Thomas Gets 15 Months For Death Of Dr Doty

November 9, 2012

[Updated] 23-year-old David Thomas received a 15 month prison sentence after previously admitting to causing the death of Dr. Alexander Doty. He appeared for sentencing this morning [Nov 9], and a number of character witnesses spoke on his behalf.

Dr.Doty, a prominent scholar and college professor from Indiana, died after he was struck by a motorcycle while walking on Pitts Bay Road on Wednesday August 1st. He traveled to Bermuda for a vacation, and was only here for a short while before Mr Thomas struck him, leaving him with fatal injuries.

Update 12.55pm: Before passing the sentence of fifteen months in prison followed by a two year driving disqualification, Justice Carlyle Greaves said when you take the risk of drinking and driving, you must know that in “the passenger seat beside you there is death or jail.”

The Crown recounted how around 10.15pm on 1st August, Mr Thomas had come off an evening cruise, refused to take the advice given by his friends, had gotten on his bike and rode off.

Lawyer Saul Froomkin, QC, recommended that based on Mr Thomas’s early admission of guilt, his remorse, his good character, his youth and potential, a clean record; a custodial sentence would serve no purpose whatsoever. Mr Froomkin described the fatal accident as one resulting from a temporary lapse of judgment.

Five character witnesses were produced on Mr Thomas’ behalf, and three other character witnesses provided written statements that were read into the record.  Mr Froomkin also referred to the Social Inquiry Report which he said was one of the best that had ever been placed before the Courts.

There were approximately twenty people in/around Court who appeared to be supporters and friends of Mr Thomas, and many were in tears. The prison sentence commences today.

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  1. Throwing Stones says:

    15 Months for Manslaughter? I’ll wait for the comments to pour in from Indiana regarding this sentencing.

  2. concern says:

    Not that I would wish or want to ruin this young man’s life, but is this sentence for killing someone adequate?

    • iNi says:

      Who was at fault? Obviously this young man was riding the bike but unless we know all of the facts (i.e. where was Mr. Doty when he got hit) we can’t comment as to the adequacy of the sentence… IMO.

      • SMH says:

        I agree iNi.

      • just looking says:

        I agree with what you are saying, you never really know

        • 1minute says:

          He was DUI and left the man to die… 15 months is bull…

          • Facts says:

            He did not leave the man to die. If you do not know the facts of the case don’t comment.

      • Y-Gurl says:

        What a stupid question “who was at fault” who the hell do you think was at fault, pedestrians always have the right of way and if you we’re out walking and a car or bike mowed you down I’m sure you wouldn’t be asking a stupid question like that.

        • OOHHH LOORRDD!!! says:

          Thank you!!! That is the stupidest thing I have read today!!

          Who is at fault?? Not to mention that Mr. Thomas was breaking the law the second he put his keys into the ignition of hes bike while he was DRUNK!!!!

          Even Mr. Thomas knows whos fault it was!! He plead GUILTY for a reason!!

          • Malachi says:

            Food for thought:

            According to the law, being “drunk” is not related to ones’ ability to function properly. It is merely a measurement of alcohol in a person’s system.

            I know some individuals who can function quite properly after drinking an amount that would make me unconscious.

            As such, a person who is legally “drunk” may not necessarily be “at fault”.

            • Mad Dawg says:

              That is one of the most stupid comments ever. Part of the reason drinking and driving is still so culturally acceptable.

              Legally, the allowable alcohol limit defines the point at which you are going to be assumed to be incapable of driving. In other words, if you are over the limit and an accident happens, you will be deemed to be intoxicated and incapable of driving.

        • iNi says:

          So if you are driving and somebody jumps into the middle of the road you are ‘always’ at fault? No. A stupid question it was not…

          • Y-Gurl says:

            Another stupid comment, where in the evidence did anyone jump out onto the road

            • iNi says:

              Where in my comment did I say somebody in this case jumped out into the road? I was giving a hypothetical with regard to your statement that “pedestrians always have the right of way”. They don’t. Sorry.

          • Jenny says:

            Seriously, you’re too dumb to have voice. Stop commenting.

          • Mad Dawg says:

            Yes, if you’re over the limit, you are always at fault. If a small child runs out in front of the car a sober person may be able to brake, or take evasive action, or might have been driving slower to begin with. If a drunk person hits someone it is going to be deemed to result from that person being drunk.

        • for real tho? says:

          Youre and idiot, pedestrians dont have the right away.

        • truth and rights says:

          What about the little princess up purvis that was knocked down on a cross walk on her way to school. The white lady that struck her wasnt convicted. What about the young english boy whom killed brother yogi rest his soul and nearly took the sister in the pASSENGER SEAT. HE WAS SENT HOME NO CHARGE . PLUS HE WAS DRUNK ON WRONG SIDE OF ROAD . HAD A TRUCK THAT WAZ SUPOSSED TO BE PARKED BEFORE MDNIGHT. No charges! I SMELL INJUSTICE NOTHING NEW THOUGH WE ARE BUILT FOR IT.. 400 YEARS

          • timeshavechanged! says:

            true dat! Also a few manslaughter cases in the past have resulted in no conviction at all!..manslaughter implies that it was not premeditated , and the combination of dimly lit corners, alcohol, party ect…thats why it is called an accident , it wasn’t planned..sad for both familiies…

          • factuals says:

            Please stop trying to compare this case to the accident outside Purvis School. It was indeed a tragedy but people who make remarks like yours seem to have drawn a straight line from hearing about the incident to the final outcome. Didn’t anyone follow the court case ?
            Even the bus driver (star witness , and black seeing we’re not so stupid as to be missing your implications)testified that the victim ran out in front of the bus into the path of the oncoming car. The car was not speeding nor was the driver on a cell phone (didn’t even own one).
            The bus driver admitted that there was quite literally nothing the car operator could have done.
            And wasn’t the presiding judge black also ? It sort of makes a sham out of your implications when you apply critical thinking instead of conspiracy theories , doesn’t it ?

    • Sicario says:

      Are you slow,this individual showed total disregard for life,he should have killed himself.Only in Bermuda a murderer gets 15 months and is out in 10. LOL pathetic.

  3. keep it real says:

    This young man has a bright future ahead of him, Dr doty was an intellectual like myself and i fully believe that he would have given Thomas the same sentence if he some how could (being dead an all)… justice must be served and we cannot have this young man (who may just be a future leader in bermuda) have this hanging over his head forever… he’s no David Cox he made a mistake and he is sorry. KEPP YOUR HEAD UP BRA

    • part of the solution says:

      So sorry that he didn’t even stop. Or just sorry he was caught?

    • Plato says:

      Exactly, to input some real life experience a short shock 6 – 24 mths in jail is far more effective than a longer term because with the longer term you get used to jail and it loses its effectiveness.

    • outtarespect says:

      Mr Intellectual yourself, just like your bra David Thomas and the deceased Dr Doty, David Cox has a family (believe it or not!!) Leave his name outta this one buddy! He’s obviously that important to you that you would choose to bring his name into this case.

      • Whatever says:

        And?? Who does David “Cox” respect at the end of the day? Not even his family for the things he’s done. Get over it, he’ll always be talked about.

        • for real tho? says:

          Welcome to bermuda.. Where people and their lives will always be “talked about”. Grow up, seriously

    • Sicario says:

      Hope you feel the same way if it happens to a family member.Keep your head up,ha,ha,ha.

  4. CHEEKUMS BIE says:

    If he was drunk then this 15 months is B.S.
    However if it was a case of speeding or due care then i can understand the sentence, because the guy didnt get on his bike with the mindset that hey today im gonna kill was an accident….but if he was drunk or anything like that then 15 months is unfair!

    • SMH says:

      Drunk, speeding, due care – it’s all reckless. Your comment doesn’t make sense.

  5. Regardless says:

    This is very sad.

    Be strong Dave.

  6. Liars says:

    this guys was always out hanging around bars in town late at night drunk…..he was just lucky he didnt kill anybody before this tragic killing by a drunk driver…..l will also wait to hear from the folks abroad regarding this sentence.

    • JP says:

      He was drunk? Doesn’t look like he was found guilty of manslaughter whilst intoxicated so what are you talking about?

      • Jina says:

        Are you stupid? Did you read the judge’s quote? He was drinking and driving – when his friends ASKED him not to drive in the condition he was in! We all know the state of people coming off one of the “cruises.”

        It’s only because the victim is from the U.S. that people think this kid isn’t guilty or shouldn’t receive a harsh sentence. Maybe if he was “drinking and driving” and killed one of your loved ones, you’d be making a different comment.

    • Dont point a finger says:

      Yeah he was hanging around a bar and drunk, so you say. Thats all hear say unless you was at the bar drinking along with him , than you have no right to look down upon him either. He made a big mistake one he’ll regert for the rest of his life. We all done it once in our life time but however we just didnt hurt anybody. Not saying he wasn’t wrong just think about it if it was you or someone in your family. He is gonna have alot of time to think about what he should have done. Just take this as a lesson well learnt for all of us.

    • Norm says:

      Hahahaha And you must be there right by his side! We’ve all been in town; we’ve all driven drunk. If taxis were cheaper, younger ppl would take them more.

      • WTF is wrong with people?? says:

        Who is “we’ve all”?? Speak for youself.

        personally I’ve always been smart enough to not be drunk and driving/riding. I always make sure there is cab money..

        if you can afford the drinks you can afford to stop two drinks early and catch a taxi!!

    • Get a Life says:

      He was NOT always hangin out bar drunk…if you havent followed the case then shut up. He was just fresh back from graduating from university so how the hell was he ALWAYS out drunk at bars if he was hardly on the island?!

  7. SMH says:

    Be strong Dave.

  8. how says:

    15 months for killing someone drunk…SMH Bermuda

    • Tick tock says:

      15 – please he’ll be down St geo chilling in the hotel in 5 months and be out in in 9 or 10. See you soon bra.

  9. smh says:

    I have personally known Dave from a young age. It is really sad that this happened. He really is a sweet and kind young men compared to the other hooligans we have running around on our island.

    Although he has a wonderful personality, that does not excuse him from the law. However I do have sympathy for him and his family because I know how much of a wonderful person he is. It also saddens me that Mr. Doty’s family has to go through this also. My condolences go out to you.

    • Y-Gurl says:

      He’s a drunk who killed someone

      • smh says:

        @Y-Gurl. I recall seeing your name on the post about the teen boys who were in the recent crash. Your comment to the post was “oh well”.

        He’s a drunk that killed someone? Well guess what to all you people that have something to say. Just remember this…. When you are overtaking in your vehicle over the speed limit, you are in the same boat as David because guess what that is illegal too! And if someone happens to step out in front of you and you kill them. GUESS WHAT! YOU ARE IN THE SAME DAMN BOAT AS DAVID.

  10. Lizzy says:

    Stay strong young man most of us know you did not get on your bike thinking this would happen. Time will fly. To your parents stay strong and my prayers are with you. I have heard good things about this young man from my family. That road is a dangereous one. I hate driving down that road geesh many a times it looks like I am going to strike the other car or bike. It happened and this young man will do his time.

    • part of the solution says:

      OMG how can you say that. He got on his bike DRUNK, it is like going out with a loaded gun. He was stupid, he may be a really nice guy but he was stupid. And Sentences like the one he got do NOTHING to deter the drink drive mentality of Bermuda.

  11. The Professor says:

    I’m afraid that my concern is not with Mr. Thomas at all, but Professor Doty’s family who has lost a father and husband and his students who have lost their teacher. I’m afraid 15 months is in my view inadequate considering that he was drunk and this poor man is dead. And for all of you who are questioning the facts, look at Justice Greaves’ quote about being intoxicated.

    And as far as him being articulate and smart, that makes him more culpable and liable to a stiffer sentence.

  12. Y-Gurl says:

    15 months for taking a life…is the judge his uncle?

  13. Notyourbusiness says:

    Be strong David. I know the remorse you have. I also know that this was an accident and i am certain many of the people reading this have driven after having a few. To the victims family, you are in my prayers as well as in David’s and his family. It is a sad situation and I think people should think before commenting.

    • part of the solution says:

      That is the problem too many people in bermuda think its ok to drive drunk its a culture thing.

    • Sicario says:

      Ha,ha,ha,if i was family i would be looking for some payback in spades. La Familia

  14. CHEEKUMS BIE says:

    15 months but we are forgeting that this guy is not a bad guy however he will have to live with that for the rest of his life, although money cannot make up for loss of life the guys family should recieve a hell of alot of money.

  15. US Observer in Pink Sand says:

    This is a sad situation and should be a lesson for others who choose to drink and drive/ride. I’ll play devils advocate: Is there a sidewalk where Dr. Doty was walking? I’m assuming not since it states that he was walking on Pitts Bay Road. Was there evidence showing whether or not Dr. Doty had been out having a few drinks himself? Thinking outside the box.

  16. king juffy says:

    he pleaded guilty! wat mor u want to say on this topic nothing to do with him he was abviously ready to do the time u hating people!! keep ya head up bro memba u from school days coolest guy u would meet we all make mistakes.

  17. Unbelievable says:

    How many people have committed far worse than this and have NEVER seen the inside of a jail cell?

    Yes he took a life, and believe me that no amount of jail time will ever erase this from his mind as he has to live with it for the rest of his.

    To all involved, may you find peace and some type of understanding as to why this occurred.

  18. #ThatIsAll says:

    This situation is very sad. He may feel remorseful like many of his friends on here have made clear… but he still killed a man. A lot of good people do stupid things, they still have to face the penalties of their actions. I definitely think 15 months is not enough…

    Do you think he would have stopped drinking and driving had this not happened? Do you think he would have woke up the next morning and realized how stupid it is to drink and drive? He would have continued to drink and drive, until a situation like this happened to him or someone around him. Just like everyone else who drinks and drives. You don’t know how serious it is to drive drunk until you lose someone to it…

  19. Jenna Viera says:

    The truth is, regardless of what is reported, neither of us commenting under this story know the full details of the case or the happenings inside the courtroom this morning.

    It seems that common human compassion and understanding immediately go out the window when one feels a sense of superiority, safety and comfort sitting behind a computer, under an alias, placing judgement on any and every article posted and everyone involved.

    If you have not once driven a car or boat, ridden a bike, jet skied or even pedal biked under the influence please raise your hand….

    • we are blessed says:

      raising my hand… I have never driven a car, boat, jet ski or pedal bike under the influcence

  20. Drew says:

    My thoughts go out to the family of the victim first and foremost. His life is lost and no amount of jail time can make up for this.

    Dave, stay strong my friend. Your wide circle of friends will be here for you and your family throughout your sentence and be waiting for you when you get out. As someone who knows David personally I know he fully understands the consequences of his actions and has nothing but remorse and sadness over this incident. He will serve his time and come back stronger than ever and he will not make a similar error in judgment again.

    I can’t count more than a few people I know who have never gotten on a bike/in their car after a night in town (particularly over the holidays). Remember something like this can happen to anyone at anytime. 4 other people were arrested for DUI in the same couple of days as this incident!

    A stand-up guy has admitted his guilt and will serve his time. Would keeping a man who before this incident was a role model for young black males on this island in prison longer than 15 months serve to help anyone??

    Keep your head up Dave. We love you

  21. smh says:

    Seriously, you people are ridiculous. David is serving more time than guys that have been involved in gun murders. Majority of them not even receiving jail time even though they are repeat offenders! 15 months may not seem like a lot to you all but to a young man like David it is precious time being wasted in his life. 2 weeks ago he was in the RoyalGazette being recognised for his sportsmanship which is tennis (very talented at it). Did you all stop to think that this boys future has now been disrupted. I think 15 months plus dealing with guilt is enough. Especially because now he is known as they drunk guy who killed Mr. Doty.

    • The nitty gritty says:

      His life has been disrupted??
      So how would you fairly describe DOCTOR Doty’s right now?
      David has a long life ahead
      The victim is gone for eternity
      It is at least proper for David to have faced this as he seems to have and I do respect his remorse

  22. SNS says:

    I think this is a fair sentence. I don’t know any of the parties to this tragic incident, but from what I’ve heard and read, David is a great guy with good character and has shown remorse. People do make mistakes and not only will he deal with it physically sitting in a prison cell (which isn’t all that bad in Bermuda anyway), he will deal with it mentally for the rest of his life.

    I really feel for Dr. Doty’s family, but at the end of the day no jail term is going to bring him back.

  23. What? says:

    This was simply a tragic accident caused by a serious misjudgment by the young man to drive while impaired. It happens everyday and everywhere. He has accepted his punishment like a man as opposed to opting for a long drawn out trial saving the victim’s family further anguish. A sad situation for all involved.

    • Bda Onion Girl says:

      This is a sad situation for all. How David lives with his guilt will be a testament to his character. He made the decision to drive. For the rest of his life he’ll live with the consequences. That’s punishment enuf. There are some committing crimes without any sort of conscience, leave the prison space for them.

      I used to walk along that area of Pitt’s Bay Rd. It’s hazardous during the day, let alone at night. The owners of the guest house where Dr. Dotty was staying no doubt also have guilty consciences, or IMHO should, a sober driver in a car could easily have hit a walker, blind corners, narrow road, if go the legal speed limit are a hazard to travel.

      Condolences to all… the great spirit in the sky decides when we leave earth.

      • Bda Onion Girl says:

        I mean that if I go the legal speed limit, or 40-45, cars behind get major peeved. No longer drive on a Friday night at all. Pitt’s Bay Rd. normal traffic might be slightly slower. But if pedestrians avoid it during the day, at night one wouldn’t expect someone walking. Guest house should say will collect… 5 min drive.

  24. Truth is killin' me... says:

    People relax. This is one of God’s cardinal sins. To take another man’s life. God and I say GOD will only be the judge. David will deal with that when the time comes…not any of YOU! Same goes for all these murdering gangsters out there as well. They may not fear God now but one day they will and more than likely it will be when one of them are on death’s door.

  25. Rochelle de silva says:

    David hold your head up and do what you think is best for you we are all sudden by you time which has been taken away from us. We will keep you in our prayers. Please know we will be thinking of you each day and that you can count on us for support. You came into our life and we know your a good guy of good family values. Stay focus on what you want to be and go for it. Will miss you so much your fellow colleagues who know you best. God will see you through just put him first each day.
    To the family who last that special person we will be praying for you always for, forgiveness of his mistake so that you can get on with your lives

  26. Bazinga! says:

    It’s seldom we see people taking responsibility for their actions and it appears this young man has done what very few do – regardless of their lot in life. Others trying to make excuses for him take away from his own admittance that he did something wrong which caused the death of another.

    We all know (or should) that drinking then driving is a tragedy waiting to happen. I suspect we will be seeing more of Mr. Thomas in years to come; helping others in Bermuda understand the dangers of driving under the influence, that an accident can happen to anyone and the best way to prevent this from happening to YOU – is to not drink, then drive.

    Condolences to Mr. Doty’s family who have lost what they can never get back.

  27. Iknowthefacts says:

    It is such a sad situation and no matter how nice this young man is IF any of us had this happen to our loved one and the person only got 15 months I am certain you would not be pleased with the outcome. I know this young man is sorry and I also know that a family has lost their father, brother, uncle, friend yet because David is sorry people are just suppose to be ok with that.

    I’ll be honest since some of you cannot…if this was my husband, father, brother or even friend I would be highly pissed, insulted and hurt that the person who KILLED regardless if it was an accident or not, still they KILLED my loved one and will realistically spend less than 1 year in jail.

    This man has his life and we already know Bermuda’s jail is a joke so really I won’t bash David but I have to agree 15 months isn’t enough. To David’s family what if someone killed him and only got 15months how would you feel….Be real with yourself at least if you cannot admit it on here!

    • Concerned_yet_confused says:

      Sad but so true…I would be upset too I am praying for everyone involved and their families.

  28. Hoosier says:

    I’m from Indiana and live in Bermuda. Just today in Indiana a drunk driver who killed a man on the side of the road got 14 years. He was convicted only of drunk driving, not of killing the man. The sentence for drunk driving alone is 20 years. This guy got 14 years, not 15 months. It saddens me that some irresponsible kid could kill me and walk free in a matter of months. Scary stuff, your roads and your justice system. No wonder so many people drive drunk here.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      The “Judiciary” in Bermuda are the problem – as they are NOT doing their job!!! Replace them with newer, younger judges who will pass/give the necessary sentences for the crimes committed!!

  29. Facts are scary says:

    Does any else realize you can be legally to drunk to drive, but still drive the ferry? Just saying

  30. very interesting says:

    This is truly a sad case and in the end there are no winners. Clearly, this young man was at fault and will have the rest of his life to deal with the fact that he though not planned took the life of another. I feel for the Dotty family, but my heart also goes out for the Thomas family.
    Now, here is where it becomes interesting…….lets throw the cat among the pigeons. It was very clear that Thomas, was riding his bike over the legal limit. It was also clear that Mr. Dotty was walking at some point in the road, and not on a crossing when he was hit (by the evidence). It is also clear that the rider had the responsibility by law to beware of all the elements and people in the road and because his judgement was impaired by alcohol he was found responsible.Question was Mr Dotty ever after death (sounds harsh but possible) tested for impairment. Was he drinking, he too came from a concert down at Barr’s Bay.(for those who say how do you test him, take his blood)
    This case is very interesting because the guilty person, is the man who actually is alive and able to be tested . He was sentenced in a court of law. Was the sentence fair (don’t know) but 15 months is not much in the context of someone loosing a life. But it falls under the sentencing guidelines in our legal system.

    but (hear we go again) legally should we have tested the deceased to establish a bench mark for his impairment.

    Questions that we don’t want to answers because it is not polite and kind to bring this issues up about the dead but still critical issues to think of in the future when investigating cases of this nature.

  31. Kathy says:

    I am sorry, but 15 months is not justice – whether or not he was sorry, whether or not he is a good guy, whether or not he pleaded guilty. He made a very bad choice that day. He CHOSE to get on that bike and drive DRUNK. 15 months – so he can look forward to flying kites after next year! Doesn’t seem right.

    The sentencing in Bermuda is far too lax. He should have received a minimum of 10 years – minimum!!!!

  32. Positive vibe says:

    So…..if someone is walking along Pitts Bay road in the dark and gets struck and killed by a CAUTIOUS, SOBER rider/driver, would this sentence be satisfactory? Should it be more, less or none at all? I only ask because as a regular traveller of this portion of road I know how dangerous it is and hope I NEVER come upon a situation where I would have to walk along it. My condolences go out to the victim’s family as well as the young man who will be serving time for this tragic incident. It sounds to me as though this man is normally of good character and is truly remorseful of his actions.

  33. As Always says:

    How you suppose to try and stop drunk driving , when you give someone 15 months for killing a next person while under the influence? Sentences like this is another major factor contributing to the violence that has got out of hand in Bermuda. The Justice System just doesn’t do their JOB Properly. Why hasn’t the PLP been stepped in to control these inadequate prison sentences for criminals?

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      They need to throw some of these OLD “farts” (Judges) off the bench – as they are way past their “sell-by” date!!! Drunk driving is NOT taken seriously enough in Bermuda!!!

      This guy would have got close to 15 yrs in the States for this death-by-driving offense – especially as he was also DUI!!!

  34. Let it be! says:

    There were no winners in this matter. The victim, the defendant, two families and all others who may have had any involvement with this matter have been seriously impacted by the events that occurred on that trajic night in August. However,as on many other occasions comments are posted without knowing all the facts and making huge assumptions on what might have occurred and on what they think the victim/victims’ families would want for it to be justice. Nothing can bring back the life of the victim. Such assumptions are disrespecful to the victim’s memory and his family; as well as to the defendant and his family. These comments reflect just as poorly on our country as the crime itself. I know some comments are made through a passionate desire for positive changes in our community but many are made because of a mistaken notion that your opinion matters. I implore you to show your compassion by giving both families the respect to deal with their grieve/remorse privately without being subjected to such assumptions. The greatest respect one can have is to start with changing how we behave, influencing our family and freinds to change by setting an example. Unfortunately, sometimes one does not understand the impact of such comments regardless of whether they were meant with the best of intentions; until they are then in a similar position……..a position which I would wish on no one. Our over estimation in our self worth and inflation of the value of our opinions does not give us the right to disregard the impact it may have on others nor to disrespect those who have been directly effected by such trajic circumstances. Opinions are not fact and can confuse those involved; causing unfounded anger or add to what is already unbearable grief. I know my opinion may not matter and let’s face it though those who have overinflated egos will continue to comment but i am fed up with everyone feeling they just have to comment on things they are clueless on and attack each other for their opinions via these pages. Let it be people! Show some respect for the families involved.

    • Y-Gurl says:

      No winners?? Are you serious, this drunk gets out of prison in 9 to 12 months and yet the doctors is dead, I’d hate to see your definition of a loser!

  35. Smh says:

    A lot of the people are taking the word drunk to literal remember you only need 3 ounces to be over the legal limit as a bartender I know most servers can sometimes put more than that in one drink alone. This could have been a total accident and not even related to drinking.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Stupid comment – especially by a “bartender”!!! He already admitted that he had AT LEAST 6 drinks on that cruise!! It was blatant and total stupidity on his part – as he knew he was “gambling” BIG time, by getting on that bike!!

      I hope the family of the deceased Professor visitor initiate a “Civil Suit” against him for big $$$!!

    • Mad Dawg says:

      So if you’re driving don’t drink, or stick to drinks where you know the alcohol level. If you order a vodka you can hardly expect the bartender to make sure you’re given an amount small enough that you can still drive.

  36. MAKE MY DAY says:

    A fifteen month sentence is ludicrous for causing a man’s death due to “drunken driving”!! It should have been closer to 15 years!! Only in Bermuda! Time for Puisne Judge Carlisle Greaves to retire as he is out-of-touch with reality!!

    The family of Professor Alexander Doty should also initiate a “civil suit” against this convicted DUI killer!! He is old enough to know better and took an unnecessary “gamble-to-drive” resulting in this visitor’s death!! There is NO excuse for that behavior!

  37. Rochelle says:

    Well let me say after reading and knowing that I could get locked up even if it was not my fault because a person came in my lane and I has been drinking My friends and I have taken a taxi to go out and have a good time and we all got back home safe. It only cost $30.00 each way to get there between 4 people we saved our lives so just what happen to David has hit home to his working colleagues as it did open our eyes and I hope that many more of you will start taxing to we’re you want to go and drink and live to tell the story.

  38. Andrew Carmichael says:

    My 2cents. Under English law, that Bermuda is suppose to mirror, Death by Dangerous Driving can get you 14 years in prison. I have not read all the post, but one I read asked about the deceased blood alcohol reading. In the UK they do check the limit of the victim as well as the person that caused the accident. As for the young man, you are lucky.

  39. young voice says:

    Personally I feel sorry for some of these people commenting. Saying things such as “he should have killed himself”. What gives you the right to say something like that? I don’t even know this guy but I do know that sometimes Bermudians make me not want to claim them

  40. soapbox says:

    I’m not Bermuidan I’m a frequent tourist, what I find strange here are the comments about this young man who made a decision before he left his house that in the end was not only fatal to the traveller but to himself.
    What difference does it make now that the milk has been split?
    This young man whether he does 15 months or 48 months, he now has a criminal record which he has to live with the rest of his life, he’ll always be known as the man that did 15 months for taking a life… (sad)
    this young man now has an experience at a young age that I don’t dream of having or wishing on my worst enemy!
    The nightmares alone would be a life sentence, the ridicule from his fellow Bermudian what about his future career, social status and life as he knew it before he left his house on the fatal night?!
    From where I stand this young man must have aged 20 years over night just seeing the man he hit in that split second when their paths crossed…mercy.
    We as people need to support our youth even when they screw up, his experience can save another from falling in the same path. we should pray for him that God opens up his mind through this horrific experience and give him hope that God is the way and this young man needs to redirect his focus and place it on the Father. God be with you all.