Revolving Show “Art & Jam” Opens In Smith’s

April 4, 2013

The old Phase 1 Video store in Smith’s has been transformed into a haven for artists, and the temporary gallery has been labelled “Art & Jam”.

Art & Jam revised April 2-13

Organiser Ronnie Chameau invited artists that she thought would bring the best range of Bermudian talent together. “Sometimes something wonderful happens, and I was offered this space to do what I wanted. The chance of a life time,” said Mrs Chameau.”This is a revolving show. Which means that artists change and add to their displays every week. ”

The Jam Session itself starts at 4pm led by Ronnie Lopes and Toni Bari and all musicians are welcome to join in. Mrs. Chameau said, “We would love to have anyone that can join in the jam session to please come and share your talent.”

Located in the Phase 1 Building on South Shore Road in Smith’s, “Art & Jam” is open to the public every Sunday for the month of April from 12pm to 5pm.

The artists include

  • Aubrey Hardy who works out of the Dockyard Clay Works. Not only are her pieces interesting, but they are completely safe for every day wear and tear, and very affordable !
  • Christopher Grimes offers a wide array of oils depicting life in old Bermuda as well as his marine paintings.
  • Donna Pink offers everything in baubles and bangles. All very affordable, ranging from every day wear to that dress to impress look that is needed.
  • Frank Chiappa after ten years is back creating. Bold and colourful, his acrylic paintings draws one in for a closer inspection.
  • Heidi Cowen paints in oil and offers smaller paintings that depict every day life in Bermuda.
  • Jill Lindo hand paints sea glass, creating necklaces and pendants. She also offers a variety of hand made cards.
  • Robin Marirea recycles bottles old and new, offering everything from vases to etched drinking glasses.
  • Roland Skinner is offering photographs of Tuscany.
  • Ronnie Chameau has created watercolour paintings and scenes with banana bark. She also has a variety of vases and bowls made from all natural items found around the Island, including the Calabash.
  • Ronnie Lopes with his rustic furniture of cedar will have you impressed and looking for a space in your house for that special stool or chair.
  • Wendell Hollis has created large canvasses of 3-D art, including a bloody Blood Orange.

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