668lb Marlin Caught In Bermuda Wins World Cup

July 6, 2013

Kevin Gaylord from North Carolina — aboard the “Blank Check” — reeled in a 668 lbs blue marlin which was the winning catch in this year’s Blue Marlin World Cup.

The tournament allows anglers anywhere in the world to enter. Teams fish for 8 hours and the heaviest blue marlin over 500 pounds takes all the winnings, which this year were in the region of $350,000.


Teams entered in Bermuda, Hawaii, Madeira, Angola, Canary Islands, Bahamas, Trinidad, French Polynesia, and the Cape Verde Islands.

Kona, Hawaii had the second heaviest fish, with the “Medusa” reeling in a 660 lbs marlin. The top Bermudian boat and crew was “Overproof”, captained by Peter Rans, who pulled in a 641 lbs marlin.

The tournament, now in its 29th year, has been won in 10 different locations around the world, however Bermuda and Hawaii are tied with the most wins and traditionally field the largest number of teams.

This is the second consecutive win for Bermuda, as last year the “Queen of Hearts”, fishing in Bermuda, won the tournament with a 768lb catch.

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  1. Rick Olson says:

    Congratulations for winning and for making a great untaxed bet in ourwonderful island .party o.

  2. amazed says:

    Woo hoo….Palm Beach NC….go there all the time LOL
    Congrats guys

    • bermudaUSMCsniper says:

      uhhh thats palm beach florida…

      • amazed says:

        Ohhhh….I thought he meant Gastonia….maybe Jacksonville