Photos & Video: Fire Onboard 26-Foot Boat

December 2, 2013

[Updated: Two people were on the boat when it caught fire at 9.10am, one person jumped off into the water.]

Black smoke can be seen pouring into the air in the Hamilton Parish area this morning [Dec 2] due to a boat fire that started at sometime around 9.00/9.30am in the Burchall’s Cove area.

Personnel from both the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service and the Police Service have responded to the scene. Details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 10.09am: The actual fire has been extinguished.

Update 2.47pm: A video statement from Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service’s Acting Divisional Officer Colin Swan is posted below. He said the 26-foot boat caught fire at about 9.10am, and was “well involved” in fire.

Two fire vehicles and eight personnel responded, and there were no injuries.

Unofficial reports indicated that two people may have been on the boat, and Mr Swan confirmed that at least one individual jumped off the boat into the water when it caught fire.

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  1. sigh says:

    Pains me when i see a boat on fire. I dont know why it could not have been put out sooner before it got that bad. when i get my boat i am making shure I have fire equiment. what a kitten jumps into the water and let her burn. does not desurve to have a boat.

    • boatenthusiast says:

      don’t always go off of assumptions by what little write-up they’ve published. the owner of the vessel tried to get to the fire equipment but couldn’t because that’s the area where the fire started. either they abandon or get killed trying to save a boat.

      • sigh says:

        Thanks you for you added information. This is a lesson for me. I will never let this happen to me.

        • hmmmm says:

          Never say never… That was my uncles boat. Believe you me if there was any individual that would’ve been prepared to deal with an issue on a boat it was him. He’s been on the water for over 55 years and took meticulous care of all his boats over the years. Sometimes in life $#!* happens and there’s just nothing that you can do about it but keep your head up and keep pushing.

          I hope he gets back on his feet quickly.