City Plans New Look For The Front Of City Hall

October 20, 2013

The City of Hamilton today [Oct 20] released new concept designs for the front of City Hall, which show changes including a return of the fountains.

Mayor of Hamilton Graeme Outerbridge said, “I am pleased to share that as a result of public consultation we have a direction for the new look of the front of City Hall. During a meeting held recently, concept designs were presented to the City Council. These concepts were approved.

The full concept drawings can be seen here [PDF] and one section extracted is below:

Fullscreen capture 10202013 114400 AM

“The concept design calls for fountains to be installed in the front of Hamilton’s iconic building. The exciting thing about the fountains is they can be covered when the front of City Hall is needed for events like the City Fashion Festival. The front of the building will remain a multi-purpose public space to further enhance and support community events.”

Mayor Outerbridge concluded, “We don’t have a budget or start date yet. Once these items, together with the approved plans, are put in place we will share more details.”

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  1. RawOnion says:

    Um, so remind me again why the old fountain was dug up?

    • Andros Townsend says:

      Never mind this, has that deputy mayor resigned yet?

      • Raymond Ray says:

        You’ll never have that happening as long as there’s the same Mayor.
        Now as for the design; there are several that are appealing for the City Hall entrance though I still ask, “where will all these dollars come from, isn’t the C.o.H. presently cry- ing out for dollars?”

  2. Wake up call says:

    Another waste of money…

  3. Same old same old says:

    Wow, what a bunch of incompetent twits! Didn’t you just remove the fountains to save money? You can’t make this kind of stupidity up!

  4. Family Man says:

    Ooohhh there’s a novel idea – instal fountains in the front of City Hall. Did Graeme think of that all on his own? Graeme has such amazing, innovative and creative ideas doesn’t he? He must be an incredibly successful artist in his own right.

    And those treas look so Bermudian. Are they cedar trees Graeme?

    • Raymond Ray says:

      No, I don’t believe they are but, they certainly will make a great shady spot to lay off and sip on a cold beer or a swig out of a Black Seal bottle..or maybe to even pee up against…in the day or night :-(

  5. haha says:

    So basically adding a bunch of trees…what a fu***n waste of taxpayers money!! Add a couple more trees but dats it, why do more for less?!

  6. Slim Jim says:

    What a waste of money. Why not spend the funds on resurfacing the third world roads we have in the city. These clowns need to go.

    • fasho says:

      Expensive cars have great suspension and a smooth ride, so… They have other priorities

    • Shawn says:

      I totally agree!!! Use money you have to improve the horrible road surfaces around the city….THAT MAKES MORE SENSE!!!!!!

    • Family Man says:

      It’s hard to skim much money from road resurfacing. On the other hand, new construction is ripe for the picking; design costs, materials, labour, equipment rentals, change orders ….

  7. media says:

    Seems odd that when trees have mature as seen in the artists rendition, the City Hall is somewhat obscured from street level. Part of the what make the City Hall architecture interesting is how it rises out of the ground without anything around it. Sort of looks like a forest in the drawings. Nothing against trees in the right placement though.

    • Boss Lady says:

      I thought it was just me. Like why are you gonna plant all those trees and cover up the City Hall view??? Just a waste of money. SMH

  8. Time Shall Tell says:

    So as it stands now, if there is a show on the front steps of City Hall & the front lawn is filled up you have an unobstructed view of the show from across the street. By this proposal you’ll have to try to get a glimpse through all these tress to be able see what’s going on from across the street. Besides for shows, if you want a full picture of City Hall without the use of expensive zoom camera (the kind carried by most tourist) you need to do so from across the street, looking at the proposed pictures it looks like all tourist will be able to capture a picture of now is mainly trees.

    It’s also funny how the “one” water feature was removed because it was said that it was too expensive to maintain. However looking at this proposal it looks like they plan to install not one but two new water features… Between this proposal & the proposal put forward for Court Street Park I really hope there is some hidden punch line to this joke..

  9. somuchless says:

    Remove fountain, put fountain back.
    Plant trees, remove trees.

    Omg, these clowns Are worthless.

    • Wow not to much thinking went into this project!!waste more money for putting fountains back in and planting trees..just the foilage alone falling into the fountains and, over time the roots from tree”s will crack up the fountains!!With all these lame projects on the citys books, perhaps it is time , to do away with the coperations??Can someone please tell me what has this corperation done in the last few years??Guess they will start clamping motorbikes now to find extra money!!LOL

  10. DeliverUs says:

    How much did these drawings cost? What a LOAD! Do the REAL things that need doing in Hamilton for goddsake! Why is tax money going to this crap?
    Un-f-ing-believable. Get these jokers out of office now. PLEASE. Somebody do something.

  11. 32n64w says:

    Still waiting on the Mayor’s announcement that both he and the Deputy have resigned after being found guilty of contempt. Didn’t these guys make a huge fuss about signing off and agreeing to a new Code of Conduct?

    Does their lack of action to do the honourable thing now further prove contempt for their own Code?

    Shouldn’t the CoH be spending more time figuring out how to run the city versus vanity projects and boondoggles?

    Have they no scruples?

  12. HeyBye says:

    It is so easy to waste other peoples money.
    There are more pressing matters that need attending to.
    Prioritize, like the roads and making Hamilton look better then its current shabby state.

  13. Jim Bean says:

    Its the PLP’s fault.

  14. buzz says:

    This is so Funny,,you can do anything and
    Bermudians fuss but nothing happens,,what
    a JOKE,,If i where them I’d do what they
    do Tooo,,

  15. Bugatti says:

    I know a gentleman that met with COH about a new method of fixing the roads in Hamilton so save money, they told him they have no money, wow! unbelievable.

  16. Bugatti says:

    Sorry to save them money

  17. Y-Gurl says:

    Why why why again are we allowing these clowns dictate to us what something in OUR town will look like, how about doing us all a favor and being of great assistance to Bermuda and make one big change to city hall, change the names on the offices on the inside!

  18. Stuntman says:

    @ DeliverUs

    “How much did these drawings cost?”

    Refer to the CoH minutes from June Board meeting – page 5 of 6 in this link:

    At first glance 15k spent for doodles by the summer intern and generic cut and paste images from the internet.

  19. Hawaii 5 0 says:

    pretty good diversion tactcs lately Mr Mayor and Deputy. Lets get the public to look at this and they may forget what we have done. NOT

  20. Hmmm says:

    Basically they want to leave a monument to their time, that they did something….. the City doesn’t NEED this, the CITY needs roads fixed properly…It’s DEADLY on a bike ! GET IT SORTED OR GET OUT

  21. Robert says:

    I know this is unrelated to the article, however can we all at least try to use proper grammar? Between misspellings, punctuation, and use of CAPS LOCK; it is difficult to take serious if they cannot show my eyes (and mind)some respect.


  22. Examiner says:

    Does the new look include a new administration?

  23. haha says:

    Hope it comes with a new administration…you lot are just CLOWNS looking for a paycheck

  24. Robert says:

    All of you must be “ratepayers” as this OBA\UBP dictatorship calls them .sad bunch of white bermubians, so afraid of letting go of your stolen birthright !!

    • Double Standards says:

      No black owned businesses within the CoH boundaries?

    • jack says:

      haha. bermubians! MISSPELL!! respect the eyes!!

  25. the absurdities continue says:

    If you think they ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ wait till this assinine project starts!

  26. Tolerate says:

    So the COH ‘s idea of enhancing the look of an historical building in the middle of Hamilton is to stick giant trees in front of it?
    A perfect open view on a major town street and your idea is to stick trees in front blocking the open view?
    OK, bringing back the fountain seems reasonable for the look, but I thought it was too expensive?
    Fools make themselves look stupid every time they open their mouths. This and the PLP holding OBA accountable for the Ariel Sands explosion has made my weekend.
    Both organizations are f****** idiots.

  27. Bermuda boy says:

    The Bermuda public will never agree to anything G Outerbridge and or D Smith have touched. Get out and let some real leaders take over.