Samuelsson: Art Mel’s Sandwich Is “Perfection”

June 24, 2014

Marcus-SamuelssonCelebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson had high words of praise for Art Mel’s, saying they have the “biggest and best fried fish sandwich” which he called “perfection”.

The culinary star also had words of praise for The Spot, Tavern By The Sea, Urban Cottage, as well as the “the welcoming friendliness of the people in Bermuda.”

The Ethiopian-born, Swedish-raised chef served as the guest chef for the first State Dinner held by President Barack Obama, is the youngest chef to ever receive two three-star ratings from The New York Times, and appears as a judge on the Food Network.

Earlier this month he opened a two month pop-up restaurant, Samuelsson at HP at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess hotel, and will also create the hotel’s new signature restaurant overlooking the harbour, which is set to open in May 2015.

In an interview with Forbes, Chef Samuelsson said, “I always noticed the welcoming friendliness of the people in Bermuda and the positive and happy energy.”

“Different cultures and ingredients inspire the way I cook every day, and I was excited to create a new menu through this country’s lens. I have really enjoyed getting to know Bermuda and am excited to be a part of the landscape there.”

Speaking on the island’s food scene, he said: “Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy has been around in Bermuda for years and started as a roadside stand offering famous fish sandwiches. This is the biggest and best fried fish sandwich I have ever had. And with cheese and coleslaw and a ginger beer, it is perfection.”

“The Spot is another one of my favorites because of how it really caters to the locals,” he added. “It’s in Hamilton and has been around for 70 years; it’s one of the last authentic Bermudian diners. I love the Indian codfish and potatoes for lunch.”

Chef Samuelsson also said that Tavern By The Sea is “great to sit and watch the boats go by,” praised the shopping available at Urban Cottage, and said he enjoyed beaches including Warwick Long Bay and Horseshoe Bay Beach.

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  1. Tell me again says:

    Wow. Fantastic comments. We do have a lot of great restaurants in Bermuda and home cooks.

  2. gee says:

    Congratulations Bermuda!

  3. Abbi Lee says:

    Great News and Hats Off to those restaurants that recieved his compliments. Well deserved.

  4. Doug says:

    that sandwich is unreal

  5. Bermy Fish says:

    This gentleman has obviously never had a fish sandwich from woody’s in boaz island. They actually have fresh bermuda fish and not farm raised fish. I agree art Mel’s seasons theirs very well and has great fresh bread but a “traditional” fish sandwich should at least include bermuda fish. Just saying

    • Bermuda Man says:

      What is Bermuda fish? Fish swim! The same Wahoo, Tuna and Rockfish you catch can be caught swimming in Miami or in the Carribean a few months later.

      • pwndwg says:

        Maybe tuna and wahoo but not likely rockfish. BDA is like an oasis in the Sargasso Sea and many of our yellowfin and blackfin tunas and wahoo may spend most of their maturity within our EEZ where food is relatively plentiful. Our groupers are mostly locally born and bred and that may be why their populations haven’t bounced back decades after the fish pot ban. Nassau groupers were once our most abundant fishery but they don’t seem to have been able to regain the critical mass necessary for the mass breeding aggregations that gave groupers their name.

  6. Dee James says:

    Congrats Art Mel’s agree with Samuelsson your fish sandwich is the best the quality remains the same always enjoy keep it up.

  7. BlueFamiliar says:

    I’m glad he’s had a great experience here in Bermuda, and that he’s talking the Island up.

    Thanks, Chef Samuelsson

    • Enough already about fish sandwiches.Let’s see who makes the best Fish cakes.Chef Samuelsson, There’s only room for one Fish cake king in this tiny island.I’ll see you in the kitchen, and may the best chef win.

  8. Franklin jr says:

    He shoulda had it a few years ago, Art Mel’s hasn’t been the same lately

  9. Johnboy says:

    I happen to think Paraquet and Arabian Chicken make good fish sandwiches.

    Art Mels’ are large however but I’ve tasted better.

    I’ll wait for the hate!

    • Danielle says:

      Woody’s are the best.
      I don’t know what it is about Art Mel’s sandwiches, but they send me straight to the bathroom. Haven’t eaten them since the last episode. Just saying.

  10. Think... says:

    i gotta agree…Woody’s wahoo fish sandwich is one of the best. You just cant compare swai catfish with bda fish…there’s a huge difference in taste.

    • Kunta says:

      Its pathetic an Island surrounded by water and we bring in imported fish, that’s like Texas importing beef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. MrsGreen says:

    Look up!

  12. Chaos Theory says:

    Agggghhh. Bermudians and their fish sandwiches.

    All I can say, none of you byes has tried MY fish sandwich, and if you did, you would know it is the best fish sandwich on the island

    :) :)

    Written as humour, but still true !!!!!

  13. Common Sense says:

    This is excellent positive publicity for Bermuda. It should help us to realize how lucky we are to live in Bermuda and to appreciate the good things in life that can so easily taken for granted. Congratulations to Art Mel’s for receiving such high praise, and also The Spot restaurant. I have a feeling that Mr Samuelsson may not have had the opportunity to visit the Black Horse Tavern in St. David’s during his time in Bermuda because in my humble opinion they make the finest fish sandwich in the universe – with fresh local wahoo.

    Perhaps he can visit both Black Horse and Woody’s next time he visits Bermuda to see that we can find hidden jewels from one end of the Island to the other.

    • pwndwg says:

      Um, Black Horse buys plenty imported frozen fish. I guess if it’s not in the sandwiches, they must use it in de chowder…

  14. Ameboa says:

    I have been disappointed twice in a row with Art Mels and the two visits were far and inbetween. I went to Fish Hut. . I want to give Art Mels a third try but I am afraid too and as for Woody’s their Fish sandwiches are the BOMB umm never had a bad experience there. On a different note has anyone notice how many other eateries now have Wahoo nuggets on their menu that are “FRESH” some that I have tried where at Specialty Cinema, Mr. Chicken(Hamilton) and Snorkel Park …DELICIOUS. I haven’t ventured East yet but if anyone knows of an Eatery that serves fresh wahoo nuggets I will be happy to support that business.

    • Costello says:

      If u wanna give another fish sandwich a try, go down Seaside Grill, nice local fish and big sandwiches. They have to up their seasoning, but nice! As for wahoo nuggets, Seaside Grill have nice ones and down east obviously go Wahoo’s for their wahoo nuggets!!

    • YUP says:

      Best fish nuggets came from…………………………St Geo Cricket club……what was the name again……..

      Someone help me out here cause wasn’t nuffin on this rock better than them nuggets bie!!! HAd guys comin from Dockyard all the way down there on they lunch for them tings bie!!!!!!

  15. Rumforbreakfast says:

    Black Horse fish sandwich…… Mmmmmmmmmmmm…… THE best.

  16. Kiskadee says:

    The food at Tavern by the sea in St George is very good but a staff member is rude to both locals and tourists . I have heard so many negative comments about him .

  17. HEY DIS BIE HERE says:

    Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn we dont need no professional to tell us that his fish samiches is vell!!! Art Mel is a PROFESSIONAL!!!…sheesh recognize your own people

    • PBanks says:

      Samuelsson isn’t telling the story for *us*, he’s telling it to a global audience who may be enticed to visit Bermuda.

  18. Harry Buttle says:

    The great fish sandwich debate! The best thing is that if you’re in the east, west or central parishes you’re not far from a good pile of fish food.

  19. MFTR says:

    I have to agree that Art Mel’s has the best fish sandwiches, but has anyone had one from Sea Side on North Shore??!!! OMG!!! Fresh Fish is an understatement!

    • Tom says:

      If you read SeaSides menu clearly you’ll see that they offer fresh bda fish and also forign fish. Its your choice of what you want. Seaside’s owner owns a commerical fishing boat that provides the restaurant with local fish…
      Oh and what your eating up artmels is fresh?? Haha artmels has had bermuda thinking for years hes had fresh bda fish. He selling swai imported from vietnam…

  20. Cushywooshy says:

    Why do I not hear any good things about the new restaurant those Fireman opened up on Northshore by Clay House…. Sea Breeze. I enjoy there sandwiches as I am tired of my husband acting like Art Mels is the only fish sandwich place on the island. Those Fireman did a good job.

    • Ann says:

      Thank you for your comments but just to clarify, the fireman does NOT own SEASIDE GRILL on North Shore next to the old Clay House Inn. The Inferno Club above the restaurant is owned by the fireman.

  21. pwndwg says:

    Art Mels is tasty but 3 times too big to get in your mouth unless you’re a hippo and don’t mind getting covered in kraft and mayo. Pretty sure it’s not local fish. Black Horse uses a lot of imported wahoo and rockfish and I think their sandwiches are too dry nowadays. I think that we should be supporting local fishermen and local bakers and chefs who offer high quality local food that’s fresh and tasty. Local rockfish are overfished but there’s plenty of local wahoo year round and local tuna is available for much of the year. Selling cheap farmed tilapia and catfish that are fed crap (literally) pellets and hormones and pretending that they’re local fish is a crime.

  22. Joonya says:

    The wahoo sandwich that Latin catering/Victoria Grill does is vicked too.

  23. Wow wow says:

    Wait til he gets a taste of local fish! And I don’t mean fish from the ocean either…….wink wink!!!!

  24. I'm just saying...... says:

    What about that lady out dev rec she had good fish too. sad she is not their any more.

  25. X man says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh – want one now — so doggone big that I can only eat half!
    Although I generally get my Fish Sandwich from Angeline’s in St.Georges because the Cook/Owner Wessley Furbert only uses Bermuda Fish – but I rate Artmels for having the best Bread and the Most Fish. – the Seaside owned by the Powerboat Racer is Good too!
    Love this story!

  26. swing voter says:

    fish chowder anyone?

  27. Tom says:

    SEASIDE GRILL’S Wahoo Fish Sandwich is the bomb!! OMG I want one now……

  28. donneika says:

    Hmm. Kinda funny how this comes out after Seaside Grill wins best of Bermuda award for fish sandwich. I BET if he tried theirs he would have had good comments too.
    Everytime when i used to eat artmels i always ended up with a stomach ache. But come to find out he drowning his batter with MSG season thats not good for you!

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