Video: Police Officers Mark Retirement Of “Arras”

July 25, 2013

[Updated with video] This morning [July 25] the police marked the retirement of “Arras”, who they said was “a dedicated K9 officer.” Having arrived in Bermuda in 2004 to start his career with Bermuda Police service, Arras has made hundreds of seizures of illegal narcotics.

The police said his most memorable seizure was one kilo of heroin and 20,000 ecstasy tablets from an airport passenger. This seizure — which had an estimated street value of over $5 million — resulted in a criminal conviction.

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Chief Inspector Calvin Smith said, “We are here today to retire K9 officer ‘Arras.’ This marks the first time in recent police history that the Bermuda Police Service has undertaken such a venture.

“It is our belief that our dogs are an integral part of our policing family and thus they should be given a fitting tribute in their retirement. ‘Arras’ has proudly served the Bermuda Police Service for almost 9 years. He is fully trained to detect illegal narcotics and firearms, track criminals or lost persons as well as apprehend criminals and protect his handler.

“He was born in Holland and completed extensive training there for the first few years of his life. At about 3 years old ‘Arras’ achieved the highest merit in his training. He then travelled to a kennel in Peru, Indiana in 2004, where he was paired with Police Constable Denise Downey, from the Bermuda Police Service.

“Together they completed 5 weeks of vigorous training and collected multiple awards at the Police K9 Olympics. In the summer of 2004, ‘Arras’ arrived in Bermuda to start his career as a Bermuda Police canine.

“Over the years ‘Arras’ has made hundreds of seizures of illegal narcotics. His most memorable seizure was one kilo of heroin and 20,000 ecstasy tablets, which were seized from a passenger off a flight at the L.F. Wade International Airport. This seizure led to an arrest and ultimately a criminal conviction. The estimated street value of this seizure was over 5 million dollars.”

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Chief Inspector Smith continued, ”‘Arras’ has a very gentle nature and the Police Service utilized this by having him attend many schools and public functions throughout the Island. ‘Arras’ was a dedicated K9 officer and provided exemplary service to the people of Bermuda.

“We would like to formally say that we have truly appreciated this hard working and diligent canine. We also would like to formally acknowledge the partnership between PC Downey and K9 officer ‘Arras.’ This is not just a partnership, it is a family.

“So today is bitter sweet as ‘Arras’ will now enjoy the bounties of retirement and PC Downey will have to contemplate life without her partner and friend. We would like to thank Constable Downey for her work and commitment with ‘Arras.’

“He is a good dog because she is a caring, loving, and compassionate owner. And for that we say thank you. We want PC Downey to take comfort in the fact that ‘Arras’ will be going to a good and loving home with the Gunn family.

“In addition, we would like to thank the Principle Customs Officer and the H.M. Customs Team that attended today’s ceremony with their canine partners,” concluded Chief Inspector Smith.

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  1. K9 Luwa says:

    Very well oragnized event, its nice to see animals getting the respect they deserve!

  2. Max says:

    Welcome Arras, enjoy your retirement. Max

  3. Think about it says:

    Very nice – good job sending him off – I know Denise will miss him.

  4. Topaz says:

    Excellent! Congratulations to K9 Officer Arras on his successful career and service to the people of Bermuda, and now onto a much deserved retirement. To his handler PC Downey, thank you for taking good care of such a fabulous dog and being a committed partner. Kudos to The Bermuda Police Service for recognizing the retirement of Arras, you continue to excel, in my opinion.

  5. Auntie Zuzu says:

    This story warms my heart! Thanks for your service Arras! May you take time to paws and enjoy your retirement as you reflect on your years of service – you deserve many more bones!

  6. Wow says:

    the BPS is really evolving, I am impressed. As a dog lover I am proud of this ceremony. It shows that service dogs bring value to our community and they are respected. BPS you are on a role as of late, keep up the good work

  7. outkasted says:

    Get him a scooby snack stat!

  8. Terry says:

    I posted something on the police site but yet no reply.
    Is this lady getting a new dog?
    If not why did she not retain control of the dog.
    Did I just answer my own question?

  9. BermudaGirl says:

    Aw, wonderful service and tribute! But why can’t the poor dog stay with his owner after all these years, Bernews?

  10. BermudaGirl says:

    Also, Arras is FOREVER going to be sniffing any bags or satchels that come into the Gunn home! If they have young kids, he will sniff out their backpacks every day after school. He will only semi-retire!

  11. Future says:

    How do you pronounce arras?

  12. Between de lines says:

    As a dog lover I think this is so cool to honor this animal. Unfortunately tho, like some members of the Bermuda Police Service, this dog is an expatriate so I see, yet it receives FAR better recognition and FAR better respect than the expatriate human officers. Why is that? BPS, you TRULY need to get your priorities right. It’s commendable to honor Arras, however, you MUST TREAT YOUR HUMAN OFFICERS WITH RESPECT AS WELL!