Bodybuilding Night Of Champions Weigh-In

August 17, 2012

The 25th Annual Bermuda Bodybuilding Night of Champions will take place tomorrow [Aug 18] at the Ruth Seaton James Auditorium. There are 26 competitors for this year’s competition.

Competitors have been training hard and dieting in preparation for this year’s event, and the weigh-in was held last night. Bodybuilding competitors are divided by weight, while fitness and figure competitors are divided by height.

Bermuda Bodybuilding Federation President Candy Lee Foggo, a past winner of the event, said there will be two new classes introduced this year – men’s physique and classic physique.

Slideshow by John Manderson:

The new classes cater to those that may not have a lot of muscle mass as compared to traditional bodybuilding, but have good conditioning and aesthetics. The new men’s physique class — which was introduced in the IFBB pro ranks last year — will have 6 competitors in this year’s show.

The class winners of the Bermuda Night of Champions normally travel to represent Bermuda at the IFBB Central American & Caribbean Championships, where local competitors have a history of placing quite well.

The prejudging will take place at 10.00am, and the evening show will take place at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased from most gyms around the island. View all our past coverage of bodybuilding in Bermuda here.

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  1. BBBF Rep says:

    Please note that the prejudging starts at 10:00am.

    Thanks again Bernews for the great coverage. You guys are awesome!

  2. Applause, Applause says:

    Best of luck and wishes to all of the competitors. they are all winners with regards to discipline, dieting and pushing beyond the barriers to succeed. Bon courage!

  3. Peace says:

    All the best!

  4. Peace says:

    Where are the pictures/slide show?

  5. pictures / slideshow says:

    dear Bernews

    slideshow and pictures dont show

  6. Gaynelle Sharrieff Holmes says:

    I really appreciate Bernews’ coverage of the NOC Bodybuilding Competition. Every year around this time I wish that I was home to attend since it was an event that I never missed when living in Bermuda. I appreciate the hard work and dedication that both the competitors and the Bermuda Bodybuilding federation have to commit to in order to have a successful evening. What a great job done by all! I sincerely wish all the best to Ms. Foggo, her committee, and the affiliate gyms in their endeavors to keep the sport of bodybuilding alive and ‘kicking’. Sincerely…Gaynelle Sharrieff Holmes