Bermuda National Trust Honours Award Winners

June 24, 2014

The Bermuda National Trust recently celebrated the outstanding work of a number of special individuals and organizations at the Annual Awards ceremony held in the Bermuda Room at Elbow Beach under the sponsorship of Butterfield and Vallis.

A spokesperson said, “The packed hall saw prestigious certificates and trophies presented by Governor George Fergusson, Minister of Community, Culture & Sports Wayne E. Scott, Junior Minister of Education Leah Scott, and Junior Minister of Health Seniors and Environment, Senator Lynne Woolridge.

“The Trust has been presenting these awards annually for four decades to individuals, organisations, groups, and schools who have worked for the benefit of Bermuda and its people, to preserve places of beauty or historical interest, buildings, artifacts, lands, and animal and plant life, and to promote their appreciation.”

The award winners included:

Service Awards

“Service Awards recognise individuals who have made significant contributions to the trust. These organizations and individuals and others like them are the lifeblood of the organization.”

  • John Barritt & Son Ltd, for supporting the Bermuda National Trust’s Palm Sunday Walk for over 20 years.
  • Kitson Insurance Ltd, for contributions toward the Bermuda National Trust’s building and liability insurance requirements
  • Marielyce Watner, for 10 years contributing to the Bermuda National Trust’s Jumble Sale
  • Pam Kempe, for supporting the Bermuda National Trust’s Auction for over 40 years
  • Henry Ming and Charles Tatem, for more than a decade of service on the St Georges Preservation Authority

Awareness Awards

“Awareness Awards are given for projects, programmes or initiatives that serve to inspire appreciation and stewardship of Bermuda’s unique natural, built, and cultural heritage.”

  • The Bermuda Alliance for the Sargasso Sea for raising public awareness of the Sargasso Sea
  • The DeFontes Group for holding Environmental Awareness Month on TV and radio
  • Eugene O’Connor for keeping Bermuda kite-making heritage alive for over 50 years
  • Larry Mills, for preserving and communicating Bermuda’s quarrying heritage and traditional building techniques
  • Alistair ‘Dingy’ Stewart for encouraging students to appreciate and enjoy our marine environment

Deforest Trimingham Awareness Award [Top Service Award]

“Awarded to The Fitted Dinghy Clubs of Bermuda. The traditional Bermuda Fitted Dinghy is part of the heritage of Bermuda ship design which stretches back to the 17th Century. Fitted Dinghies have existed as a class of sail boat used for competitions for about 130 years, since the boats were developed as a cheaper alternative to sloop racing in the 19th century. Their design is a scaled down version of early Bermuda sloops.

“The first Fitted Dinghy race was held on August 26, 1880 and today the sport is maintained and supported by the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club, The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, the Sandy’s Boat Club and the St. George’s Dinghy and Sports Club. We are pleased to present the DeForest Trimingham Awareness Award to these four clubs and thank them for keeping this unique Bermudian tradition alive and well.”

Preservation and Architecture Awards

“Preservation Awards are awarded for initiatives which contribute to the preservation of Bermuda’s unique man-made heritage, including buildings, gardens, furniture, documents, artwork and other artifacts and our Architecture Awards are presented to individuals or groups whose new buildings or additions show particular sensitivity to Bermuda’s traditional architecture, or are appropriate renovations of old buildings.”

  • Carol West and Westport Architecture for the aesthetically sensitive refurbishment of the old Bermuda cottage, Bee’s Nest in Hamilton Parish
  • The Bermuda Government and the Corporation of Hamilton for adding eight buildings within the City of Hamilton to the list of architecturally and historically significant buildings in Bermuda
  • George Morton for serving on the Government’s Historic Buildings Advisory Committee for 10 years and as its Chairman for five years
  • Gilbert Lopes and Jose Correia Sr. for building a new and traditional dry Bermuda stone wall along Harbour Road and the entire length of Chapel Road in Paget
  • The Bermuda Government and Botelhowood Architects for the sensitive renovation to the 20th century naval residence, ‘Captain’s In Charge’

Slideshow showing some of the award winners [photos by Jill Rubinchak]:

Education Awards

“Education Awards recognise educational institutions, preschool through college, for projects, programmes or initiatives that demonstrate care for the environment or preservation of bermuda’s heritage, both natural and man-made. The|Wee Environmentalist Award recognises a preschool demonstrating exceptional commitment to environmental initiatives at their school, appropriate to the age and developmental level of the students.”

  • Somersfield Academy Children’s House Division for the creation of a vegetable, herb and flower gardens
  • Southampton Preschool for the students and teachers school-wide ‘green activities’
  • The Berkeley Institute for the S2 Citizen’s class project, creating commercials highlighting environmental problems in Bermuda
  • Cedarbridge Academy for the S3 students efforts in researching alternative energy resources and a school energy audit
  • Dalton E. Tucker Primary for the schools Zen Garden, providing a tranquil space and outdoor classroom for students, teachers and staff
  • Gilbert Institute for the students work creating a butterfly and vegetable garden

Michael Darling Shield

“The Michael Darling Shield is the top education award is the national trust’s top school award for recognition of projects, programmes or initiatives by a school demonstrating care of the environment or preservation of Bermuda’s heritage, both natural and man-made.”

“Northlands Primary, Victor Scott Primary and West Pembroke Primary Schools were awarded for their work at the Children’s Kitchen Garden at Government House. Students, teachers and mentors from these three schools participate in the Children’s Kitchen Garden at Government House under the inspiration and leadership of the Governors wife Margaret Fergusson. Each school group meets once a week at the Government House grounds to caring for their gardens and harvest their vegetables. These schools are also commended for their green initiatives which include trash free lunches, trash audits and composting.”

Environmental Awards

“Environmental Awards are for projects, programmes or initiatives which enhance and protect the islands’ natural environment, land or sea, or which improve the physical environment in our neighbourhood communities.”

  • Robin Horsfield for assisting with Bermuda’s monofilament recycling project

David Wingate Award

“The David Wingate Award is presented to a young person in recognition of their outstanding contribution to bermuda’s natural environment for a considerable length of time and who has been consistent in this regard. this person must be less than 26 years by december 31 of the year preceding the nomination.”

“Harry Masters was awarded for outstanding commitment as a volunteer for local environmental organisations and as an advocate for sustainability.

“At only 23, Harry Masters has built up impressive credentials as a young Bermudian environmentalist. He is a member of the Management Committee of Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce where he has been co-leading efforts to give input for the updated City of Hamilton Plan and helping with BEST’s marketing efforts.

“Within the last year, and with the aim of helping to bring green building experience to the island, he achieved accreditation as a Green Associate of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. As an intern with Bermuda Government he has worked on policies for encouraging green building, the use of renewable energy systems and potential solutions to the problem of illegal dumping.

“Harry also volunteers with the Ocean Support Foundation, aiding in their lionfish research. He established himself as a young environmentalist early on by regularly picking up trash on the beaches as a young boy. He went on to pursue Environmental Studies and Public Policy at the University of North Carolina as he believed this would be the best combination to positively impact the environment in Bermuda.”

  • Lancashire Re for adopting care of the Butterfield Nature Reserve
  • Lindo’s Family Foods for green initiatives, especially at the Devonshire store
  • St. Mark’s Church Vestry for environmentally sensitive landscaping of its cemetery woodlands
  • David Lang and the Friends of Verdmont for arranging and supporting clean-ups and clearing of invasives at Verdmont
  • Miguel Mejias for volunteer work assisting in the conservation of Bermuda birds
  • Michael Vlock and Karen Pritzker, along with David Cox of OBM, for the Castle Point Woodland Management Project

Patsy Phillips Bermudiana Award

“The Patsy Phillips Bermudiana Award the top environment award is given in recognition of outstanding projects, programmes or initiatives demonstrating care of the environment or preservation of Bermuda’s natural heritage.

“Dr. Jamie Bacon and Dr. Douglas Fort were awarded as, over the last 12 years, both have made substantial contributions to our knowledge of environmental pollution in Bermuda. Their Bermuda Amphibian Project revealed how pollution was affecting Bermuda’s toad population and more recently the project has expanded to investigate the affects of pond pollution on our endangered native terrapin and endemic killifish, as well as the potential impacts on the health of other species including humans.

“Through lab and field work Jamie and Doug have linked environmental contaminants with serious health problems in local wildlife. Publications and presentations of their findings have attracted international scientific interest. But they have not only studied the problem, they have been active in making Government and the public aware of the threats of pollution and have recommended solutions.

“They have recently started a pilot remediation project in a local pond to reverse environmental damage, translating good science into informed action. Doug, as president of Fort Environmental Laboratories, has put in many long hours in the lab and over $750,000 of in-kind support towards the project over the last 12 years.”

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