Woman Denies Confrontation With Customs

May 12, 2014

In Magistrates Court this morning [May 12], Ms Shellicia McKenzie-Simons pleaded not guilty to charges with stemming from an alleged confrontation at LF Wade International Airport on 9th May 2014.

Ms McKenzie-Simons, 24, pleaded not guilty to failing to comply with directions given by a Customs Officer who suspected that she was in possession of goods that had not been declared to Customs, obstructing a Customs Officer, escaping lawful custody and assaulting police officers.

Represented by lawyer Philip Perinchief, Senior Magistrate Archie Warner set trial for August and granted Ms McKenzie-Simons bail of $2,000.

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Sooooo…did she actually have anything after all of that?

  2. And ... says:

    First, did she have any contraband and second what were the exact instructions given to her?

  3. X man says:

    Airport Customs – a bad nightmare for many a Tourist – thats why my Overseas friends come here by Cruise Ship.
    Costoms hasn’t said if they found anything illegal on the young Lady to make so much fuss about.
    More than likely a clash of attitudes.

  4. Hmm... says:

    It doesn’t mention anything illegal, it says she was suspected to be in possession of goods that weren’t declared… meaning they thought she went shopping and didn’t write down everything she bought. Then probably a clash of attitudes prompted the alleged obstructing a Customs Officer, escaping lawful custody and assaulting police officers.

    I’ve had terrible treatment by customs officers after declaring hundred of dollars worth of goods, with them insisting on seeing receipts, which I produced. They were looking for a reason to make me pay more, searching in my wallet for undeclared receipts, delighted to find one, then upset after realizing it was from a restaurant. It’s unfortunate it went this far, usually they’ll just add up your undeclared items and send you back in line to pay.

  5. mmmm says:

    The girl Probably forgot to declare a pair of shoes and now is being charged to $2000.
    The people who they should target, never get searched.

    Bermuda Customs – The only place were you feel unwelcomed after a lovely vacation.

  6. Customs officer hater says:

    Been through it all myself…went court n judge threw the case out cause he knows how stupid them people act…I would call names but bernews prolly won’t post my comment…But.the Collector of customs needs to sort his over aggressive staff out…they forget they don’t live at the airport…gotta leave sometime n face The REAL world.

  7. Attitude says:

    The Ministers of Finance, Tourism and Economic Development should take the time to run a one day workshop about customer service and also the importance of red carpet treatment to everyone arriving at LF Wade International Airport.

    During the 14 year PLP Administration there are numerous reported incidents when Customs and Immigration Officers were allowed to throw their weight around and bully guests and locals on arrival and this really needs to be resolved as the attitude of many frontline Customs and Immigration staff is completely unacceptable.

    Hopefully we will look into how these particular Government staff interact with the public to ensure this does not happen again, irrespective of whether or not an arriving local or guest is uncooperative, tired or frustrated after a flight and then made to face the all too often rude or difficult attitude of the officers placed on arrival and inspection duties at our airport.

  8. Bermerican says:

    Top flight security of the world a**es…

  9. SAD says: