Airport To Feature Large Scale Nature Photos

June 29, 2014

LookBermuda confirmed its AirportArt project has secured the rights to install large scale art installations on all open wall spaces throughout the Bermuda International Airport to enhance the travelers experience and their first and last impressions of the island.

Initially LookBermuda will focus on photographic installations that highlight Bermuda’s natural and cultural assets that will be produced, curated and installed by its team.


“LF Wade International Airport is pleased to partner with LookBermuda and through these installations immerse airport users in the flora and fauna of our island”, Airport General Manager Aaron Adderley said. “We believe these images will prove spectacular and will draw attention to the natural beauty around us.”

The images will be a combination of themed installations and powerful standalone images. High resolution panoramas by Jean-Pierre Rouja and underwater photography by Chris Burville are initially being earmarked for some of the larger open walls.


Several of the larger panoramic murals being prepared by Mr. Rouja will exceed 8 feet by 40 feet that will help transform the Airports appearance.

One of the first themed installations: “The Nonsuch Island Expeditions” is the result of an ongoing collaboration between LookBermuda photographer & filmmaker J-P Rouja and National Geographic photographer David Liittschwager.

Mr. Liittschwager is known for his unique Biodiversity Survey photography and trademark “One Cubic Foot” projects that showcases the living subjects photographed against a white background in very high detail, the results of which are extremely effective once enlarged.

J-P Rouja said, “I had worked with David on another project and wanted to apply his process to our ongoing efforts to showcase Nonsuch Island. The project started with images of newly hatched Cahow chicks and is now being expanded to showcase the biodiversity of the Nonsuch Island Nature Reserve and its surrounding waters.


“By using his techniques we are able to capture anything visible to the naked eye from a few millimeters in size to a fully grown cahow, showcasing both terrestrial and marine flora and fauna.”

The resulting imagery is being used to obtain international exposure for the island in part via the new website being developed by LookBermuda, home to its ground breaking CahowCam project and interactive virtual tours.


The site allows users to virtually visit Nonsuch which is otherwise too sensitive to accommodate the masses. Now the AirportArt installations will reach an even wider audience through high resolution large scale prints
installed in key, high traffic locations throughout the Airport.

To reach the non-traveling public, a traveling MobileArt exhibit mirroring the AirportArt installations will be shown in public popup art exhibits throughout the island and also throughout the island’s public and private schools. In the schools it will be accompanied by curriculum content.

Photos by LookBermuda’s David Liittschwager and J-P Rouja

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  1. C says:

    I would like to see a salt water aquarium in the arrival lounge.
    And something similar to the gombay feature the new HSBC had hanging in their bank. The arrival hall at lf wade is full and in welcoming. Need calypso music playing from first arrival to last. Give our guests a nice welcome

    • C says:

      Sorry for typo error. Dull and unwelcoming

      • Ella says:

        It’s not just the ambience of the arrivals hall that “are” unwelcoming!

    • frank says:

      also have the combays down there now and than and have some of the rum merchants have sample stations in the arrivals hall and make sure that are customs officers are a little more friendly not like a gatopo

  2. I would say a fish tank ,saltwater feature,the oceans right there,but that would need maintenance,I don’t thinkvit has been done yet…..needs a slushi machine near the waiting line,or coffee….or coffee slushi machine….but honestly….the steel drums was really pleasant to come home to….put cameras and micro phone at customs check in though….you do not get a second chance to make a furst impression…..customs smarts off to me and I will seek his immediate dismissal!,I am going to record that interaction the next time…..and I will utube it indicating where it was filmed,who it was,and what my suspicians were…

  3. You could put a picture of a hundred dollar bill if you want to,but “the most important item”,…………the “most”…….important item is attitude,taking pride in ourselves,and exuding our natural indiginous natures….I’m from here….I remember one time wanting to get bag on the plane and leave!putting “Snidely Viplash….in a customs uniform and allowing him access to our visitors or indiginous is an abundant and serious mistake!

  4. e says:

    why not have a contest for submissions of photographs to be shown and rotate them throughout the year.

  5. watchfuleyes says:

    It just sounds so boring.I hope someone takes heed to the suggestions people have posted so far. It would be nice if the public was asked what we want, sometimes we have the best ideas of all.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      I totally agree…Involve the public by entertaining their suggestions from time to time. In reality, the L.F.Wade International Airport really needs to be rebuilt / refurbished a.s.a.p. The place looks like….(I wish I could write it)

  6. Kangoocar says:

    Not a big fan of this but, it beats the heck out of walking into the arrival hall and having to look at the photo of the present plp premier above the immigration officers??? That is one of the many good things since the OBA ousted them from power, we have not had to look at those photos ever since!!! Talk about being vain???

  7. Garcia Lorca says:

    Naked Women with Flowers in their Hair.
    Rastas Passing out Spliffs.
    Calypso Bar mixing Dark & Stormies.
    Flowers All Over the Place.
    Everybody Smiling and Laughing.

    This is what is needed to greet visitors.

  8. Honestly says:

    What about the outside appearance? Is airport blue, pink, or peach? Get it together govt. Many of the other island airports have been revamped. Take note…I guess the OBA people didn’t notice when traveling. Just not a priority I guess. Keep hiring your friends we will never get airport done! Focus on Bermuda for once!

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