PLP: Silence On Explosion Is “Unacceptable”

October 20, 2013

In a joint statement, Shadow Health Minister Zane DeSilva and Shadow Public Safety Minister Michael Scott expressed their relief that no one was hurt in the explosion while “declaring the government’s silence on the explosion at Ariel Sands as unacceptable.”

A massive explosion shook Devonshire on Wednesday night [Oct 16], blasting off part of the roof and walls of a Ariel Sands property, and shattering windows of surrounding homes.

Debris could be seen strewn across many nearby properties showing the long distances the roof pieces, electrical supplies and concrete had flown from the force of the explosion.

Security camera footage of the actual explosion:

Shadow Health Minister Zane DeSilva remarked, “Our first concern is with the people who were fortunate to escape the explosion unharmed. We hope that in the days that follow, they are comforted and supported by those of us who stand with them.”

Shadow Public Safety Minister Michael Scott added, “While we are thankful for the narrow escape of this family, we must be sure not only that it never happens again, but that no one else faces a similar danger. Police and Health and Safety responders are duty bound to provide assurance to the public, on the initial and immediate findings and we look forward to the results of their investigation.”

Slideshow of the damaged property following the explosion:

The Shadow Minister raised the following questions:

  • 1. Were propane gas cylinders involved?
  • 2. If so has the OBA government been in contact with the propane gas providers?

“The OBA has in its short period of running the country have shown absolutely no sense of accountability to the public,” said Mr Scott.

“It is not good enough that an initial statement from Government has not been forthcoming. Residents need information on the initial investigation so they can be sure what safety issues are or are not at play.”

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  1. CBA says:

    You have got to be kidding me. Now they’re blaming the OBA for this? The police should give a statement if anything, this is a private matter! If there’s a concern, the people investigating should say something, not the government!!

    • HeyBye says:

      What idiots.
      Faux Outrage,by incompetents.
      When they were the Gov,they left a lot of questionable matters for Bda to be really outraged about.

      Private residence,private matter.

      • Black Soil says:

        This is so bad that tomorrow I hope to see a statement from PLP stating that this statement was a hoax.

    • RawOnion says:

      LOl…thats the first thing I said (you have got to be $h!**ing me!!) How do you blame the OBA for this??? Zane and Michael, take a break please!!!!!

      • Black Soil says:

        I thought the PLP had a penchant for blowing up buildings with NO PLAN of replacing them. Perhaps they feel that someone is treading on their turf.

    • Inside Track says:

      Agreed. They are holding OBA responsible, let the investigation complete and we’ll learn when ready.

    • Mazumbo says:

      It was de Teliban

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Anything to get into the media…Stop it u’lot and come forward with some legitimate explanation for Bermudas deficit and then, some assistance so we may regain our reputation as a safe place for all foreigners to invest their money;(because without their dollars we’ll all remain stagnant for years to come, if we are lucky)Or even worse, a real third world island having no means of earning any monies to help, “float our boat”

    • Johnboy says:

      I completely agree!

      If anything, they should be questioning the Fire Chief for answers but only AFTER the investigation is COMPLETE!!!

  2. ginger says:

    Yeah, the PLP is worried about expats living in wealthy neighbourhoods.

    • Black Soil says:

      The PLP are doing a terrible job in inspiring people.

  3. RJ says:

    This is indeed one of he most absurd statements I have heard from the Opposition. Regardless of how unfortunate and devastating the circumstance, this is a private matter, and one which the Police and Fire Service are attending to.

    I see no need for the Government to be brought in to this. In general, it is unbecoming of the Government to comment on ongoing investigations. What is “unacceptable” is the PLP’s inclination to play politics in what is obviously a trying time for this Devonshire family. If I’m not mistaken, those involved thanked profusely the work of the Island’s first responders. I wonder what they would say now that the Opposition has thought to politicize their tragedy!

    An odd—and no doubt unwise—decision by the PLP, indeed.

  4. Where is the missing monies to PLP? Silence!

  5. Mike Hind says:

    Oh, look! Another molehill!

  6. Media says:

    I think the PLP need to learn when to just keep quiet. Who are they getting advice from?

    • Mike Hind says:

      Nobody! Didn’t you know? Getting advice means you’re weak and a puppet and shouldn’t be running the country…

  7. fasho says:

    PLP is jokes. Anybody who supports their shenanigans should be pretty embarrassed right about now.

  8. EXPress says:

    What has Government have to do with Ariel Sands Property, last i heard
    it was a private estate not public. After an explosion you have to get
    it investigated ,and i would assume that when it is done, the proper Dept.
    would update the public. If the owners want it to be public news. Saying
    that the OBA is hiding something what?. We all should be grateful that no
    one was killed, or badly hurt the the explosion. Stop mixing Government stuff with people’s private stuff.

  9. ......... says:


  10. Come Correct says:

    I thought the opposition promised to work with the current government. What the hell is this?

  11. Anne Steele says:

    How did this become a political issue? Come on PLP… I expect better of you..

  12. Sandy Bottom says:

    Well I’m never voting PLP again. REALLY!

  13. Dave says:

    Lol, PLP… F****** idiots

  14. Sparky says:

    Zane off his meds again?

    • chilli peppa says:

      Zane seems to be bored, maybe trying to justify his position??? Is this really the best you can come up with.

      1) It was a private residence not Gov property
      2) Only a few days have passed and the public has been made aware that it was a gas leak.
      3) If there is need for a public statement it would probably be done by the Fire Chief and a member of the investigation team.
      4) The investigation may not be complete yet, there were other fires this same week.
      5)Do you really want politicians informing the public about the what is going on. Seems like Bernews and other news media are doing a pretty good job of that already.

      Zane, I understand that you are part of the opposition and it is your job to oppose but c’mon …really, is this the best you can do. Is this your way of trying to get the home owners to give the rebuilding project to you?

  15. jt says:

    Can anyone really take this statement for anything other than political grandstanding? Totally absurd.

  16. The one says:

    The PLP forgot about HSWP nothing was said about that only a name change (auto salutation)

  17. Hmmm says:

    I’m shocked that the PLP have come up with this nonsense.

    Even if you are a brainwashed addict on some payroll of the PLP, you have got to start wondering what the heck you are actually supporting and in fact how much damage it is doing to the reputation of this country.

  18. Whistling Frog says:

    I bet if another one of these explosions occurs, You’d all be calling on your government to look into the companies which provide these sort of services..
    It also happens that the houses on the Ariel Sands properties are somewhat spread apart. What would have been the results if that was in a more compact populated area?
    What really went wrong with the system? Was it the regulator? or a faulty gasket? or was it just a leak? Someone was working on it as I read.
    Thank God that no one was killed..

    • Hmmm says:

      This is just you being nosey…. I would suggest gas leaked by a device not by a tank…I read that gas tanks were intact in that location. What gas devices exist? BBQ, Heater, gas power pump, oven or gas fire. Something leaked …. Other combustible material fires would cause flame soot residue and scorch marks….couldn’t see any. If you have a gas device…read the instructions…they all come with quite detailed warnings and instructions regarding maintenance. Being the people were in the house…in a contained property, it sounds like an accident. No need for Government to start WIDESPREAD PANIC like the PLP want.

  19. HumanComputer says:

    Am I reading wrong??? Surely you’re joking, Bernews! Please tell me that I’m really not reading such garbage. This is a new low even for the PLP…they’re really grasping at straws to find something to whine about. Do they honestly think we’re in danger of having homes all over Bermuda explode now???

    What do PLP supporters have to say about this nonsense?

  20. Ringmaster says:

    No comment from Christopher Famous? Must mean even he is not supporting the ridiculus faux outrage from Zane and Michael. There’s hope yet.

  21. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    Memo to the remains of the defunct plp:-

    it’s NONE of your business!

  22. O'Brien says:

    I’m all for a strong opposition, but this is ridiculous.

    It’s only been couple of days, PLP. Let the investigation take its course. Until the cause of the explosion is determined, anything the government could say is premature and likely to cause unnecessary anxiety amongst home-owners.

    Just goes to show there is nothing the new opposition can fail to turn political.

  23. Come On Man says:

    Zane Desilva are you that bored now that you have to come up with stupid statements like that. You gotta make everything a political issue. For God’s sake man give it a break.

  24. bluebird says:

    They are very concerned as they are too dumb to work out how it happened.Maybe they think it is those guys from the middle east.

  25. Bermuda boy says:

    Zane, Don’t worry about the explosion, where did all of the money go? Also, how about the planning permission?

  26. Hawaii 5 0 says:

    Zane if you are so concerned start re building the premises for FREE. I am so glad you are an expert on propane. The only sensible thing to come out of your mouth was that your happy no one was hurt. It has nothing to do with politics of EITHER party!!!!!

  27. Hawaii 5 0 says:

    sorry above also directed at the other shadow minister Scott as well

  28. islandguy says:

    Silence is one of the few words in their vocabulary,as they were silent enough while in power!!!Desperate times bring desperate satements.
    Just saying.

  29. Hudson says:

    I read this and thought – “this headline has to be a joke”. Nope. Wow. No words…

  30. Dread in a babylon says:

    The silence on how the PLP spent taxpayers money is unacceptable!

  31. haha says:

    This has to be the funniest thing um read in months!!



  32. Enquirer says:

    I voted for the PLP in 2008.
    I did not vote in 2012.
    I will vote for the OBA in the next election.
    The whining,complaining and ignorance of the present PLP,tells me to never vote for them again.

  33. Piper says:

    Hilarious. They must have a very low opinion of the electrorate.

  34. SNS says:

    What a waste of time these people are. What does the government have to do with an explosion at a private residence??!! I think they just talk to hear themselves! Womp womp womp

  35. Real Talk (original) says:

    A new all-time low brought to you by the PLP… You have got to be friggin kidding me… Perfect example of somebody talking to hear the sound of their own voice.

    It would be laughable if it wasn’t for the fact that these are the losers who used to run the country… Actually now that I think about it… explains a lot…

  36. Navin R. Johnson says:

    News flash Zane??OBA breaks silence and admits there was an explosion in Devonshire…..what do you and Weeks want them to do you two are idiots …Zane may be influenced by the full else could he be so stupid?

  37. Positive vibrations says:

    Maybe the PLP should be asking relevant questions like if all of those flags and signs on Middle Rd. Devonshire are legal.

  38. Tolerate says:

    I’m speechless. PLP can’t be serious? F****** idiots is all I can say. It’s really hard taking them serious when this is what they have to offer.
    Where the great defenders today? No Trumps, LF, Rhonda?

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      They will appear when office hours start on Monday. Then they will be at “work”.

  39. blueman tech says:

    Come on people the house blow up that is not normal, people in the house where safe , so was it a bomb or a propane gas line leak , this is a serious matter here things just don’t blow up , the people need to know fast . OBA is not the CSI

  40. Johnny says:

    These fools will defend the OBA to the end of the world. The OBA is like the republicans, only for the wealthy. They want Bermudians to believe they are working for us, However it is plain to see in their first year that their main concern is to kiss IB ass. It’s true that the PLP made mistakes, but the OBA is now punishing Bermudians for them. The PLP was robin hood, and the OBA is just robbing the hood. The oba goal is to dismantle any project aimed at helping the average bermudian. This is why all taxes for foreigners have been lowered, while Bermudians have to spend more with less pay. This is why they tried to trick us into allowing the rich IB teens to work during the summer to take the few decent summer jobs available to Bermudians. They want us to believe that the only way for Bermudas to survive is to sell ourselves (short) to IB. So they have doubled the debt in 6 months that took the PLP 14 years to amass, and have made an outrageous decision to borrow money that they think we might need in 2 years now. They clearly have no ideas on how to lower the deficit other than to borrow money. All of this so we can have trickle down economics.

    • Not buying it says:

      Your ignorance is amazing

    • Double Standards says:

      Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor.

      No too many people can claim they are better off than five plus years ago and there hasn’t been this many people on financial assistance ever.

      So the PLP even got that one wrong.

      But at least a chosen few became even richer I guess.

      PS: You can’t multiply wealth by dividing it.

    • Grand Wizzard says:

      you are officially retarded, congratulations.

      you will only convince other ignorant people of your level

    • Tolerate says:

      Sorry Johnny; but you’re a moron…. You must have clicked send on the wrong blog? Surely you comments on the dumbest accusations made by a Minister (Shadow or the real kind) is this rant you have posted; in I guess what is defense or spin because it does not address the comments made by not one BUT two drunk Shadow Ministers.

  41. Dean says:

    In my life I have never even heard of such a thing happening in Bermuda. This MUST be treated with the full attention of our government. The health and safety of our citizens is extremely important. I hate to say it but I totally agree with Zane on this one. We all need to know just what the fork happened and we need to know if there is anything which could endanger anyone else’s lives. WHY the hell did a HOUSE BLOW UP? And why isn’t the government raising holy hell about it? Was it a deliberate act? Was it a gas fault? Was it a bomb? Can it happen to my house? At least have some degree of concern that A HOUSE BLEW UP! Stop the blind party loyalty and open your damn eyes. It is clear to me that a lot of you who comment here are not capable of holding the government you voted for accountable. You are nothing but voters.

    • Juice says:

      Why Would anyone hold the government accountable for an accident that occurred on a private property? Yes, it is a very rare occurrence for Bermuda, but what would you have the government do? “Raise holy hell” over something they have zero insight into? Until the authorities can determine the cause, we cannot hold anyone accountable for anything. How about we wait until the authorities figure out what happened, and then demand answers from the government, hows that sound?

      • Zulu says:

        You start by saying it was an accident, then you say the government has no insight into the matter and lets wait for the authorities to determine the cause. Yet you are the wise s.o.a.b who already knows it was an accident. Y
        Raising holy hell means putting the pressure on to ensure that the cause is determined and that we find out asap. Holding the government accountable does not mean holding them at fault, it means ensuring that they are concerned about our safety and that they are vocal about it. Remember the complaint is about their deafening SILENCE more than anything which is indeed unacceptable. Dean is right. We shouldn’t just pretend that a house blowing up is business as usual. If the house of parliament blew up do you think they’d be silent? Well any house blowing up is a cause for concern; at least I happen to think so.

    • Not buying it says:

      Your ignorance is amazing

    • jt says:

      Dean said: “in my life I have never heard of such a thing happening” – exactly the point. No need to panic and no reason to think the masses are suddenly in danger of being randomly blown up.
      There is an investigation under way to find out just “what the fork happened”. One might expect a statement from investigators if and when they determine the cause, but it is not for government to comment on or intervene in.

      Utterly ridiculous position taken by the PLP – shameful really.

    • aceboy says:

      Do you use gas for cooking? If so you better have the cylinders checked regularly. That is not the responsibility of government. That is YOUR responsibility. Take charge of your own life and stop thinking government is responsible for everything.

      • Zulu says:

        Don’t confuse accountability TO with responsibility FOR. Please don’t be moronic, #1 you don’t know that it was a gas fault, #2 the government should not be SILENT about a HOUSE BLOWING UP!!! Are you freaking serious? They should the the FIRST to express concern on behalf of the citizenry to ensure that the authorities look into the matter thoroughly. Don’t assume that things are always given the attention they deserve without pressure. Silence says you don’t care, and that is pretty bad.

    • blueman tech says:

      Dean iam on your page things just don’t blow up its house we are talking about here , Health and safety of the citizens is important , a few days too long what happen and why

  42. aceboy says:

    I recall a car being set on fire belonging to a former PLP minister who had made the mistake of speaking out, we got one story and were told the matter was under investigation. Nothing since.

    Well done on this incident though PLP. Keep it up. You are your own worst enemy.

  43. Mr. Meoff says:

    Hey Zane, before you spout off at de mouth, are all your fancy flying advertising flags legal as they distract motorists along Middle Road Devonshire? You and the rest of your lame party need to look within. This is a PRIVATE MATTER. When the investigation is complete the cause will be known.

  44. Juice says:

    BTW, contrary to what weve all seen in the movies, It is very difficult to get propane tanks to explode and they certainly do not explode on their own. Ask BDA Gas for more info if you need piece of mind.

  45. jussayin says:

    seriously? this could have happened to anyone. The main concern should be being thankful that no one was injured. i’m sure people are curious as to how it happened but it’s more the job of the gas companies to give advice on how to make sure it doesn’t happen anywhere else.



  47. woah says:


  48. American Zero says:

    A young boy fell from his bike this weekend and cut up his knee…THE OBA HAS SAID NOTHING ABOUT THIS!

    Simply unacceptable!


    Shadow Minister of Ridiculous

  49. East Ender says:

    These PLP jokers must be kidding.
    They obviously don’t read a thing and must obviously need something to make noise about.
    There is an investigation that is ongoing into the root cause of the explosion and it has already been said that “There were gas pokets in the house.”
    The OBA have bigger problems that the PLP helped create to deal with and this is a job for the BDA Fire service investigators.
    They will report their findings when they have completed their investigation.
    Keep politricks out of this one.

  50. Islander says:

    Zane please sit down and STFU!

  51. Leaper says:

    These guys must watch TV with their noses pressed to the screen. Seeing the picture one pixel at a time seems to be their comfort zone…

  52. Rockfish#1and#2 says:

    I expected more from Scott, but this is pure lunacy, even by Zane’s standards.

    When the investigation is complete, the conclusions should be made public. Let the professionals do their job.

    Zane and Michael are getting desperate.

  53. ed says:


  54. islandguy says:

    Wondering if Zane would like to defend himself!
    Never mind it probably wont be sensible….

  55. david says:

    could it be that he didn’t get the Plywood contract for the rebuild?

  56. Victor says:

    Is Michael Scott having Hot Flashes and therefore the concern?

  57. Both parties speak the truth says:

    Both parties need to speak to truth to the Bermudian,and stop hideing stuff from us like they are the only ones that live in bda, they keep used this REDTAPE bull**** so we cant understand what they mean.And u east ender oba is just ubp cover up they are the ones that stared everything.