Slideshow: Bermuda Bodybuilding Night Show

August 19, 2012

The 25th Annual Bermuda Bodybuilding Night of Champions took place yesterday [Aug 18] at the Ruth Seaton James Auditorium. Over 20 competitors entered for this year’s event, which saw competitors divided into bodybuilding, fitness, figure, classic and physique classes. Sue Ellen Lottimore and JaVaughn Dill won the bodybuilding titles, we will update with all the class winners when able. View all our coverage of the Night of Champions here.

The slideshow below contains over 500 photos by John Manderson:

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  1. Tellitlikeitis says:

    Congratulation to all those who won last night.

    Bella and Javaughn you guys where very impressive and humble.

    However in the men heavy weight division you Sidney Bean came across as very arrogant and puffed up [edited]

    It’s time to grow up and be a man.

    Time to grow up Sir.

  2. Tiptoes says:

    You are so right,tellitlikeitis. I was like who told him a lie this morning because he was acting like he was gonna win. Javon definitely was in better shape!!! RIPPED!

    • ObserverNprofessional says:

      I thought the show was all very entertaining!

      tellitlikeitis & tiptoe: What are you 2 talking about? That big guy is a very humble guy…before and after the show! As a matter of fact, he was too humble! What did he do to you, to have you so antzy!! lol!! From what I saw on stage, he IS a man!! A Big sexy man at that!! He may not have been ripped(conditioned)…but he had MUSCLES and SYMETRY…the core of bodybuilding!!! If holding your head up, and being proud of your personal goals (even though you don’t win) is arrogant, then I feel sorry for the athletes when they go up against the other competitors @ the CAC’s!!

      All of the athletes did well!! And I wish them all the best as they work even harder for the CAC’s

  3. Blessed says:

    No negative comments here please people. It was an awesome competition with amazing athletes. Enjoyed all of their showmanship as they presented the results of their months of sacrifice. Congrats to all!!!

    Inspired me to get back in the gym…

  4. loverofthesport says:

    Wow @ tiptoes & tellitlikeitis!!

    I have attended 19 of the 25 shows!! You airheads got it all wrong…and def got Sydney all wrong! I had the opportunity to be backstage in the morning & evening and JaVaughn was the cocky arrogant one who was trash talking Sydney on FB, BSN weeks leading up to the show, during the show, and after the show. Sydney was extremely humble (too nice) and embraced the fact that he wasn’t as conditioned as he needed to win! He was the one who shook the winners hand 1st and congratulated him. The other competitor was Jeftha and he too looked good. JaVaughn deserved the win that night for being the most conditioned! They all looked good and worked hard and should be proud of themselves.

    Who enters a show not thinking or wishing to win!!??? I think it was his 3rd show, and for someone who trains themself, and doesn’t use drugs, is vegetarian and tall he should be Proud n Confident!!

    For you to say his confidence equates “he’s not a man” or “he needs to grow up” is just rude and seems like you have some personal issues with him, b/c he IS a very humble MAN!! You seem to be the ones concerned about him not winning the most!! LOL!!

    someone mentioned CAC’s!!! LOL! JaVaughn will be singing a quieter song there… you 2 might as well keep blowing his head up here!!! LOL!

    ps. Would like to see tiptoes and tellitlikeitis on stage next year!! LOL! ROTFL!! LMAO!!

  5. supportiveNpositive4all says:

    @tellitlikeitis & tiptoes: GROW UP!

    The BBBF put on a great NOC show….and ALL the athletes had great personalities and sportsmanship whether they won or not. I am encouraged to hit the gym and become healthier to produce a better me…who knows maybe I can win the show one year too! :)

    HOPE MY CONFIDENCE doesn’t come across “arrogant” or “puffed up” tellitlikeitis or tiptoes!!

  6. bermudians have no idea says:

    Well since I have been been away to major professional shows like the Arnold CLassic, various NPC shows, these guys dont even border arrogant. I could name a few famous pros who refuse to sign a piece of paper, will charge you to get one picture taken, or straight up ignore you if you ask them a question because they think they have arrived. That my friends is arrogant. These guys here in Bermuda are just putting on a show for you, and a sport as self loving as Bodybuilding of course people are going to come across like that, its a selfish sport, but if you are watching it, you must obviously love it. Stop taking everything so seriously. we are talking about working people, these guys are not pro sponsored athletes, so they cant just bum around and have all meals cooked for them, and lift and sleep all day. Takes a ton of hard work. Its not about looking good from May to August, its a lifestyle that few will ever understand and for that each one of them is a champion. Get off the island and expose yourselves to SO MUCH MORE than you’ll sound a little more intelligent.