OBA: ‘You Have The Vote, You Have The Power’

November 9, 2012

[Updated] In the weeks ahead the Government will do all it can to spin and distort what the OBA says but no amount of spin can diminish the hardships, pressures and anxiety its policies have created, Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier said.

Mr Cannnonier was speaking at a One Bermuda Alliance press conference this morning [Nov 9], which was held following last night’s announcement from Premier Paula Cox that the election will be held on Monday, December 17th, 2012.

“The election presents you with two very different visions for the Island,” said Mr Cannonier. “One is determined to keep things as they are, using the divisive politics of the past to keep it that way, with no plan to create jobs.

“The other, with a plan to grow jobs, looks forward to a more prosperous, secure and unifying future for every Bermudian. The choice will be one of the most important in the life of this country.

“Whether you want five more years of this Government’s path to rising unemployment, gun violence and soaring debt, or whether you believe it’s time for change, with new leadership, new ideas and a vision to get us moving forward in a new and better direction.”

Mr Cannonier continued: “The Government will not see it that way, despite what is going on. They will tell you they are standing strong for workers.

“But tell that to the more than 3,000 Bermudians who are unemployed and the thousands more taking home less pay. They will tell you that wages have been rising

“But tell that to the thousands of families that struggle each and every day to make ends meet. They will tell you the economy is recovering

“But tell that to the businesses that continue to close at a frightening pace. They will tell you that the $1.5 billion they’ve borrowed is not debt. But tell that to the children of the next generation who will have to bear the burden of that debt.”

Mr Cannonier’s full statement follows below:

Good morning fellow Bermudians,

This is a good day for Bermuda.

The call for an election gives you the opportunity to finally have a say about your Island – about what’s been going on around you – whether you approve the direction it’s headed or whether you believe it’s time for change.

The election presents you with two very different visions for the Island.

One is determined to keep things as they are, using the divisive politics of the past to keep it that way, with no plan to create jobs.

The other, with a plan to grow jobs, looks forward to a more prosperous, secure and unifying future for every Bermudian. The choice will be one of the most important in the life of this country,

Whether you want five more years of this Government’s path to rising unemployment, gun violence and soaring debt, or whether you believe it’s time for change, with new leadership, new ideas and a vision to get us moving forward in a new and better direction.

The Government will not see it that way, despite what is going on.

They will tell you they are standing strong for workers.

But tell that to the more than 3,000 Bermudians who are unemployed and the thousands more taking home less pay. They will tell you that wages have been rising

But tell that to the thousands of families that struggle each and every day to make ends meet. They will tell you the economy is recovering

But tell that to the businesses that continue to close at a frightening pace. They will tell you that the $1.5 billion they’ve borrowed is not debt.

But tell that to the children of the next generation who will have to bear the burden that debt. The Government will tell you that you need to keep to the same path until 2018.

But people are telling us they can’t afford another five years of unemployment, violent crime and soaring debt.

They are telling us it’s time for change. The One Bermuda Alliance is that change. It’s why we came together and it’s why we welcome the election call.

We are Bermudians from all walks of life.

We are business people, single mothers, students and shopkeepers, lawyers, teachers and taxi drivers. We are insurance executives, artists, entrepreneurs, community workers, seniors and accountants.

We are your neighbours, your colleagues, your friends, and we are ready to make Bermuda work better for you and your family.

We understand the problems, because we live them and because we have been listening.

Our plans are built on thousands of conversations we’ve had with you, on the doorstep, at your clubs and in your homes and churches.

Our plans are built on these conversations and they are where you want your government to be.

We will be a government that grows jobs. We will set job-creating targets and commit to deadlines you can hold us to.

We will be a public safety government. We will stop the shootings. We will make your streets and homes safer.

We will be a government that makes sure your children get the education they need; supporting our teachers to make it happen.

We will be a public service government, operating from a foundation of fairness for all, in everything. We will put in place laws, regulations and best practices – all the architecture – to give you a government you can trust; a government that is open in its work, transparent in its spending and accountable for its performance.

We will get the job done.

Our commitment is to achieve social and economic equity for all Bermudians, leaving no one behind.

In the days and weeks ahead, the Government will do all it can to tear down, spin and distort what we say.

But you already know better than to believe everything you hear from this Government.

No amount of spin can diminish the hardships, pressures and anxiety its policies have created.

No amount of spin can restore the faith, hope and confidence that have been worn away by unemployment, violence and national drift.

The OBA will renew that faith and hope. And we will revive confidence – restoring prosperity to the economy and security for Bermuda’s families.

But we cannot do it alone. We need your help.

This is your election.

You have the vote; you have the power.

Let’s make change work for you.

Thank you and God bless Bermuda.


Update 1.29pm: In response, a PLP spokesperson said: “Bermudians need to ask themselves, what is this OBA party really all about?

“We encourage Bermudians to take a good long look. What you’ll see is a party that works for the few and not the many. You’ll see a cynically renamed UBP that is so desperate for power that they’ll try to tell you that they can increase spending and cut taxes to the tune of $500 million and magically bring down the deficit.

“The OBA isn’t telling you what they’re going to cut. Craig Cannonier says that austerity isn’t such a bad idea. That means deep and radical cuts. So, what is on the line, Craig?

“Are you going to take away our FutureCare? Are you going to take away DayCare? Will they cut jobs? Will they cut education? Bermudians deserve to know your REAL plans for the country.”

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  1. Jus' Askin' says:

    I would love to see a live debate between the two leaders.
    Remember who you vote for, will represent us around the world.
    Picture looks like a HSBC staff photo ;-)

    • Cleancut says:

      You either vote for the OBA or you will get Col. Burch manipulating our bread and butter for his own pleasure. Expect more closures and layoffs if this happens.

      • Col Burch dont run Esso service stations in Hamilto,Collectors Hill and Warwick but Mr. Cannonier does and if you go in there you can see the prices of his goods are through the roof.hsi staff are not the best paid in the service Industry of the gas stations.

        So if you want to really start comparing his press release with reality then all you have to do is start with his business and then look clear across the O.B.A photo and see who these folk are and the Businesses they represent and do your own homework of some of them that claim they could help the economy but are the very ones ripping a hole in your pocket at the till.

        The likes of some of there strongest financial backers are not in the picture but are the very ones that lead the way to pulling up stake after 1998 and taking their funds out of circulation to hurt the economy to purposely see that the P.L.P fail but inspite of their attempts to close down businesses they own and making Bermudians redundant or out right firing them to have foreigners in their establishments,like restaurants driving vans for bakeries and the household nanny and the list can go on to landscaping,construction,hotels and the like.

        we are so ready to spread a pack of lies about the black community but wont accept the pack of lies from the white community,see we have to go right there and take it to race because it is race doing it again and the blacks that allow them selves along side of this thinking will only see that they are being used when it is all said and done. There are some very sincere and loyal white folk in the O.B.A for all the right reason and some black folk as well but the over all picture is the ones calling the real shots are all white and 90% not in favor of them as white folk not being able to call the shots and have to answer to ones they once consider beneath them.

        Trimminghams and Smiths both close their doors and is prime real estate in the heart of the city,you tell me how a black man is now the owner and if that aint enough to upset the white community,tell me how the plant nursurie down the lane is now black own and S.A.L partially by a black man, what is the point.

        this black man dont have nothing to do with politics on that level but he is successful and only one out of many that have overcome and has taken the place of our white forefathers, city hall has been taken over by the likes of folk that the fore fathers would come out of their graves and poison themselves just to die again,rather then see what they see.

        1998 open the eyes of alot of Bermudian black and white and no P.L.P has not done everything right but they have not taken from us in 14 years half of what U.B.P. did and they the U.B.P and their families made out extra good at the expense of the majority which is the black community and I say this with respect to the hard working whites that have not benefitted from the crooked past of some or most of our former fore fathers in the U.B.P whose families still live off of their wealth to this day.

        So no I wont vote for Mitt Romney sitting in the back drop waiting to push Mr Cannonier aside if he can get them in by brain washing alot of our black community,we left the plantation but unfortunately some of our parents taught us the plantation mentality and we have a tendency to revert back to it when we see some of ole massas grandchildren coming are way to try and make us feel inferior.

        P.L.P you have your chance to do whats right and we think and know you can and if you dont pull your socks up we the people have the power to drive you into the ground but for now the likes of an O.B.A trying to brainwash this society and always using the economy as their number one tool,sing another song as they have much to do with how we do business in this country and driving people to work three and four jobs to survive,who the hell you think is doing that to us people,it sure is not the P.L.P

        • argosy says:

          ….and that same “black man” also “owns” Bermuda General Agency (Phoenix Stores), Pitt & Co, etc…etc..the same “black man”. Stop ranting and tell us how this one “black man” can pull this off!!

          Wait, don’t tell me he’s fronting! Why would he do that and who is he fronting for?

          • Some people just cant believe a black man can go to university and become a hard worker in their feild and work their way from the bottom to the top and yes be just as successful as their white brother or sister,why is it that the color of this mans skin determines how are where he got his wealth.

            I look at many hard working black man in this country who became millionaires but you wont know it beacuse they live in neighborhoods just like mine,I can call 20 black mans name that sit in this catergory but I dont have permission to do so in a pyblic forum so maybe after the election bernews will do an interview with the gentleman in question above and see just how he made it,I can assure you he worked his ass to be where he is and dont need the likes of a person like you to prove it to.

            see real wealth ignores all this folly and you would never see them respond to stupidity.

        • Come Correct says:

          Reading your crap gets really tiresome, believe what you want to believe and votw how you want, just don’t cry when it gets worse. What gets me is how your tone changed at the announcement that the election would be this year.

          Duane P Santucci says:
          August 31, 2012 at 12:33 pm
          This is a sad state of affairs and the bottom line to it all is that it is not a black and white issue but a greed issue that is being shared by some of the present leaders and our former leaders and their business associates.

          They are hell bent in getting all they can and canning all they get but pay day all ways come so it wont be long before we see the fall out for these decisions.

          …What changed Duane?

          • That is what I like when people pay attention and I dont mince my words and I stand by what I say,it is not a black and white issue for the most part and mat sound contradictory it is a power and greed issue but the majority that have the power and wealth are white.look around you and even on bernews and see who of us is doing all the moaning and I can guarantee you it is not those who already have their share of the pie,it would be people like you and I who are struggling to survive.

            The over all pictures is if you look who has the real wealth in the country and the majority of them are white,then the few blacks that come under them and trying to be like them in the sense of greed would give you your answer to why my tone is what it is but thanks for speaking what you feel,it is people like you who i believe is sincere,that is why I call it like I see it and I am not always right but will stick to my convictions until proven wrong and it dont matter who is in power,I will go after them tooth and nail if they are heading us in the wrong directions and my tract record speaks to that.

        • The nitty gritty says:

          I skipped this Santuccijuicy earlier but had nothing to do for a minute and thought I’d see what he has to say,. Oh my lawd if this isn’t an unapologetic racist spewing forth the evidence of color skewed logic and vision!
          I can only imagine if a white man said all this in reverse, there’d be a full on riot.
          Duane! No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.
          You might try the anonymous route in future letters lest nobody read what you got to say!
          I sure wont be..brother.

  2. LOL (original TM*) says:

    Hi Bernews,

    Please can you correct your site as the video of the Prmier and the PLP banners and commercials are overlaping your artcials you are trying to report…

    LOL could be my computer I’ll try to see if I can fix it on my end but in the mean time can you check it out.

    • Bernews says:

      No, could be us. We had a tech issue late last night which caused all the flash ads to overlap onto actual articles — looked really tacky — but we were all night fixing it and it should be straight now. It was on the new election section though – not here.

      If you still see any overlapping please take a screenshot and drop the link if you can plz? If you are just joking about the ads, well that’s one good thing about the election…it’s lots of extra work but at least we sold some extra ads lol.

  3. Undecided Voter says:

    Here is what I don’t get. Why does the OBA always say, everything in Bermuda is wrong, elect us and everything in Bermuda will be right?

    This is so hollow, why don’t these people ever say anything concrete?

    Its just cliche after platitude after cliche. I wish i could get some substance. At least i know what i’m getting with the PLP, but I’d really like to know my options so i can make an informed decision.

    • Cautious Optimism says:

      I had the same concerns about the OBA and whether or not they were running on the fact that the PLP have been an abject failure for 14 years. This approach would do little to reach undecided voters such as yourself who will ultimately decide this election. I would encourage you to go to any open houses you hear about as I have found that OBA members have been very open and honest about the struggles that we face and have concrete ideas about how to fix some of the issues plaguing our island. These forums also provide members of the public to give their own ideas which I have found to be received positively. If the OBA win they do not have any dilusions that everything will be fixed on Dec 18th, but they do atleast provide some fresh ideas that over time should put us in a better place than we are right now.

      • Nice photo stunt says:

        The only blacks that will be voting UBP:oba are the ones standing in this photo. The rest of the blacks will either vote plp or not vote at all.

        • Sigh says:

          A charming post, filled with fact-free conclusions. I’ll just re-post here what I posted earlier since it is in context here.


          The PLP has often pointed to its strong mandate after winning an election, but the truth is that by the popular vote they typically win by less than 5% which calculates out to a maximum of about 1500 votes.

          In the house this state of affairs is not reflected. All that is reflected there is a colossal failure of our parliamentary system to provide accurate representation of the voting public.

          The fact remains though – Less than 5%. All those PLP supporters who like to claim a strong majority, or who think that black people would never vote in large numbers against the PLP, consider that number. They already do.

        • navin johnson says:

          could not help yourself from bringing race into it could you?

        • Reciprocity says:

          Really?! I’m black,not in the photo,not voting PLP and will be voting…drumroll please…OBA!

          • uh huh says:

            You me and everyone else with some common sense will also vote OBA.
            This plp is a party who had no response to the violence at all for years. And you want me vote plp.
            All these shootings and no response from our people in power. Just excuses!

            • sure. says:

              hogwash, mere accusations. the same initiatives the PLP have in place regarding crime are the same ones Craig indicated he will use but push harder. you all are in la la land thinking the PLP has done nothing for the country. but look what the OBA is already doing, diving the people. that’s really impressive.

        • Big Dog says:

          This is a typical comment to perpetuate the PLP’s reign of Black Tyranny; i.e. all whites are racists and all blacks who align themselves with any party other than the PLP are Uncle Toms. Give it a break PLP, it makes us all sick.

        • Richard says:

          ummm that not true Nice not by alone shot! I will be voting for the OBA because Bermuda NEED a change Give them the five years and see what they come up with most of the people here have a stake in Bermuda business and have people that rely on them. The can’t talk worth a dam but they can’t afford for BDA to keep going down the path it going. There are very few if any body on the PLP pay roll that have anything to worry bout. They just keep moving persons around after they mess up. Sorry no more of the friend thing and OBA Put Mr Gibbons up stop fronting bring him out of the shadows HIs family has what they have already it to late what we may think but he is the only one I see that fit the Primer roll.

        • you are says:

          Stop making racist comments and lies.

          The fact that there are lots of blacks who are part of the OBA should tell you something. It shows that many other blacks that are not in politics support OBA too. There is a major shift away from the PLP.
          As clean cut said, you either vote OBA and have CHANGE and a chance at economic recovery or you have burch, and who doesn’t give a damn about you.
          The OBA is a better representation than the PLP.
          OBA has members from ALL of bermuda,ex-PLP and ex-UBP, so don’t spout off your racist lies.
          If you vote OBA you’ll have a chance, if you vote PLP you may soon be living in a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY… WAKE UP!!!
          Nice photo/avatar icon, by the way-
          Nice photo/icon by the way, it should be plp logo, a bunch of crazy cartoon characters- except that no one is laughing at what they have done to bermuda.

        • Time Passages says:

          Nice photo stunt – congratulations for being able to bring race into the thread. If you should ever post anything of value, please let me know.

        • PO says:

          I am extremely tired of people bringing race into everything on this small island. Have people forgotten that we live in the 21st century? I am an 18 year old student and from my point of view and many of my generation, race is not an issue. This country needs a change. I am embarrassed to read some of these posts that people have written. Are you 13 years old? Sounds like people are in high school voting for class president. I could really go on and on and rage about this ridiculousness but really, people need to wake up and realise how immature it all is.

    • Tolerate says:

      I have to agree with you to an extent. I too am undecided and have voted for who I thought would make the best government in the past (this being a vote for UBP and PLP). We have been told that once the election was called we would receive a platform. As the current Government has been dragging their feet waiting for good things to happen so they can ride the wave i.e. US elections; I will be patient as its been barley 24 hours since Premier Cox final acted.
      I know what you mean by clichés, but “at least knowing what I’m getting from the PLP” is not a warm and fuzzy feeling as they’ve been nothing but one disaster after another.

      • Vote for Me says:

        @ Tolerate
        Bermuda is definitely not the US but one lesson learned from the recent US election is that you will not win by simply saying “I will do better than the incumbent” but without offering any concrete plans.

        Note that Romney and friends spent millions to no avail.

    • Liars says:

      well at least you know you have been getting robbed for the last 14 years……..UBP had a surplus always, they were never in debt and they built tonns of infrastructur, don’t believe they wanted to backstab the black people, please don’t believe that. They made mistakes and l think they see them clearly, so please give them a chance, its better then being robbed.

      • Vote for Me says:

        @ Liars
        Please be factual. Bermuda has had a national debt for many years. If you check your facts, you will find that the PLP inherited approx. $160m in debt in 1998. As a policy, the governmenet has never budgeted a total surplus. The policy has been to borrow for long term capital expenditure projects.

        It is also clear that lost of infrastructure were negelected, otherwise the PLP would not have had to build it. One glaring example was the old Hamilton Police Station which virtually condemed under the UBP but never repaired.

        • myTwoCents says:

          @vote for me

          If you want to throw the 160m around, lets do some math. our Debt level has grown ~ $1.24b since the PLP has taken over. this difference gives us a debt growth of 775% over he 14 years the PLP has been around. By calculating an compound annual growth rate of 16.67%, it can be easily estimated, (using simple math, not economic models that may just go way over your head) that our debt will be $3,038,729,409, or $46,750/person in 5 years time. If the government refuses to change their ways then get out, give someone else a chance to try to fix things.

          I’m only a university student, so what do i know, right? i know that i dont want to be trying to deal with this debt in five years time. i know i dont want to be living on an island where the government is in charge but still trying to tell people what is ancient history.

          14 years in power is more than enough to stamp a lasting legacy that could have made us a prosperous nation. instead we are on the opposite path and have received no leadership on ways to get out of the mess we are in.

          if you want to look at facts, dont look at the facts that will distort either side. vote on what is actually happening. Yes the former UBP made mistakes, they havent done everything perfectly, but dont sit there and try to say that the PLP has been perfect either.

        • Sigh says:

          You are confusing debt with deficit. The UBP left a budget surplus and the government was making more than enough money to service their debt.

          Now there is a budget deficit and frighteningly little with which to service the debt.

          To suggest that the deficit that the government now has on the books is sort of no big deal is pretty misleading.

        • Rick Rock says:

          The debt ran at around $160m for years, under the UBP, and under the PLP until about 2007. There was no harm in it. It was easily manageable. Both the UBP and PLP were doing fine, financially. And then Paula Cox became Finance Minister, Ewart Brown became Premier, and the ridiculous spending like there was no tomorrow began. But there was a tomorrow.

          From 2007-2011 debt has risen from $160m to $1.4bn. We still spend a couple of hundred million more than we collect every year, so the debt will grind its way up to $1.6bn and eventually, in a couple of years, to $2bn. Then we will be a bit like Greece…out of money, and out of options.

          • Rick Rock I have to agree with you when it comes to the former Premier Dr Ewart Brown,as many things changed under him I would say financially he helped to make changes that presented many challenges to Bermuda and some that we are still faced with to this day thanks to his administration and you would have those that would use the fact that the Hon Premier Paula cox was the finance minister then and now and to that end would have to shoulder the blame for somewhat had taken place and help us to be where we are,but there is many things I did not agree with during his tenure and feel we are just starting to rise up from some of its effect but truly believe that inspite of we can get back on track and head in the direction that will lead us economically in the right direct.

            Bermuda has a very good package to offer to the world on many fronts if they would only capitalize on it and this is being seen from telecommunications to our ocean bed and our business structure in off shore business and tourism. we are far from going under but need to be managed in such a way that we become greater leaders in front to be able to appreciate those that will follow.

        • The nitty gritty says:

          Unless we can get the past Minister of Finance (1998) to come on I will state that it was common knowledge the UBP produced balanced budgets year after year. There is no doubt that EVEN IF the PLP inherited 100 million, you cannot list the infrastructure that cost 900 million to $1,400,000,00! Your very own Auditor General has stated we have around $800 million unaccounted for properly. We could have emerged from 200 million debt but what The PLP have foisted upon us all may not be dented in two decades if ever. Your children will never see a tax break and most likely a continual money grab via taxes from those who work and save the most. Jobs will go in greater numbers, small business can no longer keep up now. We are circling the drain and that is being optimistic.

      • sure. says:

        LOL! UBP did NOT always have a surplus, in fact they have also overspent and it was so bad the needed to be bailed out. FACT.

        • Mad Dawg says:

          Rubbish. Idiot.

        • Sigh says:

          See Rick Rock’s post above for facts.

        • U.B.P always had a surplus because they were mainly the stake holders in the wealth of this country and being able to handle the public purse made them even more self reliant and gods unto themselves.

          you see if the truth be told when the U.B.P. was in power they took all of our hard earn dollars coupledd with a booming tourism industry and made themselves dirty rich and fat rats.now before we get some jack bunny stating i am making liable comments let me prove my point in just two areas.when they purchased vehichles they did not purchase from black own companies,they purchase from their own but more so companies that they owned already and had majority shares in and the same can be said for purchase of food items in bulk for our prisons or other public areas or events,they owned the warehouses that imported the goods.now when it came to government buildings they purchase buildings from their selves to buy for government and when they had to rent space for government they rented their out buildings,so you tell me if that is not a form of using our money to eventually make them selves wealthy.I can go on an on but you get the point.so U.B.P. always had a surplus and I would to using someone else’s money.either way you look at it they never levelled the playing field to make sure both races had part in the economic pie in their hay day,so stop making them out to be so great when some where out right crooks.

    • Sigh says:

      This is a really good question. The question of concreteness can be applied to both parties, unfortunately. I have read some statements from the PLP that were blissfully free of any information.

      Substance from the OBA needs to come in the form of a full-on platform. They say they have one, but they’ve been holding back because the PLP will hijack it as they have in the past. Well, now is the time fellows.

      Let’s have that platform please.

    • afs says:

      I am tired of everuone putting a spin on OBA. They have never said everything is wrong. Infact they agree aon some thing, but they will point out what they feel is wrong. That is what is wrong with us as a peple. we see everything as all or nothing. Just because i done like something you are doing i am not saying everything you are doing is wrong, but i am telling you all of the things i do feel you are doing wrong. The same goes for the OBA and PLP. I bet if you were to really listen to both side you will see overlap.

  4. Constipated but feeling better already says:

    Today we have the OBA sending a message of hope to all Bermudians while the PLP hierarchy enjoy lunch on the taxpayers at Ascots.

    I know who I would rather trust with my tax dollars.

  5. Vulpes says:

    I must admit I would feel much more confident oing OBA (which I will do anyway) if their manifesto contained a promise to appoint a Commision of Inquiry to find where the money really went.

    By the way, one real shocker that Bernews might want to look into is the size of Governments accounts payable (unpaid bills). I am aware of suppliers with receivables over a year old. Also, I know of one contractor owed thirteen million for condos built for BHC (the unold ones on South Shore).

  6. Undecided says:

    I am looking for fresh ideas to move Bermuda forward. Times have changed and so should we. We don’t have an abundance of lilies and onions anymore and the last time I checked we did not have diamond, gold or oil reserves anywhere.

    There are more people out of work now then there has been in a long time; I know times are hard across globally but I just don’t see any new ideas that impress me on how we should move forward and grow Bermuda.

    I was disappointed with the PLP in their inability to manage the taxpayer’s money; there were no controls in place to avoid the misappropriated funds and I believe some people were used as scapegoats.

    I only see a couple of young people I could respect in the PLP and the older bunch argues, fuss and fight too much and have the same old ideas.

    I don’t know that much about the OBA but it does appear that many have jumped over from the UBP who I feel were not in touch with the “real” people of Bermuda. Although, there are some new faces and I see younger faces just not overly impressed with their platform. For instance, what are your brilliant ideas on taking Bermuda forward?

    I would like to see a town hall debate similar to the US so I can make my decision based on important questions from the public on how they intend on moving Bermuda forward then I can make my decision.

    But today; I am not impressed at all the people waving to me this morning at every turn that does not help me make my mind up; like where were you all year and I am not impressed with the people who say they are a new party but have the same old faces……

    • you are says:

      B.S. ‘undecided’

      An ‘undecided’ vote goes to the PLP so stop you flaky nonsense and make a decision!
      You don’t know much about OBA? Well that is YOUR own fault. The OBA is a major alliance, have you seen how many people are in the alliance and how many supporters there are? Are you living in a cave?

      It is your responsibility as a citizen to KNOW who you will vote for, only idiots don’t vote and only bigger idiots cast their vote for the scumbags who have gotten us into this mess over the last 15 years.

      PLP have dug the hole and have started pushing people in… will you now let them throw the dirt over?

      WAKE UP!!!

      • proudtobeBermudian says:

        I am also an undecided voter and after reading your comment, found it to be so disrespectful, I wonder if voting OBA will be electing a callous and cold party who have no respect for people who may be faced with making a decision. This will be my first time voting so I am really being cautious. One thing that I detest more than anything in this world is people who do not respect others opinions or views. This is a big decision to make for anyone. I am happy that it was so easy for you, but not everyone is so lucky. No doubt you have your reasons but if anything you are hurting OBA and it is unfair to them. I’d be careful next time and try to harness your anger. Have respect for others next time as there are many of us undecided voters. I say grow up, because this is how a child would react to something they don’t like. Signed- PLP may win simply because of OBA supporters’ lack of respecting that not everyone is fed up….take note. PS if Craig wasn’t leader of OBA my decision would be simple. He is a joke and if OBA lose, it is because he can’t be taken serious. I personally feel he was chosen because his “look” can appeal to all/most cultures. I want a real man, so I can make a real vote….so for today I’m swaying PLP, thanks to the condescending tone of an OBA supporter.

        • street wise says:

          You say you want “a real man” as Premier I presume. Paula will be pleased to hear that! So Mr Burgess is a real man, then? Ha-ha-ha. Yer funny.

          So you swing and sway between Parties. Bull. You are a staunch plp supporter, and borderline troll. No one in their right mind would change their Party allegiance simply because of an opinion from somebody that was contrary to theirs.

          Your comments about Mr Cannnonier are disrespectful to ALL Bermudians, IMO. So it’s ok for YOU to be disrespectful then. Talk about glass houses! You don’t know what respect is, so don’t talk about being disrespectful. Disrespectful of what/whom? YOUR fragile sensibilities? Pul-eese.

          • proudtobeBermudian says:

            U couldn’t be more wrong. In case you missed it, this will be my first time EVER voting, so how the heck can I be a PLP supporter?? Confused?? I meant no disrespect to Mr Cannonier and I now see how that came across offensive. My sincerest apologies for that. My opinion is simply this- I don’t think Mr Cannonier was chosen for his political knowledge or leadership capabilities, but for the sole reason of how he ‘looks’. By real man, I meant a real candidate that will truly be capable of leading Bermuda. Nevermind that Paula Cox isn’t doing too sharp of a job herself, but in my OPINION Mr Cannonier rates lower in leadership qualities next to the Premier. He speaks well but I don’t feel the natural substance/genuiness from him. This is what makes me undecided. Again, if you are going to disrecpect someone simply because they are on the fence about a huge decision that he will make for the first time in his life, you are rude and pompous. I actually know Mr Cannonier and have a great deal of respect for him, but I don’t see him as party leader/premier. If OBA puts someone stronger as leader they may have my vote, nevermind the weak constituency candidates.Yikes!

            • The nitty gritty says:

              Not sure what exactly will ever meet your expectations for this political process but if you cant see that 14 years of the “leaderlessship”, has caused the most serious damage to our fragile little society, then you are lost and so are we.
              No one person makes all the decisions, all the calls, determines all the policy, runs two ministries, a regular job in the private sector and travels incessantly without collapsing the economy. For most of us, it’s a recession. For the hundreds without a job, it’s a depression. By Jan 1st watch and see how many more jobs go. Still comfortable with the devil you know?

  7. BDa says:

    We’re all seen this script play out before – it was the U.S. election. Romney (OBA) ran on a platform of getting America (Bermuda) back to work, along with lower taxes and lower spending, and the notion that America (Bermuda) cannot afford another term under the current leadership. Obama (PLP) ran on a platform of ensuring everyone got a fair share, meaning higher taxes on the rich and more social programs, while at the same time accusing Romney (the OBA) of not providing specifics on his taxing and spending plan (the math does not add up). The combination of the electorate wanting more free stuff instead of austerity, the negative campaigning by Obama (PLP) not being matched or refuted by Ronmeny (OBA), and a lack of specifics provided by Romney (OBA) on tax and spending cuts, let to an Obama (PLP) victory.

    • Vulpes says:

      Obama is not a crook; he also really did go to Harvard – big difference between him and the PLP frauds.

    • Al says:

      The difference is that Bermuda will literally be bankrupt in another term – by 2016 or so if things aren’t turned around the government will spend more on debt than education.

      Meanwhile, the USA is spending 6% of revenue on debt – which is less than half of Bermuda’s current 13% of revenue on debt, despite having a much higher debt/gdp ratio.

    • George says:

      @BDa – How about you try doing a little more in depth analysis if you are going to draw comparisons between the PLP and Obama/OBA and Romney?

      Simply substituting one name for the other shows that you fail to comprehend the complexities of either countries circumstances – something that the PLP Government are continuously criticized for.

      This election will be based on one parties apparent loss of touch with reality and whether the other one is suited to lead the country into a new reality!

      • BDa says:

        George, my statement was a fact based opinion and, frankly, one that appears to have more specficis than your statement. As far as understanding the complexities of the circumstances in each country, I am Bermudian with deep roots on the island and also married to an American and have spent 12 of the last 14 years living in the state that Romney was the governer of (the other time, including currently in Bermuda). I have fervently followed the politics of both countries.

        • George says:

          BDa – yours is an opinion (based on observation) but not necessarily a factual one as the ‘facts’ you present are simply a reiteration of the general election platforms of Obama and Romney, substituting the names of Obama for the PLP and Romney for the OBA. You don’t show which facts you have used to form your conclusions/develop your opinion.

          I challenge this type of opinion/statement because its one which is all too convenient and often used divisively (though maybe not intentionally in your case)to influence people (emotively) one way or the other. i.e. obviously the PLP are already using this tactic to associate their policies with Obama’s based on his success as a black president.

  8. SoMuchMore says:

    if you are either undecided or voting for the plp something must be wrong… can’t you see what they have done and what they continue to do to this island – sad, very sad.

    • Cautious Optimism says:

      @ SoMuchMore

      I disagree. OBA need to provide concrete ideas and fresh ideas to get votes from those that are not part of their base. Running on a platform of “they screwed it up” has never proven effective. I fully expect to see them expand upon some of their ideas in the lead up to Dec 17th but if they dont do an effective job selling them then they have nobody to blame but themselves if they lose. Furthermore, I totally agree with “Undecided” about thinking about new ways to generate revenue. Tourism and international business (reinsurance) have kept this island afloat for a number of years but we can not expect that to continue forever. Our tourism product success is largely outside of our control as we are always going to be an expensive place to visit so when economies around the world struggle, we are going to feel the pain- cheaper options in the caribbean exist. Reinsurance is also on the decline as new jurisdictions are becoming more competitive and have a strategic advantage by being closer to the customers. Asian business is now increasingly written out of Singapore, European business from Zurich and London, Latin American business from Miami (among others). Once upon a time a lot of that business was done here. If we do not start to think of new ways to attract new business/industries to Bermuda the downward spiral will only speed up, regardless of who is in power.

  9. Filta says:

    O.B.A. keep dreaming of a vision, cause your vision will b how to console your supporters from all the crying they will be doing after all said and done.

    • Huh? says:

      I don’t support OBA, I support Bermuda and Bermudians…for the next election this means the OBA, at the next one, who knows !

      • sure. says:

        this makes absolutely no sense.

        • Come Correct says:

          It makes perfect sense, clearly you wouldn’t get it. Its kinda like I’m not voting for the oba, I’m voting against the plp.

  10. George says:

    I understand their enthusiasm/excitement, its been 5 years in the making, but was the howling necessary? A little over the top, no?!

    Are their animal instincts coming out and they smell blood?

  11. Christmas comes but once a Year says:

    Why does everyone have on red?

    is it Christmas?

    Is the subtle message that OBA will come to our doorsteps and give us free milk, bread, money (yes that free money I heard they give candidates)

    hook me up son……….with some red velvet see

    • Come Correct says:

      They gave it all to EB for his island in T&C…

    • street wise says:

      Why does everyone in the plp have on green?

      Is it Christmas?


  12. Jai says:

    I believe the PLP (Mark Bean, Micheal Weeks, Jennifer Smith, Kim Wilson, Patrice Minors, Zane DeSilva, Dale Butler, bring back Col. David Burch) have done a ‘good job’ on the surface and who knows what’s under the surface left undone. I am still undecided; I don’t know anyone in the OBA/UBP. Where does this leave me. Green, Red, &/or Blue!

    • JCS says:

      Are you for real? A good job on the surface? Their surface has been appalling and who knows what’s underneath as they’ve never been transparent!

  13. Small fry says:

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of
    government. It can exist until the voters discover that
    they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury.
    From that moment on, the majority always votes for the
    candidates promising them the most benefits from the public
    treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses
    over loose fiscal policy….
    The world’s great civilizations have progressed through
    this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; from
    spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty;
    from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness;
    from selfishness to complacency; from complacency to
    apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependence back
    again into bondage.”

    Alexander Tyler (ca.1770)

  14. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    The OBA .. Seem to be a group of educated , intelligent people who , really don’t know one another but , are willing to sleep together to gain political power . After they lose this election , as has happened before under a different banner , they will all go their separate way’s, most of them never to be heard from again . They will retire into their personal enclave’s where their former comrades are neither welcomed or ever invited .

  15. Opressed says:

    Thank You Mr, Cannonier and Co. for giving US, the poor, and unemployed a ray of hope to look forward to.We need to get back to work, and eat.

  16. Noel Ashford says:

    in ref to: Update 1.29pm: In response, a PLP spokesperson said: “Bermudians need to ask themselves, what is this OBA party really all about?

    My response.. I know what the PLP is about and I dont want it. Please stop claiming to care about Bermuda while you destroy it for all future generation PLP – I for one have had enough of you.

    OBA – Standing ethical, Standing for less debt, Standing for repair, standing for no racist and divisive politics.

    PLP – Stanting tall for failure, corruption and unethical people. I bite my lip on other words I could use for this party – they are a disgrace.

  17. Standing Strong... But Where's The Money Gone? says:

    PLP’d our money away, OBA all the way!

  18. street wise says:

    The PLP have out-UBPed the UBP!

    Welcome to the ‘New 40 Thieves,’ wealthy plp elites who have learned to scam the system better than the white boys back in the day. And have become very wealthy on our dime.

    • Victor says:

      Most prominent UBP types ran genuine businesses and practices, i.e Sir. Dudley Spurling at ASK, Sir. David Gibbons at Gibbons, Sir. John Swan at
      J.W Swan Ltd, etc. They surely promoted pro-business policies, but never in a million years the outright graft we have witnessed these past fourteen years, including the BHC and TCD scandals, massive medical insurance fraud schemes, schemes in tourism i.e Global Hue et al, the Dr. Thomas scam at BHB, the
      Pension scam at BHB – need I go on?

  19. The nitty gritty says:

    It is not for the political parties to come up with every detail of a solution.They are not and have not been the experts for 14 years.
    The experts are the small business owners and creators, the bankers, the civil servants and International Business.
    They are the real driving force when allowed to operate without so much political interference.
    Whenever the amateur businessmen and women from “politics” get invovled you get greed, corruption, payback, inefficiency, bureaucracy and hold ups.
    The result is staring us all in the face $1,450,000,000 and you all gotta cover it while those who created it have substantial pensions coming from your taxes and undoubtedly healthy nesteggs stashed away for the long haul.
    You also know our present predicament is worse than any time in history. This was entirely avoidable.
    The PLP government are wholly responsible so if you are looking to compare platforms you are barking up the wrong tree. Platforms are just that, they are not the actual future result, they are the WISH for the future.
    Want a more accurate measure, look at the result today of what the PLP platform was in all the last elections!
    If the choice was Those who collapsed my country or the Power Puff Girls it’s a done deal. Bring it on PLP
    cause we who once held out hope for you to do the right thing are “VEXED”

  20. to the 'undecided' says:

    An ‘undecided’ vote goes to the PLP so stop your flaky nonsense and decide who you want running the country!

    You don’t know much about OBA or PLP? Well that is YOUR own fault. The OBA is a major alliance, have you seen how many people are in the alliance and how many supporters there are? Are you living in a cave?
    And you should know the PLP well enough not to vote for them again!

    It is your responsibility as a citizen to decide who you will vote for, only idiots don’t vote and only bigger idiots cast their vote for the scumbags who have gotten us into this mess over the last 15 years.

    PLP have dug the hole and have started pushing people in… will you now let them throw the dirt over?

    WAKE UP!!!

  21. Bermudian says:

    OBA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote OBA Bermuda. Vote for your children, grandchildren and great grands. Its their future that’s at stake. No way can Bermuda endure another 4 years of PLP leadership. Lets bring our Island back to what it was…wealthy, full of people roaming the streets and business booming or do you want PLP which equals to unemployment, ghost towns, debt which your grands will be paying for. OBA OBA OBA OBA!!!!!!!!

  22. down de road says:

    Dear Bernews


    We can still complain in our kitchens and on the stret, but the opportunity to spread hate from both sides will be reduced. Will Bernews take this bold step for the sake of Bermuda?

    • sugra says:

      Right after all the stations take the bold step of suspending Talk Radio.

      Suppression Session.

    • What you afraid of the truth,as hateful as some of us might sound truth will always prevail and must I remind you of the gag order some years back that was put in place to stop people from talking politics on the local talk shows just so that the then U.B.P. would not loose power but it back fired and they still became the government.so learn from history that Bernews is widely appreciated and respected but even they can not stop our voices,we will take to the streets if we have to and with the mind set we have out there today I dont think we need the likes of a few that would try and shut us up.Bermuda will go to the streets and voice our opinion and yes we know how to do it and will get the attention of those we need to hear us.

      • navin johnson says:

        you mean like the gag order surrounding The Bermuda Housing Corporation? like that kind of gag order? or one you seem to have in your head kind of gag order?

    • shut up paula says:

      No paula,
      the truth will not be silenced.

  23. F U PLP says:

    Thank you Mr. Cannonier for offering to stop the shottings and mentioning this several times in your speech. A lot of us have been waiting since 2009 to hear a government offical come up with a plan for safer streets.
    Unlike Col. Burch a few years ago saying there is nothing the government can do because of the Govener. we dont need this type of respone anymore to crime in Bermuda
    And on top of that I have yet to hear from our current government on how they will end it or even stating that they will end it.
    So once again F U plp for letting these shootings continue. And yes it is your fault because the people look towards the people the elected into pwer to step up and do some work
    . F U plp you should have done more to end the shootings it has been going on since 2009 steadily. Instead of doing something about it all you did was come out with statements saying how crime has decreased.
    People from all backgrounds are furious so dont even play the race card.

    • P.L.P and the O.B.A can not stop or slow down the shootings,the criminal element in this country knows no electorial boundary,it has no respect for authority and to themselves have become their own authority and as long as you have the front line being young black males that can be replaced at the drop of a dime and the back drop in suits and ties that feels the industry produces far greater returns then Wall street,you will always have the drugs and crime,coupled with guns and amunition.

      So Cannonier stop being a joker with peoples lives hanging in the balance,O.B.A can not stop the mess but we as Bermudians need to take our heads out of the sand and join forces to combat the issue to atleast slow it down considerably.guns have been here for centuries and now we see them being used,I remember on parlimentarian that had a gun back in the late 70′s to early 80′s that said he had it because he used it for hunting while overseas and sometime down the road made a comment that it was for his own protection,nothing was ever done to him and I can assure you he did not spend one day in jail and he sure as hell was not a black man.

      P.L.P have stopped more gun crimes then what we think and to this end I would take my hat off to the Bermuda police service and along with Mr Wayne Perenchief and the former Govenor to a degree but I am from the street so I know all parties I mention can do alot more if we really get Britian to do what it must through the likes of our govenor who is here on a paid vacation.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        Well two months ago Jonathan Smith was crowing about the “reduction in crime” and how the “PLP is making Bermuda safer”. Quite happy to take credit for a puroprted reduction in crime. But now you’re telling us Duane that no-one can address crime, you know this because you’re “from the streets”. And ultimtaly Britain needs to sort it out…?

        Duane, at the last election the opposition put forward some measures to makeblife difficult for criminals. The PLPs hysterical response was “they want to lock us all up”. There are political solutions Duane. You just have to have leadership that is willing to implement them. The PLP won’t lift a finger to stop crime.

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          Even worse J. Smith was one of those that helped put the three stricks and your out idea on the table and now he and Marc Bean are in the same party?…………..


  24. Small fry says:

    If you are happy with the Bermuda you have under the PLP Govt., please vote for them and support them. I am not very happy at all with the Bermuda that the PLP have created and I really do not want 5 more years of the same, so I will probably vote OBA as their behaviour, personel and platform seems more progressive, honest, sensible and open to me than the (we had to deceive you… I’m only a cog in the wheel, MP’s fighting in kitchen, BLDC $160K for NO report, Global Hue, $1.5B in Govt. debt., empty units at Grand Atlantic, huge Cabinet Ministers salaries, massive unemployment) PLP.

  25. Small fry says:

    Please Bernews could you delete any postings thay use profanity or personally attack other posters. Please do not stop people from expressing how they feel provided that they are respectful..

    • Bernews says:

      Posts with profanity are generally edited, if they weren’t it would be a bundle of profanity all day lol…

  26. argosy says:

    Pres. Obama made extensive use of Bill Clinton in the campaign.

    Note that Mitt Romney did NOT use “W”.

    I wonder if our P will use the Doc???

    Any thoughts, anyone????

    • here's a thought says:

      Yeah, obama had to suck off clinton’s big character to have a chance… he is not as charismatic as clinton. Everybody likes clinton, so he tried to associate himself with clinton… people probably were tricked into thinking they were voting clinton back in, that is how much american’s loved clinton.

  27. Who done it says:

    Standing strong
    when you are standing you are not moving forward so the PLP slogan of standing strong really means going nowhere and being stubborn about it… So it is not progressive and rooted to the spot you are in, how is standing still going to help Bermuda? Any thoughts?

    • Had Martin luther King Jr. not stand still and see the salvation of his God where would we be today as a people,so I can not comment if you are black or white but in this case it dont matter but I will say that having done all to stand the Bible tells us to just stand.some battles we have to show up for the fight and give it our all but in the end just stand and see Gods mighty hand at work in the lives of the leaders He has choosen for such a time as this.

      • Who done it says:

        I agree stand still and see Gods work so you can fully appreciate his wonders. Take time to smell the roses. When there is trouble, when you are stuck you don’t stand you move and adapt. Bermuda needs to move forward, in my opinion.

  28. navin johnson says:

    The current Government reminds me of that Fabreeze commercial where they put blindfolded people in a room filled with trash and garbage and spray a little Fabreeze and ask them how it smells….they want all of their followers to believe everything is wonderful and sunny and they have done a terrific job……when ,in reality, all they are doing now with all of the scurrying around with announcements and press releases is spraying Fabreeze to hide the problems of unemployment and debt and school system and crime and crumbling infrastructure and endless trips to collect awards and flights to Paris with entourages to talk about satellites.and on and on and on….Standing Wrong for Bermudians….

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Navin , I actually feel privileged to witness the OBA about to enter into the fourth stage of it’s life cycle . You are now into the third stage ; the naming and positioning of candidate to constituency . Now here comes the tricky part , because the butterfly and the moth have exactly the same four stage life cycle , you , the UBP/OBA , are in a state of suspension . Accordingly , Bermuda won’t know until the 17th or 18th of December to see if you and the old UBP elitist have been nurturing a beautiful butterfly or a worthless moth .

  29. cheekumsbi says:

    RAS MYKKAL ……RAS MYKKAL…..is running?????? The guy who fakes a wanna be jamacian accent to say poems is running??? He better stick to taking pictures, what can RAS MYKKAL possible offer hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahah …what a joke…RAS MYKKAL smh ……ohhhh man too funny