Photos: St. George’s Christmas Santa Parade

December 9, 2012

Last night [Dec 8] the Corporation of St George’s hosted the Santa Claus Parade in King’s Square. Entertainment for the night included majorettes, dancers, a fun castle, a riding bull, food vendors and of course a special visit from Santa Claus himself.

Crowds filled the town square before the 6pm start and enjoyed the music being played by DJ Gerard Regis as vendors were putting the final touches to their stalls. Soft serve ice cream, egg nog shakes, hot food and light up toys were all available to the crowds.

Velma Anderson and Dean Foggo were the hosts for the evening and entertained everyone in between announcing the different performers for the night. Entertainment scheduled for the evening included Krazed Ego, Graffiti Dance Crew, Bermuda Squad, Keya’s Fun Approach, Exquisite Styles, St George’s Original Dancerettes, DanceSations and more.

Santa arrived by means of a fire truck at approximately 8pm, with lines of anxious and excited children of all ages waiting to meet ole Saint Nick and receive their candy bag gift. You can view videos of the evening’s entertainment here.

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  1. Bermuda Girl says:

    Such a pleasant evening! Thank you, Santa!

  2. bir says:

    it was very sad that the west end did not have a santa parade. Everyone was waiting to no avail…

    It is not the same without the Parade

    • status! says:

      hooray for te Westend! Parents should be honest and explain to their children that they work hard all year and their presents and mere presence is as a direct result of their personal committment to raising good people, Santa has nothing to do with this!! why should you give credit for your hard work to a white man in a red suit and white beard, how does that fit in with your respect as parents who labour all year..otherwise nice pictures though..This time of year is more a change of season and should be noted, the fall and winter colors in nature..its a time for us in Bermuda when the sun shines a little less, the trees may blow a little more, shed their leaves,change colour and days are shorter, time to cuddle up and get warmer together..

      • Let me get this str8 says:

        Wow you really hate white people don’t you…

        Even Xmas is racist now…

        No rant on sir…but have a blessed and merry xmas to you anyways

  3. SMDH!! says:

    @ Status! Santa is for the childrens imagination, eventually they will get older and find the who the true santa is and but until then stop pulling the race card and allow the children to be children, and before I go any further I am a black mother who works very hard all year round and I feel no way about my child believing in Santa it makes me feel good to see my child happy regardless of the colour of a man in a red suit. @Status! do you have any children?