Police Release 2015 Crime Statistics Report

February 12, 2016

[Updated with videos] The Bermuda Police Service released Q4 and year-end crime statistics for 2015, with a total of 3,750 crimes recorded during the year, an increase of 356 more crimes than 2014.

Commissioner of Police Michael DeSilva said, “The total crime for 2015 was 3,750 offences. This was spread evenly over the four quarters of the year, with about 937 crimes recorded in each quarter. The total represents an increase of 356 more crimes than 2014.

“That is approximately 1 additional crime each day and equates to an increase in total crime of about 10.5%. It should be noted that 2014 recorded the lowest total crime rate since the year 2000.

Update: Premier and National Security Minister Michael Dunkley on the crime statistics

“The longer term picture is that the 5-year trend has remained level, and total crime has remained below the 4,000 mark for the 4th consecutive year. The total crime for 2015 is ranked 3rd in the last 5 year comparison, but it is near the bottom of the table in a 15 year comparison.

“There are however a number of crime areas that stand out, and the first one will not come as a surprise: robbery increased in 2015 by 13 offences to a total of 46, which represents a 39% increase. Of the 17 people arrested for robbery in 2015, all of them had previous arrests or convictions and some were identified as being gang members.

Update: Shadow Minister Walter Roban on the crime statistics

“Most of the robberies fall into one of two categories: either crimes of opportunity by criminals with a propensity for violence, or violent acts arising out of gang and respect issues. The police are monitoring this trend closely which has continued into 2016 with 10 robberies occurring in the first 6 weeks of the year.

“Investigations into these cases are being vigorously pursued and we are working hard to bring these violent offenders to justice. Anyone with information about the recent robberies should help stop this trend by reporting what they know.

Other crime areas that saw an increase in 2015 include:

  • “Non-serious assaults, up by 137 to 514 assaults [36%]
  • “Non-residential burglary, up by 65 to 143 “shop-breaks.” This is a drastic increase over last year, but the number has returned to the same level as previous years, after 2014 recorded an unprecedented low number in this area.
  • “Criminal damage, up by 65 to 289 crimes [29%]
  • “Disorder offences, up by 40 to 107 offences [60%] – affray, obstructing police, violently resisting arrest, curfew offences
  • “Antisocial behaviour, up by 35 to 421 offences [9%] – breach of the peace, threatening behaviour, loitering and noise offences.

Microsoft Word - COP's Speaking Notes - Crime Statistics for 201

“Bermuda recorded four tragic murders in 2015, including 1 person who was killed by a firearm, and 5 people were injured by firearms. This compares with 2014 when 4 people were murdered, 2 of which by firearms and an additional 8 people were injured by gunshots.

“In 2015 there were 12 Confirmed Firearm Incidents and 21 Recoveries of Firearms and/or Ammunition. In 2014 there were 17 Confirmed Firearm Incidents and 8 Recoveries of Firearms and/or Ammunition.

“Traffic collisions have declined year-on-year with 2015 recording the lowest number of collisions in the last 5 years at 1,310. Serious collisions represent 7.7% of the total, and there were 7 fatal collisions on our roads last year. This is a reduction from 16 tragic fatalities the year before.

“We recently published the BPS Strategic Plan 2016-18 that took effect on 1st January. Next week my colleagues and I will construct the first of 3 Annual Policing Plans that coincide with the financial year, commencing 1st April.

“These plans articulate our priorities to the public which are: Tackling Crime and Antisocial Behaviour; Engaging with the Community and Making the Roads Safer.

“Over the coming weeks and months our community can expect to continue to see police operations and initiatives that are aimed at achieving these objectives and enhancing public confidence.”

The full Q4 & Year-End 2015 BPS Crime Statistics report follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. mmm says:

    According to news reports crime is up, I have not heard of any government department or any agency offering its services to the community to help those inclined to commit crime, suffering from anger issues, depression, abuse in all forms, re-training. I speak to this, cause I believe this will help. There need to be evening counselling services available, 3pm to 8pm, cause not every-one can take time off their jobs. Agencies and Government need to broadcast what they have to offer.

    • @Hmmm, no they don’t have the time do you know how busy they really are, the O.B.A/u.b.p work very hard, they came in swinging and sweeping with a new broom, do you know what it took to transfer all the ole Bermuda deep pockets money back to our shores, after the ole money left because you got a P.L.P Government.

      Then they had to find money for the america’s cup, and take from our seniors, cuts in education, increase in cost of living and taxes, pushing around the immigration issues for sometime and now that all the work is almost complete they want to now deal with sex, of all things. like they are not tired of working, who can think about going to bed and who to sleep with, but i guess it is important enough cause with the gaming bill, I think next on the order paper is the red light district, so now it be legal and you have to pay for sex.
      Well if that is the case don’t forget to give us back our direct flight from Jamaica, cause I am not sure but I heard the best Collie come from dere so must well legalize that and get a direct flight from Colombia cause the coa coa plant in it’s purest form seems to be big business here, especially for your suit and tie industry here.

    • Alijas says:

      Doesn’t sound like you read the article in full.

  2. Will someone please find us a National security minister who actually knows what they are doing, and while your at it maybe we can bring Mr. Colin Coxall out of retirement, or ask him who he would suggest for a suitable replacement of the job he left undone,due to the O.u.B.p.A Forcing him to leave the island, I look forward to reading his book which maybe can not be released during his life time, but I hope he has it drafted.

    Maybe Mr. Johnathan Smith can make that his next project. I think he would be the ideal one to bring us the truth forward, since he also sat in the hot seat of being the Police Commissioner, and just maybe he can give the Premier some real training on protecting our country.

    To the Bermuda Police service, I truly believe the man and Women in the service do a job that needs to be commended, but no thank’s to the photo up Premier, or should I say National suppose to be security minister, who runs from his own shadow.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Might be wrong but if you want to get Coxall out of retirement you may need a shovel.

      Would be nice to have another of his caliber here again. Since he was ungraciously escorted off the Island we have had nothing but useless heads of the BPS. Just because you are Bermudian & have put in the time does not make you fit for the head police job.

    • Alijas says:

      Roban implies that we should feel less safe under the OBA. This is confusing. When you look at the crime statistics while the PLP were managing government, crime was much higher. Also when you look at the five year to year chart, murder-down, robbery-down, most are trending down. I think the most disturbing one is an increase in crimes against children. All considered, to answer minister Roban: Yes sir, I do feel safer with the OBA.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    How can there be a claim of a decrease in crime when in almost every catagory there is an increase or more or less the same 2014-2015.

    2011-2015 numbers look better but we seem to be on an upslope again.

    Per capita our police force is huge. Crime should be much lower.

  4. Sue sanders says:

    It seems that unemployment in Bermuda has increase, please everyone do your studies. If more Bermudians keep loosing their jobs I can say Bermuda is really mess up.

  5. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    There is no possible excuse to do malice to your neighbor and never steal from a thief.

  6. Y-Gurl says:

    More crimes because they know they have a very little chance of being caught or properly prosecuted by the current ineffective management of the BPS