Opinion: Michael Weeks On “The Two Bermudas”

July 25, 2014

weeks michael[Opinion column written by PLP MP Michael Weeks] A few months ago, I wrote an opinion piece entitled “The Two Bermudas” in which I spoke of the inequality between different segments of our community. Since then it seems as if the divisions between us have grown.

In recent weeks, we have witnessed the OBA exhibit behaviors that clearly indicate which Bermuda they do not represent: Mr. and Mrs. Hardworking, Grassroots, Everyday Bermudian.

Actions over words

On the issue of PRC holders gaining status, the OBA simply decided to ignore our calls for collaboration to close the loophole that could potentially create a pathway to status for 6,000 PRCs, their spouses, and their children. In fact, many OBA MPs decided to take a stand in support of PRC holders being granted status.

This comes from a party that denied they would grant status to PRCs during their election campaign. The OBA knows how sensitive this issue is to Bermudians, yet they have aligned themselves against the will and experiences of Bermudians.

On July 23,2014 OBA Senator Michael Fahy stated via a Ministerial statement that the OBA will grant status to thousands of non Bermudians.

It is clear that the OBA is looking out for non Bermudians.

The Proof is in the Voting

The OBA continues to try and bamboozle the people of this country by putting on a face of concern in front of the camera or in the written media about the issues Bermudians are facing. Their actions, however, speak otherwise.

Recently, Minister Wayne Scott talked candidly about Emancipation events being held in the days ahead, when the country will be able to pause and recognize the courage of our ancestors.

However, who can forget about a recent sitting of the House of Assembly during which Minister Scott had an opportunity to truly pay homage to our ancestor’s courage by throwing his support behind the entire issue of the ‘Commission of Inquiry into land grab.’ Predictably, the Minister of Community, Culture and Sport voted against this motion.

The same is true for former Premier, MP Craig Cannonier, who gave what I thought was a rather passionate speech on the floor of the House in reference to his connections to a family who experienced this whole ‘Land Grab’ atrocity.

However, when the time came to show genuine support for this very serious action, he also sided with his party and voted against this historic motion.

These are but two examples of the lack of concern for the people of this country by this OBA government. So, again, Bermuda, do we see a pattern of indifference? Are we fully recognizing which side members of the OBA stand on?

One would think that the OBA that spoke of social and economic equality for all pre-election would have helped to champion this cause. Instead, they fought tooth and nail against this motion. Say it isn’t so.

A Proud Bermudian

A Bermuda that works for Bermudians is the core of the PLP’s vision for taking our island and all Bermudian people forward. To achieve this vision, we must address the elephant in the room: the growing economic, social and political schism that is creating two Bermudas.

In the future, I will speak more to the issues that we need to resolve as Bermudians. More importantly, I will present viable options that we must explore.

Fellow Bermudians, I speak firstly as a son, father, and grandfather who wants equality for all Bermudians. Let us build a Bermuda where our Bermudian children will not be left behind.

I am Michael A. Weeks, a Proud Bermudian.

- Michael Weeks

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  1. Starting point says:

    ‘The OBA knows how sensitive this issue is to Bermudians, yet they have aligned themselves against the will and experiences of Bermudians.’

    actually according to recent news articles and surveys the OBA has aligned themselves with the majority of Bermudians on this particular issue. Sucks to have an opinion piece come out the same day as a poll showing the opposite is true lol.

    • Real talk (original) says:

      You mean the poll of 440 people (roughly 1% of the number of registered voters) that showed support of 57% and had a 5% margin of error?

      That one?

      The one concluded 4 days before this announcement was formally made in the Senate and is now being trotted out to justify/substantiate the OBA’s position?

      • Claudio says:


      • sonso says:

        Just like the 1000 people at the last march representing “majority” of Bermudians right?

        • Ian says:

          2500 actually… slightly larger than the 440 who were asked questions just as loaded as the OBA’s survey on gambline. THE OBA IS NOT FOOLING ANYONE…

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            Funny how it was originally ‘almost 2000′ by all the media outlets, but then the PLP makes a statement and now it’s 2500. But what the PLP won’t say is they lied to get more people there to begin with. How many do you think would have actually showed up if they knew the PLP were going to use their presence there to make it a PLP rally and call for independence and the dissolution of our democratic government, in what was supposed to be a non-partisan march for democracy.

          • tested says:

            2500 out of 64000 open to all (just under 4%). 440 us 5% margin for error. So somewhere between 52% and 62% of Bermudians agree that these PRCs should have the right to be Bermudian. My degree wasn’t in mathematics but I am pretty sure that 52% is still a majority. Democracy at work.

          • redbeard says:

            2500?? at most there was a 1000 there

          • jt says:

            There were no where near 2500. Get real. And today was only 500.

          • Cleancut says:

            2500 PLP supporters. 440 Bermudians. A huge huge huge difference!

            • Creamy says:

              There were about 400 marchers.

              The next time Cordell Riley issues a survey with 375 respondents I take it we can all ignore it, in your opinion.

          • Redman says:

            @Ian,July 25, 2014 at 12:23 pm

            Virtually every pole going back as far as I can remember (50 plus yrs) polls roughly 400 to 600 people max; they have been remarkably accurate as well. From the ones prior to the 1998 election all the way through to today.

            Besides this always comes down to how people view the pollsters, whether they agree with the result or the amount polled, nothing new.

            I do note that ‘The Bermudians’ had over 4,000 to each demonstration during the Uighur’s fiasco and that was called insignificant, remember that?. How about the roughly 12 or 15,000 signatures on the referendum petition which was also summarily dismissed and tossed to the ground by Prem. Scott?.

            Recently 2000/2500 and now 4/500 marchers and that is supposed to be significant? Don’t make me laugh. LMAO

      • JD says:

        Yeah the one with the statistical sample that showed that only 33% of Bermudians oppose granting status to PRCs. Feel free to tack on the full 5% margin of error if you want.

        I’m wondering whether a group that only represents the opinion of 1 in 3 Bermudians can really call itself the “People’s Campaign”.

        I think they need to adopt a new slogan: “Its what the people want…just not most of them.”

      • Statistics says:

        Real talk, if you knew anything about elementary statistics you’d realize that sample size is statistically significant and produces accurate results. In other words, almost twice as many people favour granting status as oppose it.

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          Perhaps Cordey Rily could clarify you issue with the polling group and sample size. If I rember when the same critizum about his poll he defended the sample size like he most likely would have to follow the same logic here yes? Lets hear from him on this poll.


      • You mad?... says:

        Let me get this right – the PLP with all of their legal resources produced a bad bill/law relating to PRC’s. Now, the PLP and supporters are mad because the OBA won’t correct their botch up? looks like another PLP trademark – “The Law of Unintended Consequences”. The PLP really out to copyright that term, they own it.

        • Mahurim says:

          I hear and see the commotion about PRCs.. How and why was the loophole created in the first place? And on the PLPs watch too? Could someone explain what happened exactly and whose fault is it?

    • Kunta says:

      I’m not surprised they tried to do a snow job on de people, their ancestors did de same thing on de American Indians !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yahoo says:

    Still banging on about 6,000 PRCs? Yet another good example of not letting little things like facts get in the way of a good pot stirring.

    • Mike says:

      Yes he is. Amazing given that for 14 years the PLP Govt has been putting out PRC numbers in Bermuda, but now seems to insist they were wrong and that we have 6000 of them.

      Incredible stupidity.

      • hmmm says:

        so he is saying 6000 PRC, is that PLP maths like the Grand atlantic condo sales…WEEKS is pathetic.

  3. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Being proud ain’t gonna pay the bills brother…I always say pride before the fall!

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      You a correct, pride is a double edged sword, when properly tempered and wielded with humility it is an admirable character that can provide one with an intellectual flexibility, but when handled with an ego the character becomes obstinate and ignorant, too prideful and full of ones self, unwilling to accept ones faults.

  4. Claudio says:

    MP Weeks you are correct, there are two Bermudas:

    One Bermuda that is stuck in their ways, can’t accept criticism, and use emotion opposed to logic.

    The other Bermuda, are willing to adapt, are open to criticism and use logic as opposed to emotion to gain perspective.

    These two Bermudas transcend party lines, age, class and race. If you would venture outside your constituency and core support base you will see.

    P.S I am not a paid blogger.. Just a logical Bermudian who can acknowledge different perspective on multiple issues that wants Bermuda to move forward.

  5. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    I consider myself hardworking and of a grassroots nature, heck between my wife and myself we can log up to and even over 140 hours at work a week, and that doesn’t include home maintenance. Currently we support the OBA, because we feel they best represent us hardworking, grassroots people, that they are best looking out for all of Bermuda’s interest. They are struggling to rebuild our economy by bringing back business to our island, and should they succeed at this, it will help all hardworking, grassroots individual and families. The business they bring back will bring back the people that hire us and our businesses for services, employ us at every level, shop in our stores, eat at our restaurants, have friends and family that come to visit them for vacations. It is the PLP that we do not see as best representing Bermuda, you have come to represent division in our country along racial line and an immoral exploitation of that division. You sow deceit with twisting half truths and misinformation on subject that are sensitive issues to us, issues that should be handled with and intellectual respect and care and not waved about as a political tool to stir emotions to distract us with the list of issues that we still have to resolve for your mal-administration of our affairs while you held office. I welcome those PRC’s who are now eligible for status because they are our neighbours, friends, coworkers, and have been part of the fabric of our community for decades now, they have more than earned the democratic right to have a say in how their future here is shaped.
    Until the PLP learn how to best represent the interest of all Bermudians, you can never be the successful government that will build a better future for our all our children, including those you say you represent.

  6. smh says:

    So Minister Weeks, how do you get this 6,00 number from a number of 1,455 persons, are these people gonna suddenly clone overnight?

    • Just One says:

      If the loophole is not closed, the number grows exponentially.

      I support granting these specific 1,455 PRC holders status. I also support closing the loophole.

      Why can’t both meet halfway instead of the two extremes.

      I’m part of the third Bermuda, the one that we can all live in together, happily.

      • Yahoo says:

        I don’t think it grows “exponentially” since this only applies to those who were here prior to July 31, 1989. Sure, subsequent generations will be allowed to apply but it only grows exponentially if most/all of subsequent generations stay in Bermuda. No one knows for sure how it will play out but, in my opinion, it will not grow exponentially.

        I also applaud your third Bermuda.

      • in the know says:

        the number doesn’t grow, cause to qualify for the granting of status the prc would have had to be in Bermuda prior to July 1989 which only 1455 prcs qualify as being here prior to July 1989

      • O'Brien says:

        No – you’re dead wrong. Not only will the number not grow exponentially, it will not grow at all. It is a closed class – i.e the numbers can only diminish.

        Please do some research before commenting.

      • redbeard says:

        no it doesnt !! unless you have a time machine that sends some more people back to 1989 to be resident before that date

      • Sickofantz says:

        The loophole is effectively closed as soon as the PRC’s granted status pre-1989 get status.

        (That is if they even want it)

  7. enough says:

    so we now have 6,000 PRC holders, wow that jumoed from 2500 in three days pease explain

    • Facts? We don't need no steenking facts!! says:

      When the actual number is about 1,400 (and that assumes they all want status – many do not)

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      yes 2500 was number of marchers at the last march

      • redbeard says:

        no it wasn’t. I was there and the most there was is 1500

  8. Just wondering says:

    Mr. Weeks, the PLP ( Walton Brown) made it quite clear where they stood on this issue when they declared granting Status to PRCs that they were drawing a line in the sand on this issue! I find it quite hypocritical that now they are suggesting they support it but not through a loophole they created! After reading the results of the poll on the issue where 57 percent of registered voters are in favor while 33 percent are opposed to granting PRCs status I find it interesting that the PLP think they are representing the people!

  9. BlueFamiliar says:

    As a hardworking Bermudian, not certain how you define grassroots so maybe I’m that as well, or partly that, I respectfully disagree with your perception of the OBA and it’s policies.

    They may have internal issues, but so far I have greater faith and confidence in the Government doing the right things for this country, than I did during the last five years of the previous government.

    As for the PLPs vision… you know, when you get right down to it, I think the PLPs publicly stated vision has always been great. They had wonderful ideas, and they still seem to. The problem is, when in Government they had a horrendous track record of following through on their wonderful ideas. And the things they did do, werent so hot, costing hardworking Bermudians jobs and money.

    As for the two Bermudas… I rather believe they only exist in the media and perceptions of a small group of very vocal people. Because out there away from politics and the like, I see a diversity of Bermudians getting along with no issues whatsoever.

  10. X man says:

    Yep’ – Only 22 sq miles in size yet it is basicly two Countrys – Black and White — Fr……… Shame and what year is it!

  11. David says:

    feel the love!

  12. campervan says:

    Mr weeks, we need fresh meat on the Island to pay for your gold plated fancy pension and benefits.

  13. bluebird says:

    To all the young people in Bermuda you have “INHERITED” from the PLP/BIU over $2.5Billion dollars of DEBT with more than $10Million dollars per month in interest payments going out of Bermuda.
    And an ecconomy still going down after (6) six years.
    The big elephant in the room is the PLP/BIU that would like to create another $2.5Billion in DEBT for you to pay off.
    They have already left our children and grandchildren behind with such a HUGE DEBT that they will never be able to pay off.

    POLITIONS should be held responsible for the DEBT that they CREATE,and not be able to spend other peoles money and leave the DEBT to the children and Grandchildren

  14. bluebird says:

    YES we are living in the RICHEST black country in the world.
    Majority of Realestate and morgages are owned by black people
    Majority of Business are owned by black people
    Bermuda and it ecconomy was built by black and white Bermudians long before the Racists came along.

    • Islander says:

      So, if Bermuda and it’s economy were built by black and white long before the Racists came along…. who were the Racists then and now and HOW did Bermuda get to be the Richest black country in the world – just asking

  15. EYE SEES ALL says:


    I am disappointed Mr. Weeks whom I know, to be making such ridiculous claims.

    Furthermore, the PLP must be stopped for the constant instigation of racist commentary and rhetoric which is the cause of the division in our island. The conspiracy theory which the PLP is feeding to its initiates is a poison that has only bitterly divided our island along lines of colour, and the PLP have made this island more segregated. They do this but claim to want racial unity? It is ridiculous.

    The CURB commision is a shame, and it is shameful. It is terribly racist, making hypocritical, unbased, unwise, racist comments far too often, almost every time they speak.

    There should be A LAW:

    “It is forbidden to mention race or skin colour in regards to any form of media, whether political, economic, cultural or anything. Fines of $50,000 should be imposed upon politicians who break this law. THIS will stop the racist rhetoric we have been forced to be oppressed by for nearly two decades.

    The PLP is destroying our island’s reputation financially, and due to their lack of educating their own PLP supporters, these people fail to even UNDERSTAND why we need foreigners here. FOR OUR SURVIVAL!

    The PLP is literally destroying our island home, making it a nest of hatred, prejudice, and discrimination.

    The racist talk must end NOW. The PLP must learn to be sensible, responsible, and fair to all races when they talk publically.


    The PLP is taking the civility out of our nation!


  16. Ms. Poli Tician says:

    Don’t want your child left behind? It is simple – ensure they get the best possible education. Insist on it! A good education is the greatest of equalizers. And it is not government’s job – it is our job, as parents, to ensure this.

  17. Gotham says:

    Mr. Weeks, the PLP succeeded spectacularly in creating a two tier Bermuda – the Mandarin class of friends and family within the Civil Service and assorted private so-called initiatives funded with taxpayer money, a nomenclatura class that has bankrupted the country and wasted billions. And apparently your Party still thinks this is its due. Fix your own house before you start lecturing the rest of taxpayers who were not part of this shameful waste.

  18. Jeff says:

    It would have been nice if you had the same philosophy when you were in power. You were all too busy trying to line your own pockets to worry about the average Bermudian.

  19. Silence Do Good says:

    I agree with Mr. Weeks that Bermuda is divided and I blame Politricks for it, as I am always disenfranchised at election time by the racial rhetoric spewing forth from what appears to be the mouths of well educated people.

    I understand the need to insight voters using emotion for issues that happened 30, 50, 80, 400 years ago to distracting from the issues of today and tomorrow. This divide is perpetrated and allowed to exist because it serves a purpose, getting individual to vote a certain way. We will never move forward if we accept this divide created by our leaders for votes.

    I also accept the PRC numbers of 6,000 because it makes a better point. 6,000 individuals working, living contributing to a community for 25 plus years with no hope of representation is unacceptable and our forefathers would have marched because of that. Why is it acceptable that 12% of our committed resident population should be denied representation? Our forefather who have fought for equality, representation, rights and freedom are spinning in their grave with this again perpetrated divide being created to garish votes.

    Do we have individuals in our community the accept legislation the divides family’s and prevent individuals who have been here all of their lives from fully participating in the same rights and freedoms? Of course we do as the legislation was created for this very purpose. When we look back on our history the PLP will be cast in the same light as the former governments that have used immigration policies to disadvantage substantial groups of people.

  20. OnionSeed says:

    Being honorable, the OBA would not have orchestrated this decision to draw attention away from the issues of the JetGate affairs. This man’s moral character is very much in question with regard to these matters so all of a sudden you think he is an ANGEL. There is always a reason for this type of mindset … and it is normally evil and devilish. This decision was based on the “I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK” mentality and that in it self is very bad for Bermuda and its people. Be they PRC todays or Bermudian tomorrow.

    It would have been more honorable if this decision was done with all parties in attendance not during the summer recess of the house. The devil is spiteful and uncaring and this is the actions that you see. He is creating CHAOS for all of us to get involved on issues that could be resolved without conflict.

    The devil sees an opening into our lives through emotions or mood (Eph. 4:26).

    • Blue Familiar says:

      Sometimes one has to go with the ‘I don’t care what you think’ mentality, when has to do the right thing and actually follow the law.

      If you hadn’t realised it before, governing a country isn’t all about making everyone happy. It’s about doing the best things for ALL the residents and the country at large.

  21. serengeti says:

    This brought to you by Michael “we have 100 buyers lined up” Weeks.

    Oh yeah, that’s how much we can trust him.

    • James Rego says:

      You have to understand Michael’s logic: 1 Grand Atlantic unit sold, in Michael’s reality, it’s 100! Now you can understand his mathematics!

  22. George says:

    With all due respect Mr. Weeks but your Party would not survive with out there being two Bermudas (or the perception thereof). Lets be real about it – it now thrives on the polarisation of the races which you and your party are attempting by any means possible to maintain through the use of divisive politics!

  23. It's a hard life says:

    What difference does it make really? These people are here, I know they will probably have children, but they have contributed to this island for over 20 years plus. Does that not mean something to anyone? This is their home now, why shouldn;t they have a piece of the rock? We need people here. Since 3,000 some left our island there are more apartments and houses available big time. We need to get people here to rent place and hopefully hire Bermudians. What has the PLP come up with for hiring Bermudians? I bet if tomorrow they took over the Government, they could not find an answer for that. Because they didn’t do anything about it while in Government. A big loss for Bermuda when they were in spending all the money and now look where we are. Thanks,Ewart Brown.

  24. Gotham says:

    Mr. Weeks, the PLP succeeded spectacularly in creating a two tier Bermuda – the Mandarin class of friends and family within the Civil Service and assorted private so-called initiatives funded with taxpayer money, a nomenclatura class that has bankrupted the country and wasted billions. And apparently your Party still thinks this is its due. Fix your own house before you start lecturing we the taxpayers who received no benefit of this scandalous pork barreling.

  25. Joonya says:

    Yes, there is one Bermuda that thinks it was a good idea you spending $60million on housing complex that is empty and rotting, and there is another Bermuda that thinks it wasnt a good idea.

  26. Bermuda bouy says:

    Mr. Weeks, there are 2 Bermuda’s because you in the PLP/BIU have made it that way.

  27. truth be told says:

    the failed policies and race card playing of the plp made 2 Bermudas.
    Fortunately for Bermuda,the young of today are not interested in the plp

  28. Bob Barker says:


    I haven’t yet met these folks. Where do they work? I’d like to hire them.

    (I did, on my latest vacation overseas, meet many hardworking folks… kind of shed a poor light on the work ethic of our island).

  29. Swordfish says:

    The poor plight of the black bermudian .How long will you keep feeling sorry for ya selves and think everyone is against you go wrk hard and stop blaming everyone for your failures

  30. redbeard says:

    My experience with Mr weeks has always been positive but why continue to lie about the whole 6000 thing Michael?? what does it take to stop these people spouting the party line and think for themselves. That would make people Proud Michael!!

    • Creamy says:

      He can’t help lying. I can remember when he said over 100 buyers were lined up for Grand Atlantic.

  31. Coffee says:

    I can’t see the OBA standing as a government much longer !

    • Redman says:

      @ Coffee

      I can’t see the OBA standing as a government much longer ! Three years plus so don’t hold your breath.

      If not the OBA then Bermuda is doomed, not unless another political party is introduced and or the PLP is magically transformed because if that is who will be next up to the plate we are finished! Sad.

  32. Eyes wide open says:

    2 Bermudas.
    1.the PLP and friends and family.
    2.the rest of us.

  33. Junior says:

    2 Bermudas.

    The 1 the PLP ruined.

    And the 1 the OBA are trying to fix.

  34. Eyes wide open says:

    2 Bermudas
    1 a broke Bermuda
    2 a Bermuda the OBA is trying to help.

  35. Alvin Williams says:

    The Causeway is open for all who want to leave; we will bundle those who remain and create a Bermuda Nation; than we can begin anew and create a new and better reality for Bermuda.

  36. Nitty Gritty says:

    Mr Weeks if you want a future for all of our children you should have stepped up during the reign of the PLP.
    You are too late to be throwing out sentiments. The debt is out of reach,
    the unemployment is about to get worse (no poll needed for that observation)
    and if your party refuses to acknowledge the corrupt and disgraceful episode that put us in this mess, then prepare for what’s coming.
    Your M.Ps took care of themselves and you know it. The result is all this!
    Now you want to march and strike and look for any small mis step to lay blame and distract the people’s anger. They will only see a change in their circumstance if business comes back via foreign investment.
    NOBODY I know from Bermuda trusts the PLP and will invest a penny until we know there will be stability. Your party is creating massive instability even now, unashamed of their 14 years of destruction. Trust has gone and all you have left is this hypocritical anti white, anti foreigner rhetoric.

  37. i and i says:

    Well if the divisions have grown then it is because of all the derrisive behaviour, no body is gonna love anyone acts like people have been actin …unless…it is their mama!All this :- “I demand that you love me!!!!” Is just plane nonsense.Treat people how you wish to be treated.Color is only an issue if you perceive it to be…seriously…there are black people in this world that would love to have your problems , we have so much going for ourselves in this matter that it is vertually a non issue…well in comparison to the real and underlying issues , and honestly,it has to do with good and bad ,right and wrong,good and evil….small societies islands are by their very nature social nightmares,….let us look at the infestructures and idiosycracies of island society and the inniquities that are prevelant from that,we can draw from the studies that have aready been made,there are thesis …many …that have been done on Bermuda for decades phsycology majors from collages along the east coast of the US have written papers o our idiological socialogical permience or interactive lifestyle and interaction, some good example can be learned from a film about it…”Lord of the flies”….for instance….did you know the outline and idea for this book/film came from a visit here?

  38. So in actual fack the PLP created this ability to obtain status (without actually understanding what they were doing) and now that it actually is taking place they are marching because something is wrong??

    Keep going Milkman it was their screw up!!!!!!!

  39. Young observer says:

    I find it amusing how the PLP is “All for Bermudians” and is quick to just throw the PRC’s needs in the trash. Aren’t we all people here? Don’t the majority of us work to support ourselves. So what if PRC’s get status, it’s only making them legal voters. Honestly this blatant hatred of people “not like us” is disgusting. So you subject the children of PRC holders to hearing constant degrading remarks essentially telling them “You’re not worthy to be Bermudian”. This is ridiculous. What does it mean to be Bermudian? Because being born here no longer makes you qualified to be Bermudian. He has the nerve to use the word “Hardworking”. He knows good and well that the vast majority of us are slackers especially the younger generations. Why? because we expect everything to be handed to us. It’s about time Bermuda get’s out of the dark ages. If not it may just be up to “US” to form a NEW political party made up of the younger generation. We cannot afford to sit back and watch the “adults” dictate what they think is best for us. It is US who will have to live with the consequence of these choices. I’m tired of hearing people preach hatred in the media, i’m tired of seeing my friends spirits beat down because once again their parents are under attack. YOU are holding us back and keeping us locked in the shackles of your bigotry.