2012 End of Year Crime Statistics Released

February 26, 2013

The Bermuda Police Service Police released the 2012 End of Year Crime Statistics today [Feb 26], which cover a wide range of statistics including arrests, cash confiscation, drug seizures, stop-n-searches, shootings, traffic collisions are more.

Some of the highlights are below:

  • In 2012 there were 5 people, murdered all of which were killed by firearms, with a further 7 people injured through the use of firearms. By comparison, in 2011 there were also 8 people murdered, 5 of which were by firearms with a further 11 people injured through the use of firearms.
  • In 2012, there were 10 firearms recovered, 5 fatalities and 7 injuries by firearms. In comparison, there were 10 firearms recovered in 2011, 5 fatalities and 11 injuries
  • There were an average of 35 traffic collisions a week in 2012 compared to 47 traffic collisions a week in 2008
  • An estimated total of 247.4kg of controlled drugs with an estimated street value of $14.6 million was seized in 2012 with cannabis being the most common drug with 235.4kg seized at a value of $11.8 million. The level of cannabis is related to the seizure of a substantial amount of cannabis from the Front Street dock in November 2012.
  • Of the 3,162 persons arrested in 2012, 2,677 were male and 485 were female.
  • Of the 3,162 persons arrested in 2012, 2,908 were Bermudian and 254 were foreign nationals. The most common arrested foreign nationals were American (109), Jamaican (36), Azores (21) and British (13)
  • The total amount of cash seized for 2012 was $1,172,516.16 compared to $3,148,874.00 which was confiscated in 2011
  • All crime offences in 2012 totaled 3,989, a decrease of -8.7% when compared to 2011.
  • There was a minor increase in firearm incidents with 53 in 2012 compared to 50 in 2011. There were 30 forensically confirmed firearm incidents in 2012 compared to 26 in 2011, and 54 in 2010.
  • In 2012, there were 1,815 traffic collisions reported

Q4 2012 and Year End 2012 Crime Statistics Report [PDF] below, enlarge for greater clarity:

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  1. They forgot to mention in these statistics that 99.9% of all the people they are referring to are black and they just aint got the manpower to deal with the WHITE COLOR CRIMES,(white colar) Get It

  2. Y-Gurl says:

    Is DeSilva really patting himself on the back because murders are down? Are you freakin serious, the murder rate under his command and those at the top with him has gone through the roof and is at a high such has been seen never before in the history of our Country, this hardly an occasion for congratulations but more one of changing the BPS management to people who can and want to get the job done!

    • enough says:

      I looked and can’t find the back patting. I just see a set of figutes and stats. Can you point me to it?
      Crime down 8.7% I think is a job well done. While the murders make headlines and I certainly don’t want to minimize that or the pain they cause to families and the country as a whole, the average Bermudian resident being broken into or assaulted less, for example, has to be a good thing, no??
      I’m sure the COP would be hard pressed to take the sole kudos for any reduction in crime, that phenomenon is multi faceted and the credit shared, but the police should be able to take some heart from it. Just because you are so slanted against them with every single post you make does not make the overall crime reduction any less of a success.

      • Y-Gurl says:

        I’m not talking about the person getting caught stealing from the grocery store, look again gun crime and murders started climbing when Smith left the BPS and it HAS NOT come down a bit, these are the crimes that impact our community and indeed the country so the fact murder and gun crime went up like a thousand percent over the last 8 years and there’s an 8percent reduction in petty crime means NOTHING if you are happy with that great I’m happy for you but the people it effects I can assure you are not, and I’m not slanted against anyone, I just cannot stand by watching public funded entities doing mediocre jobs

        • enough says:

          So, we can agree there was no back patting, right? Good.

          Listen,I get your point and acknowledged it initially. I also know full well that these levels, although lower than 2010 for example are still exponentially greater than in years gone by. I also know that any gun crime, murder, rape, house breaking etc is unacceptable and the police have a portion of blame to shoulder for not preventing them but that ‘blame’ has many shoulders to rest on, evens yours believe it or not. Let’s at least be objective about it. That’s my problem with your postings.
          To the good homeowners who work hard every day to have some junky scumbag break in and take family heirlooms etc, I’d like to see you tell them their crime was ‘petty’.
          Anyone can look at any set of stats and make of it what they want to suit their agenda, I’m about balance, you want to cherry pick, fair enough. You are talking about the most serious issue, arguably, that faces the country right now alongside the economy. Some might even argue the two are inexorably linked, but to view the stats on gun crime and murder etc in isolation and write the police off as doing a ‘mediocre’ job I feel is unfair.
          Much like a hole in our behind though, we each have an opinion.
          I’d just like to see you tell me, specifically, what the police and the police alone, whilst working within the existing legislative framework, can do to improve your perception of their performance. Don’t talk to me about ‘catch the murderers’ because that means one has been committed, I’m talking about stopping 2 young ‘men’ on a bike picking a target, tooling up and going to kill someone.
          We know these crimes take place in every area in Bermuda at all sorts of times, we know that many, many people know about them in advance and afterwards and say nothing for a variety of reasons. So, please, tell me and the COP if he’s reading, what could they do better?

  3. Bermy boy says:

    To y-gurl,

    i agree. they don’t want that type of policing anymore because they do not understand the psyche of the average Bermudian who understands that in order to wear a velvet glove, one must have a BIG stick, in the other hand, just in case.

  4. simple guy under 19 says:

    Just putting out out there but does anyone notice even tho the gun thing went up by 3 look how the crime has gone down even tho most of those people don’t.work they’re criminal work has done more than the police cud ever do

  5. Xman says:

    Pretty bad stat’s for only 22sq miles and 55,000 people.
    I know of area’s in the New York City that have far less crime.
    It certinly looks like 3 out of 10 people living here have done a criminal act or are criminals.—so it seems.