Tug Boat Powerful Undergoing Repairs In Florida

June 11, 2013

The tug boat Powerful left Bermuda on May 26, making her way to a Florida shipyard where she is undergoing repairs, and is expected to return to Bermuda in June.

A Transport Ministry spokesperson said, “The Tug Powerful departed Bermuda on May 26th for a Jacksonville, Florida shipyard where she has been slipped for a detailed survey of her hull, rudders and propellers; inspection of her anchoring system; bottom and hull painting as well as various repairs to her side fendering.

“Her fuel and water tanks are also being emptied and repaired as needed. All survey and repair work is being undertaken to the highest standards and overseen by surveyors from Lloyds Register.

“Originally built for the Bermuda Government and launched in the UK in 1988 the Powerful is expected to return to Bermuda at the end of June.”

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  1. lightbulb...... says:

    Ummmmmmm? Im confused.

  2. lightbulb...... says:

    This is June right? Detailed survey of her hull, rudders and propeller? Inspection of her anchoring system? Bottom and hull painting as well as various repairs to Her fendering? So tell me, what are we paying Marine & Ports employees to do?

  3. Paget boy says:

    I’m confused as well…why wasn’t this done in the off season, when there are no cruise ships? Great planning again by the well paid civil servants. 12 year olds could plan as well…shaking my head in despair!

  4. SoMuchMore says:


  5. d.o. says:

    M&P maintenance and tug crew should be very happy, once again showing their skills? However one does have to question the timing of the “detailed survey” Down to 2 tugs again as season kicks in. Must admit though they are severely overused as they standby watching a large vessel be parked/berthed on it’s own and there is not that much other shipping that requires their use. 25 years old are we looking into new vessels in the near future.

  6. JONO says:

    Paget boy…lower rates in florida in summer..high season during winter…To lightbulb….yor can easily answer your own question..very obvious..