Barrington Levy Replaced By Wayne Wonder

July 30, 2012

[Update: Barrington Levy will not perform, and Wayne Wonder will perform instead] Chewstick is at it again, producing the 7th Annual BeachFest Emancipation Celebration at Horseshoe Bay Beach.

This year’s event kicks off on Wednesday night with a concert featuring Barrington Levy and The Detour Band, Trevor Hall and Dead Prez. Included in the entertainment lineup for the evening are Canjelae, Joy T Barnum, Jelani, Haz, I-Vibes, Imari and Hannah Eggen.

Gates open on Wednesday at 9.00pm with the show expected to go on until 2.00am. Tickets are available in advance for $60 with the price increased at the gate.

On Thursday [Aug 2] the celebration continues starting at 11.00am with entertainment scheduled throughout the day. Performances are scheduled to include R?ddla & K.A.S.E. & D.I.A., Bermuda Squad, AntiBoy, StarrChild, Paper Cutouts, E-Levelz, Chris Finsness, Quinn, Sonique Sanctuary, Mike Hind, King Cami Cam and McCartney Darrell.

Events planned include tug-o-war, netball, football and volleyball. On site will be a halfpipe skate ramp, water slides and more. Admittance is free though organizers will be accepting donations. There will be a Beachfest Shuttle transporting those who wish to park at TN Tatem School for a cost of $3.00.

A spokesperson previously said, “BeachFest has always been the biggest event on Chewstick’s calendar, and we have always approached it as a fundraiser and an event that serves to showcase Bermudian arts, history and cultures in a tradition of joy, appreciation, and reverence in recognition of the Emancipation of slaves across the United Kingdom and its colonies.”

“Not only is it a chance to represent on behalf of your favourite Cup Match team in front of thousands of your peers but it is a moment when Bermudians, ex-pats and everyone in between can all come together for a common goal of celebration of youth, arts, culture and community.”

Update 8.29pm: A Chewstick spokesperson said, “Due to circumstance beyond our control, international reggae star Barrington Levy will not be featured in the lineup of performers for the 7th Annual BEACHFEST Emancipation Celebration, taking place on Horseshoe Bay.

“Attendees will instead sway to the music of reggae fusion artist, Wayne Wonder, who will treat attendees to favourites like “No Letting Go” and “Bounce Along”. He has prepared an epic performance that some believe could be better than what Mr. Levy had in store. This change to one-third of the amazing festival lineup has changed the momentum, but not the focus of this eclectic community event.”

Update: Tickets will be $50 and the gate will open at 7pm.

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  1. amen says:

    Do island promoters bring in any artists other than reggae/dancehall? I mean really. Oh I forgot most of them are washed up never was but promoters can still charge $65 a ticket and silly Bermudians will go see them.

    • so-n-so says:

      apparently youve never barrington before.. hes one of the veterans in the industry!

    • aald says:

      you do aware that there are THREE acts on one night, for the price of $50, correct? Reggae fusion, Hip Hop and Alternative Rock. Try again.

  2. Bermy's Finest says:

    Still not worth $60!!!!! I have seen him 3 times and yes he is a veteran but damn!

  3. 32n64w says:

    You don’t have to attend and if you want another artist or style of music why not organise something yourself and take all the risk commensurate with the undertaking?

    • amen says:

      Because some people have jobs and careers and don’t have time but would like to attend concerts in their country that aren’t always reggae/dancehall. But I have thought about it and I’m certain I would be more successful than these local promoters who keep bringing in people who are not very successful and in the sunset of their lives/careers.

      • On The Square says:

        Well go ahead and do and stop complaining!!

      • Really?? says:

        If you would open your eyes and read the poster then you would see that it is not just a reggae/dancehall artist. Have you heard Trevor Hall? I would hardly call that reggae/dancehall and Dead Prez aren’t a reggae group either. If you want to bring in a superstar at the height of their career why don’t you do it yourself and see how much it costs you and how much money you would make from it.

  4. Mister Nepotism says:

    Wayne Wonder is coming instead of Levy now.

  5. Open Mind says:

    Hi there…..I would just like to address some stuff here. First, organizing an event like this is quite difficult. The number of people it takes to pull it off is huge. No one ever does this for the money or to get rich.

    The “not worth the $60″ comment is lame. It certainly is worth it. WHERE in Bermuda are you going to get THREE international acts for that price? Plus local acts, plus djs opening up? If you were to break it down, you’d be paying about $16 per band. Less when you consider the djs and the couple of local acts. We think that’s an incredible deal for something quality.
    Besides, the price has been kept to $50 because people had been expecting Barrington Levy. Most unfortunate turn of events but there you go. We’ll still have a great time and the best event of the night.

    If you can’t make it, we still hope you have a good time wherever you end up.

  6. Hannah says:

    It’s back to $50.

  7. A young person says:

    Though I am a little disheartened at the fact the Barrington Levy ( a voice which i grew up listening to) cannot come , Wayne Wonder is a talented artist as well, who I am sure will put on an act for all to enjoy, along with the other artists.

    To “amen” as you call yourself, its all about the majority and what they desire. Surely the event promoters will not organize a rock concert or country music concert in an island which primarily listens to reggae and dancehall. Thats a waste of time and money. They guarantee a huge turnout when brining reggae and dancehall artist. Let us not whine and complain about our own desires. Let us think about the bigger picture, who actually attends the concerts in mass numbers, and their preferred genre of music.

    Maybe whisper into some promoters’ ears about your sentiments. Im sure they’ll listen. Let us not sit back on our chairs and type complaints without having first explored the avenue of taking action.

    xx Bless xx

  8. bull says:

    WAYNE WONDER FOR BARRINGTON LEVY!?!??!?!? chewstick’s gotta be smokin something….that price should be less than HALF for WAYNE WONDER!!!! Yes he’s got good tune; but nooooo wheeeeerrreeee neeeeaaaarrrr the talent of barrington levy. A FU#*ING RIPOFF!

    • aald says:

      there are 3 acts on the night. so $50 (which is where it’s staying now) is quite a treat for us Bemudians. be grateful, come enjoy the show and support.

  9. Honestly says:

    Wayne wonder is a good replacement. No comparison, good tune, beats, lyrics! I like WW!

  10. Mercy says:

    Challenge is other countries around the world are all haveing HUGE reggae festivals right now (Europe especially) so most big name artists are booked. Agree though that someone comparable to Barrington would be like Beres for example……They will lose some of the mature crowd that would have come to see Barrington now for sure.

  11. Brilliant says:

    Why does this always happen in BDA?

  12. Duh says:

    I don’t need to do it myself – I’ll just wait for our gloriously generous government bring in Usher and Justin Beiber.