Local Models Sought For Tourism Campaign

June 22, 2012

Fuseideas — the Bermuda Department of Tourism’s Agency of record — is looking for models to participate in a new branding campaign, which is aimed at inspiring American, Canadian and European visitors to fly to Bermuda.

Models will be paid $500 a day, and will be needed at various times from June 29 and July 3, 2012. Fuseideas are seeking a variety of different models including females between 25-60, males between 25-60, afemale between 20-30 with scuba diving skills, a male between 20-30 with excellent physique and diving skills, boy under 10, little girl 4-6, female between 20-35 with cliff jumping experience and more.

The Casting Call will be held on Tuesday, June 26 from 11am to 3 pm at Victoria Park in Hamilton. Models must sign an Agreement for Bermuda Department of Tourism for unlimited use of image rights.

Tourism Minister Wayne Furbert said, “I believe that we have some of the most beautiful people in the world, and so we are not hiring anyone outside of Bermuda for this modeling, we believe the people are here in the island.”

“I want everyone to get involved,” said Minister Furbert. “Come and and become part of our success of our new brand.”

The full casting specs are below:

Fuseideas, the Bermuda Dept of Tourism’s Agency of record, is looking for models to participate in a new on-island branding campaign. The new campaign’s goal is to inspire US, Canadian and European visitors to fly to Bermuda for a getaway(s). Many of the model’s featured will represent the primary demographic visitor profile (see information below) to Bermuda. The objective is for visitors to picture themselves in the campaign print ad or video enjoying a Bermudian vacation and consequently book a trip to Bermuda.

June 28, 2012- July 3, 2012.
Models will be needed at various times within this time period.

Primary Demographic Profile:
Based on information obtained from 2010 visitor statistics, the primary visitor demographic profile to Bermuda is summed up as:

The wealthiest segment in the US, this group consists of mainly well-heeled, established couples enjoying gracious lifestyles in the fashionable suburbs of large metropolitan areas.

The largest number of tourists to Bermuda comes from the East coast with Boston and NY topping the list.

Professional modeling and acting experience in print and video is essential.
Fuseideas is looking for fourteen models.

Models Needed:

1. Female between 25-30.
2. Female between 35-45.
3. (2) Females between 45-60.
4. Male between 25-30.
5. Male between 35-45.
6. (2) Males between 45-60.
7. Female between 20-30 with scuba diving skills.
8. Male between 20-30 with excellent physique and diving skills.
9. Boy under 10. Prior modeling and acting experience not necessary.
10. Little girl 4-6. Prior modeling and acting experience not necessary.
11. Female between 20-35 with cliff jumping experience. Prior modeling and acting experience not necessary.
12. Woman or man 60-70 to pose as a shop owner. (Real shop owner would be great. Prior acting and modeling experience not necessary.
13. Robust figured woman between 50-75. Prior acting and modeling experience is not necessary.

Casting Call Details

Looking For: Principle and extra models for our new advertising campaign and photographic library.

Date: Tuesday, June 26
Time: From 11 am to 3 pm
Venue: Victoria Park in the City of Hamilton

Back up venue: For inclement weather the backup location will be at Global House, Church Street, and same time.

If selected: Models will be needed for certain dates and times between June 29 and July 3 at various times. Should you be selected you will be contacted by phone and/or e-mail. Dates subject to change per variables.

Models must sign: An Agreement for BDOT for unlimited use of image rights.

Modeling and acting experience is a plus!

If you are successful, the remuneration is $500 per model, per day.

General inquires at BDOT: Lyn Winford e-mail lwinford@gov.bm


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  1. Concerned says:

    Why not use our Miss Bermuda’s – which can use this EXPERIENCE on their Resume’s – free to Bda Government… Why does everything have to be MONEY!!

    • .am says:

      Please tell me you’re not actually serious. Hey! I know. Maybe the photographers and videographers can work for exposure and credit!

      • agree says:

        I agree with .am NEVER WORK FOR FREE! They have bills to pay and meals to eat too you know. You have to pay the people working even if the job doesn’t make sense to you!

  2. Local says:

    Sounds like a 4th grader put this together

  3. DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

    “Robust figured woman between 50-75″


  4. Um Um Like says:

    Why don’t we just pay the ministers and their children to model?

    • Family Man says:

      We’re trying to ATTRACT tourists to he island, not scare them away.

  5. Adam says:

    15 people needed for 2 days at $500 a day. That’s fiteen grand for what a bunch of local kids did in their spare time and put up on YouTube last summer.

  6. Lennie says:

    Do they have to “look like me”??

    • Family Man says:

      They only want “real” Bermudians.

  7. a local photographer / videographer says:

    I wonder if Govt is ‘buying bermuda’ or using Fuseidea’s people? I guess we should be glad that local models are going to be featured…

  8. BadLuvin says:

    I think this is a GREAT idea! Everyone can use a little extra cash in this economy and using locals for a Bermuda tourism campaign just seems to make sense…Win – Win situation!

  9. K.T.B. says:

    Bermuda does have some gorgeous people, can’t wait to see how they do the ad campaign.

    • say it like it is says:

      I agree, Bermuda has some of the most beautiful people in the world, so happy that at last we’re using them. Think this is great! Hope Berudians take advantage of this, it could take them to their goals in life.

  10. Mad Dawg says:

    Between numbers 1 and 2 they specifically don’t appear to want attractive females aged 31 – 34.

    It’s odd that they would do that, given all the careful thought that obviously went into this.

  11. Loyal Bermuda Visitor says:

    REALLY?! This is worth $13 Million?! Yes, it will put a little extra cash in Bermudian’s pockets but will it bring people to the island to spend, putting money in more than just the “models” pockets’, probably not. Why not hire an agency that’s already showed commitment to Bermuda and it’s people and has proved their worth? I know one in particular that would run circles around “Fuseideas” and for half the budget.

  12. Doug says:

    “female between 20-35 with cliff jumping experience and more” and more?? hmmm

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Sounds like it’s worded so they can hire a specific person they already have in mind.

  13. William says:

    How old did you say you were?
    “18 Huh? wellll come right along with me!” lol

    thats some dumb line out of an American movie i saw….

    Well, A few dollars to be part of some Planned theeng might not be all bad…You can always hope that they get it wrong a lotta times and turns into a full time career …

  14. A bit off... says:

    Little girl age 4-6 huh? Well all the public school students are still in school next week between 11-3. Genius.