Pics/Video: Good Friday Crucifixion Reenactment

March 29, 2013

[Updated with video] Congregations from the various St. George’s churches marked today’s [Mar 29] Good Friday holiday by staging their annual reenactment of Jesus’ crucifixion.

Crowds of onlookers turned up for the interdenominational event which recreates Jesus’ walk to Calvary for his crucifixion. The walk included stops at the Unfinished Church, the Salvation Army Church and St. Peter’s Church with Jesus carrying the cross through the streets of the Old Town in preparation for his crucifixion.

The Walk to Calvary production has been staged annually during the Easter season for more than 15 years, becoming something of a St. George’s tradition. You can view all our coverage of Good Friday here.

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Comments (11)

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  1. Bermy Yout says:

    This is Messed Up!!!

    • My 2cents says:

      For real.

    • Voter says:

      This is what Good Friday is all about……

    • Uncommon Sense says:

      @ Bermy Yout. What an insensitive comment for you to make! Perhaps you didn’t understand the message. I hope Easter will mean more to you than Bunnies and chocolate eggs. This Good Friday pageant portrayed how “we” denied Jesus and put Him to death, an historical truth. “We” are still denying Him two thousand years later! What will Easter mean to you?

      • Family Man says:

        And in November we’ll have the reenactment of burning the heretics at the stake.

  2. blessings says:

    I thought this would be taking place on Easter sunday, i missed it

    • Uncommon Sense says:

      @ blessings. You didn’t know? Christ was crucified on Good Friday. He ROSE on East Sunday!

    • Voter says:

      Mark your calendar for next year. It is like nothing else you may have seen, almost too realistic for our “civilized” lives today, but what an experience.

  3. Voter says:

    Please – can we keep this clean of nasty comments and criticisms of people?
    Thank you

  4. A Believer says:

    God loved us so much, that He gave up the only son He had, Jesus, to be executed for every bad thing that we and all of mankind have done from the beginning of time. He took the death penalty for us, not out of anger, fear or frustration. He did that out of love….because He does not want us to live our lives without Him. To those of us who follow Christ, life without Him is unthinkable. There will be many that scoff at this, but only because they really don’t understand or even want to understand. That’s ok…everyone has a choice to believe what they want. God doesn’t want to force you to acceptance, but He does make Himself available to all who choose to embrace Him. Those of us who have embraced Him, celebrate His death and resurrection not only on one day of the year, but every single day. Good Friday is just the day chosen to commemorate it. This re-enactment is just our way to share what we know with all who want to know more, in the hope that someone who sees it, embraces Jesus Christ as we do. If you choose not to accept any of this, don’t scoff….just leave it alone, and let everyone else come to their own decision about accepting Jesus Christ as LORD and Saviour. God bless everyone!!