Ammunition Charges Dropped Against Washington

June 22, 2012

22-year-old Julian Washington, charged with handing ammunition, had the charges dropped this morning [June 22], with Senior Magistrate Archie Warner saying that “I am of the view that no reasonable jury could convict on such evidence.”

The Senior Magistrate’s ruling was that after hearing the Prosecutor’s evidence and the submission from Larry Mussenden for Washington: “… in relation to evidence before the Court on the indictable offence, I am of the view that no reasonable jury could convict on such evidence. I rule that there is no case for the defendant to answer and consequently the information is dismissed.”

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  1. Judgement says:

    Where are all you people that where convicting this guy without knowing any of the evidence? Being Charged is an alleged crime doesn’t mean that the person being charged is guilty. Innocent until proven guilty but for so many gossip whores it’s just the opposite

  2. Unbelievable says:

    Jules now is the time to go back to school and be the success that you have always been and are destined to be!!! Pay Attention!!

  3. Duh says:

    Yes! stay strong ju!