Bean/Burrows Found Guilty Of 34 Counts

May 15, 2012

Kyril Burrows and Delcina Bean-Burrows were found guilty last night [May 14] of stealing over $500,000 of the taxpayers money.

During the almost three month long trial, the Supreme Court jury heard the couple used extensive amounts of taxpayer dollars for various personal expenses, including building on their St George’s property.

Mr Burrows — an architect — used his Government position within the Ministry of Works and Engineering to steal money for his own purposes.

The couple were convicted of 34 of 35 charges last night after seven hours of deliberation. They were remanded into custody and will be sentenced next month.

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  1. Mountbatten says:

    Very slick Bernews , didn’t expect you to bury this blockbuster . Well anyway he is the Architect of his own demise , and he and his wife will pay more than they ever expected for that stupid house .

    • Bernews says:

      LOL, its not exactly a comprehensive story [to put it politely!] and we try to highlight our better productions. We don’t have a Supreme Court reporter at this time, hopefully will come with growth…we generally can only grab Magistrates….

  2. The nitty gritty says:

    Well I will say this.
    They were found guilty on all but one charge (that’s over 30)
    They knew full well they were guilty yet they played the taxpayers again for 12 weeks!
    They wasted the jury’s precious time along with all others involved.
    If they’d come clean when caught they would have got a lesser sentence in all likelihood.
    The judge needs to throw the book at them.
    They stole over half a million dollars.
    They wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on a 12 week court case lying from start to finish.
    Now they will eat up another half million dollars in prison for what? 5 years?
    So the taxpayers are looking at around 1,500,000 wasted due to their greed.
    Pity the children to also be dragged along with this sad affair.
    Boy when Bermudians set out to steal, they go big every time, none of this thousand here and there. Hundreds of thousands if not multi millions (youknowwhere).
    You are just seeing the tip of the iceberg here. All adds up to 1.3 billion and counting.

    • Waiting for more convictions i says:

      I agree! According to your calculations, we are still missing over a billion dollars. Government considers this a victory. Just another smoke screen! Come on let’s see some more convictions! Who else has been ripping off the taxpayers?

  3. BigD says:

    People must know that they can’t waste government funds or steal them without consequences. 10 years in prison sounds good.

  4. Island Girl says:

    This is simply not good enough. Other civil servants need to be held accountable. What about the buffoons over him that signed off on this crap. They need to be held accountable as well. Politicians need to also be mindful of spending the public purse for their personal needs. Every government department needs to be audited, every politician needs to be held accountable. Every dime of the public purse needs to be accounted for since the PLP gained power. I want to see more convictions. Don’t think I am impressed by this.

  5. Island Girli says:

    I want to see more convictions. Where are the buffoons who signed off on this mess? They need to be held accountable. Every government department needs to be audited. Every dime needs to be accounted for since the PLP took over. Top civil servants need to be dismissed for gross negligence and stupidity. Politicians need to be mindful of spending the public purse on personal desires. Once I see these things happen, only then will I even consider voting PLP. Until then, 1.3b is NOT a good track record. It was not good governance.

  6. The nitty gritty says:

    I just read their book?pamphlet/ cartoon and at $15.95 they got me again!
    Where are the proceeds of that going?

  7. Disgusted says:

    @ nitty gritty. I agree either way, the taxpayers will continue to pay once they are sentenced. We will end looking after them and their children. Even seizing their assets will cost. Especially in this current environment. Firstly they need to raise their own children, so that means some sort of house arrest.Secondly, they need to pay back the money. Sell their assets and they must do community service. Thirdly they need to rat out the other crooks still sitting in the Civil Service.