.

        Like most Bermudian men….

    • someone says:

      Naa their parents and grandparents shouldn’t have to stand on a “STAGE OF SHAME” their probably just as irritated or agitated as you and they shouldnt have to suffer for what their dumb a** child/grandchild has allegedly done their old enough to make their own decisions…. what type of dumb sh** is that??!?

      • Hmmm says:

        Would you want that to happen to your parents and grandparents when you were 25?

        Hell no. It acts as an additional deterrant to those who think about doing something stupid. They now realize it doesn’t just affect them.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      I’m sorry but I would have to respectfully disagree…Why should the parents/grandparents be held in shame?…..Life is about CHOICES….. You can get someone who is raised with effective parenting, taught what is right and wrong and THEY can still make bad choices….HE is an adult and HE is reponsible for his OWN destiny…..

  6. swing voter says:

    with a name like ‘umdae’…..poor kid never stood a chance in hell nor heaven

  7. sigh says:

    ah fat ting dat!! lol you guys are such low lives!

  8. GoldenDovr says:

    Who are any of you to judge?
    We should be praying for these people. People might make bad choices but it doesn’t always mean they are a bad person. I blame evey crime on Money, if it weren’t for money there wouldn’t be greed. But this is the way ot the world I guess. Everybody needs money to survive, therefore some people will do whatever it takes to get it.

    • Micro says:

      Knowing both of these idiots, I can definitely say they aren’t what most would call upstanding members of society.

      Needing money is never a good excuse to turn to crime. Plenty of ways to make a honest living.

    • Bermerican says:

      He may have a problem but its a problem that he can fix. Its by his own selfishness, wickedness and greed that he is in this predicament. If anyone should be praying, it should be him.

  9. Next says:

    If convicted, Another slap on the wrist coming soon.

  10. friend says:

    Umdae aka DUMBDAE

  11. Bermerican says:

    These young boys need to stop perpetrating, get off their lazy a**es, and get jobs! How embarrassing is it to be on social media flossing like you’re living this life style, yet we come on Bernews and read this? You don’t have no place in society, just a waste man.

  12. thinking says:

    Shall we call the man who shot himself Bermuda’s own Cheedar Bob?!