Video: Inwood Hunter Jumper Equestrian Show

November 28, 2012

The Inwood Hunter Jumper Show took place this past weekend at the National Equestrian Center on Vesey Street, with local equestrians competing. Photos can be viewed here and full show results here[PDF].

At the end of the show, championship titles were awarded to the following:

  • Champion Hunter Pony at 2’6″: The Guardian – Reserve: You’ll Be Amazed
  • Champion Hunter Pony at 2’3″: Beethoven – Reserve: Phantom
  • Champion Junior Hunter Horse: Esquire – Reserve: Gold River
  • Champion Adult Hunter Horse: Wiriana – Reserve: Emerson
  • Champion Low Hunter Horse: Laredo – Reserve: Swift Current
  • Champion Walk & Trot Equitation 10 Years & Under: Kayla Bardgett – Reserve: (Tie) Alison Flood & Emman Stegmann
  • Champion Short Sitrrup Equitation 12 Years & Under: Samantha Stempel – Reserve: (Tie) Casey Truran, Eilizabeth Madeiros & Jesse Soares.
  • Champion Junior Equitation Under 12 Years: (Tie) Christian Truran & Clare Tomlinson
  • Champion Junior Equitation 12 14 Years: Lucas Bridges – Reserve: Khaleb Tota
  • Champion Junior Equitation 15-18 Years: (Tie) Riley Correia & Ashley Gibbs
  • Champion Adult Equitation: Michael Rodrigues – Reserve: Suzette Sailsman
  • Champion Limit Adult Equitation: Ann Lindroth – Reserve: Amanda Martins
  • Overall Champion Junior Rider: Casey Truran – Reserve: Lucas Bridges
  • Overall Champion Adult Rider: Michael Rodrigues – Reserve: Vicki Steele

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