Four Teenage Students Charged With Assault

November 28, 2012

[Updated] Keanu Wilson, Tishon Gordon, Tijuan Swan, Kenneth Wade [all 16-17 years old] were charged in Magistrates Court this morning [Nov 28] in connection with an attack on a fellow student.

All four denied the charges, and a fifth teenager was alleged to be involved, however as he is under 16 the matter will be dealt with in Family Court.

The allegation was that on 6th November the teenagers caused Grievous Bodily Harm to their fellow student Raymond Crofton Jr, resulting in his jaw being broken in four places requiring him to undergo surgery.

Before the charge was read out, Prosecutor Susan Mulligan gave some of the details of the alleged attack. She told the Court that the alleged attack saw five students chase the victim and punch him. The victim fell to the ground, where he was kicked and beaten with a cane. One of the five was identified as having used the cane.

The four students who were charged have been removed from CedarBridge, and placed in alternative education. Lawyer Craig Attridge represents Gordon, Marc Daniels represents Swan and Kenneth Wade was unrepresented but assisted by Duty Counsel Oonagh Vaucrosson.

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner released the four defendants on $5,000 bail, and ordered them to wear electronic monitoring bracelets and restricted them to their homes between 5:00pm and 8:00am each day.

However, Magistrate Warner varied Gordon’s EMD time restriction so that Gordon could maintain his evening job of bag packing. Gordon was restricted to his home between 9:00pm and 8:00am each day.

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  1. Come Correct says:

    The charge in my opinion should be attempted murder. If convicted you should all have to pay the medical bills and some for mental and emotional damage done. Archie, when you sentence these little animals if they are convicted, keep in mind I have a cage my dog isn’t using anymore.

    • Frank Castle A.K.A. Tommy Chong says:

      I agree this should have happened but Archie has never been the judge that gives violent criminals what they deserve. It would have been better if each of them were found with a joint on them & charged for that then they would get some real time from Archie. I’ll bet my last dollar that “if“ they are all found guilty one will be sent up the river while the rest walk for technicalities or get a slap on the wrist.

  2. Sick n tired says:

    If guilty, Lock them all up,

    Give them a public flogging at the front gates of Cedarbridge

    Teach them a Stern lesson

    • Tommy Chong says:


      The judges in Bermuda have more ego than brains & this is the biggest failure of the justice system here.

      • WhistleBlower says:

        FINALLY someone who speaks the TRUTH!! Thank you Tommy!!

  3. street wise says:

    Allegedly Four against one!… bloody cowards.

    • Fed Up says:

      Allegedly 5, that makes it even worse, and yes cowards all of them, who beats someone when they are down on the ground, you shouldn’t be beating him period. they allegedly act like a bunch of wild animals and have no regard for human life, something that is so very precious. sorry to say but I hope they get what they deserve if found guilty, and do they now realize that any dreams they might have had about going away to College in the US is just about to be blown right out the door. Think before you act young men

      • SMH says:

        No ‘Fed Up’ it’s not a drug charge, so they’ll still be able to go overseas, but all 5 are clearly thugs and animals. what happened to the days of 1 on 1 fighting in school with fists. Boys do get into fights in school, we all know that, but this went far beyond a simple altercation. Hopefully the young man who was attacked recovers fully.

        Of course none of us know the full details of what happened so we can’t comment on why they would have gone after this guy, but this is very disturbing.

    • 1minute says:

      5 on 1 – The fifth was under 16… But you are right, they are cowards.

    • Frank Castle A.K.A. Tommy Chong says:

      Hasn’t this been the way with the gangster wannabes for years now. I remember this sort of thing happening in the 90s at the bus terminal to an islamic boy. The father of the boy even came on the news pleading to the police to do something about it. more than a decade has gone by & the justice system has done nothing to deter this mainly the fault of our government & judges.

  4. down de road says:

    As much as it would make some of the public feel good to have a public flogging, it would only help to harden these boys to endure more pain. The best punishment for them, if they are found guilty, is not a beating, which is what they allegedly inflicted on their victim, but long term community service, like volunteering at an elder care home or picking up garbage, or cleaning public areas.
    These boys need to be taught that the world is not here for their pleasure and abuse. They should be taught (through service) how to participate in a community and contribute to their community. If we could I would send each of them separately to underprivileged communities in India, Africa or Asia to work to build houses, wells, clearing land for farming, etc. This is the best chance of teaching them life skills.

    • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

      I have zero respect for any persons that feel the need to use a weapon, hit someone from behind or even worse jump someone.

  5. Haha says:

    Should have NEVER jumped in.. Don’t jump in passa that has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU! SIMPLE AS THAT!

    • 1minute says:

      You are a fool. He was doing what was right.

      • Haha says:


        • Spoke by a King says:

          you sound stupid haha! he didn’t even jump in anything! you’re upset because YOU’RE friends are cowards and punks! i hope they do time up westgate for this and not no girly girly coed! let them go where the real animals are and i bet they will ALL be in tears when they go up there! esc and psc cowards!

          • Richard says:

            Well said “King” HaHa can’t help him/herself All these Cowards stick together and your right they spend most of their time crying when they go up then try to look hard on the lol camera lol when they are going court lol please. Save the Drama for YOUR mommas for real

        • Smh says:

          No one needs to know the full story to know that what these boys allegedly did is wrong!

          What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong and the point is that nobody should be jumping no one. Every single last one of these boys are punks, 5 on 1 really? I don’t care what the boy did or didn’t do. But I know one thing you can’t jump is KARMA, it will eventually hit all you fools sooner or later.

    • 80's baby.... says:

      Grow up fool!! So that makes it ok for 5 guys to allegedly beat 1??…I see where ya lifes headed already!! In a orange jumpsuit with the rest of ya “crew”…up Motel West….lol Little WANNABEES!!

    • Come Correct says:

      So by your logic if I happen to walk across your mother/sister/grandmother/aunt/cousinbeing brutally beaten and/or raped I should just walk on by? I think not buddy. I took a beating and had similar recronstructive surgery like this young man has had to go through, standing up for somebody who I felt was less able to defend themselves than me and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. Let’s just hope these little animals get more than a 2year suspended sentence.

      • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

        Sorry to hear that you or anyone else went thru the same thing as this young man and I applaud you for standing up for those that can not stand up for themselves sometimes.

        I was shocked to read one of the names of the accused as I thought he had more sense than that. I’ve lost a lot of respect for that young man. I hope that he is taught a lesson and if guilty, is forced to pay for his alleged crime. Otherwise he will never learn.

    • Frank Castle A.K.A. Tommy Chong says:

      I wish more individuals were courageous enough to step in & do the right thing as this young man. He was the brave one while these “if guilty” thug wannabes are just a bunch of punk sissies who without the help of their boyfriends cant fend.

      When I was a teen whenever I was jumped I took the licks but then I hunted each & everyone of the punks down individually & beat them like a drum in a marching band. All of the ones I got even with till this day when they see me hail me up & give me big respect. They have all turned on each other time & time again but never touched me ever again when I gave them their dues. Most of them now are losers who beg in the street for change or drunks who spend their days trying to drink their indiscretions away wishing they could have been someone like me. When you learn to ride on someone else’s back from young you never learn to stand like a man & when that backs not around to ride on anymore you fall down & stay there for the rest of your life. If you don’t believe me just look at all the OGs & you will see a pattern of never amounting to anything, buried six feet under or in prison as their present & short future. SIMPLE AS THAT!

    • Moms Gingerbread says:

      You are a jackass, next time someone tries to kick your ass I hope no one comes to your assistance

  6. Everett says:

    I am happy to hear that they have been charged and even more happier to hear that they will be under a curfew. I hope that whatever judgment is meted out, that it would be sufficient to serve as a deterrent for this kind of disgusting behavior and in some way will help these guys to understand that there are consequences for our choices and actions. Hopefully they will learn.

    • Still Trying to get it Right says:

      They haven’t had a trial yet. Can’t consider them guilty until such time as judgment in the case.

    • Frank Castle A.K.A. Tommy Chong says:

      I’m not happy! They should have been locked up for a charge of attempted murder from the beginning till final verdict. What a failed & twisted justice system we have. If this was my child & it went down this way I would be paying each & everyone of them a visit while they slept.

      • Come Correct says:


      • VJ says:

        Tommy, I agreed with your comments up to this point. That’s the problem with so many of these guys…they love revenge!!! You do something to me, so in turn I will do something to you. As tempting as it would be to retaliate, it is best to let the courts handle it….

        • Frank Castle A.K.A. Tommy Chong says:

          You can’t compare my point to what the guys who love revenge do. The guys you mean are seeking revenge for something they brought onto themselves by associating with people who are into risky behavior & most of the time these guys are into it themselves.

          This boy was just trying to do the right thing & was brutally beaten for it. This shouldn’t have happened to him in a learning environment but because it did his whole life has been changed. He has lost more freedom than his assailants & if you look at all the other cases in Bermuda like this in Bermuda the courts have not handled it. In the other cases only one assailant is fully charged while the others are not. What do you think happens to the victim mind set when they know in a small island like this their aggressors are walking free on the same streets as them? No matter how many have complained & the amount of letters & petitions that are sent in nothing changes. Hopefully I never have to go through the same thing this young man’s parents had to go through but if I did I would sacrifice my freedom in a heartbeat so my child will have theirs.

          • VJ says:

            What’s the difference? Revenge is revenge regardless of the motivation behind it. So you’re saying because you not a “thug” or you have a valid reason, it would be perfectly reasonable to get revenge on someone that attacked your child? By your reasoning, if this were your child who was doing the right thing and got attacked, as his father you would then set a pristine example by “paying them a visit as they slept”? You would show your child that justice doesn’t always prevail, therefore you should take matters into your own hands? This makes you just as bad as the very parents you are criticizing!!!

            • Come Correct says:

              Some call it revenge, others might call it retributive justice. While I can agree with what you’re saying, I can also relate with Tommy, if the justice system won’t provide justice, then who? Truthfully the best thing this young man can do is work hard to make sure his life is a success, unlike theirs ever will be, but having experienced similar, if I was his parent and I watched my sons assailants walk free, a down payment on a scooter chair would be advisable, because I’d make sure you couldn’t so much as kick a stone ever again.

            • Frank Castle A.K.A. Tommy Chong says:

              Alright then, what’s the solution when a parents child has been attacked & justice doesn’t prevail?

              Bare in mind since justice hasn’t prevailed the child’s attackers are roaming free. The attackers have already been in court because of the child so they consider the child a rat, snitch or the other word they use in Bermuda. I’m sure you must know what those who attack others this severely will do to them if they get another chance.

              Do you keep your child indoors till they go to college? Do you hire a bodyguard? What’s the solution?

              I know what it’s like to get jumped by bullies in Bermuda & once it happens & nothing or very little gets done to them they will continue to bully. When this happens in a place like Bermuda you become a prisoner watching over your shoulder everywhere you go, not being able to go to certain parties with your friends & sneaking out the other entrances in school because they are waiting for you at the main one.

              I’m lucky because even though I wen’t through this it wasn’t as server because I have older male siblings to back me up & I’m not a small or weak guy. Not everyone is makeup can take a pounding or through a hard hit & when the bullies find out they can’t mess with you they move on to weaker pray.

              What’s the solution if its not fighting fire with fire? It’s clearly not our courts because they let these bullies go free. It’s not the teachers at school because they’re afraid of the bullies. It’s not the parents of the bullies because they wouldn’t have raised a bully.

              Honestly if you have a solution I would like to know because as a parent who has kids that are almost of age to go to high school. My kids have experienced small things right now that can be peacefully handled but I know in high school there are kids who have knives & maybe even guns & I’m worried not only about my kids futures but the future of all Bermuda’s young ones who have the right to succeed in their studies.

              • VJ says:

                I can agree with your point about being bullied as I went through it as a child. Back then pretty much had to tough it out. Where we disagree is on the revenge part. As an adult, I cant envision beating up a teenager that has beaten my child (as much as good it might feel). My daughter went through a period of harrassment at Berkeley, but I quickly nipped it in the bud. Sometimes I would take my lunch break late and hop in my car at 3:30. The first time my daughter’s bully saw me standing outside the school, her eyeballs almost fell out of her head she was so surprised. I would go and have lunch at school with my daughter. I would show up at the bus terminal, KFC or wherever my daughter would be at any given time. That bully just never knew when and where I would show up, and like the coward bullies are she quickly backed off. I don’t have all of the answers, but this worked for me and I never had to lay a finger on anybody. Being a very large woman, crazy looking woman probably helped too lol.

      • GetFactsB4RunninYaMouf says:

        You people and your stupid idiotic, brainless comments. I understand what has been done but I hate when people think the other is lil Mr.Innocent. And calling them animals and cage talk n visiting them when they sleep?!?! What the hell is wrong with you people. You all sound like animals as far as I’m concerned. And its “alleged” you retards. If you aint seen evidence than do everyone a favor and close your damn mouths and get facts 1st.

        • Frank Castle A.K.A. Tommy Chong says:

          You need to mind who you call stupid idiotic especially when you condone the kicking of someone’s face in. Even if he’s not “Mr.Innocent” he still doesn’t deserve to be jumped like that. There’s a big difference between a fair fight & being jumped & luckily for your friends which I assume they are if you are going to stick up for them it wasn’t my child. Even if it is “alleged” someone whoever it may be must of kicked in his face & my comment & I’m sure everyone else’s is directed towards them.

          • Nitty Gritty says:

            Enough political correctness, getfacts is an apologist for violence and by their tone you can tell it’s in them too.
            The average 12 yr old Israeli or Palestinian is harder than you or those cowards.Full of threats, first so brave then so humble.

        • Come Correct says:

          His sister has seen the evidence, but you’re right, we’ll wait for the verdict.

        • Moms Gingerbread says:

          Must be one of your family members involved, reason why you are defending them so much. I’m sure you are so proud, SMDMFH

        • missy says:

          I’m gettin tyred of this “he’s not Mr.Innocent bit! I know the evidence and the facts and that still doesn’t make it damn right. I’m positive of one thing that all you negative simple minded kids/folk Won’t admit, if it was your uncle,brother,son,cousin grandchild and had to see what the family saw you ALL would be on a different tip and making VERY different comments. GOD DOESN’T SLEEP! And what goes around comes around 10 times worst. So when the boys involved are between a rock and a hard place or in severe pain and question god “why me” their gonna think back to Nov.6 and answer their OWN QUESTION #talkaboutthat!

        • GetFactsb4runninyamouf… Really, please tell me what one little boy could have done, to deserve five boys kicking him in the mouth???? What ever the facts… They still do not add up to that kind of punishment !

  7. Lets Hope says:

    Dress them in bright pink suits and have them clean the public restrooms and clean up the side of the roads. Bloody cowards!

  8. Bernews says:

    As a note, with Court stories until someone is convicted we cannot allow comments that assume guilt.

    This is not our rule, it’s the way things must go legally, so we apologize but have to delete and/or edit all comments that don’t abide by that.

  9. youngbermudian says:

    what i do not understand is why the alleged 5th person who is under 16 is being charged in family court. they knew what they were doing and knew it was wrong. in the states children get charged as adults on a daily…step it up bermuda. smh

  10. Common Sense says:

    Not defending these guys but only the story of what they did is present, the boy that got attacked —- because no kid would be brutally be beaten for no reason. You guys will never know why but I bet if you were a cba student you would know

  11. how says:

    These childrens names sound very familar. I know some of their parents more then them.Parents you should be very proud of your well trained little boys.Go figure!!!!These are your children take a hold of them what they do home is what they do out.

    • SMDH says:

      You only have to look to the parents of some of the accused to see why they think settling differences with violence is the answer. Some of these kids don’t stand a chance of doing better with the lessons they are taught at home.

  12. Triangle Drifter says:

    The parents should go after the guilty in civil court for damages covering medical bills, psycological damage & claim it from their future earnings garnisheed from their wages plus interest, of course.

    It will give the rest of the scum something to think about knowing that they will be held accountable for their behaviour.

    • Frank Castle A.K.A. Tommy Chong says:

      The problem with this is that the lawyer’s fees don’t get covered in compensation here in Bermuda. Another thing is that those who are thugs at a young age don’t amount to much unless they get their money through crime. The parents will be waiting forever & a day while their son has to look over his shoulder constantly in public. It would be better to make the parents or guardian pay since they are the ones who raise their child up this way plus the parents will more likely to discipline their child once disciplined themselves.

      • Dee (Original) says:

        @ Tommy Chong, why do people like you always blame the parents? Some parents do their very best, and their kids still turn out bad. Some kids act right at home, but the moment they go to school and get around their friends they transform. I was talking to friends of mine the other day- he is in law enforcement and she is a teacher. Married for over twenty years. Both in the church. Raised their son with a firm hand and lots of discipline, yet he is going astray. This father is baffled as to what this kid’s problem is and is about to ship him off just to get him away from the local influences. Something is just really wrong with the kids these days and it is really unfair to automatically blame the parents. I don’t have the answer (though my personal opinion is things went downhill with the introduction of cable TV glorifying the gangster lifestyle) but it can’t always be placed with the parents.

        • Frank Castle A.K.A. Tommy Chong says:

          When you are a parent you are the boss of that child till they grow up & can pay their own way through life. If your child is hanging with the wrong crowd it’s because you allow them to. I clearly remember the day my father backhanded my friend for cussing in our home & there was nothing his parents could say about it. My father would hunt my siblings & me down any hour of the day if he thought we were somewhere we weren’t supposed to be. My brother always tells the story of my father finding him sitting on the wall with friends he was forbidden to hang out with & getting a beating in front of them.

          I’m not saying that one needs to kill their kids to discipline them but if they are going down the wrong path you must push them back down the right one while they are still close to it by whatever means necessary without inflicting serious harm on them of course. You can’t be around them 24/7 but there are ways to put them on a tight lead even if it means they have to sit outside your work & everyday after school till you’re ready to bring them home.

          Your friends you mentioned seem like good parents & they seem to have found a solution while other parents are too lazy to be a parent & give up. I’m sure by what you have typed you friends kid is not the type to go & bash someones head in & this is because of the standard they are setting.

          I agree with your theory of media destroying kids but there again its the parents fault for allowing them to consume that media. Being a parent involves sacrifices even if that means canceling your cable service & locking all the adult themed movies in a vault or chucking them. If they are watching these shows over their friends then ban them from going there besides I feel kids shouldn’t be able to wonder off to their friends unless the friends parents are there & you know the friends parents well enough to know their habits. Kids have many years of adulthood to experience freedom so the freedom parents give them should be testers & not the whole enchilada just enough to give them a bit of independence full well knowing you are the boss & can take it away whenever you want to.

          • Dee (Original) says:

            Mr Chong or whatever your name is, do you have children? If you do, then surely they are perfect angels with halos over their head. If you don’t, then SHUT UP!!! How your father handled you back in the day is not practical today. I grew up with a mother who was a homemaker and my father worked. There were plenty of elderly neighbours and relatives around that were the neighbourhood watch so to speak. If we got in trouble, word spread faster than wildfire and this was long before cell phones! Parents could (and did) use physical punishment as deemed necessary and sometimes beforehand just in case you were even THINKING about doing something (it seemed parents had ESP back then too!) These days, most time both parents work. Grandparents work. Neighbours work. Parents cannot use the same physical punishment they did back in the day. The school system isn’t what it was, thanks to the UBP who ignored parent’s concerns that it wouldn’t work. Parents cannot realistically be with their kids 24/7 and most do the best they can with what they have. FYI this incidence happened at SCHOOL for crying out loud! Are the parents supposed to sit with them all day long to make sure they’re not “hanging with the wrong crowd”? My point was, don’t just automatically blame the parents. I have seen good parents end up with rotten kids and kids with rotten parents turn out to be good, productive members of society. At the end of the day, it’s the personal choice of the individual that counts sir!

            • Tricks are For Kids says:

              @ Dee you are 100% correct….parents cannot always be held accountable…if you are not with your child 24/7 you can only assume that your child is abiding by ALL that you have instilled in them…trust me when I say this….I work as a Behavioral Therapist, I see the children and I see their parents……..

            • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

              Here we go with the …its the UBP’s fault again. If it was such a bad idea to build Cedarbridge and the PLP felt that way – then why build Berkeley? I could understand if a mega school had been built in Bermuda – had not worked and the UBP went ahead and built another. However, the UBP built the first mega school which you say the people said would not work – BUT then the PLP built another one!??? The school system has gotten worse under the PLP – not better!

              • Dee (Original) says:

                FYI The old facility was old and run down, hence the reason the new Berkeley was built. The system set up by the UBP was up and running long before then. My point is, it never should have been set up like that in the first place. What was even laughable was all the people on the school boards back then (I wish I could name them here)didn’t even have kids in the system so why should they have cared. Their children were all in private or boarding school, so what if they make guinea pigs out of other people’s children!

        • Kristin says:

          Parenting is 100% the biggest issue in Bermuda.

          We have to wake up to this fact. Children do not just miraculously one day become gangstas… and yes, they can be in what from the outside looks like great homes (and maybe even is from the inside), and yes there are outside influences. Of course… but as a parent you have to balance those, and at the end of the day, be responsible for raising a good person.

          BUT someone always knows someone who ‘tried their best and is married, and she is a teacher and he is in law enforcement and in church’ and their child still goes astray… and sooo, well we can’t point fingers can we?

          Yes we can. Parents typically don’t set out to be bad parents or make mistakes. But whether they are married or not, in careers or not, if they don’t have the tools to communicate (and we just ‘watch tv’ together), if they don’t know how to show love (because they never learned from their parents), if they don’t spend the time (because they are working two jobs and are tired), if they just say, well this is a good home, and don’t see that their child is lonely/sad/angry then guess what?

          It is still the parent’s fault.

          Parenting is the toughest and most important job in the world for a reason. And until we as a country focus on rebuilding families, equipping them with the resources to raise good people, and making it a priority, neither education, nor crime, nor economy will be fixed.

          But we won’t… because NOBODY wants to blame the parents. So instead we focus on all the symptoms – gang violence, underage sex and all sorts of other unhealthy behaviours. We need to say, “WAKE UP PARENTS!!! IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!! BUT… IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE IT… HERE ARE THE RESOURCES TO FIX IT. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.”

          Instead…. we hide our heads in the sand and point solely at music videos.

  13. rainbow says:

    Dont know why these boys are being charged,because the victim try jump into the fight.
    so that why he got BEAT THE f*** UP!!

  14. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    jus put them under house arrest with ankle bracelets, have them monitored once a day to distinguish whether they stepped outside of their door…if found to have crossed the threshold then add another week to their sentence everytime they step outside its a week added simple. You all are not serious about curbing the uncontrolled behaviour of these youth, that a certain woman unleashed…and u all know who she is…there is a fine line between DISCIPLINE and ABUSE so don’t get it twisted..she , like Hitler, had the right idea but the wrong method.

  15. Ringmaster says:

    Bring back the oleander switch. If guilty, 20 of those should get their attention and be a wake up call.

    • Frank Castle A.K.A. Tommy Chong says:

      It’s still on the books that principals can use corporal punishment so there’s nothing to bring back. The principal probably didn’t go down this route because of fears of the repercussion if they did. Its a sad time when authority figures are scared of those they have authority over.

      • ….and sadly, people are scared, and THAT is the problem!!Corporal punishment should be used in schools. WHAT repercussions? Rotten kids????

  16. Malachi says:

    My understanding is that this incident was captured on tape. As a parent, if one of my children was involved in the beating and it was clear on tape, he or she would be encouraged to fess up and take the punishment.

    Any parent with such knowledge and still encourages the child to plead not guilty is just as guilty and is the BIGGEST part of the problem!

  17. tricks are for kids.. says:

    Some may think that I am wrong but I always tell my sons to let those in authority handle the situation as it is always the GOOD SAMARITAN that gets the worst of it…This student was not in the initial fight he was just trying to assist the teacher in breaking up the fight and they turned on him….My son received 36 staples to the back of his head trying to assist someone a few years back…I’m sorry I now tell my son NOT to get involved….I know someone who was killed while trying to be a good samaritan..Whilst it may be the honourable thing to do it sometimes does not work out in your favour……

  18. Frank Castle A.K.A. Tommy Chong says:

    “Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner released the four defendants on $5,000 bail, and ordered them to wear electronic monitoring bracelets and restricted them to their homes between 5:00pm and 8:00am each day.”

    Archie loves those monitoring bracelets! Its like Déjà vu! Wonder which one will break their’s “by mistake” first.

  19. BULLSH*T says:

    All this for nothing! the newspaper made raymond seem soo innoncent but little does the public know, this didnt happen to him for no reason. every and anything has a reason. im a CBA student and i know raymond, he is not innoncent not one little bit… i bet reality kicked him right up his A**… GET DOWN OR LAY DOWN!!

    • mmm says:

      THANK YOU!!!!!! I use to go cba, known raymond forever & as far as I know I also think he ISN’T innocent. Thank you so much!

      • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

        Bull*hit and mmm are proof that Cedarbridge is a trainwreck of a school. If you two don’t understand that a 5 on 1 gang style jumping is a cowardly act then perhaps there is no hope for you. If he was fought one on one – on 5 different occassions then perhaps some might agree with you. Maybe he was a bad guy – maybe he is not innocent, but for you to side with and sympathize with these 5 thugs that allegedly jumped him is just mind boggling to most of us.

    • SMDH says:

      Innocent or not, 5 on 1. You really think that is ok?

  20. Free says:

    I’d like to hear what their parents have to say. Where are they?

    Why can’t these boys dare to be different and not want to follow everyone else? Is being a respectful man who doesn’t fight, disrespect women, break the law, sell and do drugs that unappealing?

  21. GainGreen says:


  22. MONEYGREEN says:

    Not on house arrest are u karmas a b$%ch & ya hurting

  23. 2$% says:

    BOMBBAACLAATTTTTTT! Not Packing groceries are you!?

  24. Yougin2%^ says:

    Haha remember wat goes around comes around

  25. Spoken by a King says:

    kenneth has a nice lil cell up d way tho?! lol his mama must’ve said hell no i aint paying for this bie! #StayUpRaymond

  26. 2$% says:

    Dumb broke @sses cnt afford bail and another packing groceries Kenneth gets beat up from f*ckin girls

    • GetFactsB4RunninYaMouf says:

      Lmao pu$%^ n$%^# sounds like it. Funny how guys watchn other n%^$# caus obviously dey dnt get no p%^^$, so my bad dat makes u a lame a#s n^^%$ than

    • GetFactsB4RunninYaMouf says:

      Lmfao, like really guy “kenneth gets beat up by girls”?!?! Hmmmmm mayb he jus dnt hit girls. Sounds like u do. Ok I am finished because reading anymor stupid comments is gonna lower my I.Q. To your dumb ass standards

      • Free says:

        You mean your I.Q. can get even LOWER? Awwww cute, you must be Kenneth’s boyfriend here to defend his honor. Adorable.

  27. Somebody says:

    NO you lay down. Raymond most deff didn’t deserve that! No I’m not saying his innocent because if someone steps to me I WILL step back. Why one person couldn’t just fight him? NOOO allllll those boys had to jump him? Neither of which were the one who he should have fought. & your trying to make raymond seem like some big gangster that starts trouble, wtf!? Raymond doesn’t say anything unless someone says something first. & ipretty sure I know him way more than you do. So before you try and run your mouth about something don’t take sides & try make the ones in the wrong sound better. They got what they deserved. #simple

  28. just dat guy 2#$ says:

    Lol computer gangstas!! Where was you guys wen ya boy was gettin his jaw shattered? I see you talking for ya boy now that he cant talk! Lol

    • Free says:

      If you are so tough why don’t you post under your real name? And I bet you’re a mama’s boy talking about “computer gangstas”. And you are a real gangsta? Real gangstas don’t sit up posting under news articles little boy.

      • GetFactsB4RunninYaMouf says:

        N I guess u r 1 4 relying to it inna lmao

        • GetFactsB4RunninYaMouf says:

          *replying (lol my bad) u all jus too funny to type properly

          • Free says:

            Where did I say that? I’m proudly not an ignorant buffoon like you and your clown posse.

            And I guess you’re a moron who can’t spell and doesn’t know who his father is inna?

            • GetFactsB4RunninYaMouf says:

              Lmfao my daddy is your daddy n%^$. Wassup brah lofl

            • GetFactsB4RunninYaMouf says:

              “Ignorant buffoon” n clown posse”. Like really thought don’t u sound so “cool” lame n$%# smh. N fyi n$%^ um away in school gettn my Associates Degrees in Business and IT. Wtf r u doin

              • Come Correct says:

                Cleary spelling isn’t a big part of that degree. You can have all the papers you want but if you don’t have common sense (like most of the college/university graduates I know) or morals, you’re going suck at life, that, you can’t get a degree in.

                • GetFactsB4RunninYaMouf says:

                  And who invited you to this convo lol man go somewhere

              • Free says:

                You sound hurt. It’s not my fault your father didn’t love you enough to stay around. It’s also not my fault that your mother didn’t hug you enough as a child and instead would rather be out with some man. I honestly feel sorry for you. You are one of many. So sad.

                You really think you sound cool with your broken English and hurling of curse words. Speaks volumes of your broad vocabulary. You are so “down” and ’bout that life huh? A real tough guy huh? I’m sure that Associates degree will do wonders, congrats. Clown.

  29. MONEYGREEN says:

    mmmmmmmmmm k its ya f$%#$% mouth we will see u —-

  30. Somebody says:

    Well I wasn’t trying to jump in! Instead I was mature and tried to stop it.

    • GetFactsB4RunninYaMouf says:

      You don’t realize stopping a fight makes you look like your trying to jump in smh. Sucks but those da facts

  31. Truth! says:

    At the end of the day what’s done is done everything happens for a reason! I feel that puttin them behind bars is a bit to the extreme…House arrest & community service sounds better! As far as I hav heard the young man that was attacked will recover & is doing fine! This gang violence needs 2 stop Bermuda is too small for all dis East vs. West crap! Yu say yur Real N$%$# den stop actin like thugs & prove people wrong! Act like real men, be somebody one day & not no thug on the street having to look ova ya bac every 2 seconds worryin if ya d nex life that will be taken! Its time for our youth 2 grow up & stop all the violence!

    • GetFactsB4RunninYaMouf says:

      Good comment I agree

    • #$0 $_$ says:

      Look around you its nothing else to do on this island! we didn’t make it like this the generation before us did we find it normal cause its been like that 4 a little while now.

    • Nitty Gritty says:

      Oh really? Behind bars is extreme? Those 4 against one clearly weren’t doctors so they would not have known if kicking a person in the head could be enough to kill him as is quite possible.
      Maybe you should walk a mile in the victim’s shoes and see if you think multiple kicks to the face, breaking your jaw 5 places and losing teeth
      is not violent and serious enough to warrant locking them up and protecting a few people in the meantime.
      To the parents, your children are excessively violent and would not survive a day in another country where there are real hard boys.Ask yourself if their actions have not shamed you. If not , your’e the problem.

  32. just dat guy 2#$ says:

    Heard it all before! Cant beat us so u put us away͵ what typa gangstas are you? You guys aint bout that life! Rather have a case then do something about it yourselfs.. #RNS

  33. $%0 $_$ says:

    Wats 2#7?? Though

  34. Truth! says:

    But its up 2 the generation now to change it and make bermuda a better place! It didn’t just randomly become a violent place it took time to become this way so it will take time to go back! Its just that none of the youth bother to change and make bermuda a safe place to be

  35. Mother says:

    All Im gonna say is after reading all these comments and story is something needs to be seriously done… Parents, Teachers, the community needs find ways to figure this problem out cause locking them up and throwing awy the key IS NOT Working!! Sending them WestGate dont scare them and yes they may cry when they get there at 1st but really after the tears dry there over it they do their time get out and so worse… THAT DONT WORK!!!!! Maybe Cutting their asses may but than again that stops and tears dry… Maybe Government should cut of the internet and cable tv to bermuda… SMH could u imagine!!! SIGH!!! I dont have the answers but oh how i wish i did!!!

  36. WAYA DUMB says:

    everybody just reads the news and thinks everything these people say is correct. most of the information they said about this fight is false. he was tryna jump in, he knew what he was doing, so he has to suffer the consequences of gettin beat up. #simple. royal gazette says he was trying to stop it. At CBA your not allowed to stop fights or you, yourself,will get in trouble. he just has to suffer the consequences. thats life. its a shame of the 5 guys beating him yes but he knew what he was getting into.

  37. Smokey says:

    I have seen the security camera footage of the fights as I am a parent of one innocent student involved from Somerset. Let me lay the facts straight. Parkside gang has recruits inside both public high schools. Their beef is with Somerset. To them everyone from Somerset is somehow MOB RELATED.Parkside supposably runs from St.Georges to deep into Southampton. If statistics are checked a number of Somerset students from both high schools have opted for home schooling in Somerset because of this gang interferance.

    • 270 $_$ says:

      Part of wat you say is true

    • Mr. 135 says:

      SHUT UP ! wat are you sayn?

    • Lol says:

      Bra lets keep it a hundred ya bie prolly reps west You just don’t know. keep it clean & don’t say the classic “not my child” that so many parents say

  38. eyeking says:

    esc…east side …297 or whatever you call yourselves you guys are MUG always will be MUG…u guys have never won a fight since all this started just stating a fact…

  39. bore my life says:

    For adults
    Are all of you adults serious? You don’t know what went down so you can’t really say anything. True or false? You only go by what you hear on the news so don’t try and act like you know. If something concerning you was on the news n people didn’t know the story but was commenting a bunch of bs you wouldn’t like it either. That’s the biggest problem I have while reading these comments.
    (Just throughing this out there). I’ve had some challenges growing up, but unlike others I’ve learned from the mistakes of my parents. My siblings and I don’t entertain violence nore gangs but not everyone is like this. Yes sometimes its because of family background but you need to realize that that’s not the case for others. Sometimes its because of popularity, or simply cause they love where they’re from.
    The parents are not to blame. Parents can only teach the child what they should know and try to steer them in the right direstion, the rest is up to the child to absorb it or reject it. Just because they act stupid when they’re out doesn’t mean they act like that at home.
    This boy didn’t have to jump in, ‘help’ or whateva he was doing. If he was so innocent he woulda just stayed out n minded his business. When a fight breaks out students should move away n let staff handle the fight, so as far as I’m conderned he broke a school rule. N I know for a fact kalmar richards will agree. when it has nothing to do with you you keep moving. Yes it was disburbing that he got jumped by 5 people but hey. Because of him being brave he got beaten in the process. Just cause you know him doesn’t mean you know what he’s like behind closed doors…. Fact.

    Please stop being so small minded. Every story has two sides so DON’T ASSUME. I’m not trying to be rude but its the truth…
    Point blank

    Ps- your not doing anything to help sitting here complaining about the youth of bermuda. you don’t know what we’re thinking or feeling. If you wanna help, get your moody, complaining selves up and do something that will benefit this island.

    • Grow Up says:

      LITTLE small minded girl what what you need to do is have respect. Because the way you are addressing adults is out of order. It is quite clear that you have a lack of home training & family values or as you would put it you didn’t “absorb” the values. You are probably one of those scruffy hood girls anyway. So in future if comments being made are “boring your life” exit the site & go surf twitter, Facebook, or instergram or anyone of the numerous social sites you children go on to bash each other leave the commenting for adults & MATURE RESPECTFUL teens. Don’t You dare reply to this in a rude manner either.

      • Come Correct says:

        Relax mate, she was just “throughing” that out there lol.

        Um um, I go Cedamabridge and I like gang fights more than edumacation.

        @bore my life, I’m going to give you some tips on life…
        1. When attempting to verbally(using words) bash adults, at least make sure you can spell basic words like throwing(do you need me to put that in a sentence for you?).
        2. Instead of worrying about senseless “passa”, pick up a f@ckin book so next time you don’t look like a complete moron just “throughing” your ideas out there. If you can’t understand BASICS, how am I supposed to believe you can understand life?

        When I was younger my parents did and said a lot of things I didn’t understand. Now that I’m a bit older and a little wiser, I understand. So…

        3. Step back, shut up, and learn. Knowledge is power and no one can take it from you.

      • bore my life says:

        LOLL okay im liitle compared to you,so what? whats that got to do with anything? you think thats supposed to hurt me? aright.
        To be honest i dont care what you think of me. I know who I am and i stand up for what i feel is right and if i dont like whats said ima say something(jus like how you did). whoever has a problem with that can stand in line.
        How could i be one of those “scruffy hood girls” if i have no “hood”. i simply live where i live. I thought i said i wasnt into that type of stuff in my previous message…. Your saying i have no respect but your trying to diss a “LITTLE” girl on a news site. Thats cute :)

        With all do repect dont try and tell me what i didnt do, you dont know me. I absorbed those values. I have respect but when i feel strongly about something i get carried away with my mouth. Thats the only problem i have. So dont act like you know me.
        True, i didnt have to address the adults like that but thats how i felt at that moment,sorry.

        • Grow Up says:

          For you to even attempt to stand up for these hoodlums is ridiculous & disgusting. Your lack of QUALITY home training shows in the way you continue to speak to me. Loll (with two l’s) is a new gang signature it is a code. So you putting up that shows ya a Lil hood girl. & yes you did get carried away with your mouth & you still are how do you go from being apologetic & turn right around & be condescending & rude. What you needa do is put down your I phone, i pad or whatever device you are using right now & pick up a book do something positive rather then let ya mouth run.

          • bore my life says:

            Don’t care what you think either come correct. okay i made a mistake i didn’t realize, thanks for letting me know. I’m obviously in school to learn so thanks for the tip.
            I’m not standing up for them i just didn’t like the way they were going on. so since i dragged the l in (laugh out loud) its gang affiliated.? Whaaaatttt okay. no one use abbreviations it might be gang affiliated. LOLLLL
            so you thought i wasn’t going to say anything back when you called me a hood girl? of course i’m gonna turn around.

            Anyway have a good holiday you two. :)

            • Grow up says:

              So…. Bottom line you are illiterate, disrespectful, hood rat with ZERO home training. Teens like you disgust me, you will probably be pregnant before 20. Enjoy your holiday as well because pretty soon that baby is gong to come and you will not have any holiday good night LITTLE girl conversation over do NOT reply

              • jimmy says:

                WTF DUN! Your childish why are you commenting on a childs comment an talking s$%t? PLEASE GROW THE F$%K UP! An the nerve to say she’s gonna get pregnant b#$ch shut the f^&% up you know nothing about her!YOUR disrespectful because your TRYING to lash this little girl. Please let me know who you are! I DARE YOU REPLY RUDE!

                • bore my life says:

                  Ohh ya serious tho?
                  Ya tryna lash me still? Grow up. Ya up here talking about me being disrespectful and childish but ya callin me a hood rat n ima be pregnant by 20. Kay its nothing wrong with that…. You are such a hypocrite. I can’t believe ya a adult and ya sayin stupid things like that. You are so low, how old are you? Your wose then me.
                  You have no idea who I am. I am far from who you think I am. LOLL(gang signature)thanks I will have a good holiday this year and many years after cause probably unlike you I value education first before anything. & years from now when I do have children I’ll still have a good holiday maybe a even better one. I’ll probably be a better mother then you’ll ever be.

                  Smh disappointing…

                  Yes dea jimmy!!!

                  • Grow up says:

                    Little girl just who do you think your talking to? I am an excellent mother something i cant say you will ever be. You are illiterate and immoral the only reason I am “lashing” you is cause you have no respect & continue to display disgusting immature behavior I bet you any money your mouth gets you in trouble at school keep going down that path after you leave those walls and if that mouth don’t quite down your gonna find yourself in a LOT of trouble keep that in mind

                    P.S I’ll be looking out for you on 16 & pregnant (Hood rat edition)

                    • bore my life says:

                      Ya I won’t be like you cause I’ll be better. I have no respect and you do? Disgusting immature behavior, I can say the same thing for you buh. 30-40somthn goin back 13?
                      Maybe I’ll be on there in my next life, look out for me. Nice to know you’ll be supporting me in my show tho. That’s kind :) .
                      Ladys sayin she an adult but acting like one of us, bie shut up.
                      Lmao I make myself laugh buh.

                • Grow up says:

                  Jimmy your comment is full of profane language so anything you say is automatically irrelevant you little insignificant bastard you are truly the definition of asinine. You are the lowest form of scum on earth & yes I am being rude are you going to do something about it my name is Sandra if you like I can give you my address and do with it what you wish but just know I have 2 sons in their early twenties and daughter that is 19 we’ll see what comes up

  40. Smokey says:

    parkside – gus2 mob – spoose 2 297 – parkside 270- mob these are the gang computer signatures.

    • Bernews says:

      Thank you for that, we were wondering what was up with the numbers. Now that we have that insight we have edited them, and will block them in future…

      • Smokey says:

        Thank you bernews.Young children going to school should not have to be worrying about gang threats in school while trying to get an education. Schools should have the security and protection to prevent this. What powers do the security guards have legally? What thearpy social or otherwise do those found guilty get. They to need that correct second chance. Schools should be kept as a sacred institution for learning , a place free from threats of intimidation from gangs or any other negative entities.Our children are our future . We as responsible or iresponsible parents must stand against gangs. NO PARENTS WANT TO BURY THEIR CHILD WEATHER PARKSIDE OR MOB OR AN INNOCIENT BYSTANDER.

    • The Real KING says:

      I know you didn’t just say 297 means ParkSide, are you dumb? 297 is clearly the phone number code for St. Georges Parish what, you forgot about BTC?

  41. OhOk says:

    I see some ignorant comments on here! REAL IGNORANT!! Some of you need to get ya mind out of the ” Thug life” mentality. NONE of you are about it! I REPEAT NONE! Little boys couldn’t handle a DAY up west-gate! Jumping? What happen to fighting one on one? All this east side and westside NON-SENSE! Parents need to start bringing those belts back out! But what I don’t understand is why east thinks their “BAD”? You jumped one person! ONE. UNO. One against four! Wish you’ll go up westgate and try jump somebody! OPEN YA EYES BOYS, ITS EITHER WESTGATE OR MOPPING FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

  42. bobby says:


  43. The Real KING says:

    Real Talk, all I see on these comments is a bunch of BS! Both of my brothers are involved in this situation and what I will say is this, if you don’t know what happened and was not at Cedar Bridge Academy to witness the situation then you have no room to TALK SLICK AND CALL THEM ANY NAME BUT THE ONES THEY WERE GIVEN AT BIRTH!

  44. PICTURE PERFECT! says:

    These comments make me vex. You wernt at bridge when it happen so stop going off by what you hear! Everything happens for a reason! Get the hell over it! —- Its as simple as that!

    • Smh Broads says:

      Shut ya groupie a$$ up talking bout picture perfect lay doooooown

      • 2#7 says:

        You stfu. A$$ you don’t know shit. B#t*h N*#%^A.

        • Stupid tri$% says:

          You gone do something or not like ya a f$%# groupie ain’t bout f$%#