Cup Match Security: Police, Regiment & CCTV

July 30, 2012

Police Officers, Reserve Police and the Bermuda Regiment will be on duty inside and outside the Somerset Cricket Club grounds throughout Cup Match, and the club has contracted the services of a security company and extra CCTV coverage will be in use in and around the grounds.

The announcement about Cup Match security took place at a press conference today [July 30] with CADA Chairman Anthony Santucci, Road Safety Officer Carlton Crockwell and Police Inspector Mark Clarke.

Acting Chief Inspector Mark Clarke said: “Officers from the Bermuda Police Service, Bermuda Reserve Police and Bermuda Regiment will be on duty inside and outside the Somerset Cricket Club grounds throughout the two days of play, directing traffic and conducting high visibility patrols.

“The club has also contracted the services of a security company and cameras and extra CCTV coverage will be in use in and around the grounds.

“The public is reminded that on Thursday and Friday of Cup Match road closures and parking restrictions will be in effect in the area of Somerset Cricket Club.

“The Bermuda Police Service will endeavour to keep disruption of the motoring public to a minimum; however all should be aware that there will be necessary road closures and there will likely be delays travelling into and out of Somerset.

Inspector Clarke continued: “In conjunction with the Bermuda Road Safety Council we call upon the motoring public to exercise care, caution and courtesy while driving, especially when considering the high volume of collisions that occur on holiday weekends.

“Furthermore we encourage members of the public not to drive if they have consumed any quantity of alcohol; even if they think they are below the legal limit. This approach by the public will go a long way to reduce collisions and keep our roads safe for everyone.”

“We would ask the public to consider your friends and family this Cup Match holiday and do your best not to spoil it for everyone by drinking and driving and becoming a road traffic collision statistic,” concluded Inspector Clarke.

CADA’s Anthony Santucci said: “Our focus at CADA, encouraging responsible alcohol behavior, is to encourage the residents of Bermuda who plan to consume alcohol over the Cup Match holiday to put plans in place before they leave home so they can return home safely. We would like to ensure everyone has the information they need so they don’t drink and drive.

“Recently you would have noticed signs and banners were put up around the island. These serve as a visual reminder not to drink and drive. The message is simple, ABCD – Always use a Bus, Cab or Designated Driver. Public bus transportation will be available to and from the game in Somerset on both days of Cup Match.

“Or, we encourage people to program into their cell phones the phone number of a taxi company or taxi driver, so when ready, they can call for transportation. Another option is to select a designated driver who will not consume alcohol and will be responsible for driving. The important message is, if you plan to consume alcohol have a plan in place to get home safely.

“These safety tips extend to those who are camping, picnicking and boating. Over the holiday period, there is usually a lot more alcohol easily available and consumed, I remind adults that it is harmful to give, buy or serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 18. Underage drinking is known to significantly increase the risk of a young person becoming addicted to alcohol. There is a lot of useful information and helpful tips for parents on how to talk to your children about not consuming alcohol at our website”

“In closing, I invite anyone who is at Somerset Cricket field on the second day of Cup Match to visit the CADA stall where we will be giving away free water courtesy of our sponsor, Gosling’s. CADA’s board and staff wish everyone a safe Cup Match and we look forward to an incident free four-day holiday weekend,” concluded Mr Santucci.

The Road Safety Council’s Carlton Crockwell said: “The Bermuda Road Safety Council would like to thank our safety partners, the Bermuda Police Service, CADA and the Somerset Cricket Club for their time and efforts leading up to Cup Match.

“Over this upcoming holiday season, we must adhere to the rules of the road, being mindful of our speed. We must ensure we fasten our seatbelts, child seats and helmets securely and correctly. We must do these things not just because it may save a life – - but because it will save lives.

“This Cup Match holiday, the Bermuda Road Safety Council, has highlighted these messages on the radio. Our friends at CADA have provided ads and banners along our roads to remind everyone of their alternative choices for transport, as well as the BPS will play their role over the next several days.

“Bermuda – you also have a role to play in keeping our roads safe during the Cup Match holiday. Ensuring that you maintain the speed limit, fasten your seat belts/helmets/child restraints correctly, and pledging not to drink and drive will go a long way in protecting yourself and others from any unfortunate tragedies.

Mr Crockwell concluded: “I would like to take this opportunity again to thank the Bermuda Police Service and CADA for their efforts – working partnerships allow real change to happen. So Bermuda, as we prepare for Cup Match – the battle between the east and the west – let us remember to slow down and enjoy the holiday – safety.”

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  1. young observer says:

    N they wonder why a lot of Bermudians don’t go cupmatch anymore!!! Can’t do nada…

    • Shit Happens says:

      U sound so stupid i am sure you can see how much trouble these young so called gang guys n girls are and you wonder why. i saw for myself last year at St Georges cup match wright after the game ended the same 42 guy waiting for gun sentencing started up his trouble the cup should have gave him more then he did n what did his mother say i’ll take care of him. so my point is yes have plenty of police n security there people like to go out and relax and not be put up with these FOOLS. so if you don’t like that then don’t go.

    • NO THANKS! says:

      No, we don’t go to Cup Match any more because of the violence and idiots that always turns up. Not worth it any more. And we are seriously naive if we don’t think there are at least 3 or 4 illegal guns inside that club Thursday and Friday. Be careful who you cut in line in front of or accidentally bump into in the food lines!

  2. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    St Georges are going to win!