Murder Victim Named, 24-Year-Old Man Arrested

December 25, 2012

The police have identified this morning’s [Dec 25] murder victim as 20-year-old Malcolm Augustus, and said that a 24-year-old George’s man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

At about 12:05am today, there were reports of gunfire in St George’s, and on arrival the police found the victim on St George’s golf course.

“The investigating team would like to speak with any person that may have seen or heard anything related to this incident – however irrelevant it may seem,” said a police spokesperson.

The police spokesperson said they are particularly interested in speaking with anyone that may have seen or heard a disturbance in the vicinity of Wellington Back Road, St. George’s around 10:30-10:45pm last night.

“Officers are also interested in anyone that may have seen a black motorcycle bearing the registration number BU411 in or around this area of St. George’s.”

The police statement follows below:

The Bermuda Police Service can confirm that at about 12:05am today, Police Officers and medical responders attended Anchorage Lane in St. George’s in responses to a report of gunfire.

On arrival officers met the 20 year old victim, who was on the golf course, and who appeared to have been shot. He was conveyed to the King Edward Memorial Hospital, where a doctor later pronounced him dead.

A full investigation into this incident is underway, being led by Detective Inspector Dave Greenridge. A complement of Detectives from the Serious Crime Unit, and our Forensic Support Unit have examined the scene to collect evidence, and witnesses have been sought, and interviewed. There are a number of lines of enquiry being carried out by the investigating team.

The next of kin have been informed, and the Bermuda Police Service can now confirm that the deceased is Mr. Malcolm Augustus, a twenty year old resident of St. George’s Parish.

A Family Liaison Officer has been appointed to assist the family, and we would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Augustus

Officers are looking at evidence provided by witnesses at the scene, and other lines of enquiry. The response by the Police Service was, and will continue to be proactive to identify and bring the offenders to justice.

A 24 year old male from St. George’s has been arrested on suspicion of murder and remains in Police custody.

The investigating team would like to speak with any person that may have seen or heard anything related to this incident – however irrelevant it may seem. We are particularly interested in speaking with anyone that may have seen or heard a disturbance in the vicinity of Wellington Back Road, St. George’s around 10:30-10:45pm last night (Christmas Eve).

Officers are also interested in anyone that may have seen a black motorcycle bearing the registration number BU411 in or around this area of St. George’s.

Whilst the Police will actively seek out witnesses and collect all available evidence, we encourage anyone with pertinent information to come forward. Again, this information can and will be treated in the strictest confidence.

The Serious Crime Unit can be contacted on 247-1185 or on the CONFIDENTIAL & independent Crime Stoppers hotline 1-800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Out of flight says:

    Here we go again. How did we ever get to this tragic situation in paradise?

    • Maddog says:


      • agood job says:

        If the PLP with its two former top cops couldnt do anything then why are you wondering what the OBA can do unless of course you believe that the PLP wouldnt do anything

      • dthtoo/ says:


        UBPOBA will continue with their blame game. They’ll say we inherited this problem from the BPLP.

        • Anthony says:

          lol of course. continue deflecting. let your bias an lack of intelligence guide your reason.

      • TRUTHBETOLD says:


        • Chuck Norris says:

          It would be something if the OBA brought back the death penalty. Crime would go down to the lowest levels…

          • Sarai says:

            @Chuck Norris: I think these guys wouldn’t even be scared of that but there is one thing people fear more than death: uncertainty. Right now these guys feel the worse that can happen if they get caught is they go to Westgate and hang with their boys. The Gov’t needs to get serious about sending prisoners overseas. I brought this idea up YEARS ago and told Randy Horton about it-it wasn’t until years later that I heard the PLP discussing it publicly but it is the best thing the OBA could do.

            It would save us a boatload of money, and it would make these punks think twice. If convicted criminals weren’t told until they were putting them on a plane that they’re going to Jamaica, or Cuba or Haiti or god knows where it would make them extremely uneasy because they wouldn’t know what to expect. Their loved ones would need to get on a plane to go see them and they’d never know when they’d see ‘mommy’ again. Plus, the conditions there are deplorable. All of that would make even the most hardened criminal horrified-most of them end up crying when they’re arrested as it is; they’d have meltdowns if they knew they were going to be shipped off somewhere.

            This make take some work but it can be done! Gosh-Britain did it to their prisoners eons ago by sending them off to that place called Australia! These guys need to know that the Gov’t means business. Another thing is that prisoners are being let go too early-most likely due to the fact that the previous Gov’t didn’t have the money to keep them at Westgate. That has to stop immediately! I’m not talking about regular parole-guys are being let go after only doing a third of their sentence and not even half. A guy sentenced to twelve years two years ago for a shooting is now on day release-I saw him with my own eyes! All that needs to stop and these punks need to know that nobody is playing with them!!!

            • Sarai says:

              BTW-There are currently men imprisoned overseas at a prison I won’t name who describe it as pure hell-the kind of place that makes one want to commit suicide. They swear they’ve straightened up. Only time will tell but when the come back, I hope they get them to talk to the public about their experiences and these punks get warned that this could be them if they commit serious crime!

            • Sarai says:

              Actually-guys are being let go after only a quarter of their sentence if the guy I saw is any indication!


      • Y-Gurl says:

        I can’t believe that you clowns chose a mans death to spew your political crap, it took 14 years for this country to be destroyed and I’m guessing it’ll take more than a few days to start things moving forward.

        • smh says:

          you people read about another tragic death of a young bermudian and want to talk about political BS! What about the family who lost their son, nephew or brother? Where is the respect for them? If your not going to discuss the contents of this article take your meaningless comments to the political section of this website.

          To the Augustus family:

          Sorry for your loss, we don’t know too many details but we know this news is never easy to take. May the Most High be with you all at this time.

          • Dhameer says:

            Amen!…re: your comment smh, Y- Gurl, & the others who feel/speak as you do! Please let priority be for the transition of souls, & grieving families & friends! One Love.

  2. nooneinparticular says:

    This is terrible. Me deepest sympathy to the victims family. More cowardly gunplay by silly fools.

  3. Da plumber says:

    Wow that was fast

  4. tricks are for kids says:

    Good to hear…….

  5. JONO says:

    To those of you who provided information which enabled a speedy arrest..heartfelt thanks…in your hearts you must surely feel you took the correct action…

  6. Errin Butterfield says:

    Very sad, R.I.P Malcolm. My condolences to his family,such nice people.

  7. Fed up Somerset says:

    Don’t these fools know that they are not hurting the victim; their families are the ones who are hurt by this senseless act. Mothers speak to your sons, you know who they are; he can be next. My condolences to Malcolm’s family.

    • Observant says:

      Not to mention the fact that while whoever did this likely went home, slept in his/her nice comfy bed and woke up to mother making Christmas breakfast…opened presents, while the family of the young man killed had NO sleep, likely wanted NO breakfast and rather than celebrating the birth of Christ, spent the day in tears mourning their loss. THEN consider the forensics people who have to work instead of spending time with their families, the medical examiner (or whatever the local term is) who had to go in to work at the crack of stupid o’clock to work on yet ANOTHER victim.

      Heartless, gutless, soulless…ba$tards.

      • Sad Onion says:

        Sadly, I could not agree more! Prayers for the Augustus family.

      • Anon says:

        @Observant: All that is very true and I feel very sorry for the family but I’ll leave it at that because what I want to say may not even get printed anyway. All I have to say is that these young boys need to learn: Live by the sword, die by the sword. These guys aren’t innocent little angels and they don’t care about mothers suffering when they do what they do, so why would anyone care about their mother when it’s their turn?

        This is just going to go on and on until something drastic is done by those in authority. This isn’t the end-there are guys sitting there right now with vengeance in their hearts. When does it stop? When is it said ‘o.k. now we’re even’? Is it ever going to be even? God help this country!

    • dthtoo/ says:

      Fed up Somerset,

      You failed to admonish fathers to speak with their sons. In nature, it took two for them to manifest.

      • Anon says:

        …most of these tomcats bolt-that’s why these boys end up the way that they do. I wish that these men and women would learn that sex is for procreating-that is it’s sole purpose! Yes, it’s pleasurable but that’s just to ensure that humans do it…but the SOLE reason for it is to make babies. Therefore, why the hell do people act so shell-shocked when that actually happens!!!

        Every time you lay down you need to take into account that making a baby can happen despite all the preventative measures! Prepare for that happening! Men, step up to the plate! Take a hard look at that woman you’re laying down with-can you see her as the mother of your child? If the answer is no, then walk the hell away and take a cold shower! These irresponsible parents are what is destroying this country-it’s disgusting. There are kids raising themselves right now because two irresponsible people were more concerned with temporary pleasure than mature choices. We’re all feeling the effects of this in society.

        I wish to God they could put something in place where people needed permits before they had children-where you actually had to be interviewed to see if you were fit, with a job, money in the bank and most of all-a wedding ring on your finger!!!

        • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

          *Blank stare*

          • Welcome to Earth says:

            I take it Dark Side is one of those irresponsible fathers since this comment clearly went over his head.

            I agree. The way women pop out babies with no father in the picture is horrendously high. Then society pays for this reckless behavior years later. You need a license to have a dog yet anyone can pop out a child with no proof they are mature enough? That’s why society in Bermuda is going to hell!

            • Chuck Norris says:

              With government providing money for daycare it’s looking even more appealing these days.

  8. MJ says:

    Very sad news that another young man has lost his life.
    Family must be destroyed with the sad news.
    Thank you to everyone that helped the police investigation. Good work by the Bermuda Poilce Service for the quick arrest…If the arrested is guilty then lets convict with serious time.
    We have sent a message to government that it is time for change.
    Now send another message that we won’t tolerate this any longer.
    Please no more slap on the wrist…30 yrs for GOOD behavior.

  9. Country boy says:

    Sad, what this blessed country has come to. Condolences to the family and friends of the victim, Mr. Augustus.RIP.

  10. Seems like yesterday says:

    It was 17 years ago his dad went out to celebrate his bday but never made it home. Yesterday Malcolm was abruptly angrily selfishly taken away from us. Today will never be the same for this family. I hope the person that did this cowardly act gets the maximum jail time and for such cases of guns the capital punishment needs to be reinstated or it’ll continue and eventually get worse. RIP Haishon aka Quayshun aka Malcolm you’ll be forever missed! ~ FAMILY!

  11. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Fast work and good job BPS!!! Make it stick and keep the “shooter” behind bars forever… Since we can’t hang-em-high anymore – which would have been my choice!!

    An *Eye for an Eye*!!!

  12. kevin says:

    bring back the death sentence , they will pay for the crime with thier own life and it wouldn’t cost the taxpayer $80k a year

  13. TEE says:

    Lets hope its the correct person and NOT SOMEONE OUT ON BAIL IN 2 MORE HOURS

  14. CFC_BLU says:

    My deepest condolences to the family. No one deserves this type of violence. To the BPS, congrats on capturing the culprit.

  15. Voter says:

    Good morning OBA,

    As you promised, a solution to crime please

    Thank you

    OBA Voter

    • Y-Gurl says:

      It took 14 years to screw this country up do ya think it might take more than a few days to get us back on track? And do you think this is the appropriate story to be shooting off political nonsense.

    • Chuck Norris says:

      There is no solution. They will just blame the PLP.

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      The Minister of Tourism should have at least half the answer .

  16. Gemini says:

    My heart goes out to the family.

  17. why says:

    Its not the oba fault

    Rip young man
    Praying for your family and friends

  18. GOD says:

    @ dthtoo how did you enter this earth?

  19. Puzzled says:

    We need to stop putting the pressure on Government to stop the violence! This is not a government problem its a community problem!The community needs to come together and make it happen!
    All this talk about being a snitch and protecting these cowards is insane! Families of Gangs,you know what’s going on! Say something and save this country!
    Someone died on Christmas! The special, holy day when Jesus came to save the world! Does that mean anything to anyone anymore?
    Since when did the value of life become so insignificant? If its about drugs- is the money you are getting that important? Have we become that materialistic or that desperate? How can you sleep at night! If its retaliation- does anybody talks to resolve thngs anymore?
    Those of you in gangs, what is it your looking for? A sense of family? Are longing to be acknowledge/ validated ? Who is not giving u the love you need and are not getting?
    Families, we need to step up! This has a lot to do with poor parenting! You know what have to do! Discipline your children if not the law will! Come on Bermuda, lets get this island back to what we remember! Bermuda used to be another world as the song says!

  20. NewGovn says:

    OBA UBP arent going to change anything…. nothing is going to change … all talk thats all.. They blamed the PLP for everything before now its the OBA UBPs turn….. So funny how everyone thinks things will change… the governments (both sides) worry about making eachother look bad more than anything else. Its a competition to these politicians… Only about two politicians reallly care for Bermuda tops.. Its a huge game of who can win the elections by making the other sound like a bunch of jokers. How do they expect the people to act and do nice peaceful things when they cant even get along themselves? Politics = Politricks

  21. Between de lines says:

    People, we must remember that while it is the responsibility of politicians and government to deter crime, it is paramount to teach your children the value of life and that lesson starts at HOME! Parents, though many of us must be away from our children more hours than we are with them in order to provide for them, we MUST recognize that the most important thing we can do for them is to love them and spend time with them.

    Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice… This may mean dear young parents…. No more frequent partying, clubbing or whatever you do to entertain yourselves. spend quality time with your children doing some of the things that they enjoy that is good, and make them happy and you will start to see the rewards when they become decision makers themselves. Teach your children how to love others and to respect life. And by the way, children watch EVERYTHING we as parents do, so it important to strive for a good relationship with your own parents too if you expect that from your own children.

    Your parents will help you no doubt as they do not want to see their grandchildren go without! But they do have their own lives also. If you are a very young parent(s) it does not change the fact that YOU are responsible for the rearing of your children. NOT godparents/friends/sisters etc. Otherwise young ladies… Keep your legs closed or use protection. I strongly believe the youth of this new generation who are killing are the product of young in attentive ‘parents’, and yes I use quotes, because parenthood requires active duty 100 percent of the time.

    Not to be generalizing…. I know that not all teen/young mothers become pregnant through irresponsible behavior. Unfortunately, there are sometimes mitigating circumstances that affect one’s behavior too. And I salute the young parents who are trying to do their best for their children. It is difficult, but possible with dedication. Please keep up the good effort and hard work.

    If we as a society help our young parents to care for their families should they come into that phase of life too early, this will help to reshape the mindset of upcoming generations so as not to perpetuate the violence that is happening today.


    • Anneisha says:

      Finally someone makes sense…

    • Anon says:

      @Between de lines: Very wise words! It’s all about being responsible. Even if one makes a mistake by getting pregnant at a young age-take responsibility! I got pregnant at only 16 thirty years ago. My parents and my then boyfriend’s parents sat down and discussed it and we got married. All of the odds should have been against us, but we made it work! I missed out on a lot-I couldn’t go out partying with my friends because I had a child to take care of. I was young, but I gave my child structure and boundaries but most of all we set a good example for him.

      Being a young parent is no excuse for letting your child go astray! My son is grown now and is a decent young man with an excellent job and about to get married himself. I’m so sick of people who act like it can’t be done. These ghetto-thinking/acting parents and their warped mentalities are going to destroy this country-them and their demonic offspring (sorry-that’s the only way I can describe these evil punks!)…

  22. Larry says:

    Not ALL families are in denial. Some do talk to those involved in gangs. Some families ARE realistic! They talk and get others to help, but some guys do not want to hear it! Not everyone says not my child or not my grandchild. Too many of them have no choice but to expect THE call one day. I really feel bad for these families. Living knowing that a bad outcome is going to happen and they have done all they can is not good. But some do experience a sense of peace afterwards. Let’s stop criticizing and think more of the family. Let’s stop making assumptions about people not known to some of you. This grandmother has lost a son years ago ( unsolved) in a strange situationand now a grandson who did not live with her. Some people do try their best. Compassion please!

    • Welcome to Earth says:

      That’s probably true, Larry. I’m sure there are some families out there that talk, talk, talk and no change happens. Then when the worse happens and their loved one is murdered, they are left to deal with the pain. The person who is murdered is gone and feels nothing-it’s the ones who are left behind who truly suffer. It’s just so sad. Another family in pain.

      The one thing that pisses me off with these murders is that not only do the murderers take the victim’s life and put their family in pain, they inflict financial suffering on the family as well. They have to find thousands of dollars to give their loved one a decent burial. Do these murderers know how much a funeral costs? The family suffers the physical loss and are left with a cruel financial burden as well. It’s just not right.

  23. fried onion says:

    Unfortunately this is a direct result of baby daddy syndrome. Too many women with multiple children ,all by different men. No family values and no respect for human life or anything else.

    • Unjust Realities!!!! says:

      @fried onion . . .I beg to differ on your whole baby daddy syndrome theory . . .I as well as quite a few of my friends and colleagues are single mothers of one, two and three children who are doing quite well in society, primarily because we made a CHOICE to raise our children in a proper manner regardless of whether the father/fathers were there or not. Yes it was difficult, yes it was hard full of many many sacrifices, but we made that CHOICE for the love of our children.

      What your theory should state is that this behavior is a product of poor parenting on behalf of the TWO people who made this child and failed to raise the child properly!!!!

  24. What if? says:

    My prayers go out to this young men’s family. This is not the time to be talking about the PLP or OBA. Someone has lost their life. If this was your family member how would you feel. Them today and it could be you tomorrow. Please stop the bad talking and say something that will help our country.

  25. Nitty Gritty says:

    The Government is not inside the head of any much less EVERY member of society who has criminality on their minds.
    However every member committing murderous acts does have a mother and father.
    These are youngsters barely able to fend for themselves. Who are the parents? Who? Stand up and tell us all who your child is and where they got this murder and mayhem from? You are the ones who brought theminto the world and then unleashed them on society.
    You are responsible not the victims, not the Government, not ‘The System”
    YOU and only you- your sons are out of control and WE far outnumber them.
    What have you become?

  26. Unjust Justice says:

    You live by it BEST believe you’ll die by it…..

  27. GOD says:

    @ dthtoo Face reality you are in denial ,soon you will become extinct.