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February 17, 2014

The organisers of the petition calling for a referendum on casino gambling have extended the deadline, and have let the public know the petition is still available for signing both online and at various locations around the island.

During the run up to the 2012 General Election, the OBA pledged to hold a referendum, and in November 2013, the Government tabled the Referendum Act 2013.

However, in December 2013 Premier Cannonier announced that instead of holding a referendum on gambling, the matter will be decided by a vote in Parliament.

Last month a group — consisting of including former Independent political candidate Jonathan Starling, former UBP Leader Kim Swan,  BEST Chairman Stuart Hayward and Michael Ashton — announced a petition drive calling for a referendum to be held.

Mr. Starling said, “We’ve received such a positive reception from the people, especially with additional news stories that have been coming out relating to casino gambling and the way it’s been handled by the Government so far, that we’ve decided to continue the petition longer than we originally envisioned.

“Quite a few people have also indicated that they wanted to give the Government the opportunity to complete their ‘public education campaign’ on this issue, and with one being postponed until later this month, and an additional one being put on by the youth wing of the OBA as well, we thought it would make sense to allow people to attend these meetings, question the Government representatives, and decided whether or not to sign the petition as a result.

“I would also like to stress that we are vetting the signatures with the parliamentary registrar. This is a rather labour-intensive process, but we felt it to be the right thing to do, to ensure that the signatures are genuine voters.

“While most of the signatures so far have been collected on the offline sheets, there is an online petition that people can sign too. This is available online.”

The online petition [link] states:

We believe that the issue of gambling is best decided by an informed and educational process leading up to a neutrally worded referendum question on the issues. We call on the Government to return to its commitment to a referendum on gambling.

We, the undersigned, registered voters of Bermuda, hereby petition the Premier and the Government of Bermuda to hold a referendum on the legalization of casino gambling in Bermuda, using a neutral question ‘do you support the legalization of casino gambling in Bermuda?

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  1. wondering says:

    Where do we get these people from? Where are the credible persons who truly care for Bermuda opposed to ill will?


    these appear to be people who have an axe to grind in order to gain notoriety to feed their egos – I want my name to be remembered but just for remembrance sake…..protesting for protesting sake because they are either no good at anything else or too lazy to get a real job!!!

  2. pebblebeach says:

    Give it a rest please…

  3. I'll be at the craps table... in Vegas!! says:

    These guys need a new hobby. Do they plan on holding fund raisers to come up with the money for said referendum

  4. Petition Signer says:

    Amazingly “Wondering” must still in wilderness of wonderers and in an unhappy state of mind.

    Lashing out mean comments to the volunteers, whose thankless job, along side their regular jobs, have undertaken this massive task, so our individual voices will be heard, will only be tolerated by a few of the negative troll.

    “Wondering” be careful what you wish for, your vile comments may just engage more people to come out and sign the petition, I hope you all garner over 10,000 signatures.

    Yea, they have an axe to grind, an axe with this present government that make promises then renege for alleged personal gain.

    We voted them in for transparency and they are making a mockery of our support.

    • haha says:

      There not in it for personal gain, you’ve just been brainwashed to think that lmao.

  5. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    Gambling is a done deal//GAME SET and MATCH!

  6. Myrtle Beach says:

    Please don’t give up! Thank you all, especially Stuart Hayward and Kim Swan. I know them personally and know they are not in it for themselves, but all of us Onions.


  7. in the know says:

    Clearly this petition is a waste cause tgis is yhe second time they have extended their deadline so clearly no one is signing this petition. Now if the have any one sign thus petition its the people who clearly already are against having gaming in Bermuda.


      Not true at all. I’m leaning in support of gaming, handled properly and signed the petition because it stands for all voices to be heard, and I didn’t vote for the PLP.

  8. Sick B says:

    I wouldn’t sign it for the life of me. Go away you 4. There are better things to petition for. I am just waiting for one of these 4 to meet face to face, but they seem to choose VERY LOW pedestrian traffic area’s.

  9. Terry says:

    Mr. Starling is a self proclaimed Communist Marist Stalinist.

    What else do you expect.

  10. O'Brien says:

    Where do I sign to make Jonathan Starling go away?

  11. Tree Hugger says:

    The people that have not signed are people who want jobs and that obviously out numbers those that don’t want jobs. Is there not a tree somewhere for this dude to go hug???

  12. karma says:

    I just dont understand why its such a bif deal tI these fools about gambling! Ppl gamble all over the world it will definitely bring more money to the island! The people who dont want casino just stay away from them simple! Some ppl in this island need to wake up and smell the roses! The world is changing and bermuda need to change to! Truthfully other then the beautiful beaches what does bermuda have to offer that other islands dont!? Nothing!!!! If I didnt live here and I did my research on a island to visit it definitely wouldnt be bermuda! There is absolutely nothing to do….. swim n drink thats about it….sad but true…