Court Orders Pair To Pay $8,000 Restitution

June 13, 2012

Kori Hinds 27, and Lashunde Edwards 19, were both granted a Conditional Discharge but were ordered to make restitution of almost $8,000 to the complainant after they both pleaded guilty to a charge of unlawfully damaging a car.

The pair appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [June 13], with the Court hearing the offence took place around 3:00am on 23rd May outside of Club Minaj in St George’s.

The Crown Prosecutor told Magistrate Tokunbo that the car owner had seen Ms Edwards outside the Club and had recognized her as his ex-girlfriend. At the time, Ms Edwards was in the company of Mr Hinds.

Mr Hinds asked the complainant if he could give Ms Edwards a ride home, and the complainant refused saying that “she was not getting into his car.”

The evidence continued that shortly after, and following further verbal exchanges, Ms Edwards, Mr Hinds, and others attacked the complainant’s car by kicking it and pummeling it with their hands. The evidence was that the car doors, bonnet, and trunk were damaged and the estimate for repairs was almost $8,000.

Mr Hinds apologized to the Court and through lawyer Aldwyn Savoury, offered restitution; with the lawyer pointing out that Mr Hinds was gainfully employed. Ms Edwards said that at this time she was not “in a position to offer restitution” as had Mr Hinds.

Magistrate Tokunbo then granted a Conditional Discharge, for twelve months; and ordered the pair should make restitution with each paying half of the $7,985 claimed. The Magistrate also ordered that this should be paid in through the Court.

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  1. mixitup says:

    Good for them! Got the nerve to say she has no money to pay for the damage “She” inflicted to the car. WELL NEITHER DOES THE OWNER!! Pay up and shut up!

    • lol says:

      This is some bs why would he give her a lift to another mans yard if thats his ex i woulda said no too.

      • Come Correct says:

        I think I would have avoided the whole taking her to court situation and just given her a lift…over the hood of my already f@cked up car on her walk home…actually na, I can see how holding her up side down and shaking all the pennies out could be more entertaining, while laughing. My suggestion, park your car around cameras from now on buddy she might come back for the windshields. Gotta watch these east enders, I hear the air is thinner up that way.

        • ThisIsLashunde says:

          And first of I’m not from east hunny! Second of! Who’s gonna go after what car? I don’t even live in Bermuda anymore, and if I did no that won’t happen! Read my post and ge the REAL story. Run ya mouth after that. I hope you feel like a complete ass

      • ThisIsLashunde says:

        Exactlyyyy my point! I feel you! Who ever you are! Because if I diiiiddd ask him for a lift to koris house he would have every right to say NO! But I DIDN’T. Never even came out of my mouth! Smh I had trans this night and so did kori! And if anyone knows kori they will know that is house was 3mins away from minaj! Smh read my post. Get the real story.

    • ThisIsLashunde says:

      You’re right. I DID have a part in damaging the car. I can acknowledge that.. But as far as you telling me pay up and shut up… Who are you? I’m sure ya got bills and s%^t you need to pay up n shut up about too! So do what you have to do worry about ya own problems and faults and don’t try to pick out mines or anyone elses to make yourself feel better! Its people like you who I can stand! Miserable with yourself and so angry with me! Lol small things to a giant. YES I’m sticking up for myself! And what! Having a go at me made you feel better aye? Smh I tell you! Some peoples ages are very innaproriate for their behaviors.

  2. !! says:

    Lmao girl clowns will always make the paper

  3. BERMUDIAN says:

    little girls that DONT know how to act!! let ya x b ur x girl grow up!

    • ThisIsLashunde says:

      First of all you air head! I was never even his girlfriend so how could I be his ex? Wow you sound dopey fetch for the real story since you’re interested. Read my post! Xo

  4. Bermy's Finest says:


    • ThisIsLashunde says:

      How about you read my post before calling names… How dare you! LOL IDIOT!

  5. The Devils Isle says:

    This is another young girl who thinks shes a grown woman. I am not one to nag on here but i know this girl personally and she is always in the latest gear and always got her hair and nails done but yet she cant pay up on damage that she clearly started… Honey let me tell you something all that glitters is not gold and your going to have to sacrifice lookin good for a while and put the $$$$ were its needed to go!!!!!! You should be ashamed of yourself and embarrassed that hood ghetto attitude is not cute for a lady stop watchin BET and YOUTUBE its not cool or cute “Im Just Sayin”

  6. imjustsaying says:

    WTF!! you got to be kidding me … its his car and he gives a lift/ride to who he wants … Don’t go out without your own transportation. Sheesh bie!!

    • ThisIsLashunde says:

      Your absolutely right it is his car he can do what he wants, but for the record I was already in a car with friends of mines, take a look at my post if you want to really know what happened!

  7. Withheld says:

    Why people too lazy to walk the 20 mins home? Even taxi fare would only have been $10. Utter fools, I feel sorry for their parents.

    • ThisIsLashunde says:

      Look at my post before making some image of this situation in your head!

  8. baddestB*tcH says:

    1st of all, all u cheap low lifes tlkin bout her say it 2 her face!! Instead of smiling in it wen u c her// yea she rocks d best of the best cuz she pays 4 it!!what she does w/ her money has nfn 2 d0 w/ u!! Whurs ur money!!! G0 pay ur debts & leave her alone!!! F$#kin nasty low life bermudians!!! Now u grow up & get a life!! & if d x wants 2 give her a lift dts on him!! F$#@#negative ppl!!!

  9. ThisIsLashunde says:

    Hey there people who decided to comment on something they aren’t too sure about! This is Lashunde! I’m only entertaining this bul^%$t because this is actually the FIRST time seeing these post and its like wow this is what you ppl do? LOL. Special ME. Bermudians I tell you… Most air heads per square capital tell them anything and they’d believe it!

  10. ThisIsLashunde says:

    I just want to say there you have it! Most of the story anyway! Nothing like the one you heard inna? Bernews needs people like you, drama queens to comment on things they put on here, it’ll be no bernews drama without you! So keep on commenting! If its not me it’ll be someone else or something else, you all make this website exciting LOL! Ill leave it up to you guys now to talk about this! Have a WONDERFUL day and ill pray for you as I would want it in return. Leaving these messages on here with a great big smile on my face! Because I know that I told you the REAL TRUTH believe it or not! Words of advice. If your going to comment on here something so rude and disrespectful I suggest you guys to keep your names anonymous! People are getting killed these days for anything. Don’t be dopey. You don’t know me, who I know, and what I am capable of. Its Not a threat either. Its real advice. There are bigger things going on around you all than patty things like this. Peace & love. Lashunde Edwards