Photos: Whales Cavorting In Bermuda Waters

April 11, 2013

Every year the humpback whales, gentle giants of the sea, pass through Bermuda on their way north after spending the cooler winter months in the Caribbean.

bermuda whale watching 2013 (57)

Local cruise boat operators and fisherman alike take locals and visitors out to sea, often not far from shore, to see these amazing behemoth’s dance and play in wonderful displays of diving and surfacing, rolling and slapping the surface with their huge flippers.

bermuda whale watching 2013 (54)

Island Tour Centre out of Dockyard invited us to come along on one of their client vessels the Looking Glass. Our Captain Kevin Fox, a 13 year veteran, took us straight out towards Challenger Banks where it was not too long before the first whales were spotted, and at least 6-10 whales were gracious enough to allow us to get extremely close to them. Whale watching tours run from March through April yearly and more info and bookings can be found by contacting Island Tour Centre.

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  1. thanks guys for some great photos. quick question though??are humpbacks the only whales to make this yearly event or do other species also??

  2. Hi Stewie Griffin, will try to find out for you.

  3. Here is the list from an avid whale watcher of yearly visitors:

    Cuvier’s beaked whale, Sperm whale and Dolphins (porpoises)

  4. Many thanks H John B Manderson..

  5. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    dont tell the bloody Japanese,they will come and kill them

  6. Elizabeth Lusher says:

    I went out whale watching yesterday and had THE most fabulous time! We saw dolphins, a Cuvier’s beaked whale, wahoo swimming on the surface, and listened to a whale singing clear through the water! Of course, we also saw numerous humpbacks! What a day it was!!
    I agree, do not tell the bloody Japanese!

  7. june wilks says:

    what a wonderful sight to remember. Thanks a lot

  8. june wilks says:

    brilliant! so great you could be there & see them so close

  9. june wilks says:

    Great photography, lovely to see you enjoying it all so much.