Photos: Day #2 International Snooker Tournament

May 15, 2012

Day Two of the International Snooker League Tournament got underway at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel.

Mone Fong defeated Tony Dawson 2-0, Pat Brake defeated Cliff Johnson 2-0, Richard Beale defeated Keith Smith 2-0, while Colin Brown defeated Keith Windsor 2-0.

Tournament number one seed Ahmed El Sayed — a former U.S. National Snooker Champion — defeated Kenny Shea 2-0, the match between Maurice Hawkins and Richard Beale ended 1-1 and Jamie Brunn defeated John Carswell 2-0.

Paul Flemming defeated Rick MacKenzie 2-0, Peter Bromby and Richard Strand finished 1-1, as did the match between Aaron Bean and Jamie Brunn. Paul Flemming defeated Karl Wilson 2-0.

Isa Ismaili and Maurice Doucet 1-1 played to a 1-1 draw, while Aaron Bean defeated Timmy Sousa 2-0 and the match between Ken Shea and Steve Bremar ended 1-1.

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