Art Mel’s Fish Sandwich Named “Best On Earth”

February 26, 2014

A food critic’s website has offered up some heavy praise for Bermuda’s Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy, naming the restaurant’s fried fish sandwiches the “best fried sandwich on Earth.”

According to a review posted on the website of, “This summer, I discovered the best fried fish sandwich on earth. It’s a bold statement, and I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with any of the fish sandwiches that you bring to the table.

“You’ll only be able to find this crispy fish sandwich in Bermuda and you probably won’t find the restaurant when you’re on the island, but it’s worth venturing out to.

“Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy is a local Bermudian hotspot serving absolutely enormous, amazingly delicious fried fish sandwiches. It’s nestled in a local neighborhood and is very off the beaten path for the average tourist

“Although they have an expansive menu, let’s get into the details of their most popular, brilliant fish sandwich.

“It’s served on freshly baked, super soft, sliced raisin bread. The fish is absolutely fresh snapper, skinned and cut into small strips. It’s dredged in flour and a secret spice mix and flash fried in soy bean oil. It’s packed high, higher, highest with the crisp fried fish, and it’s finished with homemade tartar sauce and coleslaw.

“If you’re in Bermuda and feeling adventurous, I can promise you that you will never, ever regret eating at Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy.”

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  1. BDA_Speaks says:

    like this

  2. Johnboy says:

    I’m getting mine now!!

  3. Dreamcatcher says:

    This is what DOT needs to be using in advertising…….not gambling.

  4. Cow Polly says:

    Damn……. the secret’s out.

  5. HeyNay!! says:

    Kudos too Butch and Fam!!!! It’s about time those famous delicious fish sandwiches were put on the map!!! I like it when visitors get to taste and see the real Bermuda. This is the real Tourism product. Us.

  6. nuffin but the truth says:…wonder how many people have heard of this until now.

  7. Real Talk says:

    Definitely not real snapper – I seen them bringing boxes of frozen Talapia from the Philippines right through the front door! Just saying…

    I’m a Somerset man and I will admit Black Horse in St. David’s is the real deal!

    Congrats to Butchy though – not trying to be a hater!

    • Paul says:

      Is this the talipia that is fed human feces ?

    • Ahhhhh? says:

      I live in St. David’s and Black Horse may have dad the best sandwiches some years ago………….before they started delivering the frozen boxes down there too! The best sandwiches is at Woodies in Somerset hands down. Like I said I am an eastend girl but got to keep it real:)

      • Mazumbo says:

        Ya woodies carries de swing and de restaurant down St. Georges just before you go up de hill(when they have local fish)

      • Whistling Frog says:

        All of you are mistaken… The best local fish sandwiches are at Keith’s Kitchen out BAA field… Way better then them mile high Tilapia sandwiches you all are talking about…

    • You are kidding me.. says:

      Your comparing black horse fish sandwich to art Mel’s fish sandwich ? Something is defenatly wrong here,or your taste buds pulling your leg……

  8. Serious Though says:

    calling for one now!

  9. San George says:

    Good for you Butch!

  10. Fresh Fish says:

    How could the fish be fresh if it is imported, most likely from some fish farm. They used to be good sandwiches. The last time I got one it was more batter than fish. I haven’t been back since. Well done on the publicity Art Mel. Internationally recognized.

  11. BobTheBuilder says:

    I guess that concretes the myth that well seasoned fish can pass as local fish. Anyways thumbs up to art mels. half is filling. whole is a nice nap.
    Seaside grill also has nice sandwiches. Good competition.

  12. Hmmm says:

    Definately top drawer.

  13. We Say says:

    Art Mel’s is also listed on with really excellent & interesting reviews…along with several other Bermudian restaurants/eateries. Well done Art Mel’s!

  14. foolishness says:

    Fresh snapper…lmao..

  15. Agree says:

    Yes seaside grill has well fish sandwiches too

  16. ABM says:

    To bad the fish is not fresh caught snapper as the article suggests. Those that know know.

    Still the best on the planet though!

  17. TOY says:


  18. swing voter says:

    Its not local fish but its still good. Its not Tilapia either as that particular species is not as fleshy and only yields thin fillets and has an after-taste that I can’t stand….Butch beats them all! BTW the eastend lost their status after Dennis passed (RIP).

  19. Bay says:

    when i was working Butterfield and Vallis Butch used to be there at least three times a week buying the imported fish that was grouper at the time. Now he has changed to a different product but def not local #facts

    Mind you the fish sandwiches are on point but dont say it local

  20. Free rashun says:

    Ovcourse wa you mean even parkside guys go over 42 for a fish sandwich

  21. paul says:

    what a joke,,,not even bda fish

  22. paul says:

    take a piece of fish out the sandwich and taste it,,, tasteless

  23. clearasmud says:

    Rumour has it that a new restaurant around the “Curve” will be opening soon that will only sell fresh fish sandwiches and Arabian on Court Street is also set to reopen soon so the fish sandwich wars are heating up. LOL!

  24. paul says:

    its the size that gets people

  25. Dominque says:

    Thanks for the comments. i was going to go just now and try their fish sandwich but the comments about it not being freshed swayed me.

  26. realist says:

    Im just saying the fish sandwhichs up at crawl club r well too.

  27. Vote for Me says:

    Art Mels is also on Water Street in St. George’s.

    Seaside Grill also have excellent fish nuggets. Got to get up to Woody’s to try a fish sandwhich!!

    • Annie says:

      I remember the first time I had one of those sandwiches. I was young, just starting my first job and my manager treated everyone to their sandwiches. He came back and I looked at it and saw it had coleslaw on it and was thinking ‘Ick’ because I’d never had coleslaw on a sandwich before. Well, I had that first bite and I was in pure Heaven…I had never tasted such a delicious fish sandwich before and the coleslaw was the icing on the cake. I could only eat half of it because it was so big. Yum, yum, yum…I was in love ever since!

      • Annie says:

        BTW: I find the Water St. location isn’t as good as the ones from up Second. The first time I had one there it was great. The next couple of times they had definitely gone downhill. It tasted like the oil was off or something and someone else told me they had been left disappointed with the Water St. location as well. Maybe they’re doing something differently from the main restaurant but they need improving.

        Also, when it comes to fish dinners the absolute BEST place is Spotlight Cafe. Their fish is even better than Art Mel’s IMO. It is consistently good-I have NEVER had bad fish from there and the potato salad that comes with the meal is do delicious I can’t even begin to describe it. The only downside is that the line is literally out the door so you have to be prepared to wait but their fish dinners are to die for!!!

  28. Yes I says:

    When they where down the ‘second’ now that was the real deal!! Black horse was good, but not as good as Art Mel’s or Aunt Mel’s as many used to think!!!

  29. Terry says:

    Just like any fresh snapper… have to tickle and massage it just right.
    No lemon.

  30. Small minded BDAians are jokers says:

    Well This is it…People will aways have sopmething to say.

    Here’s the in…Art-Mels was estiblished over 15 years ago serving strickly LOCAL FISH. These amazing fish sandwiches,orders and dinners became soooo successful once tasted the name grew and Art-Mels became know for its signature fish.

    Fish at Art-Mels was such a demand that the local suppliers could not keep up with the demand.. At this point the owner Mr. Arthur Smith had to find a solution. So he endeouvered to find a supplier that could meet the demand.

    Needless to say -…Good cooking od good cooking…for all of you who don’t know most resturants on the island serve the SAME inported fish a few select place MAY serve genuine BDA fish on occasion.

    Now you are in the know…some of ou comments are so silly, “Talapia from the Philippines”…don’t kiil me…..Hater in disguise…SHM…


    • Ha! says:

      Lol! Come on man! Couldn’t keep up with the demand?! Are you seriously claiming that they couldn’t find enough local fish?! Stop it man!!! He wanted to maximize his profit, period! Buy low and sell high….nothing more and nothing less! Can’t knock him for that but let’s be honest!

  31. Patricia says:

    I have to agree with Fresh Fish. The last time I had one of their sandwiches they were more batter than fish. I used to like their sandwiches too. Not anymore. Congratulations to them on the publicity but it always seems that when a business begins to “make it” their standards begin to decline.

  32. Lois says:


    • Family Man says:

      Sounds like the beginning of a libel action there Lois.

      You might want to start developing a taste for dog food because fish will be an extravagance you wont be able to afford.

  33. FAN says:

    Stop all the negativity. Those fish sandwiches are well!! even if the fish is imported. If it were local fish, we would not be able to afford the sandwiches. I certainly order mine quite often. Great job Art Mel’s. Keep up the good work (or should I say “keep up the good fish sandwiches”.

  34. Youngbda says:

    You all make me laugh, so what if they do not use fresh snapper or not, this is good news and some of you are so quick to criticize. They do have the best fish sandwiches. I am happy to see a local business get recognized on a global level. Keep up the good work.

    • Ruthless says:

      Best reply so far! We will never learn our importance in helping Bermuda as a tourist destination! If a tourist comes to the island an says it’s the BEST then only positive comments from then on in!

  35. bluebird says:

    First of all 90% of all fish consumed in Bermuda is “IMPORTED”
    Second of all the fish imported if it has been here long enough to get Bermuda Status it is Bermuda Fish.

    • Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

      Does the fish have to go to immigration to be allowed to stay in Bermy?

  36. Food for thought says:

    Congrats to Art Mel’s staff,
    I remember the two guys that came to me at the concierge desk at Elbow Beach and want to get fish sandwiches I told them about Mel’s were we always get them from and that they will have to take a taxi there and back? I ordered the sandwiches for them and then one of my front desk colleague who was going there anyway took them there and brought them back. This is what we do on a daily basic sell Bermuda and take care of our guest.
    We are locals and know how to sell Bermuda to our guests ending them to the best on the island.

  37. Really says:

    Art Mela rocks why because they are simply delicious always consistant and been around for ages they do it well and will continue to do so .

  38. Really says:

    Oh by the way they do not use tilapia

  39. Rumforbreakfast says:

    As much as i like Art Mels I’m going to weigh in with a vote for Black Horse’s fish sandwich. I have never been served imported Fish. It’s usually wahoo and is a big portion of meaty fish in a light crisp batter. Absolutely perfect. LOVE.

    • George says:

      Gotta agree with you there! I am not sure what other posters criteria are for a ‘good fish sandwich’ but a sizable portion of fresh fish in a lightly seasoned batter with fresh bread should be the basics. Sorry to say but Art Mel’s doesn’t even produce this these days, the Black Horse still does!

  40. Wayadumb says:

    Congrats to Art Mel’s!!!! Well deserved , I’m from west n I go up the 2nd to get my Butch’s fish sandwich. Then come back west n tease people.lmao

  41. Proud to be Bermudian says:

    Congrats to Art Mel’s and he does make the BEST fish sandwich in the world.

  42. Johnboy says:

    I hadn’t had one for a while and with all the fuss I went up there and got 1 today. Nothing exciting – I think Paraquet sandwiches taste better although they are half the size!

    Good advertising though…..

  43. Cardine Alice says:

    Is the reason they don’t use local fish because it’s too expensive? This is the first island I have lived on where local fish/seafood is so expensive and rare. (Perhaps because no fishing industry?)

  44. nuffin but the truth says:

    Large Cod n Chips please,salt n vin,n leave them open please..Ta.

  45. Common Sense says:

    Kudos to Art Mel’s for the fabulous publicity for Bermuda and for their fish sandwiches. Have never tried them before but will certainly do so now.

    Whenever my family wants a world class fish sandwich we always head for the Black Horse, and not only have we NEVER been disappointed, we’ve even noticed they have recently been better than ever. And the last sandwiches we had at Black Horse were definitely fresh local wahoo.

    Rather than taking anyone else’s word for it I firmly believe in checking things out for myself so I’ll be trying the fish sandwiches at Art Mel’s soon. However, they will have a lot to live up to if they want to compare with Black Horse.

  46. brutus says:

    There is local fish anywhere and U get some at a restaurant U need to big bucks for that..most of the time u get talapia drenched in old grease

  47. To much MSG says:

    Uses too much MSG

  48. paul says:

    fuel prices are high for fisher man

  49. Alvin Williams says:

    I am a regular customer of art-mels; just goes to show that Bermudians
    are the back bone of their country and the tourist industry and speaking of tourists; There is a art-mels in the town of St. Georges.

  50. X man says:

    Art Mel’s is good but I think that Angeline’s in St.George’s is better — all Bermuda Fish everytime
    The guy Chunka the powerboat raceer place in Northshore Devonshire I rate better than Art Mels too!
    Matiga Bakery at Barracks Hill St.Georges run by Johny Ming makes a good Fish Sandwhich too”
    Just my oppinion .

  51. Come Correct says:

    Few years ago I was checkin this girl, went art mels to get fish sandwiches for dinner, about 20 minutes later got that c@tty lol damn good fish sandwiches. I rate seaside too.

  52. TOY says:

    Fresh baked raisin bread? lol

  53. BermudaGirl says:

    Try the fish at Ocean View Golf. Yum!!!